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  1. @PASabreFan, or whoever, if you don't see a problem with the tone of this post..... https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-look-cfl-defining-hart-trophy-criteria/ There's your link. See! It's not something everyone has been missing, in fact it's a common conversation. ...and Jame framing the bolded that way is an abject joke. Whatever.
  2. Well, I was a new poster at a time, and I had no problem feeling like I fit in. You can trade me in for a Jame and it's no harm no foul.
  3. I'd agree, in that I struggle to come up with an objective scale for what is an "appropriate tone" on an internet form, I don't think think there's any kind of set consensus. But that doesn't mean I don't find his tone, personally, to be wildly off-putting. But that's just me, it'll vary by individual. There's no chance I'm blocking anybody, anyone that posts enough to block is going to cause too much a disruption in the flow of conversation, so I can just stay away. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. @ElevenI found your post about friends on this board to be very poignant. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  4. See above post. It comes to the same point.
  5. The award is not "most valuable". It's most valuable "TO HIS TEAM". The relativity, compared to the other guys on said team, and towards what others are providing to THEIR teams, is built in. I honestly don't think you were aware that the award is for the value a player provides specifically to his team. Relativity in this case isn't wrong, it's necessary.
  6. But this post points towards exactly what I'm saying. I'm not arguing that Jack WILL win the award. The Hart generally just goes to the best player, anyways. If that's your argument, that's fine. But I made it clear I was arguing based under the ACTUAL definition of the award, which no one seems to do for some reason, and the fact you don't want to read the specifications of my posts renders the whole dialogue needlessly frustrating.
  7. Eichel has 10 more points than the next closest Sabre, in 3 less games. The spread between Jack and Skinner, top 1/2 scorers, is larger than that on most teams.
  8. The Hart trophy is value relative to their team. Do you know this? In a hypothetical scenario where a team has two 100 point players, and another team has a 80 point guy and the next closest has 40, I'm giving the Hart to the guy on the second team, based on the actual definition of the award.
  9. Ouch. So I've already got your down to your 'B" argument, I see..how many you got? Duchene isn't even leading HIS OWN TEAM in points production. Again, you are out to lunch.
  10. Said the priest to Galileo. I'm sure logic seems like wizardry to you, but that's only because it's so incredibly foreign to you.
  11. Of course the whole thing is a hypothetical, presumption. We can't begin to understand the full value a player brings to a team, if we don't try to understand what that team would be without said player. The Bruins are also really good with Krejci. This is logic 101. I disagree with PA on this almost entirely, but at least his posts on the matter aren't full of logical fallacies. You aren't presenting the winning arguments you think you are, they are riddled with contradictions. You contradict YOURSELF so often that you find a ton of posters jumping on you.
  12. This is two sides of the same coin. If fact it's saying the exact same thing dude. We are talking the difference between a player being in the lineup, or not being in the lineup. ---- You can't even make sense of your own argument. I'm not clogging this thread up with this exchange anymore.
  13. Do you think the Lightning suffer more without Kucherov, or the Sabres without Eichel? Be honest.
  14. I'm not sure there's a player in this league MORE valuable, to his team, than Eichel is to the Sabres. Short of McDavid in Edmonton and potentially Gaudreau in Calgary.