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  1. I see what you did there! Here's my 2 cents on your list: Casey Mittelstadt, ??? the jury is still out on Casey. Alex Nylander, 8G 11A for 19pts in 54 games. Glad we have "Joker" instead. Good trade. Mikhail Grigorenko, TERRIBLE! Joel Armia, Decent player. Hasn't lit it up but still solid. B Dennis Persson, TERRIBLE! Marek Zagrapan, TERRIBLE! Keith Ballard, Pretty good player. He was above avg. Played well for Coyotes. B+ Jiri Novotny, Filled a roll but overall C- Atem Kryukov, TERRIBLE! Barrett Heisten TERRIBLE!
  2. This is the main reason. Half this roster should be waived or sent to Rachacha.
  3. I'm perplexed. Frodo destroyed the ring via Gollum and Terry definitely has NO ring. Gary Bettman hates the Sabres.
  4. Yes. It looks like the one ring to rule them all! But my smartass answer was referring to the Sabres organization.
  5. JBotts better get started this summer. So much dead weight on this G Damn team!!
  6. Yeah, I've been missing a ring for 50 years!
  7. Good article. Hey Wieland, Sabres need a guy like you to right this disaster! You down?
  8. Funny how "The Buffalo Flagship Sports Station" WGR550 has ZERO info on Pilut being called up. I always come to SABRESPACE to get the info first.
  9. Nothing against Wilson, the guy skates hard, but if this is the reinforcement... YIKES!! What about CJ Smith? He seems a better fit here. No?
  10. Fastest game ever played! Game over with 4 mins left in the FIRST!!!
  11. I loved Milt. He was the best! Check out this webpage when you get a chance. http://www.staffannouncer.com/miltellis.htm
  12. Man I miss the Aud. A lot of great memories. Watching Gretzky in the mid 80's with the stacked Oilers team. Parking off Church street and walking under the I-90 to the Aud when it was 10 degrees out and windy! Peanuts, Cracker Jack dude in front every game. Some fantastic concerts seen there too. YES - "Union Tour" 1990, RUSH "Roll The Bones" 1991, Neil Young/Crazy Horse w Social Distortion and Sonic Youth 1991 "Ragged Glory Tour." My ears ringing for a full day after that one. And the 1992 season. I swear every game I went to Mogilny had a Hat Trick and Lalalalalafontaine with a gazillion points. The huge signs the fans would bring in with their own slogans hanging from the ORANGE seats balcony. LET'S GO BUFFALO!!
  13. Radio.com app is COMPLETE GARBAGE!! Cannot even listen to games most of the time. Super frustrating. WGR550 - "Home of the endless commercials!"
  14. Couldn't hear the sound but looked to me it was ICING on the Bruins goal?! Am I mistaken?
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