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  1. Never heard of this before. It sounds Wintery Awesome! for sure. I would do that and I hate wintering. Any more info on the location?
  2. This is ridiculous. Jack wasn't taking pointless point shots and losing possession. Jack wasn't not clearing the puck out of the zone despite multiple chances in the same play. Jack didn't not opt to use his hand or body to stop a shot coming through the crease, instead opting to try and use the shaft of his stick allowing the puck to deflect off of his leg, or better yet, just moving and letting the puck move right on out of the crease. Jack wasn't taking up roster space where a much more self-less player could have been played. Jack wasn't turning over the puck constantly in the D zone.
  3. I beg to differ. In this game, if there is a player to blame for the loss it is certainly Bogo.
  4. That game was lost because we had Bogo in the lineup. He was horrible all game.
  5. I think @GASabresIUFANhas set up the trade-deadline scenario quite well in the OP. The only changes I would make is that Bogo, although expensive, needs to be considered as a trade chip. These teams needing defense can be desperate. I also agree with the no futures for rentals talk. I don't think that will happen. I think, at the very least, Botterill tries to unload some baggage for low picks. So, ERod and Bogo are most likely to go under under this circumstance. I could see McCabe and a prospect and a really low pick being put up for a 2C on a team that believes it needs defense more than it needs a 2,3 center.
  6. If we can put in games like this consistently, absolutely. This team is the one that started the season, made an appearance in, what, late November/early December. So, it's in there, it just needs to become the dominant personality.
  7. I think they'd be playing fine with them. There's some sort of mental game going on with this team and I think RK might actually have a handle on it. Let's see if they climb their way to a wildcard slot. If they can do that, at least fight for one, then I'm thinking things are looking up.
  8. We wouldn't see this under these circumstances with Phil.
  9. They look really good right now. Too bad another break is coming up.
  10. I dunno, I think that's like saying you're waiting for the bottom on Eichel to drop out. Eichel is at a certain level and won't come back down. Linus has looked solid and good every time I've tuned in. He looks like he's reached that competent starter level and, sure, might vary, but I don't see him going down like Hutton for a while.
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