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  1. Who doesn’t want more draft rankings? https://www.flohockey.tv/articles/11020195-final-2023-nhl-draft-rankings-unveiled-connor-bedard-tops-list?utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_source=twitter&utm_term=thumbnail.2023nhldraftranksfinal&utm_content=article&utm_campaign=2023nhldraft
  2. Definitely! just sign a UFA for a #4. They have the cap space to the enticing opportunity to play next to Power, Then, Pick up the phone to the new GM in Calgary and pick up one of their pending UFA's dmen who they can't afford to let leave for nothing. Now you've added 2 Dmen (lost Joker via trade proposed above) and added a top goalie. The forwards are untouched Here we go!
  3. ok i'm convinced...trade the 13th overall pick for Helleybuck BUT then trade back into the first by Trading Joker and get Simashev in the early 20s.
  4. I think it was Pettersson from the Penguins during the Expected Buffalo Podcast.
  5. I turned it off after they traded away Peterka!
  6. And leaf fans with matthews. Part of me kinda wants to see it!
  7. RHD puck moving and over 6’. You might be surprised
  8. I would prefer Lyubushkin as my bottom pair RHD than Joker. and yes this year maybe he is but 2 or 3 years from now a Simashev could become your number 4
  9. I’m assuming joker is pushed Down due to 2 new nhl ready Dman added
  10. Let’s not forget he wouldn’t trade Kulich or Savoie for a top 4 Dman with term and a great contract doubt he gives up a better prospect (Quinn) for a rental goalie that could cost $10mill per to extend
  11. The more I think about it - The mock that had the Sabres trading Joker for a first rounder around pick 20 seems like a really good idea for the Sabres. Especially if it nets them Simashev Im assuming they sign someone in the UFA market to play with Power that would relegate Joker to bottom pair or to 7th Dman , making him expendable
  12. Hopefully the 2nd goal gets Hershey to open up a bit. Should benefit the Amerks speed advantage
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