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  1. Kessel is an odd duck of an NHL player. I think for him so much of his game will be dependent upon his mindset. If he is motivated and working hard, he has all the talent to remain good for a while longer, but if he isn’t things can/will go downhill quick. Fast is a useful middle 6 player. He fills a position of need for Buffalo. All depends on salary and term though. I could absolutely see Fast being a better investment than Kessel, especially at their price points. I am down for like 3 years of Fast, ages 29, 30, 31, at around $3M. Is that close to reasonable?
  2. No, no, no. I wasn’t trying to distort, or be a jerk. So we are dealing with two concepts here. Concept 1) Every team has a first line C, by default, even if they are not 1C quality. Concept 2) A player has to be (insert personal criteria) good in order to be considered a 1C. Still on the same page? This is where I got confused. Because if he is on a team with an elite C, like Eichel, he won’t qualify for the above concept (1), because would obviously be the 2C on that team, so I figured you weren’t talking about that. So that leaves concept (2), but two different tiers of it??? That’s what I thought you meant. In this post what’s the difference between “a first line center” and “a One See”? If I am missing something obvious and you are thinking that I am screwing with you because no one can possibly be this dumb, I assure you that I am this dumb. I ask only for you patience.
  3. $2M is a lot for a 4th line player. Why are you assuming that he has more upside? What upside do you see?
  4. If you don’t know who is getting pooped on, maybe the poops on you.
  5. There is a difference between saying that a player is a first line C quality player and saying that he is a 1C quality player????? 🤯 -First Line Center Quality Player -1C Quality Player Isn’t that just two ways of typing the exact same thing?
  6. He plays wing now, I’m quite sure, but if he was still playing C, I would agree.
  7. Thanks for participating. I think your definition runs closer to my thought that the “best” 31 C’s in the league should be considered 1Cs. And I agree that it makes total sense that a team without an “elite” 1C may not consider it a team strength. Not every 1C is going to be someone that you actually WANT to be your best C. After a quick glance, one guy that I would add to your list is Hertl. I think he has met your criteria over the past couple years.
  8. I don’t know what others consider to be a 1C. And as of yet, no one has taken up my question. For example: IMPO, if Cozens hits near his ceiling, 60+ pt, 2-way C who can play in any situation, I think that is a 1C. It seems most disagree, and would call that a 2C. So I ask, what are people’s yardsticks for being a 1C?
  9. I think that you could offer 1 million for 5 years and Lazar would agree. He hasn’t done anything to justify a $2M salary, or 5 years honestly. What do you see?
  10. I get that having a player on the team already can help when trying to resign him as a UFA, but Johansson is going to be a UFA. Guerin probably would have a chance to sign him next offseason anyway. If he does resign, it looks like a case of both teams getting what they needed.
  11. Just so everyone knows, it took great restraint for me to not be the one who did this.
  12. Curt

    So #8

    I think you mean that the now is important, because the future is definitely the future. 🥴
  13. Curt

    So #8

    Sure. But I never said that the draft pick would be a more useful player for a cup contender by 2022. You implied that by making a trade like that you were not actually losing any future value because the 25 year old player you are getting is still pretty young. I replied that it is not true and explained why you are losing longer term value in both years of team control and salary costs. I agree that it would be a trade for near term benefit, while incurring a longer term cost. I also think that there are often other ways to acquire a player that can help in the near term, while having less of a long term cost. Whether a trade like that is worth the long term cost also all depends on the specific player being acquired, of course.
  14. Well what a thing for Adams to do to a “friend”. Hehe. That’s cold.
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