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  1. I actually read this in Marty Biron’s voice.
  2. Welp I changed my mind; perhaps he is a terrible person!
  3. Feel the same exact way, very well said. Have been a Sabres fan long before him and Lord willing long after him. All of his time here has been during our horrible years, as long as we get a good return I’ll be happy. Though my oldest daughter may be upset, really stinks for the kids. That’s the real only bad thing.
  4. I can see your point to an extent, but many of us can be arrogant at times. Some here are arrogant with their hockey knowledge (not saying you, you’re actually pretty chill), if being consistent, that would make them horrible people. All I’m saying is that we should be trepidatious about throwing that around, because if we’re consistent with that metric, we will cast a larger net than we may realize.
  5. This thread does however give us all an opportunity to ask ourselves, what is a terrible person? If lying or baring false witness makes one a terrible person, pretty confident that we are all guilty. Not sure that faking it til you make it even reaches that threshold.
  6. His parting words where he was enthusiastic and upbeat (indifferent at best) after being fired for incompetence revealed a character issue IMO.
  7. Of course not but honestly I don’t see that happening next season so it didn’t even cross my mind.
  8. It might make sense for both parties to part ways at this point; he wants to win now and is the face of our franchise. There is and has been something wrong in the locker room for a very long time. Not saying it is him, just like it wasn’t ROR, or any one player. But a reset seems to be in order. If we can get great trade value for him next trade deadline (players not prospects), I can see it happening. Nothing says reset like moving the captain.
  9. A plain reading of your verbiage using “stop sign” would infer that you were.
  10. This is pretty a critical take on those who suffer from the disease that is alcoholism. Not sure if calling them “amateurs ” is fair or even logical.
  11. I’m fine with the Hall “return”. The more fresh blood the better, have to purge this team some way or another. Addition by subtraction.
  12. I can’t picture this team getting upset at anything really, and certainly not doing anything on the ice even if they were. Not saying that they have reason to, but if they did, it’s not like they would do anything about it.
  13. I really feel bad for anyone that got caught up in the Hall hype last fall and bought a jersey. You can say they should have known better, but at least thought we would have gotten the full season.
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