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  1. They both come from fathers who played the NHL and have been around the game their whole life. I just feel Sabres fans would fall in love with the hard nose game Tkachuk plays and he would become the face of the franchise if Sabres decided to move on from Jack during or after this next season.
  2. jack will be hard to trade because of the injury. I hold on to him until at least the trade deadline so sabres can maximize the return. I do want to move on from sam as I believe his value is high after this past season and he does not want to be here long term I would trade Reinhart and Sabres 1st rd pick to Calgary for Tkachuk and Calgary 1st rd pick. This would allow Flames to pick a top level D to replace Giordano when he retires. Sabres would still get a top 10 draft pick but solidify a player that would thrive in buffalo in Tkachuk.
  3. Jack trade proposal... to Philly Jack and Tage to Buffalo Couturier, Konecny, Myers and Philly 2022 1st rd pick
  4. Finding a coach with some emotion is a must...Sabres have not had a coach with passion since Ruff was let go. I like Torts because he strives for his players to play the right way all the time. If you aren't willing to play a 200ft game then you don't play. Not sure if that would mesh with some of the current stars on the team, (Eichel, Sam, and Skinner) but who knows. I also like Gallant because of his experience with Vegas. He took a bunch of players that other teams didn't want and got them to the playoffs in his first year. Getting a solid goalie tandem is also a must. I believe
  5. I believe Sabres can send down anyone who would not have to clear waivers to go down. Houser, Bryson, Samuelsson, R2, and Murray should be sent down to get more games.
  6. And to think the Sabres passed on Draisaitl and selected Reinhart the year before.
  7. Brawndo is always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to new developments.
  8. Just want to point out that Skinner's hustle in o-zone led to penalty that led to Thompson PP goal yesterday. He has been snake bitten in goal but has been playing better. He needs to play with guys who can create.
  9. How is that not an interference hit on Bjork...dumps puck in zone and then gets hit trying to move around defenseman!!! I really can't stand Boston Would love to sign Gabriel this off season just to beat the crap out of Marchand!!
  10. More evidence of why Buffalo needs to get tougher and not just have skilled guys. They will never win if teams are aware that they can just push Buffalo around. Biggest miss of last season was not getting Anderson and going after Hall instead.
  11. I hope Chara and the Caps beat the crap out of Boston in the first round!!
  12. Vancouver is the perfect team that only has 2 NHL defenseman to worry about protecting in Myers and Schmidt. They would protect forwards...Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Pearson, Pettersson, and then probably Virtanen and Motte. Their biggest issue is having two goalies in Holtby and Demko leaving one of them unprotected. They will protect Demko and expose Holtby. Holtby would be a perfection year stop gap to back up Ullmark while UPL gets a full year with Amerks. I think the perfect move for both teams would be Risto for Virtanen and Holtby. you could add picks on either side to
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