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  1. I think I’m missing the relevance of this. If Reinhart also signed a 7 year deal, those 7 years would include more UFA years, which are generally more expensive. That was my only point.
  2. Agree, they should try to trade for a 2C. I’m not questioning that. We have all agreed with that for some time. I’m just questioning the usefulness of this roster projection exercise in which all player evaporate when they reach UFA eligibility.
  3. Eichel, McCabe, Risto were all older when drafted than Reinhart. Draisaitl, the guy picked just after Reinhart, is older. Reinhart was not uncommonly old when drafted. He was almost 2 months from the cut off date.
  4. Hmm, on one hand, yes, Buffalo doesn’t have enough good forwards. The concept has been well covered. On the other hand. If you project out a few years, assume that no UFA’s are retained, and that no new UFA’s are signed, then of course the team is going to look weak. In reality, some UFA’s will be resigned/signed to fill holes and another highly drafted forward is going to be added this summer.
  5. But it’s not true. 2014-15 wasn’t his draft year. His draft year was 2013-14. He turned 18 early in the season of his draft year, not 19. Reinhart does have an early-ish birthday for his draft year, but nothing out of the ordinary. The cutoff date is September 15th. Sam was born November 6, 1995. He turned 18 on Nov 6, 2013. He was drafted in June of 2014. He was 18 when he was drafted. He was 18 when he made his NHL debut in October 2014. He turned 19 on November 6, 2014. No players turn 19 during their draft season. They are all 18, or 17 when drafted. Assuming they are picked the first year they are eligible.
  6. No, Reinhart was 18 for most of his draft season. 19 for most of his draft+1 season. I think you are off by a calendar year.
  7. Yes! He would go so far towards helping this team. I think he is a star in the making, and I don’t even think that’s a hot take.
  8. One thing to take into consideration here is that each of those players signed that contract coming off of their ELC, whereas Reinhart signed that 2 year bridge deal. That means that their long term contracts covered more RFA years and fewer UFA years than a long term contract for Reinhart would. That makes a difference. It’s going to increase Reinhart’s salary compared to those guys. Also, Konecny’s track record of production pre contract just does not compare to Reinhart’s. Reinhart will have 3 seasons where he outproduced Konecny’s career high in points. I know you don’t care about that in your player evaluation, but it’s a major factor in contract negotiations and has a major impact on what that dollar number will be. I only bring it up because you keep using Konecny as a comparison.
  9. Was this in response to me? If so, (I think it is) it doesn’t really address the questions that I raised. I’m trying to get an idea of your view on how this team should be constructed going forward and how it can be accomplished. I’m trying to flesh things out a bit.
  10. Agree totally, The team does need grit (all teams do) but it’s not like Buffalo has an excess of high skill players either. With regards to how Sam is going used on the PP, with the new one timers and him playing away from the net front a bit more. I think Sam has to get some credit for making that possible. When he came into the league his shot was really bad and he wouldn’t have been any kind of threat from a one timer position on the PP. that’s not the case any more.
  11. Recent test data show his confidence meter to be filling quickly, while his $$$ meter is in free fall. 😋
  12. No kidding! The 79, 71, or 78 year old “newcomer” vs the 74 year old incumbent. Jeez How about someone the yutes can relate to?
  13. I would be interested in discussing a couple ideas that you expressed here. 1) In what ways do you think Kassian opens up space for McDavid? If anything, I would think it’s the other way around, with McDavid opening up space for his teammates. The question is, how does a big body open up ice/create space for his teammates? 2) Mid-range free agents who have not peaked yet signing good value contracts. I don’t think this player exists to be signed. Could you give any examples or elaborate on the type of guys you have in mind? 3) I think the Nylander contract is a good contract. He is a very good play driver/puck carrier for them. That ability helps Matthews specifically a great deal. He is a very good player, if maybe not your personal favorite style of player. At the same time, I agree that Toronto has a disproportionate amount of money tied up in those 4 forwards, and it does impede their ability to improve their defense. However, that doesn’t mean that Nylander’s contract is bad. Also, you are concerned about Buffalo falling into the same situation, but I don’t see that as likely. Toronto has $40.5M invested in 4 forwards. Even if Buffalo signed Reinhart and Olofsson to $7.5 and $6 long term deals, respectively, they would have $32.5 invested in their top 4 forwards. A far cry from Toronto’s situation, and pretty much in line with many teams around the league.
  14. Jokiharju: HR Shorthanded GA/60: 10.8 HR Shorthanded GF/60: 2.2 Your # (on ice goals/60): 14.25
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