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  1. You mean there's a period there where they have to be under and then all of a sudden they can put a player on LTIR? What an absurd rule.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, once he has his QO he has to be protected or left available for the XD. As for center, Button commented a few weeks ago that he hasn't re-signed with the Sabres and the Jets should be interested as they need a 2C. Does he even watch the sport or what? If the player files for arbitratioin and I am assuming he did, the team picks the term and I can't see the Sabres picking 2 years. Smart move on Sam's part if you ask me. He loses a bit more than a million or so this season (reduced number of games anyway though) and has all the leverage next year. It will be pay me or I am gone at the end of the season. Maybe they just decided on not going to arbitration (if true, smart move if you ask me) and would work on a proper deal with time and patience on their side. 5.2m is quite low if you ask me but like I said, this moves the leverage over to the player.
  3. I think a team can be over the cap by 10 per cent, no?
  4. The Jets will place Little on LTIR as soon as the next season starts and that clears up 5.3m. Niku, Roslo and Harkins haven't re-signed (RFAs). Methinks Chevy will make a deal yet that brings back a 2LHD. There's been lots of rumors that Laine might be traded. If they trade him over putting an aging Wheeler on the 2nd line and Laine on the 1st line, I might start cheering for another team.
  5. I'd gladly take Toews at 3.5m retained. Heinola (future 2LHD), 1st in 2021 and Copper for Toews. He's only scored less than 52 points in the lockout year (48 points) and his last three seasons have been 60 (on pace for 70), 81 and 52 points. I know he'd never do it but it's nice to dream.
  6. Jokiharju might be playing before TC... This article seems to suggest there is a chance that Laine Barkov & Jokiharju could be loaned to Tappara. All three are apparently practicing with the team. https://www.nhlsuomi.com/2020/10/22/patrik-laine-liigaan-il-nama-kolme-nhl-pelaajaa-ovat-tapparan-mukana-ainutkertainen-mahdollisuus/ it's in Finnish.
  7. Got back today from 4 days at the Nopiming Provincial Park with the gf and kids. The pic is 3 of the 11 ruffies I was lucky enough to harvest. I hunted every evening for about 2 hours. I also got a sharptail grouse. I'll be going back in 2 weeks with a hunting buddy for a day hunt.
  8. If the Sabres were to trade a 1st for a goalie, wouldn't they have just drafted Askarov? If Khudobin starts stealing the show or maybe even if he doesn't, Bishop could probably be had for cheap. A re-signed Rask might not cost too much either.
  9. The Central Division has being one of the toughest for the last 8 to 10 years.
  10. The only reason I'd trade him is if his ask was ridiculous. I'd give him 5 x 6.375m.
  11. The new divisions will only be for a year (probably). It is what it is. I think the Jets make the playoffs easier in a Canadian division than the Central. I don't think Gallagher's deal is as crazy as Anderson's to be honest. He was on a 60 point pace this year and will get you about 30 goals a season. After Gallagher got his deal, Callagher wasn't going to settle for less. Bergy might have saved some coin by signing Gallagher first but I don't think he is the best GM in the league to begin with. Price is an outstanding goalie but 10.5m per season?
  12. Great move by the GM. How many thought he was going to the Sabres? Hall wants to make the playoffs so if th eSabres make the playoffs, there's a good chance he'll re-sign. I'd have a 1st line of Hall- JE- Rheinhart but that's me.
  13. https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/hockey/jets/Roslovic-ready-for-a-change-572708031.html The one thing that stands out to me in this article is that Roslo is a natural center? One of the fastest on the team and always comes into camp and is the best in shape but he is no natural center. He did well for awhile between Appleton and Harkins but has only been average or below average when moved up to the top 6. I have to say, when he was moved up, Wheeler was his center and that is not an ideal situation. I hope he isn't moved. Harkins Roslo Apples Gus Lowry Copper is a solid bottom six. I think he is moved. He isn't happy with how he is being used. He fired his agent and hired Claude Lemieux before the season started. I would think Chevy is looking for a 2LHD until Heinola and Slamberg are ready. Dillon would have been ideal. Sabres fans are happy with their GM? Chevy has signed... Forbort 1 x 1m Sbisa! 1 x 800k Nate Thompson 1 x 750k Dominic Toninato? 1 x 700k Boolow 2 x 1.25m Mainly dollar store specials. A couple will go to the Moose but I doubt Boolow or Forbort do.
  14. He played well just before the pause but when things started back up he was horrible. Could probably say the same thing about the whole Jets' team though.
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