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  1. I was in the process of duplicating pick224 for you, now, maybe I won't. Savoie... as he should
  2. Dave MacPherson posted his 2022 stats. I didn't think this was going to happen as he has been hired by the Sarnia Sting: pick224.com
  3. Think Wayne's done? He's a pretty competitive guy.
  4. I think you saw the Toronto (once Vancouver) defenseman being waived.
  5. So I looked at 16 year olds for the first time. The old system I could do everybody, which was good, new system, not so good (I'm taking some data from here, some data from there, very slow). So I only did 10. Wright didn't play in a league that I grade at 16, but his 15 numbers are really good. Everyone else was well below where I expected. Yurov was 25th among the admittedly random group of 16 year olds I have scored. He sits with a lot of 8th overalls, Rossi's at 23rd, Cozens' at 24th, Newhook's at 26th. Savoie's at 39th, Kemell's at 41st, Cooley's at 42nd, Lambert's at 44th, Slafkovsky's at 80th, Miro... at 88th. Korchinski is 23rd among defensemen, and I haven't graded many defensemen. I expect a few guys to have really great DY years (Kemell looks to be having a great start), but the DY-1 was really weak.
  6. Prow is an Amerk type, if I remember right, he was around last year. Malone was drafted a few years back. He doesn't score, but people love how he plays.
  7. Somehow I missed these guys, just found them. They play with Phil a lot, as Phil's Friends. I find their Dead stuff a bit note for note, and I'm always looking for a reinvention, like their version of Miss You. I think of it as what Jerry would have done with it, had the Dead actually practiced.
  8. A Dead cover band plays the Stones classic.
  9. My guess is that at the big NHL/Players/Adams/Eichel meeting they came to an agreement. I will never know if this is true
  10. They did play Drysdale against tough competition, both at home and on the road. I see his numbers as good, though I see why an analytic wouldn't
  11. I thought it had been decided that it's better to move to a city without a basketball team?
  12. I enjoy these a lot. it's fun to watch someone listen to something that I've heard a million times, it kind of brings new life to it. My favorite is Lost in Vegas listening to Roundabout
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