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GDT: The real semifinal. Round 3.


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2 minutes ago, PromoTheRobot said:

Koharski just spent all that time saying it was a good goal.

He's an NHL ref now?  Like father like son... pos refs... He was reffing in hockey East 2 years ago and sucked then... not a surprise get him a bag of donuts...

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54 minutes ago, Doohickie said:

Anyone still up?  3OT, eh?

He's a very strange man.

I'm still up. I'm not due for bed til about quarter after 3. 

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Well that was a marathon. That game was sweet justice for us west coasters who have to put up with those 4 pm starts all year. A fine evening's entertainment. 

Huge win for Florida. Will be interesting to see if either team can play decently next game. 

Hate to say it, but Montour has incredible stamina and/or skating ability. Massive minutes. JBot was right in his evaluation I guess, but I also guess he only plays when he wants to as he sucked in Buffalo and Anaheim wasn't thrilled with him either. 

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