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  1. What’s the reason? Nobody has said a damn thing.
  2. Ok. I love him and you all love him but you have to admit, Rick Jeanneret was awful today. He missed two devils goals and called Eric Stall , Marc Stall when he scored. I understand he’s up there in age and all that but he’s missing lots of things on the ice. The broadcast today was a capital B... as in BORING!
  3. I'm bringing this thread back to let everyone know that the RADIO.com app is still hot garbage! I was able to listen to approximately 10 mins of the game, first period last night (vs CAPS) and it randomly stops and goes to commercial. So frustrating. Someone mentioned that the NHL.com app allows to you get the radio feed from any team home and away broadcasts. Is that correct?
  4. After that info was published in the LV Review Journal about Kane owing the Cosmo Hotel, someone had a sign at the game saying: "And Reaves is here to collect!"
  5. I'm going to recommend this for the Golden Knights song! It would go well in the Fortress.
  6. Go back to the Adams Division, Norris Division, Patrick Division and Smythe Division. You know, old time hockey, eh coach?!
  7. Can’t believe Sabres missed Mark Stone by 5 picks in 2010! Man, he would have been dynamite if he went to Buffalo.
  8. Grigorenko, Cooper, Heisten, Zagrapan, Persson, Kriukov. Man, thats a solid F MINUS right there!! Horrible.
  9. That's some scary wallpaper you got there, Eleven!
  10. Now only if Pierre and Eddie O would retire next.
  11. MAF to remain in Las Vegas as stated by General manager Kelly McCrimmon. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/goldenknights/marc-andre-fleury-to-remain-with-golden-knights-2148396/ And a HARD PASS on Jimmy Howard. Just my opinion but he definitely isn't worth pursuing.
  12. I like this signing. Hard worker and doesn't seem to take shifts off. He reminds me of a Adam Mair type player. Nothing sexy but he brings it every shift.
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