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  1. Can’t watch the game. What’s the score and who scored them? Thanks
  2. I couldn’t agree more! This club has been soft for years.
  3. Good for him. Enjoy college one more year. Hopefully dominate and win the Frozen Four tourney. He doesn't need to be on this Buffalo team this season anyway. Question though; do the Sabres put him on the Amerks next year to continue development or is he just too good and starts in the NHL? It will be interesting to see.
  4. "He got leveled by Mike Peca!!" That was the CUP year, 1999.
  5. Samuelsson is making this roster. Forget Rochester.
  6. Let Me Clear My Team Tips n Dreams Starless SS Super Waitress
  7. Dang. Haula would have been a decent pickup. Nosek too. He was effective with the VGK.
  8. Me when Seattle picks from Buffalo: 😬 "PLEASE...Don't take Borgen, don't take Borgen, don't take Borgen!"
  9. THIS! The rule of thumb was never talk while the play is going on. I never heard Jim Lorentz interrupt Rick anytime during the play by play. Now, its talk over the play by play guy to get your tidbit in there. So annoying.
  10. Good article. I agree with all the points. I couldn't stand Pierre and I don't even care for Doc Emerick all that much either. I thought Kenny Albert did a way better job doing the play by play this season than Doc ever did. So long NBC!
  11. Back in the day, I remember the networks would always show the locker room after the Cup win. Champagne flowing and spraying, players and coaches getting interviewed (and beer poured on them, haha) and just general mischief partying stuff. Now, they don't show any of it. Conn Smyth award then give the captain the Cup. We barely see anything after that. NBC just cuts it all off. I switched over to NHLNetwork and they had some extra stuff like player interviews on the ice, but nothing substantial. Anyway, I realize this is a small potatoes rant, but it used to be so much more in depth stuff with the winning team. I really miss that. You guys have any thoughts on this? Lastly, nice to see the 1993 Canada Cup drought continues! USA USA USA!!
  12. Kenny Albert > Doc Emerick I don’t care for Eddie O much either.
  13. "Before the 2014 trade deadline, former Sabres general manager Tim Murray made a significant trade just weeks into his tenure, sending two second-round picks and defenseman Brayden McNabb to the Los Angeles Kings. The prize return was a youngster named Hudson Fasching". 🤮 That trade HURT a lot! As we all know, McNabb is a stud for the Golden Knights now.
  14. Not to worry. I'm sure Amazon took the time to carefully monitor proper license and trademarks that the NHL requires in order to sell on their platform.
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