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  1. That's just two players. The goalie is important, but, the defense is exposed without him in there. If we're going to make it past a single round in the playoffs, we should be able to endure a d-man getting injured.
  2. McCabe and Hutton, especially, but even Scandella adds to the stew that was able to pull wins out of losses. What does that say?
  3. You can kiss any semblance of "atmosphere" good-bye for Sabres games if they go to that format.
  4. https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/news/larkin-sabres-arent-stanley-cup-contenders-yet-are-playoff-contenders
  5. Hey man, it's all good. You know why?
  6. ...

    Kim Pegula - NHL Commissioner?

    She'd be the most attractive commissioner that ever there was.
  7. ...

    Post job interview etiquette

    Between the holidays and internal culture, you have followed up enough and without being pushy IMHO. It may be they had already ID'd a candidate, but you might have caused them dissonance. Depending on the culture, they might not go fast and might have several meetings on how to proceed. You will just have to wait or decide to move on. If they contact you later than your gut tells you is reasonable, it might give you some room to negotiate perks/salary because they have then put themselves in a weaker position. I would feel the latter out if it develops that way.
  8. Does anyone have a URL for video of when McCabe was injured?