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  1. Remember when we rushed things and brought in Kane, Bogosain, ROR and Lehner? Good times, we got all the way up to 8th last, followed by last overall. Let’s do this the right way, this time
  2. I think Borgen will be a player for them soon. And last couple of years, his later round Finnish picks are on track to be excellent picks
  3. From the athletic draft preview. Pronmans skating Top skating grades of his top 45 rated prospects 70 - Jack Hughes, Philip Broberg, 65 - Alex Newhook 60- Alex Turcotte, Bowen Byram, Dylan Cozens, Philip Tomasino, John Beecher, Tobias bjornfoot, Ryan Johnson Of course skating isn’t everything but adding 2 of the top 10 skaters isn’t the worst thing in the world
  4. My first thought is that there is still a lot of work to do. I don’t mind botts staying away from the high end UFA market but he definitely needs to add some more pieces. Let a few more teams enter cap jail and make a run at Hall next year. I’m hopeful that by 2020 Borgen is ready to be paired with Dahlin, opening the door for a Risto trade at some point i don’t think we can understate how important Mitts turning into a #2 center is for this team hopefully, Nylander can surprise us all and be that top 6 RW that they desperately need Thompson, will be a part of the starting line up in 2020 as well
  5. Ok. Get a guy who puts the puck in the net now Beecher is gone. Kaliyev is the pick.
  6. I’m looking at Beecher at this point
  7. If sabres are thinking of trading up. I’d do it for Kerbs.
  8. if we 100% knew Casey would be a 2C, id be much more open to drafting Caufield but since we don't, you have to continue to build Center depth.
  9. Good for Kris! he knows his stuff.
  10. Since I’d take Newhook at 7, let’s do it!
  11. I’d take every player on this list over power play specialist
  12. Don’t forget Newhook, he’s a BCHL guy and will go NCAA route
  13. If Caufield was a right wing for the Guelph Storm, is he a 1st round draft pick ? That’s the impossible question the scouts have to figure out How much was he helped by playing on the wing of the best 17 year old player in the world?
  14. I was about to congratulate Sabrespace for not falling into the Caufield trap as Sabres twitter definitely has. Disappointed to see this mock draft and 3 picks of Caufield Don’t want to say it’s a bad pick but I’d much prefer a center and a guy that can skate and drive a line Caufield can’t do anything without help from someone else
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