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  1. I'll just wait for the Chinese knock off of this, I can only imagine what this is going to cost in the Sabres store.
  2. We're definitely a better team with him than without him so unless we're getting a stud 2nd line center than we need to keep him imo. Drew Doughty had the 2ndworst +- and I see him as an elite Dman but if you look at all of the +- players almost all the top guys were from winning teams, only a select few were not.
  3. I like this signing as much as the McCabe deal and I think the defense really ***** the bed in front of Ullmark, some nights he showed flashes of what he could become. I know some have written him off as a bum but I think with improved defense he can take a step forward as goalies usually take some time to develop.
  4. That would be a horrible idea and I doubt a guy who could be fired if he doesn't produce soon is going to trade a proven player for more draft picks that may or may not help right away. We need immediate help at 2nd line C, possibly at RW and a LHD wouldn't hurt either. If he just trades Risto for picks he deserves to be fired IMO.
  5. This was a great signing imo, now all we need to do is trade Scandella for anything, trade for a 2nd line C and sign FA Gardiner to a 1 year deal if possible.
  6. By emulate I meant add tougher players to the group we already have in place, there are very few teams with the build of the Bruins/Blues but like you said we don't have to be but I do think we have to add some more toughness to the roster and that doesn't mean trading for a goon like Lucic, I mean solid two way players like Tyler Toffoli of the LA Kings, he had a down year but has shown in the past that he can be a real asset plus was rumored quite a bit to be on the market. Guys like that just make your roster better, those guys who are good along the boards or clear the puck out of the zone can really make a huge difference imo. When I look at Boston I see the grit on almost every line whether it's from Bergeron, Marchand, Chara you can name a bunch more . I see it in Eichel, McCabe, Risto, Bogo for the 4 games he's on the ice and then I don't really see it anywhere else. When I saw Nelson do absolutely nothing when he saw our captain get cheap shoted with an elbow I immediately wanted him off the roster, I've seen top scorers go after guys that cheap shot others just to let them know that won't fly, it reminded me of the whole Lucic leveling Ryan Miller back in the day.
  7. You nailed it for me right at the end there, you can say every trade Botterill made was for that type of player so why not keep a Mccabe around who can actually play decent defense? We have plenty of Nelson's already, now we need some toughness. The Bruins and Blues have a good mixture of both which are 2 teams I'd like to emulate.
  8. See I guess people just see things differently which I'm fine with but I see 95% of the 7-8D in the NHL who can do what Nelson does but many of them have a backbone which Nelson does not.
  9. Not sure what people are seeing in Casey Nelson, the dude is soft , is a liability defending.
  10. I like what McCabe brings to the table, he adds toughness to a group that's pretty weak. He isn't flashy and adds very little scoring but he let's players know he's around by his hits and checking ability which I like and think 3-3.2M is fair for what he is.
  11. It would be great to get out of the Okposso contract but Scandella and Sobotka like many on here have said make sense. Scandella might have some value on the trade market.
  12. I have HOF Darryl Sittler going against Goalie HOF Dominik Hasek, I'm most likely a dead man unless I can have Ted Nolan distracting him.
  13. Didn't Eichel get injured by a cheap shot while Casey Nelson stood around and did nothing, that dude shouldn't be on this team. I'm defining the meaning as not only being able to handle the forecheck of the opposing team but be able to initiate it as well. There are a few guys like Bogo, Risto sometimes, Eichel sometimes and I can't think of another off hand so no, we definitely lack in that department.
  14. I'm on the fence with Erod, I think he's just a guy taking up a spot to be honest, he's a hard worker but he really isn't great at any one particular thing imo. Hopefully he is upgraded next offseason, I think we can do better.
  15. I like what I've seen from Botteril so far, I think he has the Rochester Americans in the right direction with guys who can help out if called upon. I think the roster as of today is an improved one but I like most of us would really like to see a 2nd line center added. I like what he's done in the drafts so far and think these players have a great future here... Mittelstadt, Luukkonen, Samuelson, Dahlin, Cozens and Johnson. I know I'm in the minority here but I think he did the right thing trading Ryan O'Reilly who clearly didn't want to be here and of course there would be no compensation worth getting the Blues a cup, we had a solid team here with O'Reilly and it just wasn't working for whatever reason. I don't blame him for swinging and missing on Housley, he was considered a top notch HC candidate at the time but Krueger is his 2nd HC hire and it would be tough to defend him if this fails also. I really thought we got Skinner, Montour and Miller for great prices and think they'll be big pieces moving forward. I really hope Ristolainen stays but if we deal him I really am crossing my fingers it's for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. I think with better defense and hopefully better goaltending that this team can compete for the playoffs this season.
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