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  1. I can't account for all the on-ice goals, these are about 10 that Eichel and Reinhart aren't on the ice together. I haven't downloaded the Jersey game yet. My argument here is that plus/minus is highly usage based, the times that Eichel gets plusses when Reinhart doesn't isn't about how they play together, it's about usage. And this doesn't mean I like Reinhart playing with Eichel, I'm just saying using plus/minus as a tool doesn't help too much. BUF #9 EICHEL(6), Backhand, Off. Zone, 5 ft.Assists: #55 RISTOLAINEN(5); #37 MITTELSTADT(4) 9,37,55,40 This one is 3-3, which have much higher scoring rates than 5-5, as 3-3, not sure how plus/minus counts BUF #9 EICHEL(8), Wrist, Off. Zone, 9 ft.Assists: #55 RISTOLAINEN(7); #26 DAHLIN(11) 9,68,22,43,26,55 This one is a Buffalo empty net since there are 4 forwards and two defenseman on the ice. BUF #9 EICHEL(11), Slap, Off. Zone, 26 ft.Assist: #53 SKINNER(5) 9,53,43,6,10,35 This is a case where he was on the ice with Skinner and Sheary BUF #9 EICHEL(12), Wrist, Neu. Zone, 96 ft. 9,28,13,19,55,35 96 feet? Gotta be an opponent empty net BUF #9 EICHEL(15), Wrist, Off. Zone, 23 ft.Assist: #4 BOGOSIAN(2) 9,43,90,4,19,35 Eichel's 15th with Sheary and Johansson BUF #9 EICHEL(16), Wrist, Def. Zone, 144 ft.Assist: #55 RISTOLAINEN(8) 9,13,90,4,55,35 144 feet. BUF #68 OLOFSSON(7), Wrist, Off. Zone, 12 ft.Assists: #9 EICHEL(11); #23 REINHART(7)9,37,68,10,33,40 This one is interesting because Reinhart gets an assist, but the data says he was off the ice, curious how this factored into plus minus BUF #53 SKINNER(9), Tip-In, Off. Zone, 13 ft.Assists: #9 EICHEL(14); #43 SHEARY(4)9,53,43,19,55,35 On the ice with Skinner and Sheary. BUF #68 OLOFSSON(10), Wrist, Off. Zone, 41 ft.Assists: #9 EICHEL(18); #6 SCANDELLA(4)9,74,68,6,55,35 On the ice with Asplund goal against team: team 9,68,55,35 opponent 42,71,8,70 Eichel and Olofsson on the ice for a goal against, not sure 3-3 counts BUF #22 LARSSON(2), Wrist, Off. Zone, 9 ft.Assists: #53 SKINNER(4); #68 OLOFSSON(6)9,53,68,22,26,62 This is another Buffalo empty net, as there are 4 forwards on the ice.
  2. Reinhart doesn't play against the other team's empty net, Eichel does, it would smooth out the numbers a lot if you took them out.
  3. There's a dtmts highlight between Chicago and Anaheim where Grant has a clear breakaway on Lehner. Unstoppable force vs Unmoveable object.
  4. If you list the Miller Montour pair as the 4th pair, I think it makes more sense
  5. The confusion might be the word 'waivers'. He was sent to Rochester because Bogosian is now healthy, but since he is enough of a veteran, another team can claim him before he gets to Rochester. If he was younger, he could just be sent to Rochester.
  6. rakish


    Spent 40 minutes talking to @MODO Hockey , a little Olofsson, a little Ullmark, but mostly about Sweden. It's audio only, so no youtube this time, I put it on my website http://45b.us/hockey/24.html
  7. Today Goaltender Moving Opportunity Charts, and as compared to Vegas Where we are on season count, this is all of Buffalo's games, it's counting by fingers, so I might have missed a few, this is the passer of cross ice pass creating opportunites inside the circles. Eichel 13 Dahlin 9 Johansson 8 Skinner 4 Okposo 4 Reinhart 4 Sobotka 3 Mittelstadt 4 Olofsson 4 Vesey 3 McCabe 3 Miller 3 Risto 2 Rodriguez 2 Sheary 1 Girgenssons 1 Thompson 1 And this is Vegas passers, but I've only done roughly 18 of their 22 games, so it's not complete March 16 Stone 13 Pacioretti 11 Karlsson 9 Smith 9 Carrier 9 Eakin 7 Glass 6
  8. They got a second or third pairing defenseman named Rasmus, and you guys are thinking forward?
  9. Watch Mittelstadt. I believe the Buffalo Sabres are telling him to go to the front of the net and get the rebound from Vesey's shot. This is a strategy that works somewhere between once per game, and twice per game, for each team (that's the list of each game at the bottom, minus the empty nets). Now watch Reilly Smith, or William Karlsson, or Marchesseault. They pass it to each other until one has a good shot. It's a different strategy. It works better, it's far more entertaining. I do think the Sabres have a talent problem, but for me it's not the core problem.
  10. One thing that has interested me the last couple years are the Vegas Knights. When they first drafted, the average pundit said they would be terrible, that you can't get top end talent from taking the other teams 8th(?) best player. That was, obviously, wrong. Vegas has been and is a potential cup winner. When people talk about Vegas, they talk about coaching, so I my project this year is watching highlights trying to quantify why teams score. I've always believed watching Buffalo looks different than watching Vegas, but I wasn't sure if that was me, or them. This is last nights chart against Minnesota, each team moved the puck acrost the ice twice. Now the rules for what counts is a bit fuzzy, but what I'm trying to get at is, does the belief of 'Pucks to the Net', that is repeated endlessly, work. Last night both of Minnesota's passes ended up in the back of the net, while neither of Buffalo's. As an extreme comparison, this is the Vegas Calgary game the other night. While it's true that you won't get all the Goaltender Moving Opportunities from watching highlights, I think you get enough of them to get a fair understanding of who is making the extra pass, and who is being coached to get pucks to the net. I'll be talking more about this.
  11. 2019 almost all together Draisaitl 4.75 pts/60 ES w/McDavid 4.54 McDavid 3.44 pts/60 ES w/Draisaitl 3.63 2018 playing 2/3 minutes together Draisaitl 2.98 pts/60 ES w/McDavid 3.84 therefore roughly 1.8 without McDavid 3.36 pts/60 ES w/Draisaitl 4.24 therefore roughly 1.9 without OK, maybe I was exaggerating
  12. Organist playing "Our lips our Sealed" trolling the audience?
  13. Counter-intuitively, it's McDavid's production that relies on Draisaitl's more than the other way around. For instance, Draisaitl's points are even better than Pomminsteinvillian with Nugent Hopkins, in just 25 minutes of play. It is possible that this is highly influenced by empty net goals, as maybe that's when Draisaitl plays with Nugent Hopkins.
  14. Thompson got rubbed out into the corner, normal hockey play, as they separated Tage had the reaction of someone who will be out for months.
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