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  1. Babe Ruth is statistically the most dominant batter in history. Can only judge these guys vs who they played against.
  2. Part of Dallas’s issue is that they can’t afford to give him a big money ($8M+) long term contract. They are probably trying to sign him to a $5M 1-2 year bridge or something. He is probably looking for a $8-9M 8 year deal, which he is probably worth.
  3. It hasn’t been going up. The cap has gone up just $1M total in the past 3 years, and it looks like it will go up just $1 next season.
  4. You predicted that cap will be $90-100M when? I doubt anyone questions that it will get there, it’s just a matter of what season.
  5. I know, joke. Power plays are the most rehearsed part of the game. A lot of coordination and sequencing between the players. No surprise that it looks like a mess from both teams. These guys have barely practiced together.
  6. These power plays look like these guys have never played together before.
  7. He is not retired though. He is unable to play due to injury. Injured players still get paid and their contracts still count against the cap. Retired players do not.
  8. You think the cap might go up $17.5M or even more in just two offseason? No chance man. Is it going to take a big $5M jump next (2023) offseason? Or will it be mostly flat again?
  9. They will need to worry about it sooner than you think. By the 2024-25 season, Sabres will probably be up against the cap.
  10. Sabres are actually paying him. However, most of his salary is reimbursed by an insurance policy. At least that’s what I recall.
  11. Regardless of what position he plays, Krebs will need to be stronger than he was last season. I’m not so sure that there is any reason that C’s need to be stronger than W’s. I think W’s find themselves battling along the boards just as, if not more, often as C’s. I believe that Krebs has the 2-way instincts to be a C, but just needs to fine tune his decision making, and get stronger.
  12. Yes, he flashed skills last season, but it didn’t coalesce in a good NHL player. The Sabres seem to like him at C. I know C is generally considered to be more difficult, but maybe he just feels much more comfortable in that position.
  13. Yeah, I do want to get to that point as well. I get the impression that right now they are establishing (or they did establish towards the end of last season) a standard for how they are expected to behave, work, and play. And that they see that as their path forward to improvement both individually and as a team. I think that’s what they will judge themselves off of, and believe that if they each meet that standard that they will win quite a few games. I think we could be a year away from everyone going into the season with playoffs as, not just a goal, but the expectation.
  14. If they are all just acting in their interviews, then they are all much much better actors than the guys who were on the team a couple years ago. I think they believe that they are pretty good. Feels like they are setting an internal standard in the locker room for what they expect from themselves and each other.
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