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  1. Especially Doc Emerik. HORRIBLE!!
  2. Ullmark didn't cover the post several times last season resulting in some terrible goals given up and in turn costing the Sabres several games. So by that theory, offer is $800,000. LOL! Someone said he'll get $1.5 mil which sounds about right.
  3. Super happy on this trade. As a Vegas local and watching Colin Miller the last two years, he's been one of my favorites. Guy can skate well, moves the puck fast and has one hell of an accurate blistering shot from the point. He's not a big hitter and he won't clear bigger forwards outta the crease but he's definitely a upgrade to what the Sabres have in their bottom pairing. He's a very good solid addition. Nice work JBOTTS!
  4. Agreed 100%. I cannot stand Doc, Eddie O and Pierre. HORRIBLE crew - they suck! Is there anyway to stream the feed from Canada, CBC or something and watch it simultaneously?
  5. Good topic! Heres my contribution: NHL - The Aud, Key Bank Arena, Joe Louis Arena, LA Great Western Forum, Staples Center, Honda Center, T Mobile Arena, Bridgestone Arena (Preds) NFL - Rich Stadium (Hahaha.. it will always be Rich stadium!!), Pontiac Silverdome, Soldier Field, Qualcom Stadium (San Diego Chargers), Sundevil Stadium. MLB - CNE (old Blue Jays Stadium), Tiger Stadium, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, PetCo Park, Oracal Park (San Francisco) NBA - Pepsi Arena (Denver Nuggets), The Palace Auburn Hills (Detroit Pistons) NCAA - Michigan Stadium, Sam Boyd Stadium (UNLV), Carrier Dome, Lakeview Arena (Northern Michigan Univ)
  6. The 1980's called and said "What else is new!"
  7. $73k per game for Okposo? Did I see that correctly? Holy S...!! Buffalo is screwed w that contract for a good while. Hope he can somehow get a scoring touch back!
  8. Sabres can beat Tampa, Boston, SJ, Wild...also play great games vs TOR and CAPS, but they can never beat the $%@# Panthers!! ARRRRRRGG!!
  9. Tough loss but great game. I thought Jack was gonna get the HAT during the OT there. I blame Berglund on the loss. He didn’t tie up his man on the tying goal. He’s so damn slow. Ok, a little off topic bit how do you pronounce Lawrence Pilut? Is it “pilot” or “pie-you”? Play by play guy Kenny Albert kept saying “pilot”. He didn’t seem to have much TOI from what I saw.
  10. Housley reminds me of Gretzky. Both great players but crappy coaches! If they don't turn this around soon, Phil better get fired! Bring in a vet coach Terry! Jesus H Christ!!!!!!!
  11. It’s early but screw it, Fire Housley. He has zero emotion behind the bench. Get a real veteran HC in there!!
  12. I bought three tix right when they went on sale but unfortunately everything was already taken. I ended up with 3 Gen Admission (Which is standing room only for $68 per). Its great having a NHL team here but man, every game is outrageous expensive. But Vegas always is excited about new and shiny things. Hoping it will calm down a bit in the near future. You're gonna have to check Stub Hub, etc. for tix. Good luck!
  13. Wow. for $15 bucks this looks awesome. Looks like you get to meet some of the great Sabres - very cool. Think I'll go over there after work. Wearing my Lalalalalafontaine 16 jersey. Thanks for that link, Pooneil!
  14. Not really... Tomas Tatar, prospect Nick Suzuki and a second-round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft to Montreal.
  15. What is the "Sabre Road Crew?". I live in Vegas and never heard of it. Last year they had the "Strictly Hip" perform outside NYNY Hotel before the game. It was fantastic. Tons of Sabres fans around. I will be there this year too.
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