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  1. So your idea is to just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic?
  2. Watching the repeat this morning on Sportsnet...... Hutton - I said from the time they signed him that he hasn't shown enough to be a #1 goalie, he only had one season where he played close to a full season as a starter. Tanking is not an answer, and you can't just decide to tank and then build a team that will continue to be a contender for years, no team is built on just young prospects from your system. When you have the ability to make your team better, you do it no matter if your not making the playoffs or a player doesn't fit their development time. Myers gets his first goal with the Canucks playing against the Sabres, Lucic gets his first goal as a Flame against the Sabres (the eventual winner) and I'm calling Kassian in his return to the Oilers lineup gets the winner tonight, just because.....
  3. High end talent available (Hall) and Botts isn't interested, underperforming young player on his third team available and that's what's needed to fix this team.....
  4. I think he may have Elite potential, but is most likely more of a next tier player. He has had games where he shows he can be elite, and then goes on stretches where he seems to be just another player out there. The problem with this topic is what is the definition of Elite?
  5. They are investigating the allegation made against him and others that now seem to be coming out. He hasn't been punished or fired yet. And yes, the PM wore makeup to darken his skin years ago as part of costumes at parties, had to apologize and still managed to get re-elected, mostly because now one this side of Saskatchewan trusted the other option.....
  6. I would throw on anything else they want to not include the waste of space Lucic. The Sabres have their own dead weight hanging around.....
  7. Yeah, i think he has a more important issue to be working on other then trades at this time....... I do wonder if Calgary rallies around the coach filling in tonight for Peters and they get the win, or if the issue is a distraction for them.....
  8. Everyone I have talked to seemed to think it was time to get rid of him and weren't shocked it happened (there's been rumored riffs between him and Dubas), but most were shocked at it happening during a road trip. I figured he was gone at the end of the season when they lose in the 1st round of the playoffs, guess Leafs management figured with the 6 game slide that they wouldn't get the chance to have a 1st round exit this year.....
  9. I would like to see the Sabres bring in Babcock to coach. Call him up, make him an offer, then on the day of his press conference to announce it, have him show up to an empty place with no press conference and no job, and the Pegulas speeding by in their car flipping him off and laughing.......
  10. Gretzky was always known for his defence........
  11. I didn't even know he was coaching there....
  12. When I read it, I assumed he has either a Drug or Alcohol issue and it's a rehab program he would be going to. Since they can't put him on IR, this is the way for the team and league to let him get help during the season.
  13. I don't think they will go out and try for a #1 unless it's an older vet on a short term deal. They have UPL who will probably be coming up in the next couple years so I doubt they want to use alot of resources for someone else who's young.
  14. Depending on the return, sure You gotta give up something good to get something good in return, your not going to get Crosby by giving up Okposo.... If you look at the lineup, he might be the most expendable player outside of Eichel, Skinner, or Dahlin to get you something good in return. Otherwise your stuck with what's here now and keep hoping there's a prospect who will be coming up soon and explode on the scene.
  15. He may not do the Saturday night segment anymore, or another version of it, but he still does the Sunday Night 'Home Town Hockey' where he and Tara Slone travel around Canada and do a broadcast from that City. Last week they were in Welland and had former Sabres Dan Paille and Matt Ellis, along with former NHLers Bissonnette and Dan Girardi out to talk about growing up and playing in Welland. It's usually a full weekend thing where they have meet Nd greets, games and other stuff to see and do for fans, then it ends with the hosts broadcasting from the location and the location showing one of the nights games on a screen outside (they showed Toronto vs Chicago). Ron isn't out of work if they cut out his Saturday segment. It might be nice for him because he won't have to travel back to the Toronto studio for Saturday's broadcast. (It's a short trip, but he did a bunch of things in Welland on Friday, went back to Toronto on Saturday for Cherry's last segment, then back to Welland Sunday for the broadcast and his apology for not saying or doing anything at the time) As for Don, Sportsnet gave him the chance to apologise for his words and he refused so they let him go. He wasn't fired just for this comment, he has had many comments over the years that got him in trouble and have been viewed as controversial and this was the last one. His comments were directed at refugees/immigrants coming here (and just like south of our borders, it's been a hot button issue that's divided the country) and in today's world comments like that are not being tolerated anymore. His supporters keep saying it's because of him saying 'you people' and twist it to make it out to be him refering to everyone in the country, but it was what followed that got him in trouble, when you add the "...who come here and enjoy our milk and honey, etc." He has always been someone who has had harsh comments about the Euro players who play in the NHL, along with the French. You might be able to blame it on him being from another time where his comments and words would be acceptable, but times are changing and now so is the show. Don could have easily come out, said he misspoke on air and explained what he was trying to say (that Remembrance Day and wearing a poppy is becoming less and less celebrated) and even met with some of the people who have come here and talked with them to possibly inform them of this part of our culture and its importance.
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