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  1. Ewwww, going to the home of the Bruins and Patriots (and Red Sox) for fun?
  2. This could force RJ into retirement, or an early grave.....
  3. They could nominate Ray again? As for the boxes/tickets, I always wondered if that was actually paid for by the player or team under the players name. Does Jack go to the Pegulas and say take some money off my next cheque to cover a box for a charity, or does the team just give it to him to put his name and charity on it?
  4. I think it's in how it's done. Parading around taking selfies of you at some charity events is usually looked at being poor. Talking about or showing support for a certain cause or charity and doing work there seems to be more accepted and noble. Many celebrities show up to take a few photos and just say they support the cause, others show up and do things to help, but they rarely advertise that they are there It's funny though, athletes/entertainers start talking about a cause or an issue and they get told to shut up and play/entertain. If they dont do anything they are looked at as being only about themselves.
  5. I dont know, which one of them comes from Sweeden?
  6. There are rumors that theres a bit of a rift between him and Dubas the GM, but I think it's highly unlikely they can him for an early exit. Although there are some vocal Leaf fans calling for his head..... I always cheer for both to lose, or a sink hile to open up under the arena during one of the games
  7. Well, this does help them get the title of 'Edmonton of the East'.....
  8. Leafs out in 4, fans will be pissed Bruins have been good and the Leags are a mess right now with poor defence and no goaltending. Boston might be one place petitioning the league to leave the playoff format alone.....
  9. Not necessarily, they are in an attractive market (LA) that can spend money.
  10. Your assuming that Botts and the Sabres are/were interested in Quenville.....
  11. Thats usually how I look at and judge coaches. Do they need to force a system onto the players in order to be good, or can they adapt to coaching what they have.
  12. The only thing that changed in Chicago was the team got older and more expensive, leaving them to try to figure out how to balance paying for the top guys and filling out the rest of the roster under the cap
  13. I don't think it mattered. The issue is more if Botts thinks he is worth what Skinner is going to ask for, not who the coach will be I don't think there was ever an issue between Skinner and Housley, but there will be an issue between what Botts wants to pay and what Skinner wants to be paid
  14. I think they have already dotted the 'I's and crossed the 'T's in Florida and are just waiting to announce it He does have a relationship with Tallon from their Chicago days, theres no tie to Buffalo Why would that matter?
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