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  1. I think Sabres fans have to be patient with Casey. I want to see him on the second line with Reinhart and Johansson. If he improves to 15-17 g, 25-30 assist, and gets you 40-50 points that would be a very solid second year. If you look at the last five drafts, there are only a handful of centers who have made an impact so far, and most of them were top three picks. Draisaitl, Point, Larrkin from 2014. McDavid, Eichel, Barzl, Aho from 2015. Matthews, Luc-Dubois from 2016. Petterson from 2017. None from 2018. Mitts falls into the next category and could be 3-5 years before he hits the 60-70 point mark. Which is fine. Let him have a decent year this year and sign a bridge deal for 3.5 million for 2-3 years. If he goes off for 70 points this year your looking at a big pay raise and effecting the cap structure for this team. My lineup would be... Skinner- Eichel- Vesey (I like his big body and willingness to go to the net) Johansson- Mitts- Reinhart Olofson- ERod- Sheary (would rather trade Sheary to Preds for Bonino and then slide ERod to RW) Girgs- Larsson- Okposo
  2. Looking at trades this summer of Subban and Trouba and trying to figure out a realistic expectation in trade value for Risto. Trouba landed a young d prospect and 1st rd pick. Jets knew they could not resign him and was trying to get the best value in a return. Subban to me was a salary dump by Nashville and they were still able to get two prospects and two 2nd round picks. I believe Risto's value is somewhere in between. He is not going to garner a top 6 forward, but he should be able to get you a prospect and 1st or 2nd rd pick. His value is still in the potential that a change of teams could provide and that he is on a good contract for three more years. Still see the Jets or Stars as ultimate destination.
  3. The problem with the NHL is the change over in GM's so quick, even 3-5 years is not enough to turn a team around. GM's have made lucrative deals to entice players, especially UFA's to their team to stay competitive. When the players turns out to be a bust or overpaid for what they bring to the table, GM's get in trouble. Most of those GM's get fired and then leave the mess to the next GM.
  4. I think Faska is the more realistic option. He is big, can play 2C, defensively responsible, plays PK, 50% on face-offs. He is only 25 and will be an RFA after this season. Dallas would be a good fit for Risto as they have a veteran team and are built to win now with recent acquisitions over summer in Pavelski and Perry. I would be inclined to make a Risto and Girgensons trade to Dallas for Faska and Comeau.
  5. They only have 8 million in cap space...with all the UFA they resigned, who do they get rid of?
  6. JBotts has to look to the future also when signing any player in regards to where such player fits into the depth chart and how long he projects to be there. In McCabe's situation, where does JBott see him in three years in this lineup. The Sabres have a lot of young d prospects as well as up in the NHL right now. Is McCabe a core piece and part of the future with the Sabres? I believe he is for this year and for at least the next three. Beyond that I don't know. Is he going to be passed up by Pilut, Samuelsson, Hickey or even Johnson at some point? I don't like long term deals on defenseman unless they are super stars. Left side of d for foreseeable future is Dahlin, McCabe and Pilut. Pilut will probable get a nice 2 year bridge deal after this season and again lets see how young prospects develop over the next couple of years. I think a 3 year $3-$3.25 AAV deal is fair for both sides.
  7. I hope they settle on a 3 year $3million before the hearing. Makes more sense for both sides. If he awarded more than $3 million it is only going to bd for a one year contract.
  8. I meant 2 years at $5 million total. so an AAV of $2.5
  9. After McCabe's ruling if he goes to arbitration Buffalo will have 48 hrs in an additional buyout period. I hope JBott is actively trying to shed cap via trade but if not who is most likely to be bought out. Will this be necessary if Bogo is on LTIR to start the year? Sobotka- $3.5 million- cap hit would be $1.5 for this year and $1 for next year (saved $2 million this year but adds $1 million to next year) Scandella- $4 million- cap hit would be $833K this year but $1.58 million for next ( saved $3.2 million this year but adds the $1.58 to next year) I would hope he could get a 5th or 6th rd pick for Scandella and maybe retain $1 million. Sobotka could be sent down and if he clears waivers, maybe he doesn't report terminating his contract. Going to be interesting this next week...
  10. More dominoes are falling into place...Shattenkirk getting bought out by NYR. Look for WPG to sweep in and grab him for maybe a $5 million over a couple of years. This also means Risto may start the year with Buffalo. If Bogo was not starting the year on the LTIR then I would trade Risto over the summer. I feel Sabres need at least one of Risto or Bogo in line up for their physicality.
  11. I only want Ullmark on a one year deal anyway. If UPL plays as well in Roch as he did in OHL then he may be contending for job by end of year in Buffalo. I would like to see a tandem in a few years of UPL and Ullmark.
  12. First & Second Year Pros All players who have accrued two or less professional seasons at the end of the 2020-21 season, as well as all unsigned draft choices appearing on the teams reserve list, will be exempt from the upcoming expansion draft. Minimum Exposure Requirements Teams must expose a minimum number of players that meet the following criteria for selection in the upcoming Expansion Draft: Position # Criteria Forwards 2 under contract in 2021-22, AND played in 40 or more NHL games last season, OR played in 70 or more NHL games in the last two seasons Defense 1 under contract in 2021-22, AND played in 40 or more NHL games last season, OR played in 70 or more NHL games in the last two seasons Goalies 1 under contract in 2021-22 OR who’s contract is expiring & is an RFA in 2021-22 So guys like Tage, Olofson, would have to be exposed or protected. Asplund, UPL, Cozens, and anyone who has not played a game yet would be fine.
  13. My understanding that the Seattle draft doesn't happen until summer of 2021. JBotts still has to build his teams for now and for after that draft. He has brought in several young players to be able to fill any gaps and not feel the loss of any particular player. That being said I still he projects who he would be keeping at this time. 7 forwards- Eichel, Reinhart, Skinner, Mitts, Olofson, Okposo (can't get rid of this contract, maybe he waives his NMC) are for sure 3 defenseman- Dahlin, Montour are for sure goalie- up in air So UPL will be in Roch for this year and probably to start next year. This would leave him exempt. McCabe, Miller, Jokiharju, and Pilut will fight it out for the third slot. (assuming Risto is traded before this) Cozens should play at least a year of Jr to keep him exempt as well.
  14. WAY TOO MUCH FOR A GOALIE!!! They are already getting up the cap for next year!!! They have $67 million on books and only 13 players signed.. 7 forwards(not including Point), 4 forwards and 2 goalies. They definitely need to be making some moves...who waives NTC to be shipped out?
  15. Pitt can't take on much salary, who else do you include? Would you trade 2020 2nd and ERod?
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