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  1. No thanks. I don't think he has 2-3 years left, which is what we need to get to Luukkonen. With that said, I think Jason Botterill goes after Matt Murray this summer. I hate the thought of it, but I would bet money on it.
  2. Meh. He's on the level of Oglevie...nothing special. Wish he could've closed the deal with Mackey, who was in Sabres development camp...apparently the Sabres didn't make a positive impression.
  3. I think some sucker would trade for Skinner...so my buyout would have to be Okposo. At least Skinner still has talent, somewhere...it's there somewhere.
  4. Damn, I really miss good Sabres hockey. Those were some of the best years of my life...and I owe a lot of that to the Buffalo Sabres and the entertainment and excitement they gave me. Sounds corny, I know. Serious nostalgia watching these videos...hopefully better days are ahead.
  5. Mittetstadt and a 1st for Adam Henrique? Bleh. We gotta be able to do better than that. I really don't want to trade Mittelstadt right now. Also, Anaheim is pretty stacked with young centers like Zegras, Steel, Terry, Lundestrom, Morand and Groulx...they would probably want a young defenseman. (This isn't a roster reconstruction, this is an organization reconstruction...we have 27 total free agents, not just 15...which makes this even more important.)
  6. Jonas Johansson not having a Sabres mask makes the Sabres organization inept? Man, we're REALLY reaching for stuff to complain about nowadays. (As someone else pointed out, it's up to the player and ultimately his call.)
  7. Belleville is great with a lot of young talent...the Senators have a bright future if they just stay out of their own way. Tkachuk, White, Balcers, Hawryluk, Brown, Tierney, Chabot, Jaros, Wolanin, Brannstrom, Gustavsson, Hogberg, Norris, Brown, Gruden, Formenton, Batherson, Abramov, etc. They have a lot of young talent.
  8. I've honestly been wondering if we should've taken Andrei Svechnikov...the kid is an absolute stud and only getting better. (Granted, Dahlin still is too.) EDIT: This doesn't have as much to do with Dahlin, as it does with how putrid our offense is.
  9. Not sure yet, but since CMAC sucks I can't attend any in my hometown. They get the worst lineup every summer, and for such a beautiful place it's really embarrassing and upsetting, especially with all the new hotels, breweries and restaurants we have down near the lake now.
  10. Did you really just compare Zemgus Girgensons to Ryan O'Reilly? With O'Reilly this team is in the playoff hunt...without Girgensons this team still sucks. So he's everything Carolina fans said he is? Go figure.
  11. I'd love to know if Botterill even sought out the Skinner trade, or if Carolina called and said "hey, Skinner wants to play with Eichel." I'm not convinced he made some big savvy move with that trade. EDIT: And no, he's brought nothing in but garbage.
  12. I'm at a breaking point with this team too. I think of my Father, who passed away in 2008. Some of the last words he ever spoke to me were, "I hope you see the Sabres win the cup someday." I can't imagine how heartbroken he would be, he was one of the biggest Sabres fans I've ever known. Nothing gave him joy like watching the Sabres with his family. That elusive Stanley Cup has never felt so far away for me. It's hard for me to even watch the games, I usually just fall asleep or end up on my phone/laptop. For once I don't blame my nephews for wanting to find new teams to root for...this is becoming so bad, I've thought about it too. (But it's impossible for me.) I don't trust Botterill. I don't trust Krueger. I don't trust the Pegulas. I feel like this is going to go on so long that we'll see Jack Eichel force his way out of here. I don't care about jersey colors, giveaways, or 50th Anniversary celebrations, all I want is to see this team playing hockey in April and May again. Sorry for my rambling. It's hard to put my thoughts together when I think of this team. It hurts to talk about. I love this team but it's eating me up inside to watch this mess. I really hope they can get it together this summer and put a better roster together. This can't go on much longer or I might just lose interest.
  13. They're already in sell-mode and Doug Wilson is trying to get first round picks... https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/san-jose-sharks-general-manager-doug-wilson-could-be-ready-to-play-lets-make-a-deal
  14. One problem...do we honestly trust Jason freaking Botterill to get anything close to correct value for a player like Rasmus Dahlin? Hell no...the guy is absolutely terrible.
  15. I'd rather have Tuch, but there's about a 99% chance he's not getting moved. As for Anderson, no way I'm trading Casey Mittelstadt for a winger that is 26 years old and has one goal and four points in 26 games. Barf, no thank you. It would cost more than that.
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