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  1. my latest concoctions... Trades NJ- Wood for Hutton PIT- DeSmith for Rodrigues CBJ- Jenner and Anderson for Sheary, Mittelstadt, Girgensons, 2020 2nd round pick (BUF) VEG- Reaves, Tuch, Roy, 2021 2nd round pick (NJD)- Ristolainen and Reinhart New Line up Skinner- Eichel- Tuch Olofsson- Jenner- Johansson Vesey- Asplund- Anderson Wood- Larsson- Reaves D- McCabe- Montour Dahlin- Bogo Scandella- Joker Goalies- Ullmark, DeSmith
  2. My two trade proposals...Columbus and Pitt just lost key defenseman to long term injuries... 1. Trade Mittelstadt, Miller, and Larsson to Blue Jackets for Anderson and Jenner. Jackets are kind of in rebuild mode after losing all their UFA's and draft picks this past year. Anderson and Jenner are older so they may part. They also need d help as Werenski is out with ankle injury. Miller fills that void for them. I would love to see a big body like Anderson on Jack's RW and Jenner would slot in as second line center. 2. Trade Scandella and ERod to Penguins for Bjugstad. Line up- Olofsson- Eichel- Anderson Skinner- Jenner- Reinhart Vesey- Bjugstad- Johansson Girgensons- Asplund- Lazar D pairings McCabe- Montour Joker- Risto Glmour/Pilut (Dahlin when back from concussion)- Bogo
  3. I thought he fit well with Dahlin at beginning of year. Only gave up pick for him and he was insurance not knowing how long Bogo would be out, and how well Joker would be playing. Looking longer term would you want Bogo for next year if Sabres could sign him to a contract under $3 million.
  4. If you could get Anderson and either Wennberg or Jenner from Columbus I think I would!!
  5. Listening to Instigators this morning, Rivet brought up a good point. There was no immediate response to elbow by players on team because your on the PP and thinking if proper call was made you get a 5-3 PP and could tie the game. After no call was made and you give up the two short handed goals in third, who on the Sabres would been able to respond to Cernak hit? The Sabres have nobody. They haven't had anybody in years. That is why this team suffers every year. There is no family, I got your back attitude. Everyone plays for themselves. Yes you need talent, but you also need grit. The grit helps create space for the talented. Crosby has had Hornqvist. McDavid has had Kassian and now Neal. Ovi has Wilson.
  6. Just watched his first shift and looked like he went into the boards awkwardly with Florida d-man and skated gingerly right to the bench.
  7. my lineup for tonight only. Skinner, Eichel, Vesey Olofson, Asplund, Reinhart Sheary, Mitts, Lazar Girgs, Larsson, Montour Dahlin, Bogo McCabe, Risto Scandella, Joker Hutton gets the nod
  8. What happened to ERod? Watched game and looked at box score and saw he only played 40seconds.
  9. He won't be elite in my eyes until he learns to play both ends of the ice. Yes he is a great offensive talent. Elite means you excel in all parts of the game!!
  10. Helps bottom 6. SHeary and ERod need to go. We need bigger, stronger players who won't be pushed around.
  11. So Calgary can take Bogo and Erod for Jankowski and Frolik. No big moves just change of scenery and giving them RD.
  12. What is up with Bobby Ryan becoming a NHL player Assistant? What kind of position is that and why does Ottawa get cap relief because of it?
  13. I looked at Ehlers for Sam being an even swap. Buffalo gets the better contract as Sam will get more than the $6 million Ehlers is signed for. Risto and ERod for Copp and Perreault to me is a pretty even trade. Perreault would fit better on our third line then ERod and adds another veteran guy. Jets get a good defenseman and Sabres get another forward capable of playing center. Maybe Jest have to throw us a 2nd rounder to compensate for Perreault's salary.
  14. I posed this question this morning to see what fans reactions would be. The main reason was because of needing a contract after this year, do I as a fan see the Sabres being able to win with Jack, Jeff and Sam as our core group. Since everyone keeps looking to WPG as a landing spot for Risto, could JBott package Sam with Risto and get a much larger return, while keeping the salary structure in tact. Could we land Ehlers, Copp, and Perreault for Sam, Risto, and ERod?
  15. I seriously go back and forth in my head with this question. Sometimes he looks like a teammate that cares and has some push back in his game, and other times he looks like he is just riding on the back seat of jack's two seat bicycle. I actually don't mind Jack and Sam on the same team we just need different type of players around them and I want Sam on a different line. Skinner is tenacious on offensive end, little water bug with knack at finding ways to score. Wish he was 3 inches taller and a true power forward. VO is defensively responsible, can't create on his own, but has a great shot. Sheary is defensively responsible, will hustle, but can't hit the net 10 ft in front of him. Vesey is defensively responsible, big body, but has not shown any offensive ability. Mitts is still learning but probably will get passed up by Cozens in a few years. Do you keep Mitts as your third line center forever. He could be moved but is also Botts first big draft pick. Johansson is steady and skilled, not flashy but gets the job done. Bottom six is well bottom six, nothing else to discuss!! So changes need to be made going forward. UFA crop for next year is not promising. So do you move Reinhart for another promising yet proven forward or do you sign him to an $8 million AAV and change the players around them?
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