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  1. So Cozens showing the rest of the Sabres how to play real hockey!!
  2. Ullmark has proved he can be a NHL starter and has good numbers the last two seasons. My worry with him is staying healthy. 'He only played 34 games last year and 37 the previous year. Sabres need to sign Ullmark to a 3 year deal and then pickup a vet like Elliot, M'Razek, or Driedger to split time with him for a couple of years. I want UPL to develop in Roch for at least two more years before he even sniffs the NHL.
  3. I dunno, Lazar and Reider lead the team at even strength goals with 3 a piece!
  4. I would only sign him for four years at $7.5 million AAV.
  5. Took a gander over to Cap Friendly to put a fire sale idea on board. surprised to see pages and pages from posters from other teams proposing trades for Eichel, Hall, and Reinhart. some good stuff
  6. to defend my initial notion, I don't think the Sabres trade for ROR in the first place if they have jack and Leon as the top two centers. Therefore they never trade him away. how much of these other moves would not have been made if the tank actually worked and they drafted the right players. so the biggest mistakes the last ten years has been in the scouting and drafting departments and not getting the right players. imagine what this team would have looked like if the tank worked and McDavid and Draisaitl are the top two players on this team.
  7. But if you have Draisaitl and Eichel you probably are winning and ROR never makes comments and gets traded!!!
  8. I like Bennet's physical game and he does well in playoffs. I would want him as a 3rd line winger. Sabres biggest mistake over last seven years is still selecting Reinhart over Draisaitl!! 14-15 Edmonton Oilers 37games -2goals 7 assist = 9pts. -17| 15-16 Edmonton Oilers 72games - 19 goals 32 assists. 51 points -2 First two years were rough but has blossomed into the best player in that draft. Sabres would have still sucked his rookie year so they still would have had Jack or McDavid
  9. As long as this team keeps players like Reinhart and VO who give you nothing at even strength, the Sabres will go no where!!
  10. It doesn't matter how many offensive players we get. If our defense can't get the puck away from other team and up to forwards it will be a long year!!
  11. Sloppy first...they have to get their legs moving. Washington was cycling and Buffalo had no sustained o-time. Still too much standing around in d-zone.
  12. https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9wb2RjYXN0Lmdsb2JhbC5jb20vc2hvdy80NTM0NzYxL2VwaXNvZGVzL2ZlZWQ/episode/dm5pZDovL2VwaXNvZGVzLzQyMDU1Njc3P21lZGlhX2lkPTMwOTk1NzAy?sa=X&ved=0CAUQkfYCahcKEwjo3JCg-o_tAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ If link doesn't work just look it up. Good interview with Jack. Really enjoyed it. Jack interview starts about half way into podcast.
  13. Under the circumstances of only having a 56 game season almost every team makes the playoffs. Then the three teams that don't make the playoffs are guaranteed the top three picks in the 2021 draft.
  14. Fun scenario I came up with to still have a season and then divisional type playoff. 4 new aligned division for this year to add an all Canadien division. Atlantic Division- Boston, Buffalo, Washington, NJ, NYI, NYR, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Central Division- Tampa Bay, Florida, Carolina, Columbus, Nashville, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis Western Division- Minnesota, Dallas, Colorado, Arizona, Vegas, LA, San Jose, Anaheim Canadien Division- Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver Would love to see a scenario
  15. Epic Sweet Lou trade...Would Sabres even want Kane? Kane to Buffalo Reinhart, Miller, Routsalainen, and Buffalo 2021 1st rd
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