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  1. Why? Z makes it possible. We have seen that line without Okposo and it's equally effective. Z hasn't done anything but be on a line that is as effective in its role as the first line is in producing points. He's still young and takes a pounding every night without complaining.
  2. Scandella can take all the slap shots he wants so long as they injure enemy players.
  3. Is it tonight, or does it seem like that immature cockiness is missing from Jack's demeanor?
  4. I didn't miss them, and was glad they were scratched! Actually, the team missed their roster spots being taken up by non-contributors. That's one of many differences since they emerged from November. This. If the PP were working, this team would look dangerous again.
  5. Nice. This is the Sabres we all have been waiting to see. Everyone is "on the same page" and, darn it, RK is making excellent coaching decisions.
  6. Yup. Rob Ray read it clearly, too. With emphasis even.
  7. Victor. I know we thought he was pretty good, but honestly, who thought we had a 50+ point guy brewing in Rochester? Victor is the nicest surprise this season so far.
  8. So, the theory is that Botterill told him to expect to be in the defense rotation and he pitches a fit because he's concerned about his next contract? That doesn't sound like the loyal, locker-room favorite type of guy he's been described as up to now. However, I actually buy this narrative.
  9. Nice period. Seems that when the Sabres turn on the skill, the opposition turns up the violence.
  10. Wow, three pages already. A highly anticipated game.
  11. It is confusing, isn't it? There are conflicting opinions, and if memory serves, conflicting interpretations of data, on whether time spent in the AHL is worthwhile. Frankly, I see moving Mitts in particular to the AHL doing two things: freeing up a roster spot for a player who will contribute more and giving him a chance to raise his trade value.
  12. Oh, I remember my brother and I going to see Metallica there. Loudest show I have ever been to. We didn't stay for an encore. And then riding the rail home and some dude walking up and down the car saying "Metallica number one! Bobby Brown number two!" Steep.
  13. They gave tours of the very upper decks, where Rick sat and above in the catwalks above the floor where the lights and rigging and all that was. All I remember is how nappy and small everything there seemed, including the foyer. I also remember that super long escalator that went up to the oranges and how it seemed like going to the seats there looked like a near 90 degree drop. I also remember seeing people leaning up against the divider or half wall or whatever you call it that was standing room only and wondering what that was all about.
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