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  1. Good Jack, get your surgery that you need, take your time and get healthy. This noise and ***** needs to end. Get healthy above and beyond else, all the drama around you being hurt, is pure grade *****. I might be done with you here as a fan, but I hope you heal.
  2. At the same time, when your additions are what they are, we're in the market for a top 3 pick. The plan is to correct past mistakes, and I'm okay with it. It just sucks that you have to wait this long for competitiveness.
  3. I'm fine with him going back to school, just as I was when we let Cozens go back to Lethbridge. Another year of development is key for him. In addition, will all the crap going on with this team right now, it's just best to let him develop away from all of this. Similar to Ryan Johnson.
  4. So glad we traded this scum bag when we did. God, get your ***** together, and get out of the league.
  5. I honestly think we're going to be active in waiver claims and looking to do things similar but not to the same degree as Arizona. You have to think that they will look at any and all options.
  6. With our offseason, you had to question this. The Plight for Wright is in place. We're looking to "fly" to the Wright plane.
  7. If we lose this kid, then again, this is another black mark on the franchise. Let's go on record as saying this is an important guy to get in the system as soon as he is ready to go pro. We need to stop letting young talent out of the building.
  8. Congrats Sam, I really look forward to watching the rest of your career blossom!
  9. Congrats, enjoy the AHL. Nothing more to say. We're all of a sudden we're weak on the right side.
  10. That doesn't equate to the fact that former 1st round grades doesn't mean *****. Yakupov, was a 1st overall pick, who is a complete bust, if he was in the deal, I wouldn't consider him a 7th. Valuing draft status, means zilch in the return of tangible talent. Also, we shouldn't be giving up any additional assets in the Eichel return. Unless the players in question are off the main roster that are expendable.
  11. It still doesn't take away from the fact that this offer, is a piss poor return for Jack Eichel.
  12. ***** Russo. Jack Eichel is in line for his contract. MacKinnon once he gets to his, will sign for more than $10M annually, Barkov will be getting north of 10M. Eichel is a bench mark for the average elite franchise center. If we're eating 3M, we better be getting Rossi, Boldy, Wallstedt, 2022 1st, Dumba and Khovanov.
  13. Sorry, a return of Strome whose main points totals have been at the benefit of playing with Panarin, isn't a more than a third line center. Chytil, is maybe a second line center. Schneider is so far down their depth chart of prospects, that it's not even remotely interesting. Georgiev, is on an expiring deal and there is no guarantee he will sign here long term. Lastly, a first is fine. However, this trade package is garbage. Furthermore, trading him in conference, should warrant a higher yield. To me, this is a settling for scraps mindset.
  14. **** the Rangers. I'll trade him to Calgary, any day before I accept Drury's ***** offer.
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