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  1. Who's done it? NCAA head coaches rarely leave for an NHL head coaching job. As a close follower of NCAA hockey I cannot think of one example where an NCAA head coach left to be an NHL assistant coach. With that said, Krueger should get Ken Hitchcock as an assistant...they seem to be close friends and have worked together before.
  2. If a GM said something on the radio, yes...but it was a reporter, so it's not tampering. If Botterill says, "we want Erik Karlsson and are prepared to make him a big offer," that's tampering...but if Paul Hamilton says it, it's not tampering.
  3. Or he hit the "rookie wall" because he had never played more than 34 games in a season, since he was in bantams. (And those 34 games were his one season in NCAA...before that it was 25 games.)
  4. Taylor belongs right where he is...and Leaman isn't leaving a head job in the NCAA for an assistant job, especially with what he's building. That would be excellent.
  5. So does having a sense of humor and understanding sarcasm.
  6. Hopefully we can hire him next year when Botterill gets fired and the new GM wants his own coach. I might have some faith in Krueger if I had even the slightest bit of faith in Botterill, but I don't.
  7. A soccer coach...great. 😒 I guess Bill Parcells and Phil Jackson were busy.
  8. It's awful he passed away, especially when considering he was only 3 years older than I am...really puts things in perspective. However, I feel bad for the thousands of other Bills/Sabres fans who are sick with cancer and never even get a Pegula/Beane/Botterill signed card in the mail. (I still find it odd that grown men dress up for sports games not played on Halloween...why don't the Sabres have any of these characters?)
  9. This is my guy. I've been pounding the table for him since before Housley. It's a damn shame that Botterill probably doesn't want him because of his lack of NHL coaching experience. I'll say though, some team is going to get a hell of a coach someday soon...I really wish it was us.
  10. If Chris Taylor is named the Sabres head coach, I will be furious...no coach deserves a promotion after getting swept in the playoffs two years in a row. Thankfully Friedman says Botterill has interest in Sheldon Keefe and has been impressed with him...he should get him at any cost. (Then offer sheet Kapanen.) EDIT: Source - https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/more-names-starting-surface-sabres-coaching-search 😀😀😀
  11. Can we get him for Rochester now? Maybe he wouldn't have been swept two years in a row.
  12. Like when Davis Payne would coach and Phil Housley would stand there doing nothing? 😀
  13. Such a waste of space...can't wait until he's off the books.
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