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  1. The sins of GMTM? You realize Botterill traded more draft picks away than Murray did, right? Not once did Botterill make the full 7 selections...and obviously we never had more than 7 selections in any draft Botterill conducted. Tim Murray > Jason Botterill by a long shot. One brought us Ryan O'Reilly and Evander Kane...the other brought us Michal Frolik and Wayne Simmonds.
  2. Quick fixes have worked so well in the past, let's keep trading away draft picks for overrated players. This team has no offensive prospects to speak of, outside of Dylan Cozens.
  3. I win the Stanley Cup in NHL20 all the time...let me know how I can help.
  4. So Pegula wanted the Skinner contract and now he/she is basically the GM? This should go well. Here comes the 7 year, $49M contract for Wayne Simmonds!
  5. I think Murray made it look pretty easy, I just don't think he had enough time. The way he pulled in guys like O'Reilly and Kane, even Lehner, looked very easy...and in hindsight, he didn't give up as much as some think. The drafting has been bad under every GM, which begs the question...HOW DOES KEVIN DEVINE STILL HAVE A JOB?!?!?
  6. No, but I'll bet he's gone by next summer. They'll bring the same team back, or go even cheaper and use a bunch of AHL'ers...and Eichel will have had enough and request a trade. I'd bet big money on it, it's just our luck.
  7. I think this speaks to Botterill being a lame duck had he stayed on...everyone knew his job was on the line. I assume they didn't want him operating with that looming over his shoulder. Would he actually try to trade Eichel to save his job? Did he want to keep things together and they wanted to blow things up? Along those lines.
  8. I know we say it every year, but they really shouldn't trade their pick this year. We're guaranteed one of Lafreniere, Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, Perfetti, Holtz or Raymond...and we desperately need a prospect of that caliber, especially a goal-scoring winger.
  9. Holy barf emoji...that would totally be a Jason Botterill trade though.
  10. Holy optimistic outlook, Batman. This team is so far out of the playoff picture, it's comical at this point...they are going nowhere with Botterill and Krueger as their top duo.
  11. What incentive? His brother will be playing an hour away on an AHL deal. Agents aren't that stupid...(Victor) Olofsson will get his money and they know that Botterill will be desperate to keep him, just like Skinner. As for this signing, meh...I'll be surprised if he scores 15 goals for the Amerks.
  12. Our 4th line center is now a priority? Man, this team is bad.
  13. I don't see Reinhart signing for less than $7M, and I don't see Olofsson signing for less than $4.5M. The rest I don't care about, except Mittelstadt and Thompson who will sign for under $1M.
  14. No thanks. I don't think he has 2-3 years left, which is what we need to get to Luukkonen. With that said, I think Jason Botterill goes after Matt Murray this summer. I hate the thought of it, but I would bet money on it.
  15. Meh. He's on the level of Oglevie...nothing special. Wish he could've closed the deal with Mackey, who was in Sabres development camp...apparently the Sabres didn't make a positive impression.
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