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  1. He isn't what he formerly was. If I had a choice between Ullmark and MAF it would without bothering to put any thought into it be Ullmark. Because of his contract price and length it would be better to keep Hutton. Our major issue is getting our scorers to have a better conversion rate for the chances that they have. Our goaltending isn't elite but so far it hasn't been the main issue for us.
  2. Attached are the standings taken from NHL.com. NHL Hockey Standings | NHL.com
  3. I didn't claim Jack was a generational talent. But he certainly is a perennial all-pro caliber of player. In my view Dahlin is a special talent. But with him just like the defensemen you listed it is going to take time to become a top tier talent. Why should anyone be surprised that there is a developmental process before he becomes more of a finished product? If our major deficiency revolves around the middle of the lineup that is certainly more fixable than addressing the top of the roster. My assessment of this team is that although it is not a top tier team it is good enough to be a l
  4. When Krueger wants to make a point he doesn't shout. He emphatically makes his point by sitting your sluggish arse on the bench.
  5. I mean this in a friendly way: I'm not buying what you are selling. If you have an opportunity to draft Jack you do so with no hesitation. If you have an opportunity to draft Dahlin you do so with no hesitation. In your response you cited Tampa. They built their team mostly with draft picks. When Chicago had its run their team was built mostly with draft picks. I understand what you are saying but I'm not subscribing to it. It's obvious that the Sabres don't have top tier goaltending. If the opportunity arises the organization should pursue it. Who would argue otherwise? If you look at
  6. I would rather celebrate a win with some booty dancing. How to Shake Your Booty | Beginner Dancing - Bing video
  7. Your scenario is not going to happen. Your fanciful thinking induced by frustration is not reality based. Hang in there and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. That OT session was exciting from the start to the end. Jack has some jets but Hall is also a turbo skater. Just a general observation that will irritate the despondent crowd: Other than the first game there was no game in which I thought we were outplayed. I'm not saying that we were the superior team but I'm also not saying that we were the inferior team. Once Hall and Jack break it loose we will be back in the hunt.
  9. If you want to go backwards in order to eventually go forward that is your prerogative. I'm not taking that bumpy and rutted road.
  10. Eichel is currently one of the recognized premier players in the league. Dahlin entered the league when he was 18 yrs old and is now 20 yrs old. You don't have to be wedded to any player. They are going to be long-term anchor players for us who would gladly be divorced from your lack of affection. side note: Who is the union soldier in your profile? Is that you or a genuine civil war soldier? If you are a reenactor those sunglasses are too modern and make you out to be less authentic. Just curious??? Gettysburg is one of my favorite historical locations.
  11. Two players I will be rooting hard for in this game is Mittelstadt and Skinner. If you watch Skinner after he misses a shot that he use to make he can see how much he is pressing. He is a traumatized player.
  12. Of course the fans are frustrated with the play of Dahlin. So am I. But even for a player who was ordained to be a generational player playing a challenging position that doesn't mean that the unrealistic expectations of exasperated fans is going to make the youthful player an instant success. That's not how it works. Chara is going to enter the HOF when his career ends. How many years did it take for this tall and gangly player to develop into a premier defensive player? It took years! The problem with Dahlin isn't that he doesn't play hard; the problem is he doesn't always play smart in
  13. Your response leaves me perplexed. What does it mean? Although this early into the season Hall has not converted many plays it is obvious that he is a top tier talent. Why would you want to dispose of him for basically nothing? @GAsabrefanyou are jumping off the horse too soon. Be a little more patient before throwing in the towel.
  14. In any major teardown for the purpose of rebuilding the goal would be to add players with the potential to be elite. We already have two top of the draft type talents in the fold in Eichel and Dahlin who would be very difficult to replace. So what is your solution? Get rid of them so you can hope to get similar talents. That approach makes no sense. It's like running on a treadmill. A lot of exertion that gets you nowhere.
  15. Why do you say that Dahlin is not a hard worker? You don't think that the increased weight and muscle he added this offseason is a sign of a person who was dedicated to be prepared for the upcoming season? I agree with you that Dahlin has been inconsistent this season. Why is it surprising that a young player is inconsistent? Risto is now playing well and has played with more consistency. How many years has he been in the league? For those who are recommending that the Sabres should trade Jack and Dahlin and start completely over for another multi-year rebuild on top of the current multi-
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