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  1. The Sabres should send one of their not too bad D men somewhere along with Okposo for a 4th or 5th or something.
  2. No idea but there are a lot bigger ones out there. Approaching 20 maybe??? That is 29 inches and my GF's daughter caught one when she was about 7 or so and it was 41 1/8" long. On my ***** scale I had back then it was 37 lbs. They were fishing from shore that morning and my GF and her son and daughter caught 7 master angler catfish. Also, another 18 over 30 inches but under the 34 inches you need for a master. Manitoba Master Angler awards are given by length not weight. The thinking is that it takes less time to get them back in the water. Barbs are illegal as well. If the hook is on your line, it has to be pinched. To be honest, it was his 1st time ever going for cats so I took some pics but we usually don't take pics if they aren't masters. I used to fish a LOT for them but this was my 1st time out for them by boat in about 5 years. It was nice to pull in a few again. We only stayed an hour or so after dark. If we stayed longer, we would have caught a lot more because the spot I moved to as the sun was going down produced 5 in no time and all were over 27 inches.
  3. I honestly don't know how good Nylander is but Joki will be a 2nd pairing D man at the least and who cares if Nylander lights it up or not? He's a Hawk... The Sabres D just got better with a cost controlled asset for the next 6 years for a player that didn't pan out for the them. Very solid move and I am envious. I'd love to see him in a Jets' uni.
  4. I took a buddy out for catfish on Saturday that hadn't caught one before. This is a 29 incher but he caught a 33 and 3/4 incher later. It got out of his hands before I could get a picture of it. We caught about 18 catfish that night with just over half being under 20 in.
  5. He gets 1m and Myers gets 6m???
  6. Last year he would be a cheap PB guy...this year he starts.
  7. Don't believe everything you read...
  8. I live just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA. I caught them in the Manigotagan River and the fishing was pretty slow. It is a two hour drive but we were coming back from smallmouth bass fishing about an hour past Manigotagan. We usually hammer them and 75 fish days are not uncommon. It was steady this year but nowhere near where I have seen it some years. All in all the slowest trip we have had since we started doing the two in one weekend. It started as the "Cast and Bass" and has morphed into the "Cast and Grass"!
  9. My limit of 6 and some cheapkate's limit of 4 walleye and a crappie. He purchased a conservation license and saved 5 bucks...
  10. For some reason I thought he only had 2 years left... This is a great move for you guys!!!
  11. If he re-signs, this is a huuuuuge steal.
  12. His points total should be secondary to proper use and development. His points are going to come.
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