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  1. thanks, hope people didnt write you off at 21?
  2. A lot of the top goalies in the league have over 50 games already. Ullmark started his 34th tonight. This 16/17 games are a big reason they are so far out
  3. I agree. Not sure if they are a playoff team but they are definitely in the race I know everyone wants to blame JB but Hutton is the real reason this season is down the tubes I wouldn’t mind Lehrer back next year lol
  4. You probably soured on eichel at some point and Dahlin as well
  5. Maybe he would put up more if they had a few more point producers?
  6. A 21 year old leading an AHL team in scoring is actually pretty impressive.
  7. Does the addition of Kahun for maybe the 2 most worthless forwards on the team buy JB more time? At this point, I’m probably the only sabres fan that doesn’t want another change and wants to give him 1 more year BUT he better improve the goaltenders
  8. Let’s just remember Philly was no where until they got a goalie.
  9. He leads the Amerks in scoring since he was sent down in Late November.
  10. Totally don’t agree here. It won’t matter at all if the goaltenders are Ullmark AND Hutton
  11. I know a lot of people will disagree here but Drydale is also in the equation. Especially, If you believe he can have the type of offensive impact that Hughes and Makar have had. though , I might have him ranked only ahead of Lundell.
  12. Top 8 is where its at. Any of those slots you are getting a sure-fire NHL prospect
  13. it won't matter at all who they have in the lineup for 2020-1 IF they don't get rid of Hutton. You can't go into 20-25 games a year where you are a disadvantage due to your backup goalie no longer being a viable option.
  14. I like Ullmark but i don’t hate the idea of bringing in someone to push him. Hey isn’t Lehner a UFA?
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