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GDT - Sabres @ Lightning - Monday, April 15, 2024 - 7:00 PM (EDT)

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The only thing worth watching for tonight is to see if Kucherov can hit 100 assists on the season, which is pretty dang impressive.

I just glanced at the scoring leaders and the Sabres point leader is Alex Tuch with 59 points. That ranks him #90 out of all skaters. Let that sink in, there are 89 other players who have more points than the Sabres top scorer. 

Here's to hoping that this is Donny's last game.

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6 minutes ago, JustOneParade said:

Last one. The angst will be over for a while. But will we miss them when they're gone? Be honest.

Best part about the team has been this board for a while, and like you said the overall angst probably lessens somewhat when the weight of the active failure of this season is lifted away. So not really. 

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At least after tonight the official off-season starts and as such the debate over management changes can really take hold.  We knew they wouldn't change in season...

But for tonight.. they can enjoy one last game.  Not sure I will bother.

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Let's talk draft position. A Sabres win locks up the 11th pick. A loss and they could be anywhere between 11 and 8. NJ, CGY and SEA could jump past us.

How does that impact lottery odds? 

11 = 3%

10 = 3.5%

9 = 5%

8 = 6%

It's also weird that the NHL regular season continues for 3 more days after Buffalo is done.

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