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  1. I have always liked Dallas despite them winning our Stanley Cup
  2. I'll never understand why everyone hates the leafs. They are our closest neighbors and have sucked for the longest time and have been losers. If anything I would root for them as my second team because I have a lot of family up there too.
  3. I know this goes against all things Buffalo because we haven't won a Stanley cup, but I like to root for the small market teams. I want Columbus to win the eastern conference now
  4. Who do we dislike more, Robin Lehner for the islanders or Oreilly for the blues?
  5. Well looks like our 8% chance of getting Hughes just got lower
  6. For the sake of the fans that go to the game and hoping to get Jack Hughes, I want to lose every game 6-5
  7. If we didn't have spring or summer i would probably kill myself.
  8. Will the playoff games be on msg or something ?
  9. I heard Ryan miller is still playing
  10. So wait, how does this work? Can we actually get the #1 pick?
  11. I'm more interested in the bills free agency. That's how you know it's March in Buffalo
  12. Well good news is the more we lose the better our draft pick will be. Then we can... never mind that only works for Pittsburgh and Chicago
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