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  1. A friend of mine from Kentucky that moved to the Yukon via Winnipeg has invited me moose hunting for the 2021 fall season. He said all I have to bring is my clothes and gun. He has his Canadian citizenship and is allowed to do this once in a lifetime as a Canadian citizen of the Yukon and I feel honored that he asked me. This is a trip I didn't ever think I could afford but seeing as he is actuallly my guide, the cost will be minimal. I have enough VISA point that the taxes are under $150.00 for the flight. The biggest expense will getting the de-boned meat home. He got a moose on the 2nd day last fall that measured 49 inches and the year before on the first morning he got a 58 incher! We'll be floating a river in a 14 foot jon boat. The only concern I have is grizzlies but I'm going for it.
  2. He already has. He supposedly got a phone call.
  3. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/jets-perreault-mad-canucks-virtanen-no-suspension Perreault was not too happy. I don't blame him. He has the record for 4 players suspended for infractions against him and this one shouldhave been the 5th. “I got to take matters in my own hand next time this happens and I get to swing my stick across his forehead, and I shouldn’t get suspended then,” added Perreault.
  4. I hate the Preds so I am glad for the turmoil but neither of the goalies are above a .900 sv%. Rinne is over the hill and Saros hasn't shown to be a capable #1 goalie yet. Bad goalies=bad coaches.
  5. He is the one the Canadians tried to not have as a ref for the last game...game 8. I thihnk the other was a Czech.
  6. The same blind ref missed a stick to the face to Ehlers and a hit from behind on Morrissey in the final 5 minutes or so of the Jets/Minny game yesterday. Then, he gave Wheeler a penalty in OT and Minny scored. That ref is almost comical and it makes you wonder how he got hired. He reminds me of some of the refs from the 1972 summit series.
  7. Mittlestadt was probably brought up a season too early but look at the players drafted after him. Not too many that have done much. I wouldn't give up on him yet.
  8. Am I missing something here? Why should the Isles be retiring Westfall's number?
  9. Goring is a Winnipeg native...good on him!!! That Kovalchuk contract is on the cap for another season after thisone. That is 6.25m for a player not even on your roster. When Jets' fans complain about some of the contracts on the team I look around the league and there are some absoultely terrible deals signed. Ladd is making 5.5m on the cap and only 1m for a base salary with the rest signing bonuses. He's playing in the AHL. Some GMs can't help themselves.
  10. He'll bring back a 1st and at least a B prospect at the TD. If they trade him now, it will be more. I can see him playing for the Isles after this season...maybe Nashville? Hey, maybe Dubas gives him deal for 11m x 8 years?
  11. Kane probably gets 3 games but deserves a butt end to the teeth. My opinion anyway...
  12. Great game guys, I love seeing the Leafs lose. Over pay your players and trade your top draft picks so someone takes a player you overpaid...great plan for continued success.
  13. He had the surgery...on his own...told the team he was having it but that's all the team had to do with it from what I've heard.
  14. Rumor has it that Buff is saying his ankle neded surgery from an injury last year although he signed off at the end of last season as being healthy...that is what I heard anyway....it'd be nice to know what he is doing so Chevy can have the 7.6m of caphit if he isn't coming back. People are/were calling for Maurice's head but considering the D corps he has to work with and how well the team has been doing, I'd consider him for coach of the year.
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