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  1. Well, what’s his name certainly respected the fact Jack twisted him inside out, and the goalie respected what can only be termed a world class short-side snipe. That looked like it was shot-put electronically.
  2. Nope, I've changed my mind. Or rather, VO has. Keep the top line together.
  3. My wording certainly wasn't elite.
  4. Should have said simply "elite" or "elite overall" rather than "elite all-around", so the wording was perhaps poor on my part.
  5. No, I'm not saying he's elite defensively. I'm saying he's overall an elite player. His defence is certainly good enough for him to be considered an elite player overall, rather than just an elite offensive player. It's not holding him back in that sense, whereas if a player was called simply "elite offensively" the connotation there is that the player isn't simply "elite". Which Jack is.
  6. The Sabres are in the top 8 (8th) in the East in points % now. Legitimately, fully, in a playoff spot at this time 🙂
  7. Not sure how well that showcase went, then. It’s plausible, but if they were so close to moving him, why would the trade request have been made public today?
  8. Thinking about it, Botterill has seemingly been in no rush to move a D man, I doubt he’d be compelled to take an inferior offer even now that Bogo has made this public. He’d probably just say, “if you want him, pay the fair price, or we keep him”. It’s much easier to play that type of game when the team is winning.
  9. It is kind of odd, but it’s a pretty odd situation overall, to be fair. Not only are we scratching a bonafide top 6 D man every night, we are playing one at forward/as the 7th D, too, on most nights. A very unusual situation. I’d not be surprised if Bogo, in a contract year, got fed up hearing he didn’t crack even the top 7, potentially more of that to come, and he just said “ok, trade me”.
  10. It should be noted their advanced metrics were average to good since Sweden
  11. I credit Krueger more, for lowering his ice time. I credit Botterill for acquiring Dahlin’s long term 1st pairing RD in Jokiharju in the heist of the century. Mittelstadt has way more value than that. Still young, I wouldn’t be LOOKING to move him. It should be noted that Jack’s demeanour was actually much improved LAST season. Though I’m sure Krueger has aided in his continued development.
  12. We aren’t talking enough about how good Jack is in the defensive end. He’s also improved at face offs. He’s not just an elite offensive player, he’s an elite all-around player.
  13. I’d rather keep Scandella, on the condition he stops trying to take slap shots I want Jack’s hat
  14. Even Ray commented on how, with less ice time, we are seeing the real Risto. - - - I’m starting to believe this is a playoff team. Botterill should remain vigilant for any upgrade opportunity that presents itself. - - - Olofsson would fit in in one of those sexy vampire movies.
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