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  1. Is there any such thing as an official Buffalo Sabres DVD that has old classic games on it? Now that we’re on our 51st season you would think that something like this would exist. Certainly would be a great product.
  2. He is great with garbage goals, probably the best at that since Vanek for us.
  3. Loving these one year deals, definitely feeling good about Adams. He seems to know what he’s doing for a first time GM.
  4. Next off season will be clutch, half of our new and greatly improved top six will need to be resigned!
  5. Great analysis, thanks for putting the work in with this. Broke it down nicely, very concise.
  6. I-90 W


    Has the league come out and said what their 2021 plans are exactly in regard to tentative plans for some fans vs no fans, bubble cities etc yet?
  7. About to have some leftover pork chops, squash and Heineken NA.
  8. Whoa! Was it a raffle or something? That sounds like the best bank ever lol.
  9. NHL is definitely my #1 sport, just won’t get it because I won’t be able to see Sabres games on it. NHL Network and NBCSN will satisfy to follow the rest of the league for me.
  10. Any chance Adams is just waiting for our arbitration cases to be set before offering him a deal?
  11. In other news, but related, am I the only one who likes our new royal aways more than the new royal home? They're both amazing but the away is just crazy sharp.
  12. Okay thanks. Figured it has happened since just couldn't think of any. I definitely missed that one.
  13. Aww man for a sec I thought you were serious with the Sam part; thought ut-oh here we go lol!
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