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    "Germs can travel quickly through a community and make a lot of people sick. If enough people get sick, it can lead to an outbreak. But when enough people are vaccinated against a certain disease, the germs can’t travel as easily from person to person — and the entire community is less likely to get the disease. That means even people who can’t get vaccinated will have some protection from getting sick. And if a person does get sick, there’s less chance of an outbreak because it’s harder for the disease to spread. Eventually, the disease becomes rare — and sometimes, it’s wiped out altogethe
  2. Ducky


    Or tetanus, smallpox, chickenpox, diptheria, measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc...
  3. Byfield, Turcotte, a 1st and 2nd is exactly the type of trade the Sabres should do but I can't see why the Kings would do it seeing as they are in a re-build mode. I'd try to squeeze a bit more out of them if they are hot for Eichel, especially if another team in their division is bidding for him. Risto doesn't want to be there?...gone. No use keeping players that don't want to be there. Rhino won't sign long term?...gone. Should be able to get 2 more first round picks plus for those two players. Anybody else that doesn't want to be a Sabre?...gone. Do not overpay any
  4. I am not a big believer of +/- especially for offence first players but after your post I looked it up. Lots of offence first players have bad +/-. Dahlin E Staal N. Patrick Rhino Laine Savard Hughes Olofsson Sanheim Miller Wheeler are the top 11 in order...silly stat if you ask me.
  5. Jets scored 5 last night and Wheeler (on pace for 74 points in 82 games) had 4 points but ya, his contract is worse than Skinner's, Vlasic's, Ladd's, KO's, Johanssen's, Eriksson's, Seabrook's, etc... Anyone on the Sabres have 44 points this year or on pace for 74 points? Rhino and Eichel maybe but that is probably it and they are gone this time next year. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  6. I can't see the Ducks trading for him as they are in a re-build now mode. I also think they have to add to Zegras like a 1st and a player like Manson. NYR, LA, CBJ?, and Minny are believable. CBJ could trade Jones (re-signed) and he would be a great partner for Dahlin, a 1st and another substantial add. They'd be hot to get Eichel to play with Laine to try to get his game back although I don't think Laine is there for more than 2 more years. Philly always like to make a big splash. I also think the Blues will take a crack at him. Vegas would but they can't afford him...only dres
  7. He's on a 74 point pace in a 82 game schedule this year but truth be told, I wanted him gone before he signed the extension. I was suggesting to trade him to OTT for Stone and more and Jets fans jumped all over me. He would have got more in free agency though. The difference is, I am not sitting here telling you I said something when in fact I said something else. I know what I said and I admit it. Oh ya. He'll be 37 when his contract ends. He's 34 and has 3 more years. Not a boat anchor of a contract but not a good one.
  8. Chevy is a pretty good GM but I have problems with his loyalty. Wheeler 5 x 8.25m...Perreault 4.125m x 4. He does get some good contracts signed though. It'll be interesting to see what PLD does next year and what he signs him for.
  9. I'm not arguing that. I am pointing that you said you called for a long term deal when, in fact, you were calling for and then liked the bridge...big difference.
  10. Hindsight, that comment was a season AFTER Rhino signed the bridge.
  11. Not sure if this works but it is page 23 for the day of the signing. The other comment was July 6th, 2018 of the same thread. Also, complaining about it after the fact is hindsight and anyone's vision should be 20/20 with hindsight. I was wrong about JBot as well as I thought he was going to do very well. I did agree with the extension to Rhino at the time as well. For a player taken as high as he did and putting up the numbers he did, I would never sign a player long term for big bucks.
  12. Not what you said on July/18 or the day of his signing...good sir.
  13. This was your comment the day of the signing... "This is a great, value deal from Botterill (that we haven't been used to seeing a lot of) that I think says a lot about how he does business. It therefore says a lot about how Botterill must view Jack Eichel. To give him the deal he gave him, right off the hop." Seems you were quite pleased with JBot as well...
  14. Look what I found on this site on July 6, 2018. You wanted a 2 year bridge. "I'm hoping for a 2 year bridge deal. I was tempted to say 3 years, but it might be better if Reinhart, Mittelstadt, and Dahlin aren't all up at once. They can sign Reino to a longer term deal after that, assuming it's warranted, or even after the first year if Botterill thinks Sam is primed for a breakout after watching him again this coming season." Seems you wanted a bridge deal, doesn't it???
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