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  1. I am so sick of watching Krebs. Send him packing already.
  2. It’s time to put Quinn on the top line and demote Skinner.
  3. The skid streak was without half their defense. They are fine as long as they can shore up some weaknesses like Krebs/Mittelstadt and 7D. Jost was a step in the right direction.
  4. I don’t think Mittelstadt is the problem there. It’s VO. Guy can’t break out. Remember we only really ever had VO rolling when he played with Eichel. And Eichel wouldn’t pass for a breakout he would do circles until he’d carry it all the way down himself. Other players who look to tick tack toe to get the puck out fail to do so with VO. Guy isn’t always behind the play in the defensive end. Trade VO to some other team who thinks they need to improve their PP for a solid third line guy. Cause a solid third line guy is who we need. We have enough snipers on the PP it doesn’t need to be VO.
  5. The Jost penalty was a bit ol mental lapse. They played on their heels and did something stupid. 3 guys were all on one player and one felt the need to hook? The coach doesn’t know how to close games. Only keep rookies thinking positive. Not going to make it to the next step with this guy.
  6. If we want to trade two former first round busts and one first rounder for a 20 something then sure, I can see why they’d pull that trigger. Especially on defense where the cupboards are bare. This move alone isn’t fixing this team tho. Our forwards are too weak to play strong and too tweener to play skilled. Need a couple vets and that type of acquisition doesn’t happen until off season. Not sure why we’d beat around the bush here though. Trade Krebs for Chych straight up and call it a day. Use those other assets for vet depth.
  7. It’s so enlightening to tell everyone a team with glaring weaknesses and issues going on mid season should just be enjoyed because they are two games away from last place in their division. Christ. Fan loser attitudes are just as bad as team loser attitudes. There’s always room for improvement. People try to find the problems and fix them and hope to see improvement week after week. This team has regressed ever since their regular season Super Bowl and we want them to improve so we can win it all.
  8. Thank god Diggs and Allen woke up there in the end. But this team is a disaster. Injuries. Drops. Play calls. Everything. Lots to figure out. This play isn’t beating Miami
  9. Missing that extra point to screw over the defense is a great example of this season. So many unforced errors making things difficult.
  10. He’s had one passable game. Otherwise he’s always out there bumbling balls, running the wrong route, or fumbling. Two straight drives in the third there he helped kill. I really want to see Hines
  11. I don’t see the same ceiling, but am happy if he’s a solid complimentary second line winger.
  12. There’s patience and there’s a turnover king who is hurting his team. If he wants to play boom or bust style hockey he needs to refine it elsewhere.
  13. It’s a flawed premise- it’s not statistics it’s a flawed premise. Bad article.
  14. Oh my. He plays like he’s 5’9”. Guess he isn’t a runt. Good thing. I’m a fan, we need a modern day Hecht
  15. Smaller players take longer to find their place. They can be smart, just don’t dominate until they figure out how to use those smarts to their advantage. He needs time. Unlike Krebs, he’s showing that time should be in the NHL where he is all positives despite not producing.
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