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  1. If the Sabres are drafting in the 7-10 spot once again - this is my guy https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/552036/yaroslav-askarov Yes I know you never draft a goalie in round one and definitely not in the top 10 and a Russian to boot but for every rule there are exceptions
  2. Team Canada announces roster for the Hlinka tournament https://www.tsn.ca/canada-announces-roster-for-2019-hlinka-gretzky-cup-1.1344409 Byfield is the big name to watch for but others who have preseason first round grades by at least one publication include Bourque C from QJHML Cormier D from Q Cuylle LW OHL Drysdale D OHL Foudy C OHL Guhle D WHL Jarvis RW WHL Lapierre C q Perfetti C OHL Poirrier D QMJHL
  3. My "way too early" favorite 2020 prospect Listed at 6'0 160lbs on elite prospects but I'm guessing they need to update
  4. Prospect Profile: Erik Portillo https://www.eprinkside.com/2019/7/22/post-draft-prospect-profiles-erik-portillo-no-67-to-the-buffalo-sabres
  5. Kids play in the NHL at that age, especially if they are physically mature enough to handle it. Now if you really believe he can be a Center, then yes you send him back but not if he projects as a RW. Let the top 3 guys at camp win the spot, no matter their age or experience. I agree about Casey but with the roster the way it is today, you don`t have much choice. You are right. All 3 need to contribute.
  6. why would Sabres offer so much if they HAVE to shed salary? sounds more like a Skinner deal, a couple of draft picks and a mid range prospect.
  7. Of course brining in a 2C and a top line RW would be great. The problem is who and at what cost? If cozens comes into camp as your 3rd best RW, then he should make the team. If Thompson is the 3rd best or Nylander, they need to be here. if the team above is a last place team What’s it when you add back Larsson, Sbotka and Girgensons?
  8. I don’t see it changing the Jets needs at all Gardiner is a LHD. Jets have lost 2 of their 3 top RHD this offseason. Gardiner wont fix that ill assume that a Gardiner signing in Buffalo means the end of McCabe. Not Risto
  9. Time for Nylander to sink or swim. Throw him out with Eichel for the first 20 games and see what happens. We assume he will fail but only 1 way to find out for sure. Im not sure Risto lands you a 2C at this point. We would have to either take on another bad contract or throw in some draft picks. My 2020 1st rounder is untouchable. Unless you lottery protect it. If Cozens shows up better than any other option at RW3. Do you at least give him 9 games? I think he is ready to contribute as a winger already. If you see him as a Center, he needs to go back to junior
  10. Looks pretty tough at this point I'm almost to the point of just putting the best hockey players from a skill standpoint out there and seeing what happens. OLofsson Eichel Nylander Skinner Mitts Reinhart Vesey Erod Cozens Sheery Aspund Okposo Dahlin Montour Pilut Risto McCabe Miller May not be a playoff team but at least they can see what they have with a few of the young guys and it can't be much worse than what we have seen over the last 7 years
  11. thanks was just about to post the same thing plus not sure I would want but small snipers on the same line.
  12. This team should have been flush with young prospects filling in the depth forward ranks, so many traded away by Murray. Unfortunately, unless one of the goalies has a "career" season, I think we are again talking about a top 5 pick. Then again, there is a long way to go before training camp. Lets see what other teams need to move out a contract or two.
  13. should we start the 2020 Draft thread?
  14. What’s Risto worth? A 2nd and 3rd? If we can get a legit top 6 forward for him, I’m all for it but that’s looking unlikely
  15. Everyone seems to want to trade Risto but do we remember Scandella is still on the team?
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