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Official Sam Ventura Hired as VP of Hockey Strategy and Research


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3 minutes ago, darksabre said:

Based on the job descriptions, which seem to require quite a bit of experience and skill, probably about $50k.

I would double that number for this. $50k for a dev is extremely cheap, and those are straight out of college devs.

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1 hour ago, PASabreFan said:

I heard 750k.

That number seems to be stuck in an unclosed loop and every single hire has to be paid that.

Goalie.  Yup $750K

Forward ... $750K

Dman ... sorry we wanted to do $800K, but can't ... $750K it is

Rip ... chz ... PA ... Charlie ... everyone!! 


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7 hours ago, Norcal said:

So does this make people happy? Will this new department lead to better players in the system? 

This will result in more information available to decision makers.  In the right hands that should lead to better decisions being made.  If it’s in the wrong hands, then they will probably mess things up with or without this additional information.

It can’t hurt, so, yeah, it makes me happier.

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On 8/16/2021 at 1:34 PM, Norcal said:

So does this make people happy? Will this new department lead to better players in the system? 

The new department will lead to more data.  Maybe better data.  It will still require people that know how to use the data and better decision making than we have had in the past.  

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Interesting how the Sabres hockey department is changing.


MAY 2020 (36)

Senior executives: 4

Botterill, Sexton, Greeley, Jakubowski

Scouts: 20

AMATEUR: Jankowski (head amateur), Crisp, Banika, Cocker, Ferner, Fingal, Halpenny, Hansch, O'Connor, Pyette, Tiesling, Welin, Forton, Devine, Dunne, Musil, Riley PRO: Van Boxmeer, Beamish, Crowe

Coaches: 11

BUF: Krueger, Smith, Granato, Bales, ROC: Taylor, Dineen, Peterson DEV: Komisarek, Barch, Mair, Kotyk

Data analysts: 1




Senior executives: 3

Adams, Karmanos, Jakubowski

Scouts: 8

Forton (head amateur), Crowe (head pro), Devine, Dunne, Musil, Forsberg, Beamish, Musser

Coaches: 14

BUF: Granato, Bales, Christie, Ellis, Wilford, ROC: Appert, Weber, Peca DEV: Mair, Kennedy, Paetsch, Girardi, Ansell, Kotyk

Data analysts: 4

Ventura, Nightingale, 2 more hirings TBA


They've trimmed their scouting department by 12 bodies (and don't seem to differentiate between pro and amateur any more), but added three each to the coaching and analytics departments.

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So I created a new thread a week ago after reading this story, but it seems to have disappeared?



At any rate, I note the subject of the story is not listed on the Sabres staff page yet, but the other new scout mentioned, Lukas Sutter, is, along with another new name, Tommy Vesanen, a Finn who scouted last year for Adler Mannheim of the German Elite League. 

Officially up to 10 scouts now, plus, Forton and Crowe.

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14 minutes ago, Doohickie said:

Maybe getting rid of all the old scouts was more about getting rid of the old scouts than about cost saving.  Maybe it was felt that they'd overstayed their welcome.

Aren't scouts mostly on one year contracts? I'm not talking about the head of the department but the scouts who do the leg work. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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