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  1. Wel yuu jist donte no were I wend too hi skool.🙃 In my defense I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet when I wrote that. 😋
  2. Did Jbot loose his fax machine or something? 🙁
  3. Unfortunately none of us ( myself included) truly know what coach we need, we're not privy to the room. All we have are our opinions and ideas. Which then leave us trusting the leadership to make the right call. Hope they make the right one. Tired of loosing.
  4. I was mainly agreeing with the statement that we need a coach that can instill a whole lot of discipline. Our young team needs a heavy hand I believe. Some on the team seem to have a sense of entitlement. I'm not saying he's the right coach or not but I liked what Doan said.
  5. This is exactly what this team needs. Especially the last sentence.
  6. Has anything like this been done before in the NHL?
  7. Agreed, second in points, only behind Jack. He's not flashy or dynamic but just gets the job done.
  8. I don't think Plummers can keep up on the first line. That's why they keep switching back and forth with Sam. It would have been nice if we could have gotten someone at the deadline to fix that. It would have had a trickle down effect on all the lines.
  9. I think the pressure of trying to win a team record eleven games got to them a little bit. They are a very young teem. If they had come into this game on a five game win streak they probably would have played better. They just seemed off a bit. Of course playing one of the best teams in the league added to it as well. Over all I'm well pleased with this team. FUN TO WATCH. Finally...
  10. ugh.. emoji didn't take. Being sarcastic.... Well sort of.
  11. Wow, you're giving Lhener a lot of credit there.
  12. I've never been on the trade ROR train. I think a winning team will cure his problems. If this article is right he played the third hardest minutes and was still our second highest point getter. Above that I don't think people appreciate his face off wins. Does anyone have any stats on goals we scored after he won a face off? I know this is impossible but how many goals against were saved. I know we didn't score many but Imagine if we had a good team how many more goals we might score. We will be good this year. Now if we trade ROR and replace him with someone with a lower face off percentage we lose those goals as well.
  13. Lehner makes spectacular saves there's no doubt about it. But he has 6 problems that add up to an average goalie at best. 1: In the back of my mind I'm always wondering when the other team will get that soft goal. I think it also kills momentum for our team when it happens which is quite often 2: When he plays the puck behind the net he shoots it to the opposing team half the time. 3: he has a hard time holding the post. 4: He is prone to way over comit to one side and has a hard time getting back in time. Which allows him to make spectacular saves but if he didn't overcommit it wouldn't have to be a spectacular saves. 5: Rebound control is not very good. Has he ever heard the term "freeze the puck". 6: His breakaway and shootouts are terrible. These 6 things make him nowhere near a playoff calliber goalie IMHO.
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