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  1. Like put Skinner back with Eichel where he had his career year to see if maybe that would spark something? I never understood why RK came in and split them up. I understand teh original thinking of splitting them up in hopes that both guys could carry or spark other lines/players, but once Skinners production started going down, why not put him back and try to rekindle that magic? Is it going to be hurtful that they have a line producing alot instead of trying to spread it out between lines? Right now it shouldn't matter if only one line is putting up all the points because its better the
  2. I wonder too the attitude of the teams playing, are they holding back and sitting on small leads because they know the Sabres won't threaten to beat them so they are just tossing pucks at the net instead of trying for the goal? Also, Has the rest of the team been demoralized or let down by the goaltending enough over the years that they just aren't motivated to play infront of the guys because they know they need to score a ton to stay in a game cause a close game will probably be lost by a softy going in?
  3. I think the difference is that McDavid and Draisitl have been good pretty consistently and McDavid has been 'As Advertised' when he was drafted. The problem has been the rest of the Oilers team (or atleast goaltending). They have had some success of making (or coming close to making) the playoffs. unlike Buffalo where they are pretty much out of it by February. Edmonton is still in that area of a team that could contend with another piece or 2. Their most recently early draft picks were because of getting lucky with the Lottery, not because they were in the basement of the league like Buffalo.
  4. I wonder if the Sabres make a claim because they are short on defence and he isn't a horrible option who's still young. The article I just read about him being put on waivers said it's a bit of a surprise if he would go unclaimed because guys that aren't as good (or atleast as good) as him have been claimed. They said the move is basically that they have other options they can go with in the minors
  5. Does 'hurt feelings' count? then maybe yes, he is playing injured
  6. I think Ullmark is a good '1B' goalie in a tandem, I don't think he is a full time #1 goalie though Hutton has one good season in his career, is already over 30 and has never started more then half a season worth of games before coming to Buffalo He hasn't really shown over his career that he is a guy that would be anything more then a backup
  7. Ralph isn't going anywhere during the season They will probably use the excuse of the shortened season and new GM to give him another offseason to try and turn things around.
  8. I think it only worked out that way because they were able to get McDermott in first and had to wait for Beane to be available to be signed. They appeared to be a package deal the whole time, I don't think the Pegulas needed any lobbying from McDermott to bring Beane in, I think it was all set up from the beginning that they would both be eventually hired
  9. If they watched any football, they would never have hired a castoff from their division rival who was run out of NY. It was only understandable that it was a 'Big Name' hire that they thought would get them media attention and look good attracting a name to make it look like Buffalo could attract big names.
  10. Not sure if there is a big enough market out there for someone to run a full business refurbing old machinery. Usually a full refurb like you are talking about is done for a collector and i don't think many people have collections of old machinery outside of antiques & tractors. best bet would be to find an autoshop that needs some more work and see if they would be interested. Most people with equipment like that just repair whats broken and keep running it until they can't be run anymore, those who are wanting to refurb them are typically guys who will do it themselves.
  11. I guess originally they were going to be done in lake Louise in Alberta but switched to Lake Tahoe due to the pandemic. I guess they were asked about playing them in Lake Louise in the future and the league is keeping it open as an option, but I can't see it happening unless its a throw away pre-season game because it won't be done with Fans in attendance, and once the pandemic is over, theres no way the NHL or NHL franchises are going to play anymore games without fans
  12. Get rid of the extra equipment/armor the players wear and they won't block shots leading the goalies to have to make more saves and more shots getting through. i think the idea that Goalie equipment is too big get overblown. Alot of it is smaller then what it used to be, just look at the old pillows they used to wear on their legs. The old equipment was alot bulkier compared to today. Extra large goalie equipment doesn't necessarily help. if its over sized it can be harder to move in compared to properly sized smaller equipment. The problem is, like all sports, theres
  13. Felix? I guess technically he did play defence and almost no offence........
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