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    That depends on who you ask.
  2. The Pegulas are energy vampires and feed/thrive on the fans' misery.
  3. He was weak and uninspired. That's basically how he plays. I don't care about his stats, his game is uninspired. Trade him for a good 2C.
  4. And there's your excuse for the season: we'd would have been in the race for a playoff spot if our starting goalie hadn't been injured.
  5. FACT: anytime someone listens to Jason Botterill speak, their IQ drops a full 10 points or more.
  6. So, listening to ERod's pre-game comments, I wonder if it's a simple matter of the Sabres' culture not understanding, not respecting, and not prepared for the grind of an NHL season. Like, from the owners down to even the support staff, the equipment guys, the rink crew, maybe everyone complains and suffers an entire season badly, which would, of course, bleed into the locker room. That would explain how the problem has transcended GMs and coaches.
  7. That's right, a Sabres loss followed by food poisoning always makes for a great evening.
  8. ? Dan does a lot of re-tweeting and is wholly uninteresting on that platform as well. What tweet are you talking about?
  9. I think it's more like: Everyone hath a plan until they cut their own leg off with a chainthaw and then like a rat, they thop in fear and freethe.
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