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  1. Why would Adams talk so much about "players who want to be here" being the key if he didn't believe it? Is he totally full of sh*t or is it how he feels? Under the prism of his logic, Jack would be detrimental merely for that fact. Why would they be trying to move him, if not? That isn't even getting into the fact we are clearly aiming for a high pick, and Jack being here would run counter to that. He's spoken *endlessly* of not wanting to "block" the youth - even more of that today. Jack Eichel is, quite literally, the biggest block they could trot out there, after deciding to go down this route. The scenario of Jack being back in the cards was unlikely but possible when we thought the roster might be, as people were guessing, re-molded this summer with a thought towards winning next year. We know this is not the case - the chances of him returning, now, are IMO zero.
  2. People better be absolutely livid with Adams if it happens. He has spoken, endlessly, about the key being guys who want to be here. We know Jack doesn't want to be here. If he allows that situation to fester around the environment he's trying to build, he's failed his plan intrinsically. Good call
  3. "the product on the ice next year won't matter" I agree It's not going to happen. Jack being here would be 100% counter to the plan Adams is enacting.
  4. Showing up and playing through injury last time doesn't seem to have done him any favours I suppose there's a slim chance. There's no possibility he's there game 1
  5. I meant the other people on the radio right now
  6. I'm not really sure why they are wasting time now talking about Eichel in camp. He's not coming to camp. Adams is 100% moving him before it. This is posturing to ensure as good a return as possible
  7. Because, as a player that is a couple years away, headed to College, he's a non-entity to Jack right now. Understandably
  8. I'm not sure it's a good thing that Cozens and Dahlin and co are going to be subjected to all the losing
  9. Very specific he wants to be disciplined to a plan. It's a plan and it's a choice
  10. I agree, it's about the next couple drafts
  11. Sound like a guy very happy with how things have unfolded, in all honesty
  12. I'm not arguing he's as good. I'm a bit tired of the "we had no good young players" the last time We did. I've laid out the lists repeatedly and it just doesn't matter lol
  13. Didn't what? 14 is top half of the first Already have done the PPG calculation unless I botched it
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