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  1. Do you think the interaction is going to be sql?
  2. Ah, so xGF is not something like delta goals for, it's something shot based? That's why no one thought I was being really brilliant, as Spinal Tap says, there's such a fine line between genius and stupid.
  3. I was serious pi, any theories on why Tierny's numbers different? to me they are visuallizing the same idea
  4. Think they're paying @pi2000 a residual for TrPM? it is trademarked
  5. The problem for me on this one is that no one is sitting outside the frame when the frame cuts through the middle of the classroom.
  6. I am big on Sprong, both his 19th year (in the Q) and his 20th year (AHL) he scored more than more than a few prospects who became players. While it's true that last year sucked, for me it's not a close call. First is what I get for the past 10 years of the best Q 19 year old forwards: 1 NICOLAS DESCHAMPS 1698 2 VITALI ABRAMOV 1623 3 DANIEL SPRONG 1504 4 MAXIME COMTOIS 1429 5 CHARLES HUDON 1335 6 DMITRIJ JASKIN 1325 7 IVAN CHEKHOVICH 1234 8 LUKE ADAM 1167 9 MIKHAIL GRIGORENKO 1155 10 MATHIEU JOSEPH 1103 11 MIKE HOFFMAN 1103 Next is what I get for the past 10 years of the best AHL 20 year old forwards. 1 JOSH BAILEY 2819 2 NIKITA KUCHEROV 2318 3 RYAN STROME 2214 4 LOGAN COUTURE 2110 5 JACK ROSLOVIC 1870 6 CHRIS TIERNEY 1672 7 DRAKE BATHERSON 1597 8 J.T. MILLER 1557 9 DANIEL SPRONG 1520 10 LUKE ADAM AHL 1488
  7. I thought he didn't hurry enough to get back into the play, leaving the guy who scored alone.
  8. Moving on to the second goal. Blame Dahlin, blame Oloffson, I don't care, but the Eichel line needs to have less goals scored against them, that why I like the idea of a defensive forward with Eichel. Third goal, Scandella makes 2 mistakes, and 24 puts another one in, I wish the Sabres had a guy like that.
  9. Regarding Mittelstadt, you missed that he got overpowered by 24, whoever 24 is, that led to a goal. Maybe the Sabres ought to trade for 24, and have him be the center.
  10. Dahlen shouldn't be getting defensive zone faceoffs against the other teams best forwards since you want Dahlen on the ice in the offensive zone. I think this is RaKru (yeah I'm totally assimilating) deciding that McCabe and Miller (which is almost a movie title from the 1970's) are going to be the defensive zone pair while Risto will be the offensive zone defenseman, very different than how the other coaches have used Risto.
  11. In 2015 Reinhart started well 2.48 pts/60 EV for the first 10 games, season finish 1.78 2016, first 10 games 0.95, season finish 1.63 2017, first 10 games 1.00 , season finish 1.52 2018, first 10 games 0.88, season finish 2.34 to give you some context on what those numbers mean (defenseman excluded), for 2018 9 EICHEL2.64 56 23 REINHART2.34 50 53 SKINNER2.24 47 29 POMINVILLE2.10 29 43 SHEARY1.72 28 92 NYLANDER1.44 3 71 RODRIGUES 1.41 22 28 GIRGENSONS1.38 18 20 WILSON1.25 3 41 OLOFSSON1.24 2 21 OKPOSO1.13 17 49 SMITH1.07 2 37 MITTELSTADT1.05 15 22 LARSSON0.90 13 10 BERGLUND0.88 4 72 THOMPSON0.87 10 17 SOBOTKA0.80 11 OK, let's move on to your second sentence about Reinhart making everyone else better. In 2018, pts/60 Even Strength Eichel 2.64 entire season, 2.40 with Reinhart. You might say that's pretty close, but since about 3/4 of Eichel's minutes are with Reinhart, this means that without Reinhart, Jack's numbers were well over 3.00 Skinner 2.24 entire season, 1.93 with Reinhart (for half of Skinner's minutes, therefore Skinner was roughly 2.5 without Reinhart Sheary 1.72 entire season, 1.95 with Reinhart (for roughly 30% of Sheary's minutes, therefore Sheary without Reinhart 1.6 Rodriguez 1.41 entire season, 0.97 with Reinhart (20%, so ERod scored about 1.5 without) Mittelstadt 1.05 entire season, 1.17 with Reinhart (25%, so Mittelstadt scored about 1.00 without.) The interesting comparison for me is Sheary and Skinner. Sheary scored more with Reinhart than Skinner did. So as you see, Reinhart helps some people, doesn't help others. He's a good hockey player, but he doesn't make Mittlestadt into Eichel either. The Power Play was ineffective when Reinhart was on the ice, and the PK was ineffective, in very short minutes. I enjoy your music.
  12. McCabe and Montour played roughly 66 minutes together last year, mostly the last 4 games. They were on the ice for 4 goals for, 0 goals against.
  13. This is why I don't like Botterill's offseason. I think if he had capspace, he could make a trade with Tampa, instead he spent his capspace until he ran out. I've been thinking about how the cap affects what I call the development sine wave. Before the cap, when you're good (at the top of the sine wave), you trade your futures to increase you present value, which inevitably leads to having a bad team (the bottom of the sine wave) 5 years out. With a cap, Tampa will be trading some of their present for futures to fit under their cap, thus making them better in 5 years, so eliminating the development sine wave. Does this make any sense?
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