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  1. I think so too...which is why if you want to keep Eichel happy, you need to re-sign Reinhart to a long-term deal.
  2. It starts with Byfield and Turcotte...and I think I need Kaliyev added as well. From there, throw on some draft picks. I'm not taking back any bad contracts either. That gives us Byfield, Cozens, Mittelstadt, Turcotte down the middle...and, hopefully, Matty Beniers. We would be stacked at center. (EDIT: That leaves the Kings with Eichel, Kopitar, Vilardi and Kupari down the middle, which they should be very happy about.)
  3. He's awful...Mattias Samuelsson should be playing over him. I hope the big boy gets a few games in soon.
  4. He's not cracking this roster or getting any playing time on the Sabres this year either.
  5. That ROR trade to St. Louis is still devastating to me...it makes me so mad to think about it. He's a player I wanted long before we ever got him. He's the first Sabres jersey I bought since my Hasek jersey in 1999. I hate Jason Botterill.
  6. I'm shocked he signed without the promise of getting playing time. You're so close to free agency, after 4 years of waiting, why not go to free agency and try to find a better spot for yourself?
  7. We gave up "a ton" for Ryan O'Reilly??? Mikhail Grigorenko, Nikita Zadorov, JT Compher and a 2nd round pick...I'd do that trade every single time and not think twice about it. The only player they have left from that trade is Compher, who is a bottom-6 player.
  8. On paper, the roster is not the worst in the league... On the ice, they are.
  9. I didn't know where to put this, but here is Button's list of top prospects outside the NHL... JJ Peterka makes the list, Jack Quinn doesn't. https://www.tsn.ca/detroit-red-wings-blue-chippers-montreal-canadiens-cole-caufield-headline-top-75-prospects-list-1.1617205
  10. If you told me a couple years ago that the Sabres would be in dead last and have a chance to grab Shayne Gostisbehere and Nikitia Gusev on the waiver-wire, I would have told you that you're crazy. (Well, I might have believed the "Sabres being in dead last" part, but not the other part.)
  11. Seth Jarvis had 7 goals and 11 points in 9 AHL games...Jack Quinn has 1 goal and 4 points in 9 AHL games. Who knows who will be better, but it's just another reminder that the Quinn pick was too high.
  12. The goal should always be to make the playoffs or acquire talent/improve the roster...we only have a chance to do one of those things, take it! Those players can all find confidence without ruining the opportunity to get a top player in the draft. (We're so far in the basement that it probably doesn't even matter if we win a couple games.)
  13. I hope you're right (or "Chad" is), because that is not the kind of roster building we need. I like the idea of the hire, but I got thinking about that and it got me worried.
  14. At the cost of a top-3 pick? No thanks. This team needs talent, not meaningless wins to appease a couple fans. If this is how you feel, you might as well not trade Taylor Hall or anyone else.
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