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  1. i thought they only brought in ex-Carolina guys for the Bills? The Sabres were ex-Pens....... Sounds like Dudley was let go in Carolina as they didn't renew his contract. Would be nice to have some experience to help the new GM (with Carolina ties, but did they have a connection together in Carolina?) I don't know if the Sabres would be looking to do this unless he is willing to take a lesser role, and its something the GM has specifically asked for (which doesn't look good for him that he wants someone to help him be GM)
  2. As for Hamilton, looks like he already has a new job on TV working for Channel 2 (WGRZ) reporting on the Sabres on weekends. Looks like a promotion after getting canned.....
  3. That disclaimer is required as just mentioning a certain name can get your post removed as it being political..... I don't think anyone can really 'flip' a pro sports franchise, but relocation is always a possibility
  4. There was an earlier rumor I saw that had the Sabres wanting the Sharks goalie , but they wanted the Sharks to retain salary so the Sharks wanted Risto. Looking at that deal, Do the Sharks like 1st rounders?
  5. I think the league favours Pittsburgh more. Crosby is getting older and they are going to need to restore the Pens talent pool.... The Leafs still have some time with their players before they get old
  6. How does any GM/Team convince players to tank? There are teams and players not in favour of playing. Just tell the players that the sooner they are out, the sooner they get to go back home to their families. Teams tanking now in this 'play in' playoffs are just as likely to tank as any organization would be during the regular season......
  7. Hard to say, with a new GM that has no track record to go off of, we don't have an idea what he's gonna do. We knew with TM he would fall in love with players and pay whatever it took to get them. With JB, we knew that he wanted a Sweede so it would depend if there were Sweedes available or if there were a bunch of CHLers that other teams would want so he could move down. We also knew that he would need alot of time to way all options before he would get fleeced making a move....
  8. I really think it should have been a lottery of the teams that didn't make the playoffs only. If your in the play in round but not in a position that you would have been in the regular playoffs, you were already given a bonus of being able to get lucky and be in the playoffs with a chance at the cup. With the season being messed up, there's a good chance that one of the lower rated teams could pull off some upsets with the extra rest from the time off and potentially being in better shape to beat a better team that may be rustier? Also this gives incentive for a team that's not going to move on to tank the play in round and get a 1:8 chance to get a great young player. Its not like the revenue is going to be great for teams that aren't a host city, and if you are a host city it won't matter if your still playing or not, your going to make some money for hosting.
  9. Ok, we are talking about the same teams, I was referring to the teams based on the draft positions, I was referring to the next 8 teams either eliminated or with the lowest records if they don't play, being teams 9-16 (making teams 1-8 the teams that were in the lottery, using 1 as the worst team...)
  10. Except for breathing and sweating, all those other things will not be allowed when they start playing again.....
  11. I think they will be on their way out soon in today's ever changing world. If not they will be required to higher an equal number of men and they will be given proper appropriate uniforms for clearing the ice. I've been shocked that the OHL team around here has cheerleaders at their game, the biggest issue is that the cheerleaders are similar ages to the players which puts them in Highschool... This is the Sabres and the Pegulas, they probably will spend a bunch of time and money into putting together a team of Ice Girls right before the league and society does away with them.....
  12. They could always hire the guy who helped the WWE with Owen Hart's rigging for when he repels from the ceiling next time......
  13. Terry ends up embroiled in the 'Me Too' movement?
  14. I knew it was in honor of Fireri, but wasn't sure if he was originally from there, thought he was a Cali guy. I like the idea of 'THE Ohio State Capital'......
  15. I would have Dahlin as an untouchable over Eichel. But would only move Eichel for an offer they can't refuse.....
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