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  1. Why would I laugh at 4 years for $4.9M for Olofsson? You're not getting him signed for cheaper than Nikita Gusev signed for ($4.5M).
  2. Thompson has failed in two organizations and had longer than Mittelstadt to develop. Mittelstadt will be the better NHL player.
  3. Here's a nice article about the kid...he's playing behind a great goalie who he could learn a lot from. https://www.michigandaily.com/section/ice-hockey/portillo-michigan-adds-another-quality-goaltender
  4. Yup, that's one who would've been a good get for the Sabres...allowing Bryson to stay in Rochester another year.
  5. We might as well start preparing for that Eichel trade request sometime next spring. This team is going nowhere anytime soon. (Sorry for the doom-and-gloom, I'm just so upset with this team right now.)
  6. I read that Domi might only cost a 2nd round pick...which, if that is the case, would be a solid deal.
  7. Way too much for a guy who had 4 points in 26 games on a playoff team...I don't get the love for this injury prone headache of a 3rd liner. Domi is the perfect fit...he can transition to the wing or to the 3C when Cozens is ready. For an 8th overall pick, he needs to be better than Cirelli...he needs to be a 60-70 point player, not a 40-50 point player.
  8. I'd give Cozens 8 games in that RW spot...if he can't succeed there, he won't succeed anywhere as a rookie.
  9. No, it was his skill set...multiple outlets had him as a top-5 talent in that draft.
  10. I cannot believe Botterill gave up Guhle and a 1st round pick for this kid...I hated the trade when it happened and I hate it more now. Who is it we need to keep an eye on, Brayden Tracey? I think he was the pick by Anaheim.
  11. OhMyDahlin

    So #8

    I've also read that out of those top-7 forwards, Rossi is the most responsible defensively.
  12. OhMyDahlin

    So #8

    They really do...and the sad thing is, Buffalo could have everything they have if they were smart. We could have Chris Drury in our front office, we could have David Quinn as our head coach, we could have a deep prospect pipeline...it's so frustrating. If there's any team we should be jealous of, it's the New York Rangers.
  13. OhMyDahlin

    So #8

    If it's not one of Lafreniere, Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, Holtz, Raymond or Perfetti (in that order), I'll be very disappointed. That is 7 forwards, so we desperately need Drysdale to go in the top-7...if those forwards are all gone, pass on Drysdale and trade the pick. (I know people love them some Anton Lundell, but I have seen that he's a poor skater and I don't see him as more than a 3rd line center.)
  14. Dubas laughs and hangs up. ? I mean, you're not even in the right stratosphere.
  15. This is how I feel...I'm fine with Nashville, Minnesota and Winnipeg. (I'm fine with Florida too.) ANYWHERE but Toronto, Edmonton, Pittsburgh and New York.
  16. Sabres Buzz and Ranting Ron...we're using them as sources now? <insert laughing crying emoji> I can't think of two more annoying people on Sabres Twitter.
  17. I agree, to me Cozens is untouchable...or at least it would have to be something incredible. I guess I'm just wondering if Jokiharju can be a top-line defender. Dependent on that 2LD, I guess I could get behind that defense. Some size wouldn't hurt.
  18. I'm just completely sold on Cozens, he's going to be a stud and I don't see the point in emptying our wallets for a player that won't fit in a year or two. This team cannot afford to be trading all their draft picks, not to mention it will probably cost Cozens to get a young 2C. So do we want Monahan for a couple years, or Cozens for a decade? As for the defense, I just don't see it. The left-side is atrocious after Dahlin, and if we trade Ristolainen and/or Montour, the right-side will look the same as the left.
  19. I want a 2C who can be a 3C in a year when Cozens is ready. There is zero point in spending all of our available assets to get Sean Monahan, when Dylan Cozens will make him expendable in a year. Also...why aren't people worrying about the defense? It's bad. It needs to be drastically changed. Everything after Dahlin is garbage.
  20. They did something I've never seen before...they signed him to an ELC and immediately gave him a $2M extension. Sorokin, Shesterkin and Merzlikins are about to take the NHL by storm...and we still have Carter Hutton. Lol.
  21. Hell no, I wouldn't do that. Reinhart is available, Boeser is yet to play over 69 games.
  22. It's so refreshing to see someone else understands this. Mittelstadt had a rather normal rookie season...last year he was under a new coach AND playing with bums as his wingers. He put up 5 points in 6 games playing with Eichel and Reinhart when he first came out. GIVE THE KID SOME TALENT AND LET HIM WORK.
  23. The sins of GMTM? You realize Botterill traded more draft picks away than Murray did, right? Not once did Botterill make the full 7 selections...and obviously we never had more than 7 selections in any draft Botterill conducted. Tim Murray > Jason Botterill by a long shot. One brought us Ryan O'Reilly and Evander Kane...the other brought us Michal Frolik and Wayne Simmonds.
  24. Quick fixes have worked so well in the past, let's keep trading away draft picks for overrated players. This team has no offensive prospects to speak of, outside of Dylan Cozens.
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