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  1. OhMyDahlin

    The Hockey Gods

    The gave us Dahlin, but didn't give us McDavid. Maybe they can make up for that 2015 draft and give us Hughes? 😁
  2. OhMyDahlin

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    Yes, they should lose out...but I doubt it will improve their position that much to make a difference. No, I should not want them to lose out at this point. I rooted for the tank, but not for Eichel...I rooted for McDavid and was devastated when we didn't get him.
  3. OhMyDahlin

    Who are the Sabres' leaders

    Throw Bogosian, Scandella, WIlson and Hunwick in with Larsson and Sobotka...Hutton too. I can't stand any of them, and I can't wait until they are replaced...they're not good enough. On good teams, Bogosian and Scandella would be 6th/7th defensemen...Wilson, Hunwick, Larsson and Sobotka would be in the AHL, or depth players that sat in the pressbox at best. (Hutton would be nothing more than a backup.) EDIT: Throw Okposo in that group too.
  4. OhMyDahlin

    2019 College UFAs

    Where is Johnny Walker from ASU? Kid is a natural goal-scorer. I'd love to pick him up. He's 2nd in the NCAA in goals, right behind Diego Cuglietta. Josh Teves, the defenseman from Princeton, is another one. And Erik Brown from RIT would be good depth for Rochester in the playoffs if they could get him to sign an AHL deal. (46 goals in his last 70 games.) The Sabres should try to get a goal-scorer and a goalie, at the very least.
  5. Scandella, yes, he's awful...I think Bogosian is too. But I think Ristolainen could be a very good 2nd-pairing defenseman...the problem is, Housley overuses him because there are not enough good defensemen on this team yet. (Being paired with guys like Gorges and Scandella hasn't helped either.) I think in a couple years Dahlin-Borgen, Pilut-Ristolainen, Samuelsson-Montour could be a very good top-6. Eventually Laaksonen could replace Ristolainen when his contract is up...Dahlin-Borgen, Samuelsson-Montour, Pilut/Bryson-Laaksonen. It'd be nice if we got lucky like Nashville and Anaheim (among other teams) have in the past with our defensive prospects turning into quality players.
  6. OhMyDahlin

    Botterill Interview with NHL.com

    I think next offseason will be the "we're ready to go for it" offseason... Coming off the books: Bogosian, Scandella, Sobotka, Sheary, Wilson, Hunwick, Nelson. 2020 projected cap space: $53.6M (Minus: Skinner, Rodrigues, McCabe, Ullmark, Smith, plus maybe O'Regan, Malone, and Dougherty.) 2020 RFA's: Reinhart, Mittelstadt, Montour, Thompson, Olofsson, Pilut. (Maybe: Oglevie, Hickey, and Johansson.) *Dahlin will be one year from the end of his ELC, so he will be extended long-term. At that point, all of the core players will be locked up long-term, and the dead-weight will be gone...it will (SHOULD!) be the team Botterill wants. (***The rest is me just kind of thinking out-loud.***) Decisions are needed this summer on prospects: Fitzgerald, Brown, Hurley, Chukarov, and Willman. (The only decision is Fitzgerald, I think he leaves.) Decisions will be needed next summer on: Bryson, Glotov, and Nyberg. (The only decision is Bryson, I think he signs this summer.) Decisions in the summer of 2021 will be needed on: Davidsson, Laaksonen, Murray, and Weissbach. (Davidsson and Laaksonen will be signed before then.) Decisions in the summer of 2022 will be needed on: Cronholm, Kukkonen, Samuelsson, and Kreu. (Samuelsson will be signed before then.) So, let's say in the summer of 2020 the players under contract will be: Forwards: Eichel, Skinner, Reinhart, Mittelstadt, Thompson, Rodrigues, Nylander, Olofsson, Asplund, Smith, Davidsson, Pekar. (Maybe O'Regan, Oglevie, and Malone.) Defense: Dahlin, Ristolainen, Montour, McCabe, Borgen, Pilut, Samuelsson, Laaksonen, Bryson. (Maybe Hickey and Dougherty.) Goalies: Ullmark, Luukkonen, Hutton (*I think they find a way to get rid of Okposo within two years, probably to Seattle with a draft pick...or, simply, a buyout.) (**Cronholm and Weissbach sign in the summer of 2021...all the rest of those unsigned prospects walk.) That's 25-30 players, depending on O'Regan, Hickey, Oglevie, Dougherty, and Malone...so they have a lot of room to make additions between now and next summer. EDIT: No trades were taken into account, obviously those would play a factor too. (Ie. Ristolainen, Nylander, etc.)
  7. The lack of quality prospects on this team is scary. They're going to need cheap talent once they extend Skinner, Dahlin, Reinhart, Mittelstadt, Montour, and whomever else they get. People killed Murray for trading 1st round picks, now it's okay for Botterill to do it? And saying it's okay because it's in the 20's is an easy excuse, given some very good (some great) players have been found in the 20's in recent years. Shea Theodore, Anthony Mantha, Andre Burakovsky, David Pastrnak, Kasperi Kapanen, Nick Schmaltz, Robby Fabbri, Colin White, Brock Boeser, Travis Konecny, Anthony Beauvillier, Jack Roslovic, Jacob Larsson (who made Montour expendable in Anaheim), Dennis Cholowski, Henrik Borgstrom, Max Jones, Brett Howden, Sam Steel, Robert Thomas, Filip Chytil, Ryan Poehling, Henri Jokiharju, Eeli Tolvanen, Klim Kostin (who made Tage Thompson expendable in St. Louis), and it's a guarantee that some from the 2018 and 2019 drafts will join this list. (I would take any one of these players.) I'm happy to get a decent RHD. I'm okay giving up Guhle to get a decent RHD. But I am not happy giving up a 1st round pick for a decent 2nd-3rd pairing RHD.
  8. Skinner isn't signing for anything below $9M per year...especially after Stone just got $9.5M on an 8-year deal.
  9. OhMyDahlin

    Sabres Trade Deadline Predictions

    Coyle was traded, so take him off your list...Botterill should've traded for Coyle and Neiderreiter, who were traded for peanuts. As for the Amerks, they don't need help...they will get it in the form of Mittelstadt, Thompson, Smith and Pilut. (Plus Nylander, Criscuolo, and Malone will be back from injuries.)
  10. OhMyDahlin

    2019 NHL Draft

    Give me Americans... York, Caufield and Knight.
  11. OhMyDahlin

    Mr. Eichel, is he captain material?

    He's already run Bylsma and O'Reilly out of town...who's next, Housley and Botterill? Better hope Dahlin doesn't take too much spotlight away from Eichel in the next couple years, Eichel will have him run out of town too.
  12. OhMyDahlin

    How much better would we be with ROR and Kane?

    I think we'd be much better with O'Reilly...Kane, I loved his game, but he wasn't sticking around here. O'Reilly would be much happier on this team since it's more competitive. Anybody who thinks this team is better because O'Reilly is gone, is crazy. This team is better because Eichel and Reinhart have taken steps in their development, Skinner is here, the goaltending is improved, the defense with Dahlin is improved, the special teams are better, there's an actual 4th line on most nights that plays well, Bogosian and McCabe are healthy, the defense is scoring goals, there is more depth, Rodrigues has started to break out, and they can win in shootouts and overtime. Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Sheary - O'Reilly - Pominville Smith - Mittelstadt - Rodrigues Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo McCabe - Ristolainen Dahlin - Bogosian Scandella - Nelson/Pilut Ullmark - Hutton I think that would be a much better team. (And if Thompson was a player that Botterill really wanted, find another way to get him and put him in Rochester.)
  13. OhMyDahlin

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    Vegas is in 2nd place in the Western Conference with 58 points, 2 points out of 1st place. (Tied for 3rd place in the entire NHL.)
  14. OhMyDahlin

    Thoughts On Tage Thompson So Far?

    Waiting for his balls to drop...the kid is soft like charmin, especially for his size.
  15. OhMyDahlin

    CapFriendly, Behind the Scenes

    I really like this site too... https://www.rosterresource.com/nhl-buffalo-sabres/