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  1. Curt


    Some are, and some aren’t.
  2. Curt


    Yeah, I’m sure most are. I’m saying that living through a pandemic at age 15-25 might make some young people come to realizations about such things sooner than they otherwise would.
  3. Curt


    I very think that this is all something that will change a lot of people. It may change the way that a lot of young people view the world. With invincibility, comes responsibility!
  4. That’s bananas! He turned down a guaranteed $700k, for a deal where he could make anywhere between $70k-$700k. Jebus.
  5. Curt


    So many experiences are being diminished. Turns out that life during a pandemic just isn’t as much fun. Who knew?!
  6. Hickey is 24 years old and hasn’t even shown to be a good AHL player yet. The odds of him becoming anything in the NHL are almost zero. Borgen has a huge scar on his neck from a skate blade accident when he was a teenager. That’s what you are seeing there.
  7. I believe that the Islanders did in fact still hold his rights.
  8. Curt


    I think the real deal was that it spread all over the world during WWI, wherever it originated from. Most major countries were involved in the war and suppressed their newspapers from writing about how bad the pandemic was there. They didn’t want to expose national weaknesses in the midst of the largest war in the history of the world. Spain on the other hand was not involved in the war and their papers were publishing everything about it when no one else was. The pandemic became permanently linked to the country putting out the most information about it.
  9. Curt


    I could read the first paragraph and a half...... Anyway, everyone has choices to make. If the local government and university decide it is safe enough to hold in person classes, and this guy chooses to teach in person, as long as everyone adheres to all safety guidelines, there is no problem.
  10. Kiss of death. Boeser will be traded within a month.
  11. I’m sure the teams are pitching in a fair share of bubble expenses. I’m sure it is expensive, but how much more expensive could it possibly be than chartering private jets and the countless other things that NHL teams would normally do?
  12. In 54 games. That’s a 60-65 point pace over a full season. Still I think you may be right. He would probably be 3-3.5 on a bridge, and 4+ on a long term deal.
  13. The best way to get Boeser out of Vancouver would be for someone to take on Loui Erickson in the deal (2 years remaining and the Canucks desperate to unload his contract). I doubt we do any deals like that though given the whole cost cutting thing they seem to be doing. How is Buffalo going to afford to take on Erickson’s salary? I don’t think there is any way to make that work. Eichel-10 Skinner-9 Reinhart-6.5??? Okposo-6 Erickson-6 Boeser-5.8 Olofsson-4.5??? Kahun-3??? Dahlin-7??? Risto-5.4 Montour-4??? Jokiharju-3??? Total- 70.2 for 12 players, that’s tough.
  14. That trade seems bad. One year of 36 year old Eric Staal and a young bottom 6 winger for Mittelstadt, one year of Johansson, and two years of Miller???
  15. Well, there some things going on right now that are more important than a hockey player draft, so I don’t really see what choice they had this year. I know this virtual draft is going to be REALLY TOUGH on everyone but hopefully we’ll all be able to get through it.
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