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  1. I think I would have to do the trade...the return was huge and they filled lots of roster holes instead of taking just one guy. I loved Lindros but that return was unbelievable. Ricci was a young, point per game center Duchene was a mid 20's point per game defenseman Simon was still in the OHL, but was a big time prospect Forsberg played in Sweden for two years after the trade and then became an instant star once he hit the NHL Huffman and Hextall were throw ins to fill roster spots. Nords also recieved the next two first round picks which became Nolan Baumgartner and Jocelyn Thibault, (who was latraded three years later to get Patrick Roy)
  2. I think Calgary will disappoint again this year and look to make changes as well. I think Sam and Lindholm are pretty similar players, Lindholm plays center which is why I would rather have him, and also on a better contract than what Reinhart will probably demand. Miller would fill in as a 2nd pair when they lose Brodie to UFA this summer. Bennett would be a 3rd liner with Buffalo but adds the edge this team needs. In fact I would even throw in a 2021 2nd rd pick or Casey Mitts.
  3. Never been a huge fan of Sam's game but I get disappointed more and more each game. He's has good hockey IQ and can see the game well, suits well for the slower AHL/Jrs where he dominated. I just don't feel he will be able to be a force without riding Jack's coat tail. He does not have good speed, can't create any offense on his own, does not play the body and plays poor in the defensive zone. The only way I would sign him if I were a GM would be for my 2nd line RW at $5.5-$6 million and only expect 55-65 points each year. Like someone else stated earlier. I don't want the Sabres core of "big money contracts" for the next 5 years to consist of Jack, Skinner, Sam, and Dahlin. I believe the obvious one to be moved and try some new blood in the dressing room would Sam. Sweetlou special: Trade idea... Reinhart and Miller to Calgary for Lindholm and Bennett? Who says no, or is this fair value?
  4. I'm expecting another 80 point season right now which should get us a top 7 pick again. This team could be good...scary good in another 3-5 years just as Jack reaches the age of 27-30. Slow improvements this year and they got some good assets for the future. Still have too many guys that play the same type of game. Still need another bruiser on the back end, (maybe Borgen), and true power forward, ( would love Josh Anderson).
  5. Off season move to Columbus...Reinhart for Wennberg and Anderson. Anderson gives Sabres true power forward to play on Jacks wing and Wennberg gives Sabres true #2 center for next three years or until Cozens is ready. Also Anderson will be cheaper than Reinhart. Wennberg is a pass first center which would fit well with Skinner.
  6. I like bringing in Kahun for two guys that would not be here next year in Sheary and ERod...good move JBott.
  7. If Canes can beat Loafs with a back up goalie, Sabres should push the playoff button and play with some passion today. I want to see an all out effort for 60 minutes. They don't play again until Wednesday in Colorado so this is a must win game. With win Sabres can pull within 4 points of Florida and 6 points of Toronto with a game in hand on Toronto. I'm thinking 5-3 win. Olofsson, Vesey, Skinner, McCabe, and Jack with empty netter.
  8. Maybe in off season, but not now. Tampa all in for this year.
  9. I feel Skinner held Jack back because of his shoot mentality. Skinner and Reinhart seem to be a better pairing on wings. I'd even put Lazar to center this line with his physical play could open up space for Reinhart and Skinner. I think Olofsson, Eichel and Vesey would have been a good first line. Vesey adds a bigger body along boards and more responsible in own end then Reinhart.
  10. But you get the 1st rd pick as well. Arizona or Vancouver pick they just picked up in trade from Tampa.
  11. I've posted in Reinhart thread as well, but would you trade... Reinhart for Palmieri, Wood, and 2020 top ten protected 1st rd pick? You could then in turn trade Tage and 2nd rd 2020 pick to Columbus for Josh Anderson?
  12. Seems to be a sellers market? Do we see what type of haul we could get for Risto and/or Reinhart?
  13. Would you trade Reinhart to NJ for Palmieri, Wood and top ten protected 2020 1st rd pick?
  14. I would be on board with Trocheck trade...he could solidify 2C for a couple of years and let Mitts and Cozens develop more. Who would Florida want in return? They need defenseman, would they take prospects and picks? Seems to be sellers market so cost could be steep, unless we include Risto then we could be getting a bigger return beside just Trocheck. Let me know which of these sweetlou trades makes more sense? Risto and ERod for Trocheck, Weager and Florida 2020 3rd rd pick. McCabe, Sheary, and Hammond for Trocheck.
  15. I'm on board with a Montour for Tuch trade!!
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