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  1. When and how did you become a fan? 1980, my uncle had season tix at the AUD for 15 years. 1st row red in the corner. My dad took me to a game and Bob Sauve was in net. Hooked ever since. I was 7 years old. Who is your all-time favourite Sabre and why? #16 Pat Lafonatine. Amazing leader, an assist machine and one hell of a player/person. My 1a would be Mike Peca. Guy was a rock and hit like a Mack Truck. Great leader too. Loved when he dropped Ty Domi coming out of the penalty box!! Most exciting moments as a fan? Most frustrating? 1. Running down to the area where the Zamboni came out (at The AUD) and seeing all the players walk out onto the ice. Saw all the Oilers in the 80's (Gretzky, Messier, Fuhr... etc). 2. The '92-'93 season. Everygame I went to Mogilny had a hattrick. He was amazing. 3. Rob Ray pounding the hell out of Claude Lemieux. He was on NJ at the time but I forget the year. 4. Pommer winning it in Oooooooovertime to eliminate OTTAWA! Most Frustrating: Trading Hasek for friggin Kozlov and watching The Dominator win a Cup with The Wings. BRUTAL!! Honorable mention. Not resigning Danny Briere and Chris Drury! SO STUPID!! How would you improve the current team? Get a real 2C. More veterans with some grit are sorely needed. Need two top 6 wingers ASAP.
  2. Sabretooth is alright. How about upgrade Keybank Center and change the damn goal song already!!
  3. Yeah. No kidding the PK was atrocious! Good thing Pegulas kept him. Wouldn't want to have a good PK unit or anything! 😡
  4. Was Assistant Coach, Steve Smith, fired too? I did a search but couldn't find anything on this thread. Thanks in advance.
  5. RASH (I can't take credit for this as Geddy usually wears that T-Shirt in concert). 😀
  6. I like his size that's for sure. "In 141 career games with Army, the 6-foot-5, 218-pound forward amassed 97 points on 45 goals and 52 assists".
  7. It does look like Ullmark, especially the 35. You solved it, MakeSabresGrr8Again! Thanks for all the input from everyone.
  8. They told me it was signed by a current player from the '19-'20 season. So it wouldn't be Kaleta.
  9. Hey Sabrespace folks. I need help identifying this autograph. I live in Las Vegas and went to the Sabres Alumni Road Crew Event in late February 2020. My wife buys me a mystery puck from the event and I cannot, for the life of me, determine who signed it! Any help out there would be awesome. It's signed from a Sabres player this 2019-20 season, that's all we know. Thanks in advance! IMG_3315.HEIC
  10. This is what i found: https://www.distractify.com/p/cellino-and-barnes-feud IN SUMMARY: "Finally, in January 2020, the Cellino and Barnes divorce became official. What an emotional rollercoaster! In an affidavit filed January 3, 2020, Cellino states, "Barnes now accepts the reality of this situation and...will consent to a dissolution of Cellino & Barnes P.C." The two are now officially free to open up their very own law firms, free of each other once and for all. "In light of respondent Barnes' capitulation, and ongoing negotiations between us regarding issues involves in the windup process, respondent Barnes and I are each making plans to be prepared in the very near future — i.e. within the next 30 days — to open our own separate law firms," he continued. In a local news report published January 22, 2020, we learned that Cellino and Barnes have finally decided on their new firm names. Cellino's is now Cellino Law, and Barnes' is the Barnes Firm. But the drama isn't over, because... Barnes' girlfriend is now suing Cellino. According to Buffalo News, Barnes' girlfriend, Ellen Sturm, is suing Cellino over an alleged bonus that was never given to her. Last month, Barnes' girlfriend stated that she worked on a specific case for seven years and called it "one of the biggest personal injury settlements in American history." She's suing for a total of $3.7 million. A part of us wonders if Cellilo and Barnes will always be fighting...just to stay in each other's lives. It's the best twisted romance plot we could ever hope for. "
  11. I didn't have hate for Connolly, but I'll tell you who I hated with a passion in that Ottawa series: NEIL, ALFREDSSON and EMERY!!!
  12. If they postpone it, I bet the NHL scraps the last 12 games or so left in the season and just start the playoffs. Stinks if your the Rangers, or Panthers, right on the bubble but that's the way it goes. Of course this is just my opinion. Nobody wants the CUP going till late July or whatever! Heck, I don't even like the CUP being awarded in June. It should end in May.
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