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Sabres Reverse Retro Jersey


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I’m glad the Sabres keep putting out jerseys I’m not remotely interested in purchasing. Saves me a bunch of money every time they do it 😂

Then again, I’ve never been the type of fan that has to drop a couple hundred on a Jersey to show others my level of fandom. 

Season tickets and a Sabres hat purchase every 3-4 years and call it a day 😂

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1 hour ago, Taro T said:

How hard would it've been to not #### up the eye?

The eye is ALWAYS red.   

Hoping the rest of it is also in the styling of the goatheads. 

The eye in your avatar is gold, my man...

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30 minutes ago, LGR4GM said:

That mocks been around for a bit. Curious how close to reality it is. 

Not an individual jersey post.  it was a full panel with like 6 teams jerseys leaked, but it showed the front crest and jersey in full for all of them.  Boston was one, Pittsburgh and Toronto, maybe?  Don't remember the other teams.  It was the same type of post/panels that leaked the other details leading up to this.  I hadn't seen it previously.  Looked legit, not like the single pick of just the Sabres jersey mocked up.

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3 hours ago, SDS said:

He was an active poster during our 2006/2007 years. He was a graphic designer that made a lot of graphics for fans. 


Yep.  He made the puck shaped avatars, some of which are still used here, including mine.  Could've sworn he'd put a red eye in that one per my request.  Must've uploaded the wrong after one of the board software upgrades.  Will fix that within the week.

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