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  1. Great news. The next time we see Krebs, Peterka and Quinn it will be in a Sabres uniform Bring on October!
  2. Completely appropriate way for their season to end. A shift by Prost and schudt mucking around in their zone and having zero ability at all to clear their zone followed by Davidson’s defensive blunder the defensive unit of this team was never going to be good enough without Samuelsson All goal scorers go through a slump. He’s in one now and trying to hard
  3. How bad were the Sabres injury issues for Prost to play for them for a few gAmes ?
  4. Murray is probably my biggest disappointed this season, considering how he started the year, but has come alive when things looked bleak
  5. Keystone cop defensive coverage employed by the Amerks for most of the season have returned
  6. Amerks with the textbook display of how not to do it. - down by 2 and less than 2 mins to go zero sense of urgency.
  7. Blow your freaking Nose!! He has to realize it’s an open mic, right???
  8. Honestly , is there a worse goalie at rebound control than Dell?
  9. I’m going to sound like a broken record but why isn’t your best passer (Krebs) not on the same PP as your best 2 shooters (Quinn & Peterka). how many failed PP do we have to see before they are out together??!
  10. Jiricek not in the line-up today Barely played in his last game Not having the type of tournament Power had last year could increase the odds he’s around at 9
  11. I Can’t understand the PP setup. You are down 3, Power play has been disjointed at best And then you keep you best offensive player on the bench for 1 min and 40 seconds of it put your best on at once. This trying to spread the scoring continually leads to no scoring
  12. Wow , you are trying hard not to look foolish. Do you have another view that the rest of us don’t?
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