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  1. What prospects did Murray acquire in trades? Fasching- horrible value on that trade Kasdorf Larsson Carrier I’m sure I’m missing some. I’m not going to take the time to sift through it all. I doubt it helps his case as a talent evaluator much.
  2. I can’t agree, because basically all of the guys drafted by Murray who actually made it to the AHL arrived there after Taylor was already in place. The problem wasn’t so much that a bunch of promising prospects were stagnating in the AHL. It was more so that there were not a lot of prospects who ended up being good enough to even sign with the Sabres and then come play in the AHL.
  3. Well, I suppose that would be acceptable if he actually hit on an acceptable number of these big swings. So far, Botterill’s drafts have looked way better.
  4. I seriously question whether he was in fact a good scout. His drafting as Sabres GM was quite poor.
  5. It may have been a ship that existed only in our hearts and minds. I have to think that if any put forth a “max value” offer in the past 5 months, Adams would have accepted.
  6. Who is this Sabres doctor that you are talking about?
  7. To be fair, any team trading for Eichel will know how his rehab is progressing and whether he needs surgery. That was only news to us. It was already know to interested GM’s.
  8. It’s not unacceptable to me for Eichel to get surgery and start the season with the Sabres to show he is healthy, then trade him.
  9. Happens all the time. Oh wait.........
  10. I have no idea what you are talking about. We are talking about this Evandro Kane accusation, not your past.
  11. ....and you lobbed one back at her. I believe that is @Hoss point.
  12. Eichel can always make his own decision. No one can stop him from having a surgery. However, if he does so against orders from the Sabres medical staff, that could be grounds for voiding his contract, if the Sabres choose to do so.
  13. You mean 20 goals and 20 assists? I think that would be fantastic production for him. I doubt he hits that. Mitts is more likely to get there.
  14. They may, likely do, but is an insurance company going fork over a $50M payment to compensate a team for the poor result of an “experimental” surgery? I feel like they would fight it for sure.
  15. So, the bolded is definitely spoken like someone who isn’t on the hook for $50M. If he has to go on LTIR, that’s not washing your hands of the situation. You still need to pay him.
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