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  1. Would you give up Reinhart and Mittelstadt for Risto? I doubt Winnipeg is this stupid. The great thing with Tyler Johnson is he can play both.
  2. Botterill is hoping to win games 2-1 with all this defense and hardly any offense.
  3. I'm not trading with St. Louis again. (Plus they have Pietrangelo and Parayko on the right side.) Vegas isn't taking money in...any trade with them would be like the Miller trade. Anaheim...meh, they have nothing that interests me but Rakell, and they're not trading him. (And as a rebuilding team, they're not trading Terry, Steel, Jones, Comtois, etc.) Edmonton and Winnipeg make the most sense...and Chicago, but they can't afford it.
  4. Quite interesting to look back on this after three of Jason Botterill's drafts... I was spot-on with drafting more NCAA players and not drafting CHL players (we finally got one!)...but I missed out on the Swedes. (I'd personally rather draft more NCAA players than Europeans, but that's just me.)
  5. I've looked through here and Twitter... Anybody know if Mike Vellucci is still a possibility? He just led a young Charlotte Checkers team to the Calder Cup. He was AGM and Director of Player Development with Carolina before he took the coaching job...we need more talent developers working with this young team. http://gocheckers.com/articles/features/mike-vellucci-s-fingerprints-all-over-checkers-calder-cup-run Sounds like a Krueger type of guy.
  6. I think Thompson starts there, but I wouldn't send Mittelstadt down...a full summer of training will help him more next season. They should be brought in for the 2020-2021 season, but if they're not then they should be brought in together the following season. Bringing them over next season would give them two full seasons in the AHL until they reached age 23...which at that age, they should be NHL ready. I would want these kids playing and developing together in the AHL as soon as possible. (Then brought up to the Sabres together.)
  7. Look at Charlotte, Syracuse and Toronto...they are driven by their young kids. Charlotte: Necas, Roy, Kuokkanen, Saarela, Gauthier, Geekie, Bean, Fleury, McKeown, Nedeljkovic. Toronto: Bracco, Moore, Brooks, Timashov, Engvall, Liljegren, Sandin, Rosen, Borgman, Kaskisuo. Syracuse: Barre-Boulet, Volkov, Katchouk, Raddysh, Verhaeghe, Foote, Masin, (and their goalie was Ingram, until something happened). Sure, there's a Cory Conacher here, or a Chris Mueller there, but for the most part these good teams are led and driven by their prospects. The Amerks don't need more Kevin Porters, they need more high-end young talent.
  8. Asplund and Oglevie should take on more minutes and both should see their production increase. Borgen should be the team's #1 defenseman and Thompson should be a top-line player who leads the team in goals. Next season should see an influx of talent with Samuelsson, Davidsson, Laaksonen, Weissbach, possibly picks #7 and/or #31, and hopefully some NCAA free agents. But this is about all we have left in the system...and exactly why we need to use our draft picks to stockpile the prospect pipeline, because it's quite thin.
  9. No, he's great with Eichel and Mittelstadt will be the 2C in the not too distant future. Keep Eichel and Reinhart together, stop splitting them up...good duos stay together.
  10. Josh Allen could turn into Tom Brady and Jack Eichel could turn into Wayne Gretzky, and Sullivan would still find a way to complain about how they got those players. "Well, they traded up for Allen and tanked for Eichel, it doesn't matter how good they are."
  11. We cannot afford to give all that draft capital up right now...if we were one player away from being good, maybe, but we're not. We need to keep building this team the right way, through the draft and smart moves. Good teams don't build competitive contenders by trading all of their draft picks for one player, and giving out a bunch of high-priced contracts.
  12. Ecstatic if we pick Cole Caufield...a true sniper that this team hasn't had in I don't know how long. Disappointed if we pick Bowen Byram...or any defenseman in the first round. I think the Sabres will pick Matthew Boldy...because Turcotte, Caufield and Zegras will be off the board. My ideal draft would be... 1st round: Cole Caufield (F) or Matthew Boldy (F) 1st round: Bobby Brink (F) or John Beecher (F) 3rd round: Robert Mastrosimone (F) or Shane Pinto (F) 4th round: John Farinacci (F) or Ryder Donovan (F) 6th round: Michael Vukojevic (D) or Drew Helleson (D) 6th round: Grant Silianoff (F) or Alex Campbell (F) 6th round: Ethan Haider (G) or Cole Brady (G) 7th round: Will Francis (D) or Mike Koster (D) (5 forwards, 2 defensemen, 1 goalie...I think that replenishes the prospect pipeline quite nicely, and evens it out a little bit.)
  13. It's crazy that some of you (Sabres fans) thought O'Reilly was overpaid at $7.5M...but you're cool with paying Skinner $9M+. Botterill has screwed this team so bad. I won't be surprised if Krueger takes over as GM and hires his own coach within 1-2 years.
  14. He would be an excellent mentor for Dahlin...just look at what he did for Hedman. Plus, if they trade Ristolainen, they need another RHD...even if they don't, I'd rather have Stralman, Ristolainen and Montour, than Bogosian.
  15. In today's NHL the 4th line needs to score...our 4th line does not do that. In an ideal scenario, our 4th line would consist of something like Smith - Asplund - Rodrigues. EDIT: This team needs a total overhaul of bad players...guys like Girgensons, Larsson, Sobotka and Wilson need to go. (Bogosian, Scandella and Hunwick too.)
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