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  1. If you look at Marcus' numbers the last 2 years, he's become a very good scorer, while playing on a defensive line, with nobody that plays on the power play. Marcus has become Mike.
  2. Danault has deceptive stats because Montreal doesn't use him on the power play. He's very good.
  3. The best prospects is about the top end of the curve, the number of players making active rosters would be the opposite end of the curve, no?
  4. Wait, I haven't been following that thread. They decided they needed to draft like the Pittsburgh Penguins?
  5. Ok, here's my theory. May be a bad theory, here goes: What the list is telling you is you need to make available certain number of players at each position. That eligibility depends on the number of games played. Now that is different than whether a player is eligible or not. Bryson is not eligible because he is a second year player. Borgen is eligible because he is a third year player. Although Bryson signed 2 years ago today, he doesn't become a third year player because he didn't play 10 games in 2018-2019. Since Borgan is eligible, you (the GM) need to consider whether he counts towar
  6. Oh, you're probably right. I'm not trying to predict what the Buffalo Sabres are going to do, I merely meant Asplund as a placeholder for a (about a) one million contract. I wonder what Pilut's status is.
  7. I think this is good analysis, but I think the opposite is true. I think the salary cap crunch is stronger than ever, and as such, Seattle will be able to extort more value from each team than Vegas did. I don't think Buffalo will be affected by the increased cap crunch, as they have some cap space, so Seattle will extort other teams. Seattle and Buffalo aren't negotiating on the value of Miller, Seattle is negotiating with the 30 other teams as to what the price is to take an unwelcomed contract off their hands. Buffalo will hear the price of Miller, and correctly, not make a deal. My p
  8. I've updated the data. Here are the PP times of forwards, I think there's a good correlation between the offensive skill level and the PP time, at least for the Sabres 9 EICHEL3.94 4 HALL3.45 23 REINHART3.38 68 OLOFSSON3.38 37 MITTELSTADT1.99 24 COZENS1.48 12 STAAL1.28 72 THOMPSON1.27 53 SKINNER1.25 21 OKPOSO0.54 25 RUOTSALAINEN0.11 13 RIEDER0.07 74 ASPLUND0.07 27 LAZAR0.06 20 EAKIN0.05 15 SHEAHAN0.05 17 FOGARTY0.05 As to the playing 4 forwards vs. playing 3 forwards. It does affect the goaltenders, since a goaltender will get an entire game a
  9. How many games at forward would Borgan have to play to be called a forward?
  10. There are arguments against this type of analysis. @Wildcard doesn't like the difficulty of opponent metric because some forwards on the powerplay aren't that fearsome in 5x5. I think Olofsson would come under this heading for Buffalo. The GED guy argues that in reality there is no difference between who Bryson plays against vs. who Dahlen plays against. That said, I generally look at the defensemen on the ice each time the puck goes in the net, but I'm drinking way too much to keep track of the forwards. The camera shows the other team celebrating the goal, not so much the skate of shame
  11. I was think of painting a scene of the 2021 Sabres, the goal light would be on, the goaltender would be flat on the ice, and 26 would be breaking his stick on the crossbar
  12. So plugging the 3.8 back into the chart, is still not good.
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