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Eric Robinson acquired by the Sabres from Columbus for a 2025 conditional 7th Round Pick


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23 hours ago, MISabresFan said:

Playing "well" is relative.  2 goals, 7 assists,  -1 in 21 games.  AVe 16:23 per game.  Record 8-13 in games he played.  Is that what you want/look for in a top 6 forward?

No, not really, but Greenway shouldn’t be a primary top-6 forward.  He is a good bottom-6 guy.

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Where have gone Mr. Robinson? 

Since his star turn, 4 games, 0 points, -5 and we just got blown out by his former club. 

Another great acquisition in a long line of useless KA acquisitions.  

I understand this was a depth band-aid move, but it’s another example of KA’s incompetence.  

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4 hours ago, Brawndo said:

Robinson is a healthy scratch tonight meaning the conditions on the 7th Round Pick will not be met

Please remind us of this little factoid when that 7th round pick scores the cup winning goal in 2031 for whatever team the Sabres become... because at this point I can't see the Sabres being in Buffalo. What a wasted year this has been. 

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