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  1. Now show me Scandella last season vs Scandella this season and tell me how those stats are meaningful 🙂 hint: they’re not. Plotting models doesn’t mean they match up with reality
  2. Frustrating loss but if they play like that down the stretch then playoffs are a lock. Hope for the if
  3. ***** these worthless refs. No call on blatant trip then they call that with 4 min left? Criminal
  4. The struggling line creates traffic and gets a dirty goal. If that line is producing were in good shape
  5. Team is playing like they care. Great to see Dont pretend Botterill didn’t send a message buying like he did. The team heard it clear
  6. Buffalo is dominating through the first break. Wayne and Skinner already showing off their potential chemistry.
  7. They’re actually playing good hockey this season that can beat any team as long as the goalie shows up and plays at least average. Oh and that’s with Skinner being quiet. Unlock him and they’re a competitive team
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