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Eric Robinson acquired by the Sabres from Columbus for a 2025 conditional 7th Round Pick


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Here is what I could find on him....not really impressive 

"Robinson established himself as a speedy NHL winger, who brings some size and two-way capabilities to the club. He’s mostly thought of as an effective penalty killer, but he doesn’t bring a ton else to the table. He’s not overly physical, he doesn’t have much of a scoring touch; really, the best thing you can say about him is that usually, when he’s on the ice, nothing really happens. He’s a classic replacement level player."  

my guess he is with Sabres for 10 days till Tuch and Greenway return and then waived 

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Here's the quote I found at the Hockey news.

"Robinson’s presence on the ice has often been described as uneventful."

So, a perfect fit then.  


(This literally sounds like Columbus wants to clear 1.6 million in cap for some reason and we reach desperately for an NCAA underachiever who it'll turn out Granato probably coached or knows, and it is just another nothing move by our failed franchise)

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Don't get it... if it's 4th line player who goes?... Not that our 4th line is setting on the world on fire Do we move Z to recover a higher round pick? Do we move Krebs, salvaging a pick?.... I'm to the point where instead of watching the Sabres I'm just going to revert to childhood rubbing Elmer's glue on my hands, let it dry and eat it.. (I've been contemplating this for the last six years of the extended playoff drought)

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24 minutes ago, Weave said:

Well, it’s no worse than throwing a 19yr old top 6 prospect to the 4th line wolves in the short term.

I guess.

True.   We won't have to watch the likes of Deslauriers and Hathaway pound on Peterka, Benson and Rosen.  They can pound on Robinson instead.  

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This is a classic case of, "remember that guy who was great against us? super tough to play against?". Last season, the Sabres blew the stuffing out of the Jackets in the TNT 6-goal game. The Blue Jackets won the revenge-game rematch, mainly because of this guy (and a hot goalie). 3 goals (1 ENG) and 3 hits; he was buzzing all game. Of course, he did it against an inconsistent, super-soft Sabres squad. So... great, he's automatically one of the toughest guys in the league by GM Sheevyn's standards.

On the positive-spin side, Robinson did have 10+ goals in back-to-back seasons in a bottom 6 role with Columbus, so maybe... just maybe... he helps the 4th line to do something (anything) for a few months. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.

I also nominate him for the "join the team, get in a fight the first game to show you're the new sheriff in town; we're not soft anymore!" fight next game. I call it The Jost.

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