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  1. He was Toews like at the WJC 2015 too
  2. Generally teams would claim to draft “BPA” here, aka most talented player regardless of position, but I’m sure teams do factor in positional need to a certain degree depending on the team.
  3. This too, though. Could get him picked first
  4. I agree. I still think it’d be interesting to see them take Beniers if he ends up ranked 4th or 3rd in most of these, if we do have the #1 pick. I’m not saying it’s not the thing to do, he’s probably at the top of my list, just that it’d be uncommon if you look at past drafts. Hopefully they aren’t part of this Power consensus edit @Hoss ya - that’s kinda what I mean. If a solid consensus develops, or at least a consistency of rankings, a team may feel the pressure to take him along with whatever evaluation they have
  5. No, he actually pulled a cell phone out of the in-net padding
  6. That’s one more player of the week than that bum Sam Reinhart
  7. Good article I think I’d still put Sam with Jack again first, but I liked this: “Mittelstadt could go back to the wing to make room for that checking line center. He was already having success on the wing before he was put back at the pivot. His skill set is not reliant on him being a center. His best asset is his shot and playing on the wing may force him into using it more as opposed to trying to be a line drive at center” I also agree it makes sense to focus on getting a wing add now, and just getting a checking C. And as I’ve mentioned before it’ll be easier for KA to
  8. Proven correct over the past 10 years, right? Hoping it’s different now? Plenty of reasons to be optimistic that’s indeed the case but no sense pretending the track record is any good.
  9. Haha maybe. That’s just a reply to the official account, though
  10. When you watch Star Wars, what order do you watch them in? IMO you gotta go order of release. There are so many call backs to themes and motifs in the later movies to things that happen in the OT - to me the original moments deserve to be witnessed first, have their full weight attributed to them. A New Hope first just feels right.
  11. And the 2 year gap between them, too. I think it's pretty likely Cozens becomes the better player
  12. I really like that this vid keeps showing up after wins
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