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  1. Ducky

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    I see nothing wrong with Malkin getting high-sticked...
  2. Ducky

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    I look at him and see someone that needs time on the farm.
  3. Ducky

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Some rumblings about Chevy going hard after Stone and someone else from the Sens... I hope he isn't thinking of giving up Roslovic or Samberg...
  4. Ducky

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    You definitely can't leave these two teams out when talking about the playoffs. If St. Louis continues their play of late, they will be a contender as well. I think TB takes the cup this year. They beat the Jets or the Preds in 6. Having said that, if a team gets a hot streak from a goalie (Price?), they could surprise. edit ... there are definitely flaws in how the playoffs work as well but I don't see any changes coming soon.
  5. Just be glad Kane isn't still around to "mentor" the youngsters.
  6. I agree with most of this but remember, Scheif got market value at the time the contract was signed. MacKinnon signed shortly after and got 6.3m per year. Both deals look like steals today.
  7. and easy to play against...lots of Jets fans are calling for him to be sent down a line or two once Ehlers is back. I mean, he still has 27? goals but he had 25 at the beginning of December I think! I am guessing he has never had a slump, especially this big of one, in his career. Don't forget, he started out as a goalie. Maurice spoke about it in a media scrum this past week and said he has to work himself out of it and this is a player developing. Later on in his career he will be able to remember about this slump and draw from it. This is not a player you give up on. It is easy to get angry at him but you have to remember he is 20 years old. Not many players have scored 105 goals by that age. His November was unbelievable. If I'm not mistaken, he won player of the month. His confidence is shot and he has been taken off of the 1PP. Not sure what will happen but he has to figure it out. The post-season isn't that far off and we need him. Oh yeah, there's the little matter of him being on the last year of his ELC. I heard a rumor that he is asking for 8 x 10.5 and Chevy offered 3 x 6m. I hate both offers. I'd give him a one year 6m or no more than 8 x 8.25. That's exactly how much Wheeler makes a year...is he better than Wheeler? Does he drive a line? Scheif makes 6.125m a year...is he better than Scheif? If he wants 10.5m a year, he'd better bring a better compete level and up his game. I didn't see him much in the third...didn't miss him. Scheif, Wheeler and KC didn't have a strong game but they upped their compete in the third period. Laine needs to learn how to do that. Also, if you are a scorer and aren't scoring, you'd better bring something else to the party and that doesn't include losing 95% of the puck battles. End of rant.
  8. Good game guys! I thought both goalies played really well. Nothing wrong with Dahlin that a couple of years worth of experience won't fix. If you're interested, maybe we can fabricate an off-season trade involving Trouba and Dahlin?
  9. Scored 18 I think in Nov. and 2 since...looks like he wants to be elsewhere...(playing fortnite?)
  10. He has applied for and was granted to use a longer stick than allowed.
  11. Looked him up...he scored one in 2010-2011 and didn't score in regulation again and played parts of everyseason until 2016-2017.
  12. You guys had Adam Pardy, did he score a goal for you...didn't for us.
  13. You must not watch many Western Conference games...