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  1. Can’t believe Sabres missed Mark Stone by 5 picks in 2010! Man, he would have been dynamite if he went to Buffalo.
  2. Grigorenko, Cooper, Heisten, Zagrapan, Persson, Kriukov. Man, thats a solid F MINUS right there!! Horrible.
  3. That's some scary wallpaper you got there, Eleven!
  4. Now only if Pierre and Eddie O would retire next.
  5. MAF to remain in Las Vegas as stated by General manager Kelly McCrimmon. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/goldenknights/marc-andre-fleury-to-remain-with-golden-knights-2148396/ And a HARD PASS on Jimmy Howard. Just my opinion but he definitely isn't worth pursuing.
  6. I like this signing. Hard worker and doesn't seem to take shifts off. He reminds me of a Adam Mair type player. Nothing sexy but he brings it every shift.
  7. From Adams press conference yesterday: "Certainly there's a lot of thought and work that goes in before doing something like this. These decisions don't get made in a vacuum," Adams said. "There's a lot of work with the player - watching and making sure you know exactly where there game is at. A lot of conversations with Ralph [Krueger], a lot of conversations with Terry and Kim [Pegula] and what are we looking to do and why, analyzing different thoughts." Well thank God you went over this with Kim before you pulled the trigger. Her input is key here. LMAO!!
  8. Vancouver looks really good right now. Young and fast. Same with the Golden Knights. Not young, but they have some serious depth and speed. The Sabres? Yeah we have Tage Thompson! Yeah that'll work. LMAO!
  9. The Avatar says it all. One of my favorites. Gone too soon... R.I.P. Dale.
  10. Yep, Montreal beat the LA Kings that year, 1993. Rangers beat Vancouver the next year '94.
  11. When and how did you become a fan? 1980, my uncle had season tix at the AUD for 15 years. 1st row red in the corner. My dad took me to a game and Bob Sauve was in net. Hooked ever since. I was 7 years old. Who is your all-time favourite Sabre and why? #16 Pat Lafonatine. Amazing leader, an assist machine and one hell of a player/person. My 1a would be Mike Peca. Guy was a rock and hit like a Mack Truck. Great leader too. Loved when he dropped Ty Domi coming out of the penalty box!! Most exciting moments as a fan? Most frustrating? 1. Running down to the area where the Zamboni came
  12. Sabretooth is alright. How about upgrade Keybank Center and change the damn goal song already!!
  13. Yeah. No kidding the PK was atrocious! Good thing Pegulas kept him. Wouldn't want to have a good PK unit or anything! ?
  14. Was Assistant Coach, Steve Smith, fired too? I did a search but couldn't find anything on this thread. Thanks in advance.
  15. RASH (I can't take credit for this as Geddy usually wears that T-Shirt in concert). ?
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