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  1. I usually lean toward the optimistic side of things, but I also like to think that I’m a realist. What I’m struggling with right now is finding a viable way forward for this Jack Eichel version of the Buffalo Sabres. They are not making the playoffs this season. They have not taken a step forward. The blame can be placed in a number of areas, but the fact remains, it’s not working and has not been working for a long, long time. Even individually, this has been a disappointing season for Eichel on the ice. This season feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rumors of
  2. Would this team have been better off (1) signing Taylor Hall, or (2) trading for Fleury for free? How many games has Hall won Buffalo? How many games has Hutton cost them?
  3. This doesn’t mean anything. What’s a meeting for a hockey team? -practice? -film session? -morning skate? -pregame skate? -gathering around to meet for 10 mins before or after any on ice time? I don’t think this number is high really.
  4. I love that when thinking about acquiring millions of dollars, your first thought is of a new side by side. Lol. This is like “it’s not you, it’s me”. It’s not that we don’t like Jeff Skinner, it’s just that we like the team better when he isn’t on it. Lol
  5. Sabres are on pace to have the best PP in the league, by %, and also be last in the league in 5-on-5 scoring. That’s absolutely crazy.
  6. Probably because, as is, they are scoring on 35% of their PPs, and Reinhart is scoring like crazy from in front of the net, so why change that? Maybe on the 2nd unit try Risto in front.
  7. Eichel and Ullmark are day to day? How long before it’s announced that they are both done for the season?
  8. Ullmark is showing that he is probably a starting level goalie going forward. Possibly one of the top-15 goalies in the league. It’s been really nice to watch his continued development over the past few years. I hope Buffalo keeps him. I think he could provide some stability moving forward. I really like his personality too.
  9. I think Okposo has been pretty bad at this season.
  10. This sounds like bologna. Eichel has looked like crap. Looks injured to me. Its his confidence. Its his conditioning. He skipped morning skate. He got injured in warmups. Its just a lot of different stories.
  11. Curt

    Hockey Gods

    The Hockey Gods care not for the wishes of mortals.
  12. Another one just bounces off his stick and in. Typical Reinhart. smh
  13. I think they might be better just taking one of those cardboard cutouts from the stands and putting it in goal.
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