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  1. Just win, baby. It's sorta fun to have a team that's good enough to play a seriously imperfect game, and still win by 10. Oh, and Anthony Lynn is a very good O-coordinator and, from what I hear and read, a very nice man. He should not, however, be an NFL head coach.
  2. ^ I’m indebted to you for reading far more than I did. I’ll go back to heavily discounting everything the guy posts.
  3. What is Thriller doing there? That album’s a masterpiece. Quincy Jones is a genius.
  4. This is my idea of fun.
  5. This guy has squandered a lot of credibility with me since I started following him as a counter-weight to MSM coverage of the pandemic, but this Tweet thread seems to have some merit to it. ^ Lol at "squandered", as if the guy gives a sh1t that he's lost credibility with me, which the term "squandered" implies.
  6. Hmm. Yes. A colour (and shade) of strength and intrigue.
  7. A rare bird! I’m just goofin’ anyway. This thread was made by @Eleven, but was sorta made for @thewookie1
  8. Okay. Let's talk about yellow. It's a primary colour, but I feel like it gets very little love. Have you ever heard someone say that their favourite colour is yellow? If you said "yes," either you're lying, or the person who said that to you was lying.
  9. I recognize this as a huge problem for a big segment of our society. OTOH, I am also waiting for the science/data that compels the closing of schools. The virus is rampaging through U.S. populations, to be sure, but I've not been shown that this is happening, in part, because schools are open. My theory: The spread is almost entirely due to things (activities, choices) that our governments cannot control or reach (whether legally and/or practically).
  10. Should the OP change this topic's title so that it's limited to the colour green? We could have separate threads for other colours.
  11. That one had me like "... damn."
  12. Strongly in favour of green. It's not easy bein' green, after all. Not only that, but (a specific shade of) green is the subject of another favourite song of mine.
  13. I've never seen any science about K-12 schools being a factor in community spread. I'm therefore left confused as to why closing the schools is part of the strategy in NYS's orange designations. If there's science out there to support it, please do let me know. Anecdotally, I saw that the NYC schools had a positivity rate of like .25%. I also know that my kid's high school (which was until quite recently in-person 5 days a week) has had 6 cases so far this semester, none of which have been determined to have resulted in community spread within the school. Yet again on the other hand
  14. I voted Clubber as worst -- but not bad meaning bad, but meaning good.
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