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  1. I don’t think there are any more players in the all star game now than in years past.
  2. I’m not understanding your meaning. Are you saying that too many players are selected, or are you saying that they aren’t selecting the correct players?
  3. Extremely happy for Thompson. He definitely deserves it, but this who thing seems like it’s going to be really poorly executed. How many players are going to be in each team?
  4. Jay Boumeester required a defibrillator on the bench a few years ago. He eventually decided to retire as a result of the underlying condition.
  5. They were performing CPR, so his heart likely had stopped. Hopefully they got him stabilized. Me either. Very concerning.
  6. This is terrible. I hope that they got him stabilized and he ends up being ok. My guess would be a heart issue of some kind.
  7. Yeah, I agree with a lot of this. Last season I feel that they did come together as a group and show a lot of solidarity and push back. That has continued and improved this season. The defensive play consistently has definitely improved. I think it was already improving towards the end of last season, but it wasn’t consistent. It’s really taken a step up in the past ~15 games. I agree that Granato and staff deserve a lot of credit. I believe that he is really teaching these guys, improving the details as they progress as a team. And, yeah, Cozens is a revelation.
  8. In what ways is it different? I think it’s pretty close to the same, but I’m legitimately interested in what you think they are doing that’s a lot different..
  9. A big difference between Mittelstadt and basically all of those other guys you listed is that they actually produced most or all of their offense at 5 on 5. Only a couple of them have any PP usage at all and most of them have double Mittelstadt’s ES production.
  10. Just realized how bad the storm is in western NY. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy yourselves and time with loved ones.
  12. My theory would be that it’s because the Sabres generate a lot of their chances off the rush. And shots/chances off the rush have a higher shooting percentage.
  13. NHL front office analytics teams do not use the simple xG statistics that are available publicly. They create more sophisticated and targeted metrics to evaluate players/teams. If anyone is using xG as their singular tool for evaluating players/teams, they are not going to come to very accurate conclusions. It can be useful, but it’s not the ultimate statistical measuring stick.
  14. Points are a probably the best metric for determining how good a player is at creating offense, but not necessarily how good a player they are overall. I can do without the condescending nature of your second sentence. Really turns me off of engaging in a conversation with you at all.
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