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  1. When you are dealing with prospects who are in their late teens the evaluations made at that point are not necessarily the same as two or three years down the line. I'm sure you will agree that except with the elite prospects there is a lot of unpredictability in the evaluation process. So I will continue to maintain the "reasonable standard" and have a less jaundiced eye when looking back.
  2. The picture with the crowd is a stunning sight to see.
  3. I still say if he turns out as he described then it was a reasonable pick. I'm not saying you are wrong but what I am saying is when assessing prospects it is often wise to let the process run its course before making a declarative judgment. With prospects patience is a virtue and not a fault.
  4. Your description of him argues that he was a worthy pick where he was selected. It also suggests that the smart way to handle a prospect is to be patient and allow the player to develop at his pace.
  5. I foresee a defenseman going out in a trade and Borgen moving up to the big club. If he doesn't come up after a deal he will be the first AHL defenseman waiting in the wings to move up the ranks. As others have said Nelson is more of an AHL caliber player but if it is required he can play on a lower defense pairing and be respectable for a short stint.
  6. It's almost seems that you are afraid that he could prove his critics wrong and earn a roster spot. I don't know how he is going to show in training camp. For the most part the roster is close to being set before camp begins with the primary purpose of the camp is to work out the combinations and roles. But camp is also there for a segment of the players to compete and earn roster spots. If he earns a spot he earns a spot. If he doesn't earn a spot then he doesn't earn a spot. If the staff believes that sending him to Rochester will enhance his development then he should be sent to Rochester. So what's the issue?
  7. If he earns a roster spot why not?
  8. What I want to see from Mitts is he coming into camp in excellent shape and ready to compete for a roster spot. This extended offseason is important for him because it will demonstrate whether he can on his own initiative without the formal oversight of the organization prepare himself in a way that his talents are actualized. The issue that most commentators have with him is his compete level. That concern is what he needs to dispel. He's still a young player who can mature and develop into an established NHL player. Although a lot of people have written him off I don't believe that Adams or Krueger have written him off. I still believe that the best way to handle him is to start him off in Rochester and give him a boatload of playing time in a variety of situations (which won't happen if he is on the Sabre roster) that will better prepare him if and when he is called up.
  9. In general your characterization of Mitts's attitude of lassitude in his young career is a fair representation. Has he changed? By some accounts once he underwent some adjustment time in Rochester he seemed to regain his confidence and steadily upgraded his play. Is it a reflection of him finally understanding what he needs to do to play as a professional? I'm not sure. If he comes into camp in impeccable shape and right from the start competes at a level that demonstrates that he is going to fight for and earn a roster spot then I will be more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. This organization did him no favors by rushing him to the big league when he wasn't ready both physically and mentally. If he comes into camp and demonstrates a greater degree of purpose whether he makes the NHL roster or is sent to Rochester for further development then I will give him the benefit of the doubt. As of now I'm not counting on him but I haven't closed the door on his prospects.
  10. What you are starting to see with the Sabres that hasn't happened in a long time is that players are now more likely to be properly line slotted to their talent levels and roles. For too long players were playing above their actual line capabilities resulting in negative matchups. To state the obvious what has changed this dynamic is having better players. Without a doubt there still needs to be some roster reshaping but it should be acknowledged that this roster is starting to be built up the right way. It seemed that with Botterill there was an emphasis in adding talent while under the Krueger influence there is more forethought into properly fitting the pieces together.
  11. We all appreciate your efforts in maintaining this site. Whenever I have problems with this site I resort to cursing the computer in Italian. It usually fixes the problem. However, one time I did that and the computer responded with a "go fungu yourself". Is there an "expletive delete" tab that I can use to respond to this foul mouthed computer?
  12. Another player I see playing in Rochester and eventually moving up to Buffalo is Arttu Ruotsalainen. He like Olofsson who needed the extended play in the AHL to prepare for the style of play in the smaller rinks in the NHL. If some of our young players in the system do move up in the system it will help from both a talent standpoint and a cap standpoint.
  13. Odds are that Kahun will not be brought back because as you stated he doesn't fit the grinder mold. But that doesn't mean that his skating speed and skill level couldn't be utilized on this roster. Although he is certainly not a thumper he does add speed to this lineup, something this staff felt was a necessity. And it should be noted that Adams did say that he told the player's agent that they liked him as a player but not at his asking price. My heart says go back and get him while my head says it won't be done.
  14. The model on how to play Cozens is the Chicago example on how they handled Kirby Dack. They started off playing this talented rookie on the wing and then at the end of the season he comfortably eased into the center spot. I agree with you that Thompson did show glimpses that he can play in the league. The lesson that should be learned with him is that getting extensive playing time in Rochester enhances development while playing a young player before he is ready retards his development. With respect to whether Thompson should be a winger or center my answer is I'm not sure? That's what training camps are there to learn. I'm aware that Kahun had a short stint with us last year but I liked what I saw. He is skilled and he can skate. I hope we can get him back. In a compressed schedule where injuries are more likely adding to the talent base is a necessity.
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