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  1. No telling how many games we might win when we can keep the opposition to 2 goals a game.
  2. Yeah..... Not sure about Linus as the number one starter going forward with all these injury's. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a competent backup.
  3. I hope this puts an end to the Tokarski is a good backup. Mitts, Tage, and Dahlin will be fun to watch next year. Much improved.
  4. I think if Granato can keep this team on a playoff pace for the rest of the season I'm fine with him being the head coach.
  5. I don't mind keeping Ulmark as a good #2. We really need a good #1 if by ownerships own words the goal is to win the cup. I just don't think Ulmark is good enough to get us the cup.
  6. Instead of a drinking game I think I'll do 10 situps every time the sabres score. I'll be fit in no time.😎
  7. Agree with everything you said freeman. All I would add is giving the C to someone else. Not sure who though. I also also agree with Curt, not sure how you do it without problems. But I actually think eichel would play better without the pressure that comes with the C.
  8. Management is 100% responsible for not upgrading goaltending in some way. And then they want us to believe when they say we're in it to win it. Sheesh...
  9. I was on the fence with hiring Krueger. But I was more than willing to see what he could do. But any coach playing a near elite player on the fourth line ought to be fired IMHO. 10 games is more than enough of a failed experiment. Get Skinner up there with some players that can actually benefit him.
  10. Well we aren't going to even sniff the playoffs unless we upgrade goaltending soon. We need an Ulmark quality or better( preferably better) to to even have a chance at the playoffs. I think the poor play of the sabres yesterday is a direct result of hutton. They don't even try because they know he's going to fail them. I know it's not all goaltending. We need better defense but it's easier to change one player at goaltending and make a big difference than two or three defensemen. I agree with Derrico 100%. I'm extremely disappointed that KA didn't address this in the off-season.
  11. Yeah... Hutton needs to get his money back 😎
  12. I'd like our chances slot better with a true number one goalie. We shouldn't have to be hoping we win. With the caps having so many out tonight we should beat them handily but our goaltending is a crap shoot so here we are hoping.
  13. Please, please just get us a starting goalie. Make it happen!! I'm telling you this team will get discouraged quickly with weak goals at inopportune times. I think that happened last year and will happen sooner this year.
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