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  1. Anyone see Don Cherry's comments about poppies???
  2. Here is what a neurosurgeon had to say about it... Based on the mechanism of injury and the news report, I think he has a cerebral contusion, basically a bruise in the brain.That intracranial injury would be a separate issue from the laceration to the scalp and/or external ear, which required stitches (it’s not important to count the number of stitches exactly, so the estimated number is no surprise), and the ruptured ear drum.Little wouldn’t likely have been kept in hospital unless there was intracranial bleeding (the contusion I’m suspecting he has). A scalp injury and ruptured eardrum wouldn’t require observation.
  3. Anyone hear about this? Little has had some really bad luck with injuries the past few seasons. The Jets season is looking worse each passing day... https://globalnews.ca/news/6137909/winnipeg-jets-bryan-little-suffered-brain-bleed-during-game-hit-to-the-head/
  4. I looked at March and you guys are playing 15 games in 26 days. Playing two games overseas can come back to bite you. I'm not saying it will and I hope it doesn't but if I had a say and choice if my team were going to or not, I would pick not.
  5. What I'd be worried about is what this trip does to the schedule. I didn't like the Jets going to Finland last year and was jumped on by Jets' fans when I mentioned it. After the games, most everyone was complaining about what it did to the schedule.
  6. When you are hoping boo low gets back from injury soon, your D is a mess...
  7. Poolman is hurt and Heinola (the kid is a keeper) is probably going back to Finland or down to the Moose before he hits 10 games. Never mind Toronto, we have the worst D corps in the league. Morrissey Kulikov Pionk Bitetto Dahlstrom Sbisa and Heinola at 8 games. Niku Poolman Beaulieu hurt Buff out. Barely legit with everyone healthy and Buff in.
  8. No Morrissey tonight...only D man from last year's 6 D is Kuli. edit ... No Kuli tonight either!!!
  9. We drove around and walked around from 7am to 5pm and didn't see a grouse today. It's not always limits of fish and birds but I do love where I live.
  10. Out of our top 6 of Scheif, Wheeler, KC, Laine, Little and Ehlers, it is my opinion that only Little is better defensively. Chevy won't trade 6m a year Ehlers unless the D coming back is Lindholm or Slavin but I think he holds tight and we die a slow death and don't make the playoffs with this D corps. Morrissey didn't play the 3rd period yesterday which made 18 year old Ville Heinola the best D man on the team with 3 games of NHL experience...think about that for a second. If Kuli doesn't have a decent partner he can't carry him and that pairing is horrible. Poink is good offensively but not very good in his own zone (Myers light). Beaulieu is out but I don't think he is any good anyway (7th or 8th D man). Bitetto shouldn't be in the league. I don't mind Poolman as a 3d pairing getting sheltered minutes and playing the PK. Dahlstrom isn't as good as Beaulieu! Niku was in a minor car accident which allowed him to skate on two dyas in TC and I expect him with the team shortly. So, we have Heinola, Kuli, Poink, Poolman, Beaulieu, Dahlstrom and Potato if Morrissey were to miss any time!!!!!
  11. Just finished some trigger fish ceviche and then we had some of these mushrooms fried up with butter and onions with a good rye bread. We are going for a ride to show the girlfriend's mom all of the geese at Oak Hammock Wildlife Management Area and then we are going to eat some mahi-mahi fillets when we get back. The ceviche was yummy and the mushrooms are some of my favourite food on the planet. Totally unrelated but we were at the Elton John concert last night and it was freaking awesome! 9th row seats.
  12. 2001 with just under 150,000 miles. It's the gf's but I commandeer it during hunting season.
  13. I couldn't find anyone to go picking honey mushrooms so I went by myself last Tuesday...Now, after seeing some pictures, everyone wants to come picking this weekend. After I took this pic I was on my way home because this is all of the boxes I brought with me. I stopped to have a leak and saw a big cluster of about 12 or more. I ran back to the Jeep and grabbed a grocery bag. Within 10 minutes that bag was full and I was on my way home. 3 1/2 hours to clean (didn't find any with worms), blanch and freeze them all. Lots of bears in this area. I was picking about 3/4 of a mile off the highway but still had the gun with me. I used to hunt up there and have taken a few big ones up there so I was always looking over my shoulder. Going back Sunday afternoon for some more and Monday afternoon for a duck shoot. I have 4 day weekends until mid November and I am going to take advantage of it. The walleye are supposed to be picking up in the river as well. I love this time of year. oregelbundet oregelbunden, I am envious.
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