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  1. You don't give up on an elite player signed long term because he is having an off year...no matter the reason. Shipping him off with your 2nd best forward for a guy with 2 more seasons on his contract and another with 4 is bad asset management, especially since Eichel is on another level than the other players. There'd be 31 teams lined up for him if he were to be made available and the return would be a king's ransom. I think he has been playing hurt since TC but that's just me.
  2. If you're re-building, have the patience to know you won't win a cup in 2 years and it takes a lot of pain before building a contender.
  3. Left the morning practice early...something tightening up...didn't dress for the Sens' game...first game he has missed in the NHL due to injury.. Jets luck.
  4. -45C (-49F) tonight with the wind. I'd hate to have the Jets get shut down for any period of time right now. It is supposed to break this Monday but this is the longest cold snap I can remember for quite awhile. Probably helps to stop the spread of Covid though. Too freaking cold to go anywhere. On a normal year, I would be leaving tomorrow for somewhere warm for about 3 weeks. It was supposed to be Panama this year. Fishing while drinking beer, birdwatching and later drinking beer, sightseeing and drinking beer at different stops, eating the local food while drinking the local
  5. From what I heard, CBJ wanted both players and wouldn't trade PLD for Laine straight up. Roslo was sitting out wanting a trade. He wasn't going to crack the top 6 here and when he did, he didn't show very well.
  6. The Laine/Torts relationship will be an interesting one. Roslo on the other hand has 7 points in 7 games.
  7. Tucker Poolman got it and he quarantined for 14 days. Not sure if that is NHL protocol but it is Manitoba's. Anybody coming in to Manitoba from anywhere must now quarantine for 14 days as well. Doesn't matter if you are coming from inside Canada to Manitoba or not...it is 14 days. We will finally get to see PLD in a Jets' uni tomorrow. He must love it here...-40s with the windchill all this week.
  8. Very close games with a playoff feel. Tonight's game was the 1st of the 4 that has been decided by more than one goal. Helle and LB have played outstanding and goaltending has been the difference so far. I was expecting it to be rougher seeing as this is the 4th time they've played and 3rd in a row of 4 in a row.
  9. Laine and Roslo are both playing and PLD can't play until the game on the 9th...f$%^ing Covid.
  10. Here's hoping all players are Covid free and continue to be. Rossi is still recuperating from complications due to Covid and will not play this season.
  11. To be honest, if I'm betting, I'm betting on a Sabres win. Gotta get 1 or 2 guys in front of the net and shoot from everywhere. He lets out rebounds and has trouble following the puck. Sabres score one early and I'm the Devils' coach, I'd yank him.
  12. Keep shooting at him and you win the game. He let in two in short order and his confidence is gone. There's a resaon why he isn't a regular in the NHL.
  13. I just saw Jersey has wild eyes in net. Get one past him and his game goes to *****. Side to side is world class but that's about all he has really.
  14. At least Chevy shouldn't be trading away our 2021 1st for a 2C at the TD.
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