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  1. sweetlou

    NHL summer of ‘19

    I'm hesitant to trade Risto in the division because he still is a solid 2/3 defenseman. Put in the right situation and teamed with the right d-man who can cover his mistakes he is not bad. Looking at Tampa I would want Miller and Cirelli for Risto and 2021 2nd rd pick.
  2. sweetlou

    Fans off season wish list

    I'd be interested but not overpaying. I think Nylander, 2019 San Jose pick and 2021 third rd pick would be enough. Vegas in cap trouble so they can't take any salary back.
  3. sweetlou

    2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round

    Biggest thing going for Vegas this year is that they have a legit top six now.
  4. sweetlou

    Fans off season wish list

    Skinner- Eichel- Olofson Ehlers- Mitts- Reinhart Sheary- Lowry- Connolly Wilson- ERod- Okposo Dahlin- Byfuglien McCabe- Montour Pilut- Bogo
  5. sweetlou

    Fans off season wish list

    Five questions for the off season fans wish list. 1. Coach? 2. #2 center, how obtained? 3. Jeff Skinner resigned? 4. Risto back or traded? 5. Biggest UFA signing?
  6. sweetlou

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Could they not give him a contract front end end heavy and free up real money at the end of contract. 8 year deal at $60 million AAV of $7.5 million. year -- salary -- 1 - $10 2 - $10 3 - $10 4 - $8 5 -$8 6 -$6 7 -$4 8 - $4
  7. sweetlou

    Draft lottery day thread 8PM NBCSN

    Thanks for the mention, I guess my reputation proceeds me... My take if we win the first overall pick is go to Vancouver and offer the first and Sobotka. They could have the Hughes brothers be a replacement for the Sedan twins. I would want Horvat, Virtanen and Vancouver's first in return. Sobotka is a cap dump on a team that has space in order to get the first overall pick. Vancouver has Petterson that can slide into the first line center and have Hughes be the #2 center. This gives the Sabres their #2 center right away and would still get a high end pick. Virtanen gives the Sabres the pesky 3rd line RW who can play physical and score.
  8. sweetlou

    Ivan's Draft Dream 2019

    I would take Horvat and top ten pick in exchange for #1 pick. Horvat would be true #2 center which Buffalo needs. Also would still get a talent in the top #10 pick.
  9. sweetlou

    Instant replay a joke!!

    SO Toronto calls to Buffalo in Nashville game about first goal that even RJ with his bad eyes could see on the replay hit off the shaft of Smith's stick above the crossbar, and still allowed it. https://www.nhl.com/video/smith-scores-on-deflection/t-300138354/c-67419503 Two days later in Nashville they allow the goal to count even after whistle was blown. https://www.nhl.com/video/sissons-quick-wrister/t-300138454/c-67480103 But yet only two years ago same thing happened and they don't allow the goal. There needs to be more consistency in rules and make them black and white and leave no judgement calls. When plays go to review you can clearly see evidence of what happens and they still screw up calls.
  10. It's a win win either way tonight. If Sabres win game they will have won back to back games for the first time since streak. I they lose then they will finish fourth worst in league and getter better odds in lottery.
  11. sweetlou

    McDavid not happy with Edmonton...

    So back to the Draisaitl idea? What would Sabres have to give up? I think Reinhart, Risto, and Mitts is a good haul for Draisaitl.
  12. sweetlou

    Skinner Contract Watch

    The last few good LW to sign as UFA's last year were Evander Kane, James VanRiemsdyk, and Max Pacioretty, and they all signed for $7mil AAV. Is Skinner worth more or the same as all these guys? Kane- GP- 647, G- 215, A- 192, Pts- 407 Van Riemsdyk- GP-673, G- 227, A- 212, Pts- 439 Pacioretty- GP-690, G- 248, A-240, Pts- 488 Skinner- GP- 659, G- 242, A- 198, Pts-440 I'm still sticking to my original idea that he will sign for 7 years at $53 million, an AAV of $7.57. Look around the league, who has salary cap space that they can offer him $8 mil? With projected cap at 82 million, how much team would have available, and needed players to reach 23 man roster. Buffalo- $25 million - 4 players. Plays with Jack. Florida- $20 million - 7 players. Up and coming team, not enough money to go around. Montreal- $18 million - 6 players. Good team, would probably fit in nicely, but do they have enough money to fill the roster? Ottawa- $36 million - 8 players. Lots of money, close to home, does Skinner want to go to another rebuilding team? Columbus- $32 million - 9 players. Would be a good fit. Does Columbus try and retain any of their own UFA's? NJ- $32 million - 6 players. Another rebuilding team. No true #1 center. NYI- $34 million - 7 players. Have a lot of their own UFA's. Potential team if they try new faces. NYR- $20 million - 6 players. Not enough money to go around...Panerin destination?? Philadelphia- $34 million - 9 players. They love to overpay UFA's? San Jose- $24 million- 8 players. After retaining Pavelski, how much do they really have? Vancouver- $20 million- 3 players. Opportunity to play with Petterson? Scary thought. So to conclude it looks like Vancouver, Ottawa, Columbus, NJ, NYI, Philly would be only teams making a pitch for Skinner besides Buffalo.
  13. sweetlou

    McDavid not happy with Edmonton...

    No, as much as I don't really care for Eichel's game I see the potential in Dahlin as an 18 year old that makes me want to keep him. Would I package a deal of Eichel, Risto, and Reinhart for McDavid? Probably
  14. sweetlou

    McDavid not happy with Edmonton...

    Um you forgot a piece called Ristolainen!!! I think Mitts would love to play along side McDavid.
  15. sweetlou

    McDavid not happy with Edmonton...

    If you read the initial post, I'm not looking at trading for McDavid. I'm looking at a new GM coming in and wanting to gut the team and rebuild around McDavid.