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  1. Nice T up from Dahlin. He's the best on the team at that
  2. Which is basically what I said, obviously disagreeing on Reinhart. But @dudacek had to go all "Thorny" on me, to borrow his turn of phrase.
  3. @Taro Tis right that if they are going to stay together, they should be getting some easier matchups from time to time. They need it.
  4. Unfairly or not, it was my honest reading of the play. I wasn't being targeted for a poor evaluation, though, in your opinion, it was for having the gall to actually point out what I perceived to be a bad play. The fact you think mine was a narrative and crusade and Ink's is not is a weird judgement. Both come down to personal opinion. How bout, don't accuse mine of being a narrative without being in my head, and it can go both ways.
  5. My point was that Pominville was pretty much the only guy Botterill let go this past offseason, so it's too early to say exactly who Botterill might next summer.
  6. I remember PA was quick to jump down my throat when I mentioned Risto's bad play. Being on tippy toe to mention Dahlin's is in vogue though, right guys?
  7. Agree. The novelty is worn off they just look unkempt now lol Who's weak play was worse, Miller's or Dahlin's? Both were really really weak
  8. Well, Drouin was coming off 53 points, Sam had 50..Drouin signed for 5.5. Very similar situation with Horvat. An extra year inflation though so maybe 6 for Sam? Don't think it would have been more than that. We're still looking at probably at least a 2 million difference over the next 6 years, at the sacrifice of a Vesey this year. You are right, we can't know if Sam would have signed for 5.5, or 6, or what have you.
  9. That f*ckin sucks. Also the photo somehow makes it look even worse than the gif of it.
  10. Yup, I definitely disagree with it. We also weren't talking 6.5 before. Establishing himself gets him a difference of 1.5 mil? Come on now. Could have afforded to sign Sam to the extra 2 million it would have took to lock him up. If he's as much of a savant as you say he is, with every single move working perfectly towards this incredible canvas of cap brilliance, he could have found a spot to make room for 2 mil over 2 years considering it would have saved us about 2-3 mil a year going forward over the next 6. But he didn't. Because the reason he didn't do it was because he wasn't sure about Sam, it's obvious. I can even accept the view that it was the appropriate strategy, to mitigate risk, sooner than I'll be fed the idea that he wanted to willingly pay more later over a longer period so he could pay a little bit less now for a shorter time frame. And even if would have cost us a vet, I'd take one less vet reinforcement now (hey how much does Vesey make?) if it meant we could add one or two later when we are actually competing for a cup. Would you rather have a Reinhart locked in at 5.5, and an extra 3rd, or Reinhart for 3.6 this year and last, probably 7.5-8 going forward, and Jimmy Vesey this year? - - - I can see staunch arguments on both sides of the Eichel or Reinhart situations, and these are the moves we must point to as his best, cap wise. I don't know why it's a wonder I simply wanted to give him an "incomplete" grade on cap management. I want to leave this one here lest I be known as the "you said Botterill sux at the cap Guy". Eager to see how he manages the roster now that we are past the easier navigating.
  11. I'm just calling Sobotka Mr. Intangibles from now on
  12. Right but you said "as" effective My post was more about Hecht though, seemed like you were roughly equating the two, him and Gaustad, and I wanted to stick up for Jochen.
  13. Would coming over a year earlier to Rochester been the better course for development? I feel like Botterill would have weighted that utmost when determining where they'd play.
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