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  1. Its kinda cool how well that works, if you start picking random ages it gets you closer the younger you are. And when you get to underage its either within a year or 2 or someone a couple years older Like if your 26, no one younger then 20 18, no one younger then 16 If your 12, no one younger then 13, younger then that and it doesn't really work though.........
  2. Buffalo fans (Bills and Sabres) love obsessing with the prospects and players with potential. It's all about what a player could become so you can't risk losing them. People know what BOGO is, he is not likely to change. Gilmore was something new that could potentially be something that people didn't want to risk losing out on. At one time McCabe was a player fans didn't want to lose, now he is being thrown around as trade bait.
  3. Balsillie could have had a team no problem if he didn't continually push to relocate it to Hamilton. Every time a team was available he would make an offer, and the league was fine on the condition it stays put, then he would say he doesn't intend to move it, then hold a season ticket sales rally in Hamilton for the team. He thought he could bully the NHL into getting a team Nd relocating them to either Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo area (where RIM was located). This was at the time he was a big deal because of Blackberry and thought he could do whatever he wanted, then blackberry crumbled (he reminds me of Elon Musk). I used to only have blackberry phones until they screwed everyone over by just abandoning the Playbook tablets they had just released........ Hammister was the big competition to get the team vs TG IIRC, the problem with his purchase was that he needed government money to do it. It seemed like they were ready to give him the team until he couldn't get the government money so they sold to TG instead. From my understanding Hammisters money was made through seniors facilities his family owned Nd operated. I remember looking him up to see what he did. He has some nice vacation property on the other side of lake Erie in a private section of Fort Erie. He has his own house and another one next door for his kids that are right on the shore. I got to see his office where he has alot of destroyers and other memorabilia from when he was an owner.
  4. She had many years as one of the top female tennis players, I don't think she really needs a 'sugar daddy' for that stuff.
  5. No, you're right, lets just wait it out a few more years for another couple drafts and some more prospects to develop. Playing in an empty arena should make it easier for their development and really take the pressure off. And I never said to get rid of all their picks and prospects, but using SOME to obtain quality players who can play in the league and help now is not going to hurt this team. The plan has worked so well for them up to this point I have said it many times before here about Murray, his problem wasnt that he used assets/capital to make moves, its that once he locked on to a player he wanted, he was like a little kid willing to pay anything to get it and grossly overpaid for players in situations he should have been able to steal the player from.
  6. Oh no, you screw it up and the Sabres risk not making the playoffs and have to continue to rebuild? Definitely don't want to mess up what they have going I only said top 4 defencemen because I wouldn't take anything less then top 4 (if they trade for defence), they have plenty of defence and don't necessarily need more unless its an upgrade. My point is you only move him if you are getting something good back that makes another part of the team better Also whats his cap hit going to look like in his next contract? Can the Sabres afford it? Again, what else can you offer in a trade in order to get something of value back? Or are you expecting that they can dangle Bogo out there in a deal for Malkin/Crosby? The Sabres may have to throw in a pick/prospect or 2 to sweeten a deal and get something even better, but it would be alot less then what they need to throw in to take the junk away and get a good return back.
  7. Couldn't have happened to a better D-Bag......
  8. This team has enough prospects and picks, they need to start using them to get players who can play now. You can't keep sitting back and letting seasons slip away because your waiting to have a lineup of all prospects and picks you drafted. And trading the deadweight from the roster isn't going to get you anywhere either. By the time the next group of prospects are ready, Jack's going to be looking for a new team and be half way out the door. If they want this team to start being competitive they may have to make a trade or 2 that will hurt a little in the picks/prospects department to get something of value that will improve the team today.
  9. Do you really want the guy fired by the Devil's to come in and try to fix this mess?
  10. I don't think anyone is saying to move him for the sake of moving him, but you have to give something up of value to get something of value back. Out of the current roster guys the Sabres have, Sam might be the the most expendable that could return something that can help now. I haven't seen anyone saying to get rid of him for whatever you can get. But if he can return a 2nd line Centre, a top 4 defencemen', or a solid upgrade in net, I would consider moving him. If it's for some draft picks or lower prospects, I would hold on to him. Also some of the talk about moving him may be because it would free up cap space for moves that may help now, and if they don't think they can resign him under the cap......
  11. Yeah, theres a few really good teams, and a big jumble in the middle with a couple really bad ones at the bottom. Niagara was in a 3 way tie recently in their division with a couple games in hand, compared to the other division they would be near the bottom Last year in the Playoffs Niagara was one of the top teams and went in with the top goal scorers in the league and were bounced early (they figured instead of trying to stop the other team from scoring, lets just hope we can outscore them, in the final season of Buffalo Native Goaltender Dhillons OHL career)
  12. Akil Thomas had to waive a no trade clause from Niagara to go to Peterborough this week. I would have never thought they had them. I was watching the Niagara game the day of the deadline and they were talking about how the league should change teh deadline to later in January/early February to coincide with the School systems Exams/Breaks so that a player in high school could finish his semester at school and then be traded to start the next one at a different school. Right now they could be on the move a few weeks before their exams.
  13. It really is quite an accomplishment to not make the playoffs in the OHL considering 80% of the teams make it, but everyone knows theres really only a couple that stand a chance at making the finals and representing the OHL in the Calder Cup so usually only a couple teams really load up. It is funny to watch some fan reactions to the trades when your team is dumping guys for picks, many people don't seem to understand that the leagues run on a cycle where because the players are only in the league for 3-4 years, you need to keep restocking the roster and picks are valuable in the future when you are ready to make your run.
  14. Its typical Buffalo fan reaction, you can't make a trade for someone cause they would have to give up a precious pick or prospect, and you can't pick up a player that could block someone from being forced into action too soon. When I heard about the Rangers looking to move him I thought Buffalo could be a good spot. They need to move on from Hutton so why not try and get a someone like him that could become something. Is it really that bad to be in a potential situation 3-4 years from know where they have to decide between which 2-3 goalies they are going to keep? Its not like someone can't be traded for something. If he works out, great, they have him and Ullmark as a tandem until UPL is ready. at that point they can keep him the AHL until they can move one of the others and not worry about forcing him in because they are desperate for someone. Ullmark has shown he can be a decent backup, but not the franchise starter many hoped he would become. Hutton would struggle to stop a beach ball. At some point the Sabres have to start turning things around and get competitive while trying to ice a good team, hoping and waiting on the future to develop is just going to keep setting them back and the guys people want around are going to start asking to be moved. They need to start making some tough moves to acquire talent and maybe move a few of the more valuable assets waiting to be developed so they can upgrade the top of the roster rather then the bottom of it. They do love acquiring guys to bolster the bottom 6, usually hoping some of them will become top 6 guys.......
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