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  1. Vesey is brutal on Jack's wing but other than that, ok. Switch him with Johansson or Sheary.
  2. I've been preaching this for a year. It was the plan. To the detriment of the franchise, I believe.
  3. Not technically but it would require a herculean statistical turnaround. Why should this team be able to play at a 115 point pace for the next 32? 20-7-5 in the next 32 is the likely requirement to make the playoffs.
  4. For his mind's sake, there better have been a conversation in the summer about his goal output expectation being lower because he'd be saddled with lesser line mates. Even typing that was funny. Is that really acceptable? How did that conversation go? "We'd like to pay you 9 million per season Jeff, but we aren't expecting you to score as much anymore, now. You ok with that, Jeff?" "Ok, Mr. Botterill."
  5. There's an argument to be made he should not be fired. There's also a strong argument he should be. Maybe keeping a guy, who's surrounded by so much doubt, as the guy steering the ship is a dicey proposition and not the way to go.
  6. I have no faith in Botterill's ability to pull off the strategy, but aside from all the other glaring evidence, it couldn't have been more clear this was a punt year when the Sabres announced, BEFORE the season started, that the Royal jerseys were coming NEXT year. NEXT year, folks!
  7. Jack represents a Unicorn of sorts, a huge piece for any competent GM. Botterill just seems incapable of building around him, or, somehow unwilling, head-scratchingly unaware of when players are actually in their prime and need to be maximized. He probably thinks Skinner is just entering his, based on the deal he gave him.
  8. It's real bad. But if you do nothing when you are EXPECTED to do nothing like Sobotka, damn, promotion!
  9. Anyone can tell how gassed Jack is by how long in took him to get up when he was on his knees in our zone, there. I repeat, running Jack into the ground and wasting his prime is unacceptable and gross incompetence from management.
  10. Watching Johansson is infuriating. Not a bad player, but ridiculously miscast in the role we have him in. Was it this thread I read Sens have FIVE road wins total, and they are on a back to back? This game should get people fired.
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