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  1. is 17 still on the board? Im so confused how its ranked
  2. Here is the thing about Caufield and the Sabres. If he is lined up with Jack, no doubt he will do great. 40 goal scorer BUT how will he score on another line? He doesn't drive play, he needs a guy like Jack (Hughes or Eichel) to set him up. Sabres need players who can drive a line.They had basically no secondary scoring You can't assume they will be able to acquire a quality one via trade of Free Agency. Guys who Drive play Dach, Boldy, Turcotte, Cozens and Krebs. All should be higher on the Sabres draft board than Caufield IMO
  3. Who is he passing on the draft rankings ?
  4. Sabres Twitter is going to explode when Caufield isn’t the pick.
  5. My plan for the Sabres - Summer of Matt Sign UFA Matt Duchene, even if they have to overpay a little to get the deal done and draft Matt Boldy. You would then be set at Center for the next 6 - 7 years with Eichel, Duchene, Mitts and Asplund Your top 9 next year would look like Olofsson Eichel Reinhart Sheary Duchene *RW aquired in Risto Trade ERod Mitts Nylander (?) This assumes that Skinner walks of course. Though I think you have the cap space to sign him and Duchene late next year Boldy comes to the team and replaces Sheary on Line 2.
  6. Probably an unpopular opinion considering the record setting goal scoring pace of Caufield but I think Boldy has been 2nd best player in tourney behind Hughes
  7. If I was 100% certain Mittelstadt was a 2nd one centre who just needs scoring wingers, I'd seriously be considering Caufield at 7. Then again, if you felt Skinner isn't resigning and you need to bring in a lethal LW to play with Eichel, decisions decisions
  8. Caufield has to be included now in that mishmash of players from 3 -10. Now a blender of 8 players I think there is even a possiblity that he could be off the board before the Sabres draft , if team has Centers and is looking for a scoring winger. I don't think Sabres go that direction because they are in dire need of centers and a high end one will, more than likely, be available at 7. Im still in the Zegras or Turcotte camp but both Boldy and Caufield are more than impressive wingers I don't think you are wrong. The difficult part is predicting how much he would produce without Hughes? His skating isn't "elite". Will he be able to create time and space vs NHL dmen? Caufield could be a grand slam pick there is a chance that he's only a solid double. Where you could draft Turcotte or Zegras and be confident the pick is at least a home run.
  9. Watching the US U-18 team is hilarious So much talent Boldy, Turcotte and Caufield all look fantastic in the first period think we are getting close for Caufield to have his own draft page
  10. Hey I have a great idea. Let’s trade the pick that gives us a ton of value!!
  11. absolutely, the list of players that would be worth trading for is short and more than likely wouldnt be let go by their current teams.
  12. so 9 out of the last 10 guys have been home runs and its just as likely they draft a guy who may be only a double? Plus Fleury is only 22, kinda young to write him off. You are worried about the time line of the current players when Jack is 22 and Rasmus just turned 19?
  13. you'd have to have Pod ranked considerably higher than the other guys left on the board. Assuming Pod is still there at 7, my best guess is that the Sabres would have to choose between one of Cozens, Dach, Turcotte, Zegras and Byram or Pod. I think I would go with the North American player over the Russian. not only because of nationality but because of position. Keep forgetting about Krebs, will be interesting to watch him at the u18s when he has other good players to play with.
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