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  1. the fact that No Goal was allowed didn't help either
  2. i always wonder how Fancy Stat guys would handle the Hasek years, would they sit back and enjoy watching one of the greatest goalies of all time or would they be too busy stressing out over Varada getting near 17mins a night and Smehlik getting more ice time that the smooth skating Woolley?
  3. wonder what the plan is for Thompson? Seems to be driving all the scoring in Rochester.
  4. NHL.com podcast. Top names to watch. Interview with Central scouting https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-draft-class-looks-at-2020-nhl-draft-rankings/c-306787994
  5. My buy-in occurred when Dahlin scored off the rush in Pittsburgh he had a great rookie year but through 2games it looks like he is ready to carry the team on his back watch that entire shift on the Okposo goal. The patience he shows at the point. Twice he is able to use his shiftiness to elude the defender and get his point shot through (the 2nd is tipped by Okposo for a goal) creating scoring chances I doubt there any many in the entire league who could have made those plays , let alone any other 19 year old Goaltending has to be above avg for the entire season but I believe Dahlin will be main reason that this team becomes competitive this season
  6. Byfield profile plus 2 Sabres listed on the “who’s hot” prospect list https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/next-gen-prospects-quinton-byfield-eyeing-no-1-pick-2020-nhl-draft/
  7. Sorry. I misread your post. Yes all forwards except possibly a goalie and 1 or 2men in top 10
  8. I’ll have to look again but I thought it was all wingers (except Byfield) at the top Definitely need lottery ball luck. Hopefully moving way up the draft order to get a top 2 pick (if they miss the playoffs)
  9. Best not to worry about where the sabres draft, before their season starts, but to get to know the top 25 prospects. I’d say the odds are pretty good that they will be drafting in the top 7-8 again. Unless someone steps up at the 2C or the goaltending is vastly improved over last season. i don’t want to discount a pick in the early 20s completely, just think it’s very unlikely.
  10. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Byfield will be the best player out of the 3 next season in the NHL The lottery balls will have to bounce your way for him to be available.
  11. ISS releases their top 31 https://www.isshockey.com/iss-top-31 When you include Askarov in the top 10 it looks like a tremendous draft at the top if Sabres are still looking for their 2C, their sights have to be on Byfield 7th here, but I believe he will be a top 3 pick
  12. Devils are streaming it. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/pre-game-report-devils-prospects-at-sabres-prospects/c-308920880
  13. If the Sabres are drafting in the 7-10 spot once again - this is my guy https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/552036/yaroslav-askarov Yes I know you never draft a goalie in round one and definitely not in the top 10 and a Russian to boot but for every rule there are exceptions
  14. Team Canada announces roster for the Hlinka tournament https://www.tsn.ca/canada-announces-roster-for-2019-hlinka-gretzky-cup-1.1344409 Byfield is the big name to watch for but others who have preseason first round grades by at least one publication include Bourque C from QJHML Cormier D from Q Cuylle LW OHL Drysdale D OHL Foudy C OHL Guhle D WHL Jarvis RW WHL Lapierre C q Perfetti C OHL Poirrier D QMJHL
  15. My "way too early" favorite 2020 prospect Listed at 6'0 160lbs on elite prospects but I'm guessing they need to update
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