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  1. It's 2019........stream the game.........
  2. Can we get more info in the title tho...who is he really, what is he looking for in life, how does he take his coffee..... We need answers!
  3. I have about 14 people that I'm considering for a Cisco help desk position down here in Orlando (if anyone wants to relocate ) and we're just so busy that it's time consuming - if they're interested they'll reach out to you...
  4. Memorable games from me: - Seeing Mogilny hit the crossbar and have the puck bounce down and hit the goal line in OT in a game against the Devils - 3/6/1991 - Seeing the San Jose Sharks play for the first time in the Aud October 25th, 1991 - The Calgary flames brawl game December 8th, 1991, and I remember the crowd going bonkers when we found out that Norwood kicked a FG in OT to beat the Raiders - Seeing the Smashing Pumpkins in 1996 at one of the if, the last event at the AUD
  5. Can we just be happy that we're good again...K thx
  6. What his policy on backchecking...
  7. I remember watching that brawl in 91' in the Aud...Good times - Audette even fought
  8. The Peanut Butter Solution.............
  9. Hey SDS! IS there a setting that I'm missing or have enabled that makes every thread I open automatically jump to the bottom of the first page? I'll open any thread and it instantly brings me down to the bottom of the very first page, it's odd Thank!
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