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GDT: Seattle at Buffalo-November 29, 2021-7pm-MSG, ESPN+, WGR550


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27 minutes ago, Wyldnwoody44 said:

Just boarded a plane, what else would be expected by now ✈️😜

Not sure whether to laugh or cry with envy

Just now, North Buffalo said:

Not sure whether to laugh or cry with envy

On a jet plane... so far away from here... so far away...

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Just now, Zamboni said:

So … YOU’RE the omnicron super spreader. Jerk store. 😬

I do not spread transformers 😁 I think omnicron fought Optimus prime. 

24 minutes ago, Indabuff said:

I think the GDT title should indicate what time it will be on in whatever time zone you end up in.

El Salvador is CST so Brawndo was so amazing he covered that without knowing! 

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I sees that wes are on a tour of Central and South America here.


14 minutes ago, The Ghost of Yuri said:

Monday Wither.


13 minutes ago, The Ghost of Doohickie said:

Sounds like VD


Why the confusion?

If it Withers on Monday after a weekend of ##### then it must be, you know ... 

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10 minutes ago, DarthEbriate said:

Tonight's game is blacked out on ESPN+ here in the Puget Sound region. Looks like I'll have to hit up the local taphouse for a bit. The sacrifices we make for hockey.

The league decided for your mental health that only people who are drinking heavily should watch this game.

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