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  1. So, Tampa Bay resigned Sergachev for 3 years at a $4.8M AAV.
  2. I don’t recall seeing him on the wing very often, if at all. What wing was Casey on and who was his C?
  3. In a vacuum, I agree, but on a line with Hall and Eichel, it probably works.
  4. Curt


    That’s less than 6% of the US population. Definitely not herd immunity levels. Granted there are probably a lot of undiagnosed cases, but still. Doesn’t herd immunity start to come into play at levels closer to like 30-50%?
  5. Mitts??? Who said anything about Mitts? I think that Cozens and Dach have reasonably similar upsides. They play very different styles though. While both very big, Cozens is faster. Cozens has that fast, direct north-south game that others have mentioned. Dach plays a more patient, puck control style, waiting for openings to create a scoring chance. Dach is probably a better playmaker, Cozens probably a more dedicated 2-way player. I think they both could be all star level players.
  6. Absolutely. It’s not the end all for sure. It’s one objective data point. Im just showing that what Dahlin did at his age is not something that just happens. It hasn’t been done by anyone else in 35 years. I know that you are just saying you expected more, but what 18-19 year old defenseman have recently been better? It’s an extremely short list, if there are any at all.
  7. I’ll add this. This is the list of defensemen, in the entire history of the NHL, who have produced more points per game than Dahlin in their age 18 or 19 seasons. 18: (2) Orr, Housley 19: (4) Housley, Bourque, Larry Murphy, Rick Hampton That’s it. 5 guys. Most of these were during the high scoring 1980’s era. And interestingly, Dahlin actually produced points at a higher rate than Orr as a 19 year old.
  8. He has been much further along than most other teenagers. Was there a better 18-19 year old D in the league? Im not necessarily disagreeing with evaluation of him as a player. For me, he probably has been very good offensively and a little below average defensively. Also, yeah, Buffalo kind of needs him to be better, but he was 19 and getting better is something that 19 year olds generally do. I think that your expectations were maybe too high. There was no one his age better.
  9. At Dahlin’s age, was Potvin a better NHL player? Nope, he was playing in the OHL. The term generational is subjective, but Dahlin was the best 18 year old Dman in the NHL, then the best 19 year old Dman in the NHL. Next year I expect him to be the best 20 (and under) year old Dman in the NHL, so on and so forth. Are you asking when he will be the best D in the league? When he will be top 5? Know one can specifically answer that. But Dahlin has been elite FOR A D HIS AGE. I expect that to continue going forward as he both improves and ages.
  10. I would settle for 2020 to just end, period.
  11. Regarding the holy grail: Frenchy (to Round Table Knighits): No thank you, we’ve already got one. It’s very nice.” Frenchy (to other frenchies): (low voice) I told him we’ve already got one. (All snickering)
  12. Curt


    You think that’s fun. He has also squelched any chance he had at credibility.
  13. Yeah, Trump and many within his administration are straight up traitors. Actively, purposely harming the country for their own personal gain. In the end, I still think this does not work, but it makes me absolutely sick. This is also the reason that I feel like this isn’t over until the electoral votes are actually cast. Trump is going to do everything he possibly can, with indifference to legality or morality, consequences be damned.
  14. Curt


    Thanks. This is reasonable.
  15. Curt


    Ok, just seems that discussion of national responses (methods) in this thread has previously been shut down. Looking for clarity.
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