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  1. Leafs can’t afford to re up him.
  2. Link to Eichel interview?
  3. Throw ten millions for two years at Letang and it’s possible
  4. Nice when all the FAs are begging to stay Don’t know if we have a place for them tho
  5. Shakir actually looks decent. If a team like this has a 5th rounder they keep they’re doing things right. Trading all over drafting for need tho. Can’t say I blame them.
  6. They beat a bunch of teams who needed points. Wasn’t garbage time.
  7. He won’t last long after stopping working
  8. Let’s belittle a 100% choice driven action that kills people daily. Tee hee hee https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/tim-hortons-franchisee-closes-all-four-remaining-st-louis-restaurants/article_e825f14f-481e-507f-9477-677902cc5fb6.html
  9. If he didn’t get injured his wheels still would have fallen off halfway through the season. We’re seeing it now.
  10. Does anyone truly believe there was a place in Buffalo for the guy who introduced himself to the town by drunk drive crashing into a restaurant named after a guy in our rafters who died drunk driving? They closed the last Timmy’s in St Louis before he moved
  11. We don’t add a forward unless we’re trading youth for established. There’s no sense in trading a top pick for established- we will need that youth in a few years from now.
  12. StLouis was literally last place until they changed coaches that season and radically changed some big mistakes and rode that high through the cup. Been downhill ever since then and ROR brings no leadership. StLouis just wasn’t a tire fire for him to set off
  13. Both trades were the same. Remove locker room cancers and bring in kids with skill and culture. People are just impatient.
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