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  1. Should Buffalo consider trying to get him for President of Hockey Operations? Could be a good consultant for JBotts.
  2. Revisiting topic. I think Sam is a top 6 talent who has benefited from playing with Jack pretty much his entire career. Last year he had a career year by picking up lots of assist by having 40 goal scorer Skinner on the opposite wing. Sam has never scored more than 25 goals in a year. In terms of keeping him I would be ok with a six year deal for between 6-7 million AAV. Any more than that and you have to think of trading him. He is a very similar player to William Nylander in Toronto and people thought he was overpaid at $6.9 million AAV. I could see a potential holdout with Reinhart if he feels he is worth $8-9 million.
  3. Would you trade Miller and 4th pick for Kapanen...either now or in off season. Toronto has to trade some of their forwards for defenseman.
  4. I think Couture would waive NTC to come to Buffalo, I just don't want him at that age and AAV.
  5. If you have to give $5-6 million to an UFA to get a second line center, do you go after Granlund or JG Pageau?
  6. Realistically this current core group is to one dimensional. There is talent, but not all-star talent, (except for Eichel). After another top ten pick this year we should make strides closer to playoffs next year and if right moves are made then contenders in -21-22. This 2020 off season is key because there is a lot of cap space and JBotts needs to fill them with the right guys without the hinderance of bad deals. If I were GM...building for 21-22. Who is already on team- Eichel- Captain and leader on the ice...needs to continue to improve defensive zone coverage. Has all the talent in the world on rest of ice. Dahlin- needs to get stronger. As a defenseman he needs to figure out how to properly control the front of the net. Risto- still believe he can be a solid top 4 defenseman who brings physical game. Has improved this year. Joker- nice compliment to Risto on right side. Skinner- needs a top notch center to be able to set him up. Like his tenacity and willingness to go to front of net. Olofsson- top notch shot with accuracy. Something Sabres haven't had in years. Cozens- should be able to fill in as #3 center by this year. Shows willingness to play rugged game and go to the net. Ullmark- probably better suited as a 1a 25-30 games a year goalie. UPL- should get a call up by end of 20-21 and see if he splits time with Ullmark or takes over as # 1 once Hutton is gone Bubble players- Larsson- fills role as 4th line center, decent PK but needs to play hard every shift. Girgs- fills role as 4th line LW, decent PK, can play physical but doesn't show it every shift. Asplund- younger option to replace Girgs on 4th line or slot up to 3rd line LW Lazar- fills role as 4th line RW, grinder who plays physical and can put the puck in net. Thompson- would either be my #2 or #3 RW. He was having a good year in AHL until call-up and injury. Tradeable pieces- Reinhart- I still feel he is the key in bringing in a true #2 center. Mitts- think he should be moved to LW to help him on defensive zone coverage. Could be used a piece in trade as well. McCabe and Miller- both play a physical style on defense and are willing to jump in on rush. One will be moved though in the next year and a half. $Montour- with the emergence and trade for Joker, Montour may be moved if Sabres decide to keep Miller for right side...also still have Borgen going to be pushing for time in NHL by 21-22. 21-22 line up Olofson- Eichel- ???(Toffoli) Skinner- ???(JPP), Thompson Asplund, Cozens, ???(Gallagher) Girgs, Larsson, Lazar Dahlin, Joker McCabe, Risto Montour, Borgen UPL Ullmark So who fills in the question marks? Trade Mitts and Miller to LA for Toffoli and 2nd rd pick. Toffoli signed to a 5 year $5-5.5 AAV extension. Trade Reinhart and ERod to Ottawa for JPP and 2nd rd. Sign JPP to 6 year $6.5 AAV extension. Sign UFA Gallagher to 3 year $5 AAV contract in 21-22 off season
  7. I still remember where I was for the lottery draft when Edmonton (a Canadian team) won the lottery and the right to pick McDavid. I knew we would still get a good player in Eichel but preferred McDavid. I also was hoping they would pick the bigger, faster goal scorer in Draisaitl the year before instead of taking the "high IQ" set up man in Reinhart. Those two drafts alone changed what GMTM and Terry were hoping for. Everything after that involving trades is moot point if the Sabres have Draisaitl and McDavid. I believe McDavid and ROR as two Canadians would have been able to co exist. Imagine the core of McDavid, ROR, and Draisaitl instead of Eichel, Reinhart, and Skinner.
  8. Very similar player to Girgs...just not as big. Yes high energy who will finish his checks.
  9. Risto is playing better. Would you move him knowing his trade value has gone up. Vegas needs RD as there only true RD is Engelland. Alex Tuch is playing on the third line because Vegas is deep up front. I'm thinking a package deal of Risto and Vesey for Tuck and Eakin.
  10. With this season fast slipping away I am looking forward to dumping UFA's in the next month and a half. Bogo- 5th rd pick Scandella- 4th rd pick Sheary- 4th rd pick Vesey- 3rd rd pick Girgs- 4th rd pick (could be resigned, but let him go play in the play offs) Larsson- 3rd rd pick ( could be resigned, but let him go play in playoffs) RFA's for off season- ERod- let walk or include in trade package before deadline Olofsson- want to see him signed to a two year bridge around $3.5 million, or longer 5 year deal at $5.5 million Montour- should be able to sign for 5 years around $4.5-5.5 million Reinhart- would like to see what Sabres could get on trade market for him, I don't care if it is a sign and trade. We need more grit and I believe Reinahrt is the best option to bring in a top tier forward Ullmark- should be resigned for 3 years at around $3-4 million. He is the goalie until UPL is ready
  11. To everyone on this team could go except Eichel and Dahlin. Don't get me wrong there are some good players, they just need to be plugged into the right area in order to succeed. Skinner and Olofson are pieces that fit as top two LW's. Bur we need to add some muscle to the top lines so they are not pushed around. Risto has had a good year. Still makes the occasional mistake but everyone does. They have been far less this year.
  12. Im also ok for the McCabe for Wood swap. At this point Im also intersted to see what type of Power forward we could get for Reinhart. Just not a big fan. Doesn't create his own goals. Used to be good in front of net but has not shown that this year. Also a lot of his points from previous years are assist on Jack's goals or deflections on PP. Would rather have a forward like Alex Tuch, Tyler Bertuzzi, or Josh Anderson.
  13. So this is Smith's third year down in Rochester. Why sign him to an NHL contract now...I think he may be called up for the sole purpose of sending a message to Cernak of Tampa that it is not ok to give Dahlin a concussion and not have to answer to it!!! I hope he is called up for tomorrow's game, would be fun to watch. No one except for Lazar, Larry and Risto ever hit and none of them are really fighters.
  14. ERod, Sheary, and Bogo all need to go in the next month!!! Reinhart is too soft on the puck, never have really liked his play. If Sabres can move him now before he signs a contract he is not worth, JBott should make the move.
  15. With Nashville struggling as well, do you try and swing a deal for Granlund and see if he can plug the 2c hole fore the rest of the year?
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