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  1. The Leafs structured their cap so they can't sign Marner until the season starts and the LTIR players are off the cap, no?
  2. For me the gold and the blue are too close tonally (is tonally a word?)... doesn't have enough contrast. I'd be interested in what Josie has to say.
  3. I went UPL, it's an amazing even spread between votes.
  4. Crosby Bergeron McDavid Kutcherov McDonagh Tavares Point Marchand P Kane Coutourier What my drafting model says: 1 NIKITA KUCHEROV NHL 7418 2 CONNOR MCDAVID NHL 4759 3 TAYLOR HALL NHL 3947 4 MORGAN RIELLY NHL 3863 5 JOHNNY GAUDREAU NHL 3863 6 JACK EICHEL NHL 3749 7 VICTOR HEDMAN NHL 3734 8 DAVID PASTRNAK NHL 3535 9 MATT DUCHENE NHL 3526 10 BRAYDEN POINT NHL 3522
  5. Elite Prospects says Jonathan Tanner, I'll go with EP
  6. Vesey did spend some time on the PK. While he was on the ice, the other team scored 12.74 goals against per 60. To give you a comparison to the Buffalo PK, ERod is the worst regular at 7.58. Risto at 6.89... Girgensons was the best regular at 5.35
  7. It's not very scientific, I think there's some advantage to being big playing hockey, but the disadvantage is that you're still clumsy at a young age where small guys aren't fighting that. I think peak Tori Krug happens at a younger age than peak Chara.
  8. I would have been banging the drum for Grigo 2, but he's signed for next year. It's my theory that big guys have different developmental curves than little guys. And the Sabres were always trying to make Grigo heavier in the weight room, which I thought was the wrong approach.
  9. @Taro T Check out Grigo's 2018-2019 numbers some time
  10. What else would you use?
  11. Webster Street, not Oliver Street
  12. You don't end up watching the Sabres without carrying a little baggage. I grew up on Walck Road right where it bends between Payne and Nash.
  13. Wait a minute, there's a theater on Oliver Street? What did they do, take 3 bars, and remove the walls between them?
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