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  1. Johnny hockey is the kind of player you’d trade him for.
  2. Gaudreau-Eichel-Skinner Vesey-Johansson-Sheary Mittelstadt-Jankowski-Oloffson Girgensons-Larsson-Asplund/Lazar
  3. Reinhart+Risto for Gaudreau+Jankowski please
  4. Demotion of Oloffson is a positive thing. Still prefer Skinner with Eichel than Vesey though. Surprised Mittelstadt takes center over Asplund.
  5. So much overreaction. They weren’t hemmed for nearly any part of this game, nor any of the games on the loss streak. Special teams took a dump. Spending half the 2nd period on the PK doesn’t help scoring. If anyone should be ragged last night it’s Mittelstadt. I really think they are just one or two solid forwards away from making a difference. Oloffson isn’t good enough to play 1st line with Reinhart as the opposing wing. Two guys who are just too weak on the forecheck. Johansson injury is holding them back, but otherwise Sheary and Skinner were causing havoc last night you can’t complain about that. Need better finishers on the bottom lines. Mittelstadt needs a vet pairing badly. He coughs things up too much to be successful himself and gets lost alone playing with low talent 4th liners. Though I really think he is better off on the wing. these trades need to come yesterday, but I do believe one or two decent forwards can make all the difference. Oh, and a shake up on the PP strategy it’s too stagnant. But to trash Botterill for not making any changes? Lol, Jokiharju has been a complete steal. It takes two to tango, too many people forget that.
  6. There’s hope for Eichel. Glad to see that. Teammates will notice
  7. It all comes down to size and puberty. Let the kid grow. You don't have a chance to bulk-up during 82-game seasons, and that's what Cozens needs to do.
  8. They shouldn't be teaching you anything you don't already know in an MBA program. It's glorified networking. And because it's networking, make sure whatever school you go to is in the area you want to end up, or commonly sends people out to industries you are actually interested in. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of completely self-unaware idiots with MBAs out there, so it looks bad if you don't have one. I am sorry your current deal isn't working out in your favor.
  9. Was there even confirmation that his latest injury was concussion?
  10. Wait, the tank whiners are also the guys defending Reinhart as our second-best player despite performing like a middle-6 player? Oh, the irony I hope they've been working on special teams. They really haven't played that bad on the skid outside of special teams. Hutton deserves the bench. I'm surprised Scandella is sitting-- he has been a calming presence for an otherwise out physically matched defensive corp. I like Gilmour's speed though, so I'll get over it.
  11. bahaha 3-5 weeks on Tage. Kid didn't want the smaller paycheck.
  12. Special Teams has been the difference in November. Record flips if the PP and PK played about average. Funny, the zone entries haven't been a problem at all (unlike last year where they embarrassingly were so). It's just their predictable movements not making any goalie stretch. And the PK? It's just not working when certain groupings are out there. Too many weak defenders. Who is the special teams coach this year?
  13. You know, the idea would be we'd just be getting a younger guy of equivalent talent in return. Maybe one that isn't mentally always taking a backseat to his buddy.
  14. They haven't been getting run over. They just aren't scoring. I know the record is bad, but I think people need to take a step back and realize how much better it has been looking lately. Last year the wins if we had them were mostly by luck. Now, the losses are mostly coming from bad luck. The play itself is in our favor. We just don't have the talent to finish consistently. Or the right line combos imho.
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