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  1. Exactly. With the gloss/metallic quality, it actually takes on some of the blue and looks green-ish.
  2. Not gonna happen. And you know I know you secretly desire to redesign my kitchen.
  3. You can't redesign my kitchen, either.
  4. Sir, please don't ever ask to design my kitchen.
  5. That thing is frickin' ugly. I do not...repeat: DO NOT...like the gold treatment at all. The only thing cool is the white gloves. I think people are still hungover from the Royal Blue punch being served up yesterday.
  6. I've noticed a bunch of those lately. Makes sense it's a sub-category. I like some of them. I think Big Ditch Hayburner might be more in that category than not. By far my favorite IPA these days.
  7. What? There is no room for optimism here.
  8. This is @LGR4GM's mediocre IQ at play, and, likely, confused instruction from a multitude of Sabres' coaches. Again, I think you have to factor in stubborn, inept game-day strategies, too. The question is, which one is the most causal? Is he more stupid than used poorly? Is he more used poorly than not clear on just what he's supposed to do? Seriously, if we on Sabrespace can get to this point in trying to figure out Risto, it is no surprise he hasn't been traded. I think pre-fancy stats NHL clubs would have over-paid for the Risto of today a decade ago, but these days, it's unclear what he is exactly.
  9. In the context of playing with bad players, he might have developed the habit, not out of choice, of trying to cover for them. If his stats improve when playing with players who aren't a sh*&-show themselves, I think this is a possibility that can't be tossed aside.
  10. Unfortunately, I think none of us, including the team, are in a position to know exactly how to parse the Risto situation accurately. It might take a few more years, and Risto on a different team (or, at least, with completely different usage), before it's clear. On an average team with average circumstances I would be inclined to agree with you, but, to me, there's still a lot of grey area. The Sabres have screwed up so much since before Darcy was fired. If there's a good trade for him, then buh-bye. But I don't mind them trying to maximize his value so long as it makes sense in putting this team in the playoffs.
  11. I also think it's completely fair to consider that Botterill might be leery to get rid of talent if there's data that suggests the "problem" lies elsewhere. I'm not arguing to keep Risto, but I am saying that I don't believe his case is cut and dry, although the non-weighted fancy stats support his departure. I find the whole scenario fascinating.
  12. Mediocre = common, average. Okay, that's fine and I won't dispute that. He does have the gifts of having an iron body and can put up points. I think under crappy tutelage and clueless coaching/usage it can lead to a statement that he's still figuring out how to play. To me, that's perfectly reasonable for a guy who has been baptized by fire with constant confusion surrounding him. Each person is different in their circumstances and how they respond. Let's not ignore @Randall Flagg's data and conclusion a few posts back. I think it supports the idea that Risto, in particular, has suffered from being handled by the wrong people. It happens. ..and, frankly, shouldn't be a surprise given what we've had in the Sabres the past, what, 8 years?
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