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  1. I think Girgs sticks around for a few more years if he can stay around the 1.7 million range. I see them moving on from Larry after this year and handing it over to Asplund.
  2. I like everyone's play so far except for Vesey. He has disappeared at times and you don't even hear his name. Casey will get going. I actually would prefer a line of Vesey, Mitts, and Thompson and that may happen toward end of season. I do see them moving on from Sheary and possibly even Vesey at deadline as they are both UFA's. ERod could be included in trade with whatever defenseman gets moved in the next month or so.
  3. I think Tampa has been very clever the last few years when doing there contracts. You want money, show me over a period of time and then we will award you. Don't have one or two good years and think you are going to be rewarded right away. They don't have a single bad contract on their team. Again teams hold all the cards when it comes to RFA's. Teams need to give the bridge deals to these young guys coming off their ELC. They must hold onto to that in order to continuously have competitive teams. I wish more owners and GM's would do this.
  4. I was expecting more this off season...I don't mind the additions of Johansson and Vesey. I think Johansson will help Mitts in both offensive and defensive zones. Vesey will add another player willing to go to the net. Still not sure about our third and fourth lines. Larsson, Girgensons and Okposo need to add some scoring punch. They played well defensively and could control puck in O-Zone, but they lacked finishing with goals. Still waiting for that Alex Such, Michael Ferland type of player who brings that big game...will it be Thompson or do we need to wait another year for Pekar? How it looks now- Skinner- Eichel- Olofsson Johansson- Mitts- Reinhart Vesey- ERod- Sheary Girgensons- Larsson- Okposo Dahlin- Montour McCabe- Risto Scandella- Miller Thompson, Joki, Pilut start year in Roch...they are first call ups
  5. Two ways to look at the negotiations. 1.Reinhart- I had a good year last year playing with Jack and Skinner. They are talking about playing me on second line where I may not produce as much to help the team out by having more balanced lines. I can cash in now. 2. Reinhart- By playing on second line, I can show I can produce without Jack and Skinner. I will wait until next year and demand higher salary as a player that can drive a line.
  6. With the signings of Konecny and Boeser it is time for JBotts to extend Reinhart and not wait until next off season. We know what type of player he is. He will get you between 20-30 goals and 55-65 pts. If you extend him now you don't take the chance on him having a great year and demanding even more. I believe a 6 year $39 million contract with an AAV of $6.5 is appropriate for Sam.
  7. Does this signing have any effect on Dahlin who can sign an extension next summer. Werenski put up 47, 37, and 44 pts in first three years in league. It all depends on how big of strides Dahlin takes this year. I would love to see him extend for 8 years at 9 million, or bridge two years at 6 million and sign long term after that.
  8. Camp will begin in the next few weeks, so here is an early look at goal predictions. Eichel- 31 goals, 78 games played Skinner- 30 goals, 80 games played Reinhart- 23 goals, 76 games played Olofson- 20 goals, 74 games played Vesey- 19 goals, 78 games played Johansson- 14 goals, 69 games played Mittelstadt- 14 goals, 79 games played Okposo- 12 goals, 73 games played Rodrigues- 11 goals, 77 games played Dahlin- 10 goals, 80 games played Sheary- 9 goals, 56 games played (traded at deadline or could be part of deal earlier) Thompson- 7 goals, 34 games played (late season call up who has success after dominating in AHL at start of year) Montour- 7 goals, 79 games played Risto- 7 goals, 80 games played (if not traded before year starts) Miller- 6 goals, 75 games played Girgensons- 5 goals, 74 games played Larsson- 5 goals, 77 games played McCabe- 4 goals, 74 games played Scandella- 3 goals, 60 games played (traded at deadline for 5th rd pick Pilut- 2 goals, 44 games (starts year with Amerks, comes up later in year) Jokiharju- 2 goals, 46 games (starts year with Amerks, comes up later in year) all others 7 goals Goal total for year= 248 goals
  9. Personally I would rather have Mantha or Bertuzzi from Detroit before Laine.
  10. I think besides Risto the Jets would want some sort of prospect that helps them for the near future. I would be willing to part ways with Erod or Thompson. Good value trade- Risto, Sheary, ERod, and 2021 conditional 2nd rd pick (pick becomes first round if Laine reaches 30 goals and 60 pts in first two seasons, and Buffalo makes playoffs in at least one of first two years) for Laine and Lowry. Deal would be contingent on Laine being signed to a two year $6.5 million prove it bridge deal. Line up- Skinner- Eichel- Olofson Laine- Johanson- Reinhart Vesey- Mitts- Okposo Larsson- Lowry- Girgensons Before anyone flips out that that is not enough for Laine...Taylor Hall was traded for Adam Larsson...Hall is much better then Laine and Risto is better then Larsson!!!
  11. I would even add another prospect like Thompson or Smith knowing you are getting a proven top 6 winger. I would offer Risto, Larsson and Thompson for Mantha and Glendening and 2021 3rd rd pick.
  12. Sorry just searched for Colin Miller fights...lol, my bad here you go...
  13. Don't for get how gritty Miller is. Reminds me of Campbell hit on Umberger... Stood up to Bogo pretty well.
  14. I think Sabres fans have to be patient with Casey. I want to see him on the second line with Reinhart and Johansson. If he improves to 15-17 g, 25-30 assist, and gets you 40-50 points that would be a very solid second year. If you look at the last five drafts, there are only a handful of centers who have made an impact so far, and most of them were top three picks. Draisaitl, Point, Larrkin from 2014. McDavid, Eichel, Barzl, Aho from 2015. Matthews, Luc-Dubois from 2016. Petterson from 2017. None from 2018. Mitts falls into the next category and could be 3-5 years before he hits the 60-70 point mark. Which is fine. Let him have a decent year this year and sign a bridge deal for 3.5 million for 2-3 years. If he goes off for 70 points this year your looking at a big pay raise and effecting the cap structure for this team. My lineup would be... Skinner- Eichel- Vesey (I like his big body and willingness to go to the net) Johansson- Mitts- Reinhart Olofson- ERod- Sheary (would rather trade Sheary to Preds for Bonino and then slide ERod to RW) Girgs- Larsson- Okposo
  15. Looking at trades this summer of Subban and Trouba and trying to figure out a realistic expectation in trade value for Risto. Trouba landed a young d prospect and 1st rd pick. Jets knew they could not resign him and was trying to get the best value in a return. Subban to me was a salary dump by Nashville and they were still able to get two prospects and two 2nd round picks. I believe Risto's value is somewhere in between. He is not going to garner a top 6 forward, but he should be able to get you a prospect and 1st or 2nd rd pick. His value is still in the potential that a change of teams could provide and that he is on a good contract for three more years. Still see the Jets or Stars as ultimate destination.
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