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  1. sweetlou

    Character of the Sabres!!

    Sabres just have too many "soft players". No one who finishes checks, (maybe Girgs). Too many "skilled" forwards who can't beat anyone one on one or hit the net on a shot. That is why I always like Foligno's game. Expectations on goal scoring were too high for him but he was a solid 3rd or 4th line winger who other teams had to know was on the ice.
  2. sweetlou

    Character of the Sabres!!

    The Sabres franchise as a history of being easy to play against. Yes over the years we have had some great character team mates willing to step up for team mates when needed. They don't have those players now. The Sabres only have a couple of players in Bogo and Risto who consistently hit opponents every chance they get. The only other player is Baloo who has been stuck in Housley's doghouse for whatever reason. There is not one forward that other teams defense fears when they go back after a puck. This team still has too many bottom six players and not enough top end talent. Risto seems to digress each year and aside from the hitting looks like another Tyler Myers out there. LOST. JBotts made a point last off season to get more speed. Accomplished with Sheary and Skinner. This off season he needs to address the power forward position. UFA's- Ferland, Simmonds, or Tanev
  3. sweetlou

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    Yes I think this team misses Bergland, for this year and next. Beyond that I think Botts is glad we don't have the contract. Botts may be able to get an UFA to fill the gap for next year. It also shows how much an effect Housley has had on the mismanagement of his players. Bergland should have been slated on second line with Reinhart and Sheary and given a chance for 20+ games. I'm sure he would not have left the team if he was given a chance.
  4. sweetlou

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Someone answer this for me, in order to get the 8 years does he have to sign before July 1st. If he waits to become a free agent and still signs with Buffalo is the max only 7 years since he became a UFA?
  5. sweetlou

    Skinner Contract Watch

    So even if another team is willing to give him 9 million over 7 years(doubtful), that is 63 million contract. If Buffalo offers him 8-8.5 million a year but over 8 years his contract is between 64-68 million. This is why he will sign with Buffalo!!
  6. sweetlou

    Skinner Contract Watch

    His contract will be around $8 million no matter where he goes. He can get the eighth year by only staying with Buffalo. He would lose money in the long run if he only signs a seven year contract elsewhere as an UFA.
  7. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Maybe Washington would be willing to take on Beaulieu as a 5/6 defenseman. They are currently playing Orpik and Djoos as their third pair. Could Sabres package Beaulieu and 2021 2nd rd pick for Burakovsky? Both players on similar contracts, close in age, RFA's and not performing up to standards for their current team. Would be a hockey trade to help both teams.
  8. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Maybe Botts could work something out with Columbus and Florida to make a three way trade. Florida gets Bobrovsky and Panarin. Buffalo gets Huberdeau and RD Weeger from Florida. Columbus gets Scandella, Nylander, and San Jose 1st from Buffalo. Columbus gets Florida 1st and G James Reimer. Buffalo gets Boone Jenner from Columbus. Br4eak down for each team... Florida trades Huberdeau, Weeger, Reimer, and 1st rd pick for Panarin and Bobrovsky. Columbus trades Panarin, and Bobrovsky for Scandella, Sobotka, Nylander, Reimer, and two 1st rd picks. Buffalo trades Scandella, Sobotka, Nylander, and 1st pick for Huberdeau and Weeger.
  9. sweetlou

    The State of the Sabres' Union is _________.

  10. sweetlou

    Practice Report 2-4-19

    the biggest reason why the wait till now to make some of the moves is that the Sabres will have the last move in line changes with having the next six at home. Phil will be able to get the match ups he wants. This to me will also tell a lot in what type of coach he is. This is make or break time for some of these players and coach Phil. No excuses. My lines would be- Sheary- Eichel-Thompson Skinner- Mitts- Pommer Smith- ERod- Reinhart Girgs- Sobotka- Okposo
  11. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Pageau was #2 behind Duchene last year. Can get you 15-20 goals and has taken over 1,000 face-offs the last two years. He missed beginning of this year with injury but could definitely be #2 on Sabres. Plays physical and over 50% on face-offs. He is exactly the type of player Buffalo needs for the rest of this year and next year.
  12. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I am fine with this trade but I would add Okposo for Dustin Brown. Salaries are the same but we get rid of cap hit one year earlier on Brown's contract. If I am going to pay 6mil to a third or fourth line winger I would rather have Brown filling that role than Okposo.
  13. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Cici and Beaulieu is an exchange of RFA's. LD for RD. Helps us with our depth. Trading ERod and pick gives us a true 2nd line center for the next couple of years.
  14. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Trades BUF- Burakovsky, André. WSH- Nylander, Alexander BUF- Ceci, Cody and Pageau, Jean-Gabriel. OTT- Beaulieu, Nathan, Rodrigues, Evan, 2019 1st round pick (SJS) BUF- 2019 6th round pick (NSH) NSH- Pominville, Jason Left Wing Centre Right Wing Skinner, Jeff $5,725,000 LW, RW NMC UFA - 1 Eichel, Jack $10,000,000 C UFA - 8 Reinhart, Sam $3,650,000 RW, C RFA - 2 Burakovsky, André $3,000,000 LW, RW RFA - 1 Pageau, Jean-Gabriel $3,100,000 C UFA - 2 Sheary, Conor $3,000,000 LW, RW UFA - 2 Sobotka, Vladimír $3,500,000 LW UFA - 2 Mittelstadt, Casey $925,000 C RFA - 2 Thompson, Tage $925,000 C, RW RFA - 2 Girgensons, Zemgus $1,600,000 C, LW RFA - 1 Larsson, Johan $1,475,000 C, LW RFA - 1 Okposo, Kyle $6,000,000 RW M-NTC UFA - 5 Elie, Remi $735,000 LW RFA - 1 Left Defense Right Defense Goaltender McCabe, Jake $1,600,000 D RFA - 1 Ristolainen, Rasmus $5,400,000 D UFA - 4 Hutton, Carter $2,750,000 G UFA - 3 Dahlin, Rasmus $925,000 D RFA - 3 Bogosian, Zach $5,142,857 D UFA - 2 Ullmark, Linus $750,000 G RFA - 1 Scandella, Marco $4,000,000 D UFA - 2 Ceci, Cody $4,300,000 D RFA - 1 Pilut, Lawrence $925,000 D RFA - 2 Nelson, Casey $812,500 D UFA - 2 Hunwick, Matt $2,250,000
  15. sweetlou

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Do you think JBotts has gone to Pommers and asked if he wants to go to a contender or just ride out the rest of the year with Buffalo?? Would only get a 5th or 6th rd pick and probably have to retain salary. Possible destinations... Nashville, NY Islanders, Winnipeg, Vegas??