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  1. This is basically my stance on Botterill’s performance as well. I feel that the team is in a better position than they were when he took over. He has done some good things. His main downfall to date is his inability to assemble a competent forward group. There are certainly reasons to want him gone and reasons to think that he deserves just one more year. I’m on the fence with him.
  2. He is bigger and stronger than McCabe. He is pretty huge, McCabe is average size. Not that it means he will be better.
  3. Curt


    Just for a counter point: If the options are that more people definitely die in NYC because of lack of services or more people maybe die in WNY due to increased infections/lack of services, then transferring patients could be the lesser of two evils. It’s not automatically an idiotic idea. It definitely depends on the specific situations at each hospital though.
  4. Jets 1st at #12 overall, that’s got to be close if it’s not enough. You are looking at guys like: Askarov Holloway Mercer Bourque Zary Gunler Quinn In a perfect scenario, Perfetti drops there.
  5. Curt


    I was making a funny. US be like “Huh? Testing? Testing for what???” At the time I replied, Kas’ post said only “Testing for what?”. He edited and added more, making my joke less funny. Although it’s possible that it never was. Oh well.
  6. I agree for the most part. There were a few large wedding receptions that had to be broken up by police, if I recall correctly.
  7. Well, many many events have been cancelled on order of various government officials. Workplaces were ordered to close by governors. These were not voluntary actions on the part of the event organizers/business owners.
  8. Curt


    I think it’s a fact that the more people who are tested, the lower the death rate will look, because it’s always going to be the sickest people who are tested first. There is a lot we don’t know right now. Numbers like that will become more clear as we go along.
  9. South Korea did an excellent job of testing symptomatic people, quarantining them, tracking people they had contact with and quarantining those people as well. They did a great job, and it was mostly due to early, aggressive testing practices. If the US would have been able to do that, that would have been great. It did not happen though. Now it’s a different ballgame.
  10. Apologies. That was ignorance on my part. Never heard the nickname. Never really saw him play.
  11. Chill. It’s a public forum. If you didn’t want anyone else to chime in, send a private message.
  12. So you say that every NHL player is elite? They are of course, but when we use words like fringe, mediocre, good, elite, we mean relative to other NHL players, not relative to all humans on the planet.
  13. Curt


    Anyone old enough to have fought in WW2 would be 95, or at minimum over 90. So you are talking about a small fraction of the elderly population anyway.
  14. 1) Wasn’t Botterill a forward? 2) Having and NHL dad and being rich can certainly help someone develop as a young hockey player, but a guy still has to be evaluated for what he is as a player. He doesn’t get a bump purely because his dad was good. “He can’t skate, BUT his dad was great!” That doesn’t work. 3) By all accounts, Samuelsson is big, strong, a good locker room guy, and hardworking. Captain material. Not much offense in his game. His swing skill is really the skating. Reports that I’ve seen have been mixed. I don’t know if it will be good enough. If it’s not “good enough” for him to keep guys in front of him, he probably won’t be able to play in the league. If it’s “good enough” he could probably be a 5/6/7 who gets PK mins. If it is close to NHL average he could probably be a shutdown 2nd pair guy who is your #1 PK option. That’s the hope at least.
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