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  1. I agree with those calls, but why weren't they calling the hooks and slashes I saw Tampa players doing all night!!
  2. Another loss due to poor officiating. Then Tampa will go into Boston and Boston willet all the calls!! Watch!!
  3. so I remember a few games ago when Skinner was at the bottom of the pile doing nothing the refs gave him 2min for roughing. So how does Kuch not get an extra 2 tonight. The refs are just so inconsistent on what they call and when they call it.
  4. So you can slash in the corner to steal the puck, but not in front of the net...this officiating gets worse every year!!!
  5. Sabres still need to mix things up and add a good center who can win face-offs and more players with a bit of grit. Bo Hovart is the center who KA should target. Sabres have plenty of prospects and picks to make trade happen. Timo Meier, 1st and prospect should get him. Similar to Fiala trade from Wild to Kings. Sam Bennett or Anthony DuClair, Panthers need to shed $3mil in cap space order to bring DuClair off of LTIR. Max Comtois, physical 3rd line LW. Simon Benoit, defenseman from Ducks. https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/3779431
  6. they hack and hook all day long...Buffalo should have had at least 3 more PP if they were actually calling all the penalties
  7. not impressed with the refs or linesman in this game.
  8. How come the Sabres don't teach the shot pass of the pads? Girgs should have put that low, five hole, on net and look for rebound.
  9. Yea, totally offside, would not have counted if they scored. Though I'd rather have the face-off outside the zone.
  10. He is averaging 10-12 minutes a game and has 3 points in 17 games. He needs to go to AHL where he can be a leader, learn how to play a 2 way game, and hit the gym and put on 15 lbs. If he has decent numbers the rest of season, KA could possibly use him as the chip in getting a solid #4 defenseman.
  11. SO think of a scenario where PKane is traded to a contender and then goes on to win the cup this year. That would give him 4 cups and solidify him as one of the greatest Americans to play the game. If the the Pegula's and KA say to Kane we want you here for 2 to help put fans in the seats and give you a chance to put the Sabres over the top and win a cup for your home town, I think Kane would come.
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