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  1. I am only saying that having too many rookies on a team can also really hurt development as they can not gain the experience of winning. Potential 1st or 2nd year players on team. Krebs Quinn JJP Samuelsson Fitzgerald
  2. I personally still would want JJP, Quinn and Krebs to form a top dominant line with Amerks and play in all situations. Let them be call ups and fill in as top 6 for injuries. I feel playing them down on third line does not help their development as much as seeing lots of ice time in AHL. Krebs and Quinn could use another year to build strength they need to compete every day in the NHL. Why not sign a guy like Motte to a 1 year deal for $2 million. Skinner, Thompson, Tuch Asplund, Mitts, Olofsson Hinny, Cozens, Okposo Girgs, Sheahan, Motte
  3. Although he has great vision, I see him making too many mistakes in the offensive zone. Defensively he hustles but also loses battles because he is out muscled. I personally see him being passed by both Quinn and JJP this year as far as wingers. In order to stay at center he has to outplay Mitts. I can definitely see a situation where either Krebs or Mitts is moved after this year.
  4. would like to see a little of this on the fourth line. a little of this...
  5. That's my whole issue in regards to having all the young players come up at once. If they all turn out good, you can't keep them all because you can't afford them all. Don't get me wrong that is a good problem to have. But, If they are all taking positions from each other and certain players don't thrive, they may elsewhere if given the opportunity. Tampa had so many young players coming up, but eventually lost some because they had signed players to longer contracts and couldn't afford to keep younger better players. Gourde, JT Miller, and Verhaeghe and even Coleman were all moved because of older players tied up on long term contracts.
  6. I don't care much for long term contracts. Too many teams get burdened with horrible contracts. I'd love to see the new CBA restrict contracts to 3 years or less for RFA's, with UFA's being able to get 5 years max on open market or 6 years if extended with current club. Also eliminate the trade clause restrictions. Players then have to choose if they want more money, to play in a state with no taxes, or have the best opportunity to win. I don't care if salaries go up if the salary cap increases, I just don't like teams being restricted.
  7. I've seen a post about TnT new contract and if Sabres should extend now, wait til middle of season or next off season. I want to see the opinion of posters on what they should do with Cozens. After Necas's 2 year deal with Canes and Roy's 5 year deal with Vegas, it got me thinking to extend Cozens now and not wait until next off season. I believe these are two very comparable players to Cozens and would like to see a contract for him similar to these. I believe Vegas got a steal by signing Roy for 5 years at an AAV of $3million. If you bridge him for 2 years then you're looking at $3 million. If you want to go long term then you go 6-8 years and try to keep him around $4-5 million.
  8. If I'm GMKA I am asking Paul Statsny to be a mentor for the young guys and come to Buffalo to be the #4 center between Girgs and Okposo. Give him a 1 year deal at $2 million. He is good at face offs and could move up the line up if injuries arise. Brian Boyle, Derick Brassard, Derek Stepan, and Riley Sheahan would all be cheaper options around league minimum.
  9. I'llplay along... I think they want to keep Dumba long term so he is out...I think they would move one of the forwards like Greenway or Foligno if they are signing a player like Kadri for 4-5 years. I could also see them taking Bishop back in a trade to give them the LTIR relief. Potential deal- To sabres- Foligno/Greenway To Wild- Murray/Pekar, Bishop and 2023 Vegas 2nd rd pick
  10. Makes me want to go get Toews and his 10.5 cap hit and let him play 4th line center with Okposo and Girgs. Really would be a great leader for the kids. It is only $2.9 million in real money since his bonus has already been paid by Chicago. Trade Chicago Bishop cap hit at $4.9 to keep them above the floor. Real money is $2.5 million. Not sure what else Chicago would want back in trade.
  11. I want no part of Kadri. A defenseman like PK or Stralman on a 1 or 2 year contract, sure. A solid center like Stastny to center my fourth line for a year, go for it.
  12. The reason I used these 3 is because in order to acquire talent sometimes you have to give up talent. These three also play a similar perimeter game as they are not power forwards but more skilled. Olofsson's shot, Krebs passing, and Mitt's ???, still not sure. I feel if the Sabres wanted to make a move for a true #1 RD they would have to give up one of these 3.
  13. Seeing the Sabres have several young players who will be pushing to play in the NHL this year or next, who'll be the first player moved to make space?
  14. I would extend Cozens this off season for 6 years at $4.5AAV. This locks him up for an overpayment for the next two years but an underpayment for years 3-6. It would take him to UFA where he canteen decide what is best for his future. I feel he can develop into a Cirelli type player. I believe Cirelli issuing to be over payed at his $6.25 million extension. Thompson I would wait til around Christmas to offer any extension. If he has a good start and last year was not a fluke then you also extend him for 6 years at an AAV of $7 million.
  15. I am still under the impression that this year is all about the kids and them growing. Offer fair contracts to RFA's Tage, Cozens, Asplund, Mule, and UFA's Girgs and Okie. Leaves room to sign Kane for 2-3 years. https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/3509259
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