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  1. That another is electing to do it this quickly certainly lends further credence to Eichel's choice.
  2. I think Adams has accurately judged what he'd get from them, more less. In that way, they aren't useless - supposed to look like this.
  3. Is he? I'm sure he knows he's not very good. Adams to my eye has looked a pretty strong judge of talent, re: very early returns @dudacekhad it - I think this is a goldilocks zone move. We didn't have to give up anything for a season we aren't prioritizing winning, and it probably helps the losing look a little more respectable, when the reference point is Dell.
  4. Should be noted Power is tied for 10th in points per game - - - Matthew Savoie's brother Carter, drafted in the 4th round in 2020 by Edmonton, is in second, interestingly.
  5. It seems this season "is what it is" at this point. I've accepted it. I just really hope the offseason brings with it the appearance of a team with the aim of being competitive in the standings next year.
  6. The best available without sacrificing one iota of a future asset. Theme continues.
  7. Power's season thus far at the very least has proven @GASabresIUFANcorrect in labelling him as (obviously) our #1 prospect.
  8. That's where we went wrong, projecting Dahlin to be Potvin. If we settle for lowering our collective expectations to merely a Lidstrom level talent, I can't see what could go wrong..
  9. Wouldn't mind winning it if we do so from a position where it's not on the radar
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