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  1. that is infuriating! Imagine what Eichel is thinking, knowing he is home right now because of the incompetence of mgmt and its inability to replace a goalie who is having trouble tracking the puck!?
  2. do we know that Botterill was told of the situation? or did Hutton not report it?
  3. sorry, i can't agree with you on this one. Hasn't been that good in his tenure with the Sabres, had a couple of hot streaks but not consistent enough. Team CAN NOT go into next season with Ullmark and Hutton tandem.
  4. If it wasn’t for Hutton it would have been over this year. I still think they can be a very good team in e near future. Missing 2 pieces. A 2nd goalie and a 2C.
  5. Yep. We’d be much better off if we didn’t have all these 8th overall picks. seems to me , the their best players are picked at 1 and 2. So you will never will get me to change that stance it’s not the Sabres losing driving me away it’s the league itself.
  6. So now the team who gets pick #1 would have literally qualified for the playoffs what a joke 1) the Sabres vs Canadians should have had to play that 1 game vs each other to decide who got the 12th spot 2) 7 non qualifying teams and somehow the Sabres are drafting 8th??!! I’ll definitely not watch a minute of the covid playoffs Very close to just walking away from the sport for good did it with MLB in 1994 and I’ve never looked back
  7. jebus murphy! that would be a terrible overpayment. maybe it wouldn't cost more than O"Reily Trade..without the salary coming back 2021 Protected First and one of the top prospects not named Cozens
  8. I believe that it came to light that JB knew of the eye issues and did nothing and thats a big reason why he is gone.
  9. They have to. I don't care that his vision has been corrected. They NEED to bring in someone else to pair with Ullmark. Hutton would be great in Rochester as a mentor to UPL and/or Johansson.
  10. I believe he had a 3 month span with a save percentage around .880% You can not overcome that type of goaltending. This is why im not ready to jump off any bridges, I honestly believe they aren't that far from being a legit playoff contender.
  11. I agree that they have other issues, however I would say that if Hutton wasn't literally the worst goalie in the league over a 3 month period, they'd be still "alive" an none of this would have happened. Of course, it could have still happened after the season was done but if they happened to win the play-in series, I doubt any changes would have happened.
  12. there is no way they let go of everyone if they are about to participate in the 24 team playoff. Maybe it would have happened regardless after the season was over? Though, im confident, some jobs would have been saved.
  13. I just can't get over how many jobs were lost because they played a goalie 30 times with Vision Issues. its mindblowing. Why was JB entrenched 3 weeks ago and now everyone is fired? Get a good goalie tandem, upgrade 2C and lets GO!
  14. The whole thing is weird and troubling.
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