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  1. I think I do my due diligence in suggesting trades...
  2. I think Risto to Jets has to be in play now that Trouba is gone. I would love to see a Risto and prospect( Smith/Thompson/Nylander) for Ehlers and Lowry.
  3. Trouba is an RFA right now. He does not have a contract for next season. He signed a one year deal last summer for $5.5 million. He had said he would not sign another extension with Winnipeg and basically forced Chevy to trade him. Rangers now hold his rights and can sign him to a seven year contract. Rangers did not give up that much because he was not under contract. Jets could not sign him for a big contract and thus were forced to move him. It is hard to compare Risto to Trouba in trade value because Risto is under a good contract for three more years. Trouba will probably get around $8 million AAV.
  4. So how does Matta get you a young 40 pt rookie winger, and Trouba only gets you a young 26pt defenseman. Man these NHL GM's are all over the place. If Risto is moved it better be for 2C and prospect!!
  5. I was watching Rask highlights from years with Carolina when he played a lot with Skinner and they played well together. I did come across this beauty which gives a perfect example of why Risto must be moved. Just spinning around in circles in front of the goalie?? Doesn't even know where the puck is. Seeing what return Pittsburgh got for Matta, Buffalo would definitely get a lot more.
  6. Here's my take on Nylander. JBotts did not draft him so he is not invested in him. If he can package him in a trade he probably will. Nylander to me is still all about potential and not actual production. He is one of a few from his first round draft class who has not been effective yet in the NHL. Does JBott give him the opportunity but if he falters then you are stuck with nothing but a player who probably goes back overseas after his ELC expires in two years. If you trade him and he develops and flourishes with another team then JBotts is considered a bad GM because he was not patient.
  7. I believe Jack liked having ROR on the team to take some of the defensive pressure off him. Jack does not always look to be engaged on the defensive end. ROR may not have liked the way his role was with the team in that he always started on defensive face offs and Jack was primarily used for offensive zone face offs. ROR knew he could be a #1 center and was brought to Buffalo to do that. The emergence of Jack after three years changed his role to #2. So in my opinion both were at fault leading up to the eventual trade. If Jack put more effort into training and defensive responsibility and ROR excepted his role as #2 center good things could have been done in Buffalo.
  8. I see Scandella either being moved for 6th or 7th rd pick for immediate cap relief. JBotts may hold onto him for insurance until trade deadline. If I'm JBotts I tell Sobotka you are going to be 4th liner here or you have the option to go to KHL. They won't buy him out because he would still cost 1.5 mil this year and then 1 mil next year against the cap. Pomminstein may get a 1 year 1 million offer from JBotts later this summer depending on how everything pans out. He could be a 4th liner or be someone that plays one game on back to backs to keep around. Still think he is a good vet who could be good in 40-45 games.
  9. Im also very intrigued with Boesser from Vancouver. Vancouver looking to bolster defense. How about a Risto and Reinhart for Boesser and Stecher trade?
  10. Would Nylander and Okposo be enough to get Zucker from Minnesota or would we have to add in another pick or prospect to off set Okposo contract?
  11. Nelson gone for 6 yr $6 million. Hayes is probably next. Has connection with Vigneault from Rangers days.
  12. Let's be real. No team is offering Jeff more than 9.5 million as a UFA. Doubt he would reach 9 million. Over a seven year deal that team would be offering 63-66 million. I think the real sticking points are term, and any movement clauses that may be put in contract. My two proposals would be as follows: 1. Six year, $54 million, no movement clause for entire contract. Paid (9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9) AAV $9 million 2. Eight year, $68 million, no movement for first four years. Paid (10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6) AAV $8.5 million
  13. Maybe it is taking a while to sort out contract because Skinner really wants 8 years and JBotts doesn't want to go that long. What if JBotts is telling Skinner I'll sign you to a six year contract at $9 million, if you wanting 8 years Ill see if any team is willing to give you that and then possibly do a sign and trade.
  14. Two years in a row players lost their desire to play the game while being coached by Housley. First ROR last year and then Bergland this year. I hope players understand that it was Housley and his style that no one wanted to play and not being a player in the Buffalo organization. Buffalo has a great fan base and they deserve to put a quality product on the ice. I am looking forward to this off season as I believe there will be some great moves. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/patrik-berglund-says-hell-play-hockey-next-year-after-leaving-nhl-in-december-213239995.html
  15. Two simple trades that could benefit two teams up against the cap. Risto and Nylander to WPG for Trouba and Ehlers. McCabe and Sheary to Tampa for JT Miller and Killorn. Imagine top three lines of: Olofson- Eichel- Reinhart Skinner- JT Miller- Ehlers Killorn- Mitts- UFA (Connolly, Tanev, or Donskoi)
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