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  1. Another UFA option could be Brassard.
  2. Now that we have Stall for one year as a 2c who is the best option for 3c now? Tampa= Gourde- probably would not waive trade clause to come to Buffalo but I love his game. Toronto= Kerfoot- had better years in Colorado, Not sure if he fits mold of what Buffalo wants down the middle. Columbus= Wennberg- has had good years offensively early in career. Is more of a set up center and defensively responsible. Only trade for him if we get Josh Anderson in the deal. Columbus= Jenner- big physical center who is good on face offs. Arizona= Stepan- cap hit is 6.5 million, but real money is only 2 million (I have a feeling he is going home to Minnesota). Calgary- Ryan- signed for one more year, plays well defensively. Also another former Hurricane. Calgary= Bennett- another big physical center. I like him as a 3c and he can also slide to wing and still be a force. Dallas- Faska- RFA who would fit well on 3c for next 3 years. Nashville= Bonino- veteran who is great on PK and face offs. Always gets you 15-20 goals a year as well. Pittsburgh= McCann- big and young, would fit nicely as 3c for next few years. Vancouver= Gaudette- not sure if Vancouver moves him but another nice young center. Vancouver= Sutter- veteran 3c who can provide leadership
  3. If Stall is our 2c do we bring in another one year 3c center like Brassard or go for a younger guy like McCann or either of the Strome's?
  4. Great move. Big center who is good on face offs as well.
  5. Who is more likely to get traded this off season, Reinhart or Olofsson? I think either could get us the 2c we need. As discussed numerous times by Sabres fans, the Sabres have too many of the same type of players on this team. Reinhart, Olofsson, Skinner, Kahun, Johansson, Mitts all have talent but play a softer game. The Sabres need to address size this off season. That is why so many ACGM's are looking for an Anderson or Tuch type of player.
  6. my turn... https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/1911883
  7. I would think a Gourde and McCann 2nd and 3rd line center would be ideal. Still young and can move to wings if Cozens or Mitts blossom in the next few years. Also I think either could be obtained rather cheap since Tampa and Pitt both need to shed salary.
  8. I don't like the fit of Johnny Hockey on Buffalo. Only signed for two more years and he won't extend here or it will be way too expensive. We already have Skinner, Olofsson, and Kahun to fill out the left side.
  9. Three way trade with Columbus and Winnipeg. Buffalo gets Copp, Anderson, Wennberg. Gives up Risto, Thompson, and 2021 3rd rd pick. Jets get Risto, Thompson and Buffalo 2020 4th rd pick. Give up Roslovic, Copp, and 2021 3rd rd pick. Blue Jackets get Roslovic and Jets 2021 3rd rd pick. Give up Anderson, and Wennberg. Winnipeg gets the big defenseman that can eat minutes, add scoring and be physical on the back end. Replaces Big Buf. They also get a RW prospect who if can stay healthy can replace what they lose in Roslovic and at a cheaper price.Columbus moves Anderson but get Roslovic back in return. Roslovic is a solid RW who can replace Anderson in lineup and won't cost as much. Roslovic is also from Columbus so you know he would welcome a chance to play in his hometown. Wennberg is given up for a 3rd rd pick with 500K salary retention as Columbus needs cap space to resign Dubois.Sabres get a 2c and 3c and top six winger in part of deal. Sabres give up possibly the best player in trade and solid prospect and take on some salary in form of Wennberg.Pending other future transactions this also leaves the Sabres about $18million to resign Dahlin, Joker and Copp next season.
  10. Game has definitely changed but still love to hear RJ call games.
  11. Back to trades and speculation... Lots of buzz around Josh Anderson from Jackets...the Jackets are right up against the cap and have several young prospects to resign over the next couple of years including Dubois this off season. I believe Anderson is as good as gone and Jackets just want to maximize their return. They showed this year they can win without him and probably don't want to give him a big contract. Wennberg is another player Jackets have not been high on the past two seasons after he signed his contract. I believe he showed in the post season he is still a good player and just needs to find the right fit. Columbus would have to retain a little on Wennberg but feel he would be a 2nd or 3rd line center option for Buffalo. My trade- Risto and 2021 2nd rd pick for Anderson and Wennberg ($1mil. retained). Risto would be a perfect fit behind Werenski and Jones. Skinner, Eichel, Anderson Olofsson, Wennberg, Reinhart Kahun, Cozens, Johansson
  12. I'd personally go for Anderson as he fits the true power foward with speed and grit that we can throw on Jack's RW. If we keep Reinhart drop him to second line and let him drive a line with Cozens. I think Cozens can become the Sabres Cirelli in a few years.
  13. Two names thrown around recently being linked to Sabres. Who would Sabres fans rather have? Who would cost more to get? Who would demand higher contract?
  14. I would love a player like Domi on this team... If I'm Adams, I'm on the phone now offering Montour, Hutton and 2021 2nd rd pick for Domi and Allen.
  15. Is anyone else on this board wanting Alex Tuch as much as Craig Rivet and myself. I'd trade Vegas Montour and Thompson for him.
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