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  1. Borgen and Samuelsson. Lets not forget Cozens
  2. Yes, cause brining UFA's from other teams has worked so well for them. I hear Taylor Hall will be available. Stick with what's working, why mess with it?
  3. For $hits and Giggles Skinner Eichel Girgs Bjork Samson VO Asplund Mitts Tage R2 Cozens Okposo Roll 4 lines each night, if one line isn't going, you lean on the other 3. Stay out of the UFA market for anything except 13th Forward and 7th Dman and goalie (unless they are your own UFA- McCabe and Linus)
  4. what about 4 balanced lines?
  5. The odds of drafting a LHD with their first pick has to be fairly low. Gotta think Dahlin, is going to be 25 mins a game soon and should hold the top pair LHD spot for next decade If you believe Cozens, Mitts and Jack are the centers for the next 5 years at least. Who’s more likely a top 6 winger, heavy on the forecheck, fast and skilled -Beniers or Guenther ?
  6. https://www.tsn.ca/owen-power-the-unanimous-no-1-in-tsn-s-mid-season-draft-rankings-1.1626057
  7. I think I’ve seen enough of veterans. I have absolutely no issue going with youth. though brining back McCabe and having Samuelsson play 25 mins a game in Rochester isn’t the worst plan in the world
  8. If Samuelsson plays well, is that the end of the McCabe as a Sabre ? or sign him and let Dahlin, Bryson, Samsuelsson and McCabe fight it out for playing time ?
  9. IF a trade happened with the Kings you HAVE to get Byfield. I have to admit there is some intrigue in adding 3 or 4 high end prospects to the mix but I’m way more interested in adding Eichel to the team we are watching now
  10. Yep. That’s my worry. Someone will eventually get lucky and tip the puck away from him and get a breakaway. even when that happens, he can’t stop playing this way, he will create way more offence than he will give up.
  11. You can’t help but smile when Dahlin has the puck. Pure Magic!
  12. I would like to see how Borgen does over the last month of the season. you've spent 5 / 6 years developing him. Would hate to see him gone for nothing.
  13. Pretty confident that the Sabres will trade a pick to Seattle for them to take Miller Though Im also not protecting Bjork at this point.. maybe that changes in the next month. As of now Im protecting Asplund
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