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  1. Ducky


    We never put the plants in before June.
  2. Not much of a prospect pool (Vegas) and about to enter cap hell. I think it's between Winnipeg and Detroit.
  3. Yup. Just commenting on your comment about Trotz.
  4. If Scheif doesn't start playing both sides of the red line, I hope he is gone next season. If he decides to play D a bit, I am okay with him being on the team but he was a liability this season. Lots of turmoil in the Jets' room and rumors have it that they are centered around his lack of gaf. If Trotz signs here, we'll probably be a playoff team again and that is all that I want. Missing the playoffs suck big time. I see him deciding between Detroit and Winnipeg unless someone offers him a job in management.
  5. I hope the hell he signs here.
  6. I can see Matthews going home to AZ if their team is good enough. I only seeing him staying in TO if he thinks they stand a chance of winning. The questioin is, what is his next contract going to look like?
  7. Sincerest condolences to friends and family of the victims of this senseless, horrific act. I wouldn't even waste a bullet on him.
  8. Retool, but I would surprised if he signed here.
  9. Let's hope he is on his way home to MB and coaching the Jets.
  10. Arizona paid $630.00 on a $100.00 bet tonight!!! I almost put the hun on the Red Wings.
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