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  1. Not sure yet, but since CMAC sucks I can't attend any in my hometown. They get the worst lineup every summer, and for such a beautiful place it's really embarrassing and upsetting, especially with all the new hotels, breweries and restaurants we have down near the lake now.
  2. Did you really just compare Zemgus Girgensons to Ryan O'Reilly? With O'Reilly this team is in the playoff hunt...without Girgensons this team still sucks. So he's everything Carolina fans said he is? Go figure.
  3. I'd love to know if Botterill even sought out the Skinner trade, or if Carolina called and said "hey, Skinner wants to play with Eichel." I'm not convinced he made some big savvy move with that trade. EDIT: And no, he's brought nothing in but garbage.
  4. I'm at a breaking point with this team too. I think of my Father, who passed away in 2008. Some of the last words he ever spoke to me were, "I hope you see the Sabres win the cup someday." I can't imagine how heartbroken he would be, he was one of the biggest Sabres fans I've ever known. Nothing gave him joy like watching the Sabres with his family. That elusive Stanley Cup has never felt so far away for me. It's hard for me to even watch the games, I usually just fall asleep or end up on my phone/laptop. For once I don't blame my nephews for wanting to find new teams to root for...this is becoming so bad, I've thought about it too. (But it's impossible for me.) I don't trust Botterill. I don't trust Krueger. I don't trust the Pegulas. I feel like this is going to go on so long that we'll see Jack Eichel force his way out of here. I don't care about jersey colors, giveaways, or 50th Anniversary celebrations, all I want is to see this team playing hockey in April and May again. Sorry for my rambling. It's hard to put my thoughts together when I think of this team. It hurts to talk about. I love this team but it's eating me up inside to watch this mess. I really hope they can get it together this summer and put a better roster together. This can't go on much longer or I might just lose interest.
  5. They're already in sell-mode and Doug Wilson is trying to get first round picks... https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/san-jose-sharks-general-manager-doug-wilson-could-be-ready-to-play-lets-make-a-deal
  6. One problem...do we honestly trust Jason freaking Botterill to get anything close to correct value for a player like Rasmus Dahlin? Hell no...the guy is absolutely terrible.
  7. I'd rather have Tuch, but there's about a 99% chance he's not getting moved. As for Anderson, no way I'm trading Casey Mittelstadt for a winger that is 26 years old and has one goal and four points in 26 games. Barf, no thank you. It would cost more than that.
  8. Um, not even close. I'd take Merkley, Schnarr and Bahl over Thompson, Berglund and Sobotka in a heartbeat.
  9. The one reason the tank DID work... 1. They got Jack Eichel. It's that simple. The tank worked. The rebuild after the tank didn't work. That's the difference.
  10. Hindsight is 20/20 and every team in every sport can do this. That said, some of Murray's picks are just getting to the AHL...I think it's way too early to be judging a lot of these picks. How you can call mid-round draft picks from 2018 "busts" is beyond my comprehension and actually quite silly to me.
  11. He's going to be a defenseman this team desperately needs in a couple years...a true shutdown kick-your-@ss type of player.
  12. Nobody wants Kyle Okposo...he will be here until that contract expires or he retires. Probably the same with Jeff Skinner too...what an awful contract.
  13. A spot back on the bench...only playing if Ullmark can't go for some reason. Otherwise Ullmark should be a workhorse, playing as much as possible.
  14. No professional athlete would skip a game because of a tough opponent...anyone who truly thinks that is crazy and has never played sports.
  15. Straight up robbery by Chayka.
  16. Towing the company line, as he should and as he was told by his agent.
  17. Would you be happy and full of confidence being demoted in your job when there are co-workers performing just as poorly as you? Didn't think so.
  18. I believe this is going to either ruin Mittelstadt's career (if he stays), or this means we will never see him in a Sabres uniform again. He will be traded this summer, if not sooner.
  19. Not if it means sending them Ristolainen so he kicks our @ss every time we play them. Miller? Go for it, he's not very good at all. That being said, I don't think Kapanen moves the needle for us.
  20. These names are awful. Ryan Reaves? Nic Deslauriers? Radko Gudas? They are garbage and they do nothing for this team. Josh Leivo? Vlad Namestnikov? Leivo is no better than Girgensons, the Rangers couldn't wait to get rid of Namestnikov. Pietrangelo is not coming to Buffalo, nor should we want to pay a 30 year old that much for a 7 year deal. (He'll command at least $8M/year.) Granlund and Haula sound more intriguing. However, I doubt Carolina and Nashville let Haula and Granlund go after just trading for them. Toffoli should be here already, Botterill needs to step up and make a trade and he should be the target...Galchenyuk is interesting too. No chance Lehner comes back, Chicago will probably dump Crawford and keep Lehner anyways...Holtby will command way too much for a 31 year old. I'd rather let our kids battle for open spots. Sign a top NCAA UFA or two (which Botterill hasn't done) and trade for some 24-27 year olds. No need to overspend on aging players who don't fit the core and timeline of this team. We don't need "grit," we need talent. Be smart like the Bills, find good players that other teams don't want. We have Reinhart, Dahlin, Olofsson, Mittelstadt, and Ullmark, who all need new deals. Draft, develop, keep your own. That's the smart strategy. EDIT: If we wanted toughness, we should've traded for someone like JT Miller...a tough player who can also put up points.
  21. Why wouldn't he sign here...he's been on record as being a big supporter of Krueger, hasn't he? I'm sure he also knows Jeff Skinner from their time on Team Canada and both being drafted in the 2010 draft (Anybody recall the article about what former Edmonton players had to say about Krueger? I can't find it.)
  22. I can realistically see 6 wins. I, hopefully, see a trade happening...HOPEFULLY!
  23. We didn't really tank for him, we just sucked. Same with every other year, except the Eichel year.
  24. A. Good luck getting the opportunity to read a letter on the radio or on tv. B. The ownership doesn't care what we think or have to say. C. Anything we say or do won't have any impact on what happens with the team...including the employment of the GM and Head Coach.
  25. 1. Eichel 2. Reinhart 3. Skinner 4. Olofsson 5th best is the question here?
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