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  1. Wow!! Two great games. Really fun to watch. My feeling throughout this past off season was that Jbot should bring in a true number one goalie. They showed flashes of greatness but were terribly inconsistent last year. I think the pressure was to much trying to carry the team and keep them in games. But as long as we can keep outshooting our opponents and spend more time in the O zone, I think they will be fine this year. Carter has looked good, hope it continues.
  2. Um.... Maybe you should cut your hair, it hasn't seemed to help the last three years 😋
  3. I bought my tickets on stub hub back in the middle of August. I did find out that they are season ticket holder seats, obviously not able to make it to those games.
  4. We are going to two games one night apart ( Jan 28 & 30). Got the exact same seats same row section 110. They are priced $45 - $96 each accordingly. So yeah price is based on demand per game IMHO.
  5. We're renting a car at the airport. Will do a little sightseeing if weather permits. Maybe the falls or make a short trip to Ithaca, got kin folk there. Lived in Buffalo maybe 42-43 years ago as a kid for a few years. Was actually there in the blizzard of 77. Now live in San Arkansas, lucky if we get 2-3 inches a year.
  6. Wow, this is cool. We are flying in on Monday leaving on friday for the senators game on Tuesday and the Canadians game on Thursday January 28th and 30th. We went ahead and booked the harbor center, figuring the weather will probably not be good. Like Miles, only get to one away game a year in Dallas. This will be our first time to key bank. Looking forward to it. Good luck to you Miles. I also appreciate the info for around harbor center.
  7. Wel yuu jist donte no were I wend too hi skool.🙃 In my defense I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet when I wrote that. 😋
  8. Did Jbot loose his fax machine or something? 🙁
  9. Unfortunately none of us ( myself included) truly know what coach we need, we're not privy to the room. All we have are our opinions and ideas. Which then leave us trusting the leadership to make the right call. Hope they make the right one. Tired of loosing.
  10. I was mainly agreeing with the statement that we need a coach that can instill a whole lot of discipline. Our young team needs a heavy hand I believe. Some on the team seem to have a sense of entitlement. I'm not saying he's the right coach or not but I liked what Doan said.
  11. This is exactly what this team needs. Especially the last sentence.
  12. Has anything like this been done before in the NHL?
  13. Agreed, second in points, only behind Jack. He's not flashy or dynamic but just gets the job done.
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