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  1. I might be wrong but I do think they are 1 for 1 playing Risto in front of the net on the PP. why they Haven’t gone back to that is beyond me!
  2. I agree that I think Johansson isn't the long term answer at 2C. I'm hoping Cozens can fit into that role but as we are learning with Mitts, playing C in the NHL is a tough task for a young player. I think, we still have to hope that Mitts can eventually find his way OR they trade for one...though, i have no idea who that would be.
  3. I think a 2C is the pressing need at this time - Moves Johansson back to wing or 3C. Though, Im liking Asplund / Larsson combo as 3C /4C at the moment though. In boston was Johansson playing RW?
  4. If you see a list ranking the top centres in NHL and they have Matthews ranked higher than Eichel. Rip up the list and throw it in the trash
  5. He needs to find a 2nd line Center don’t know who, don’t know how but has to happen
  6. That’s like saying adding Matthews to Eichel isn’t going to help of course it’s going to help. But it’s sooo unlikely, not worth worrying about
  7. If they win lottery and land Byfield. Things will change quickly.
  8. Firing is just not going to help. They’ve fired 3 head coaches, on their 2nd GM.
  9. I’ve watched every single Sabres game live or via PVR since I can remember - well before the tank today is the last time I will arrange my schedule around the Sabres. Just not worth it. I’ll PVR, check the score and maybe watch if win. Gotta hope the ping pong balls bounce our way once again. need that 2nd line Center and only place you get one of those is at top of the draft. Unless you get a team dumb enough to trade one. (Insert eye-roll)
  10. He just can’t deal with a team with speed At this point I’d say you are the lucky one!
  11. https://thehockeynews.com/video/article/sabres-luukkonen-is-a-top-goalie-prospect-but-theres-no-need-to-rush-him
  12. wish the refs felt that way. the refs can not say they didn't see this one, like they did in Sweden.
  13. UPL back to back shutouts this weekend for Cincinnati.
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