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  1. He has the talent. He has the quickness. His problem is he doesn’t use it. It’s all mental. His go to move with the puck is to glide in place and then force a pass. He’s never stopping in place. He’s never skating around a player. He just slows down and glides. Sometimes it’s a good pass. Often he’s forcing junk and a turnover. If he isn’t having fun playing dynamically with a coach letting him do whatever then I’m not sure what it will take. But if we were to trade him I don’t think he will be missed much at all.
  2. They’ve always been a fringe playoff team. Goaltending killed any hope this season. It also became absurdly clear the coaching was holding them back big time if it was still any debate. Krueger may do good for tournaments, but once he was figured out it was all over. Thankfully the rot wasn’t so deep it couldn’t be cleaned out. Some guys are having major major rebounds. Add Ullmark and Eichel and see what this team does. Girgensons and a healthy defense and we’re competing. If they can keep the band together this off season I wouldn’t change a whole lot. Biggest g
  3. I’m bitching about why they haven’t done this yet last game and they go and do it!
  4. I don’t care it’s entertaining hockey now. Yes, losses can be entertaining to some degree.
  5. Why does Irwin not get replaced? Are they sheltering them still for some reason?
  6. We didn’t see an ounce of good Jack this year which makes trading him a possible thought. He’s still a beast of a player and I wonder what he’d do under Granato Definitely not a leader though But definitely Damaged goods now which hurts any return. mid want a blue chip or two plus firsts. Not just one or the other.
  7. Coaching is everything cant wait for fancy stats to have a coaching factor
  8. Eichel McCabe Borgen Girgensons (Montour with me coach) helps many of those numbers defensively Our PP was Eichel and that changes with his return Goalie problems can’t be understated This team isn’t that far off. Injury return, a goalie not injured, and a new coach and we’re easily playoffs
  9. Tokarski is sooooo bad and they nearly won. Sad ending. we need all our injured players back
  10. Beating Boston 6 times and kicking them out of playoffs is a winning season
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