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  1. Better start, better effort and looks like they are playing a coherent system.
  2. Hoping to see some physical play tonight. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!!!
  3. SOG and hits were surprisingly even ish last night, so there is that at least.
  4. NHL Network On the Fly didn’t even show or mention the hit on Staal... annoying.
  5. Hoping to see an improved effort tonight, all I need is to see some grit and bodies being cleared and I will be happy. Also any update on Staal?
  6. Same. I’m not a football guy, but happy for my fellow Sabres fans who are Bills fans.
  7. Yeah but he’s not coaching tonight, he’s waiting for tomorrow, remember?
  8. On the Beyond Blue & Gold Taylor Hall episode TP can be heard saying that “if we land Hall we’re not going for the playoffs but for the cup, now” to paraphrase. Terry, we ain’t close. Beginning to wonder if that’s why Hall likes him so much, a players coach.
  9. We really need to win tomorrow night for our collective mental health.
  10. Everything that can go wrong has. Does he practice that shot from behind his blue line at pre game or something?
  11. Nice goal by Olof let’s keep this score respectable. Time to pull the goalie soon.
  12. So true. That’s when we had real caruba collisions. He left it all on the ice.
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