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  1. I defended RK, but after those two games it’s hard to justify keeping Skinner away. He played well and defensively fine. No reason Oloffson should be playing ahead of him
  2. Watching the Capitals vs Penguins game Penguins have no offense and their goals are flukes. Washington controlling the play. Penguins mostly running an umbrella PP. Penguins PK they are all standing like statues. We looked better than the Penguins, with the caveat of the finishing bounces not going our way Some people need to calm the hell down
  3. I think we have a better chance in KC than Buffalo to be honest. Allen was neutered by that wind, we can’t have that again.
  4. Kid hasn’t played in 11mo. Oh he’s still a kid. Defenseman always take longer, and he’s playing 25 min a night. He has magic talents and he’s just making small missteps. Calm the hell down
  5. Outplayed them majorly all game and had every PP opportunity you could ask for and now they can’t score oye that’s a frustrating one Skinner our best player for two games, got a few more minutes but still not all the big ones he deserved with his play. Staal is still lazy. Cozens is maturing. Eakin and Rieder are actually a good third line and we will improve when Okposo comes back. We need more fore checkers. Cant argue with the goals against. They had shots and offense all game. Special teams is a tire fire though. Steve Smith needs gone
  6. The ads moving the screen two directions at the same time made me sick. They need to ditch one of the vertical or horizontal bars entirely and it’d be an acceptable evil. Both at the same time, sliding, is painful to watch The NFL only pulls it off because they do it instantly during screen transition. So it’s not jarring. When I’m trying to track the puck and it’s moving multiple directions it’s sickening. The NHL equivalent would be after whistles before next face off when it’s not TV timeout time. But they’re too greedy for that.
  7. I uninstalled and reinstalled NHL apps on phone and roku before trying this year. It worked flawlessly so far. First year it did so. MSG stream no problem (out of market) Problems I saw were jerky camera men on MSG and these god awful new ad pulls that make me angry every time to screen tears in two directions and I remind myself to never patronize whoever puts their ads there.
  8. If I were to change the lines based on last nights play, Staal and Okposo still out, I go with the below: Hall-Eichel-Thompson Skinner-Mittelstadt-Cozens Rieder-Eakin-Reinhart Oloffson-Lazar-Sheahan And only reason Skinner/Hall aren’t swapped is because of an unwritten agreement. I also doubt the coach swaps Cozens/Reinhart like I did here too
  9. Game is full of rust it’s wrong to be too judgemental That being said, Staal is an uninspiring statue. Reinhart sucked. Oloffson was invisible except on man advantage Eichel turnover machine. Hall is good but turnovers too. Thompson fits on that line I’m excited for it Rieder is shaping up to have a great season. Eakin looks fine. Cozens will stay on the team if he is like this Skinner actually looked good tonight. I don’t think his linemates held him back. In fact I think Staal and Reinhart would have the way they were playing. Mccabe is awful. I expecte
  10. Hutton sucks McCabe isn’t good Eichel is turning it over way too much Cozens stepped it up Rieder is fast. Isn’t just some plug, I’m curious why he struggled so much in Edmonton
  11. Super slow and sloppy start. They woke up after they scored a PP goal for sure though. I can get used to Eichel and Hall two on one breakaways. Skinner barely getting ice time but hasn’t looked bad when he has. Cozens getting a lot of time in Okposo’s spot. He’s experiencing that he can’t be cute with the puck against Chara. Also his low percentage shots are all getting deflected. Competition it’s clear he isn’t used to playing against. Rieder is fast. McCabe is looking bad. Dahlin still missing the net wide all the time.
  12. Great pass by Eichel and Oloffson there. Hall with the quick one. And Dahlin with a great opportunity
  13. The passing is horrendous The fake fan noise is distracting. The new ad screen adjust is infuriating. If it was just bottom up it’d be okay but the vertical panel is annoying as hell
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