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  1. Are there new reports? I've definitely been quoting Friedman saying that for 2 years now around here. Glad to see you shifting some of that blame over to a side where plenty needs to be.
  2. I think people understand *why* the decisions are being made, there is just some question as to whether that being prioritized by the Pegulas is going to lead to success.
  3. I loved those unis for exactly one season.
  4. @dudacek and it was said, what, that RD was close?
  5. The Devils trade wouldn’t even be good for us
  6. I agree in theory, but I’m not sure the bolded is something the Pegulas actually do. They certainly didn’t with Adams. Second bolded is a key point, too. With their apparent distrust of outside influence, I’m not convinced there will be an upper level hire at all. In fact I’m confused as to why so many think there will be. Haven’t the Pegulas more less stated they don’t have the desire to bring in another big voice? They prefer the direct contact with the GM. Maybe they’ll bring in an advisor. Someone like Dudley probably require more table space than they were willing to give, my guess is regardless of whether there were any key philosophical differences.
  7. Thanks and makes sense, just didn't understand the one year after retiring thing, as Adams retired so long ago, but you are referring to lack of experience in a FO role.
  8. Just missing the top 10 at 19 is very, very solid. What did the article do, list the top ten and then 40ish near-misses? Or are some near misses ranked ahead of others?
  9. This is all valid and reasonable, but also clearly, firmly on the "giving Terry and Kim the benefit of the doubt" side. Which is fine - but I'm not surprised to see so many wary of their hiring prowess. Are you surprised by that? Right.
  10. This is probably the key point. I agree with @Taro T that Dudley, specifically, was quite intriguing, but most importantly for me I'd like to see them as least bring in a capable outside voice or two to aid in the decision making process. Time is not of the essence in this regard, however.
  11. The coming of Adams will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche..
  12. It's not fear. It's not fretting. I'm open to the idea that he'll be an NHLer next season. In fact, that's what I think will happen. I'm even open to the idea, however unlikely, that he'll earn the 2C role next season, too. My argument is that if he earns it, he should be beating out someone that could have adequately played the position sans that unlikely development. If there isn't, he's being force-fed. And if he succeeds, they'll have been lucky, not smart. Maybe you river the 2C and it all works out but betting on a rookie being ready for the second most important position in a forward group right out the gate is not a sound wager. I know you aren't arguing against this but wanted to clarify for @JohnC
  13. I think my previous post addresses this. "Fear", "Fretting".....it's all misplaced in the context of quoting my post.
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