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  1. DeLuca .500 is a game within reach. Get there. Stay there.
  2. help a brother out: which of the 7 D was playing the wing? I was Christmas concerting, but the report I got was that he wasn't very noticeable. Which is different than tentative. IMO, I'd rather see 15 nice quiet games from him than see his swagger return. I think that's how he needs to build his game.
  3. Agreed. Fights at Sabre games are, in my experience, very unusual. And, on the contrary, *not* witnessing or being affected by a fight (or, more likely, fights) at a Bills game is equally unusual.
  4. I'd missed that. If intentional, then well-turned. I'm not so sure, though.
  5. As a young kid, I think I went to just a few Sabres games - like, maybe 3. Hockey tickets just didn't make it into a tight budget. A friend's mom worked for Cablevision early on, and we did get to sit in the suite for an Oilers game in or around '83 or '84. I don't ever recall being happier as a kid.** Once high school hit and I got toward my college years, there were more games. I can't say I have any really clear memory of any of those. My clearest memories of the old place are from Stallions games. A crew of us from the neighbourhood would take public transportation down to the Aud (the 8?), get tickets for the oranges (or maybe we had them in hand from our soccer clubs), and then move down to the reds. We usually had candy we'd bought at a Wilson Farms. The greatest achievement of those days was when my older brother managed to land a Lemon Head *squarely* in the middle of one of the red re-start (faceoff) dots in front of Jim May. ** In trying to reconstruct which game I attended, I looked back at the Sabres/Oilers historical record. It was interesting and comforting to see how, as predictable as the path of migratory birds, the Sabres and Oilers would reliably play a game in Buffalo at some time in March.
  6. Program ink?! That’s a new one on me. Interesting. Cigarettes were also a factor. As was the oil used to make the popcorn. The major driver was hot dogs, I think. Boiled meat!
  7. The smell, naturally. Same. I was bussing and bar backing at the Aud Club in those days. We'd haul cases of beer up to the suites and pick up the empty cases. Then we'd sit and catch our breath sitting on the empty cases before humping back downstairs. My buddy and I saw the event right before our eyes. Terrifying, even when seen from that distance. There was some unanticipated mopping up to do in the Aud Club that evening, as there were fans who left the game after the incident and came to the Aud Club to gather themselves (at least two of whom were in my section, and were overcome and became sick). It is aces.
  8. Man, hell naw. You ask anyone who knows a thing or two about that MMA sh1t -- wrestlers are nasty mofos to tangle with. I liked it.
  9. Fair deuce. The story that's since emerged makes it sound pretty shady. I did enjoy the take of contrarian media types who theorized that this was concocted by Belichick to motivate his team ("us against the world!"). I think that this is overblown. I mean, I hate that team -- and that dynamic duo -- as much as I can. But they are the best of all time. I like it! I also enjoyed how HEATED he got when ... the Ravens? ... had too many players in the huddle but were allowed to avoid the penalty by calling a timeout (something that is not supposed to happen).
  10. Who’s with Steve Belichick there? Not the shadowy Ernie Adams...?
  11. Ha. It was the Pats. Steve Belichick no less.
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