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  1. Those two are about as credible as Eklund.
  2. Benching Mittelstadt for Rodrigues? Lol, yeah, that's the solution. 😕 Maybe it's the fact he's playing with 4th liners, like Vesey* and Rodrigues...give him better talent and he will look much better. (Olofsson only scores on the power play, maybe he should be taken off the first line. /sarcasm) *I expected big things from him this season, but he looks totally lost and like garbage.
  3. There are also Sabres podcasts. I'm not quite up-to-date on those as some might be, but I know they're out there. Die By The Blade, Two In The Box, Charging Buffalo, Crossing Swords, Half-Hour Hockey Show (Kevin Sylvester)...there might be even more than that. You can find them all on Twitter. Here are some in my preferred order... Half-Hour Hockey Show: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/half-hour-hockey-show Beyond The Blade Podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/beyond-the-blade Two In The Box Instigator Podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/chris-ostrander/the-instigator-podcast Charging Buffalo Podcast: Crossing Swords Podcast: I don't typically listen to amateur podcasts, but some of these are insightful (especially Kevin Sylvester)...you might like them. If you have an iPhone, they are all in the Podcasts app...plus some like Bob McKenzie, Puck Soup, Biscuits, Executive Suite, John Scott, Hockey Prospects, etc.
  4. It's nothing more than coach speak to keep everyone thinking they are all on the same level..."nobody is more important than the team." He even says, "My brain just doesn't really work that way, trying to make sure that everybody understands they're important." He has always avoided ranking players, because everyone is important to team success.
  5. Offense will come, defense will sort itself out...I need to see that our two goalies can carry this team when it's needed. If that comes to fruition, I'll start thinking this team has a chance at the playoffs. I really need Krueger to stop trying to protect Dahlin though. He should be playing over 20 minutes a night, in all situations. EDIT: I also need to see Skinner show he doesn't need Eichel to be good...and I need Eichel to take another step forward, preferably as a goal-scorer.
  6. Can we stop this non-sense now? Who cares about pull-ups, he doesn't need to be in the AHL, he's not a bust, etc. The kid looked excellent last night. He's growing. He's improving. He's a 20 year old kid that is 2 years removed from high school.
  7. Me too...I won't be shaving or cutting my hair until they make the playoffs. (It's already been 3 years. Not as crazy as it sounds, it grows SLOOOWWW.)
  8. Woof. I'd like to see Reinhart and Dahlin with letters...just like the Bills gave them out to young, core pieces in Allen, Edmunds, Dawkins. (And because long snappers are people too, Ferguson.)
  9. Jimmy Vesey. It's only fitting he comes "back" and scores in his first game. I really think he's going to have a big year...if he plays on the 3rd line he puts up his usual 17-20 goals, if he gets time with Eichel he pots 25+. PS. Please don't "boo" the kid...that time passed a couple years ago, he's one of us now.
  10. He'll lose it real quickly when he realized he made a massive mistake by re-signing with the Sabres, thinking he was going to be playing with Jack Eichel. This coach is already off to an awful start.
  11. This whole concept is hilarious. He's not going to the AHL. Everyone might as well drop that now. It's just not happening. And I can't see why claiming a winger would make Buffalo want to demote a 20 year old center. This is total lunacy. (So is being upset about Reinhart playing with Eichel. Lol.)
  12. I see it a little differently... Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Olofsson - Mittelstadt - Cozens Davidsson - Asplund - Weissbach Ruotsalainen - Pekar - Murray Dahlin - Jokiharju Samuelsson - Laaksonen Johnson - Borgen Luukkonen Ullmark/Portillo And yes, I think if those kids reach their potential, I see them as a very strong team. I love Cozens on the wing as a legit power forward...you're not going to put him or Mittelstadt on the third line, they're top-6 players. And no, I wouldn't trade any of our top prospects, Mittelstadt is going to be an elite #2 center. It's amazing how people have already given up on a 20 year old kid after one season in the NHL. He had garbage linemates and he was one year removed from HIGH SCHOOL. He is going to be just fine, and he will take a big step this season.
  13. The game is going to be MUCH better this year...but this is such a swing and a miss for the Sabres alumni. Wanna feel old? His kid is draft-eligible next summer and expected to be a first round pick.
  14. I love the invite of Sebastian Vidmar. He was looking like a highly sought after free agent after his sophomore and junior seasons when he put up a combined 71 points in 71 games. He ended up having a bad senior season and fell off the map a little bit. I think he could be a really good player for the Amerks, or even the Cyclones. Big kid. 6-3, 210. Playmaking LW. He's a Swede (of course he is). He played four years at Union. You can find him doing this quite often... He has a nice shot too, he just doesn't use it enough...coaching staff at Union always tried to get him to shoot more. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/30188/sebastian-vidmar
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