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  1. they apparently did such a bad job that none of the fans would smile for the photos that were taken for the promotional campaign. ha. honestly, i don't have a take on what the canucks did for their 50th.
  2. Also: Your sitting neighbours are in-line with my gripe about the vibe there.
  3. That would be a band worth seeing. They cranked out hits, but those guys were also serious musicians and songwriters. In fact, Hall messed around quite a bit with experimental musicians like Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, etc. CMAC is a lovely venue. I've seen a couple of my favourite acts there over the years, on several occasions. I often find the crowd to be a bit *meh*, as a whole. Not a huge complaint, admittedly.
  4. That alternate 50 kit is right spiffing. Full marks. There's a fair amount of cross-pollination that's happening between NA and Europe in terms of pro sports. Almost all of the elements being borrowed and adopted have to do with increasing revenues. I therefore expect some NA leagues to get into that business of tweaking the kits every year, and going crazy with a 3rd kit every year as well. Too much money to be made to avoid it.
  5. I was gonna say. In this case, there's good reason for calling out who had the call ahead of time. It informs how you're apt to receive information going forward.
  6. Chatter heating up with the blue check marks on Twitter re Clowney coming to Buffalo. I also saw talk about how that tackle that the Bills signed from ... Washington (?!) didn't practice today, for unexplained reasons.
  7. In fact, it tends to render the word meaningless.
  8. Well, wait a second. A "bust" is, by definition, a prospect who didn't play at a level commensurate with where the player was selected. 3rd round picks become NHL players at about a 30% rate. Thus, 70% of 3rd round picks never become NHL players. By extension, a player chosen in the 3rd round who does not become an NHL player is performing in a manner consistent with the super-majority of his peers. That kind of prospect/player is not a bust. I'd suggest that the word you wanted there is -- at most -- something more along the lines of "detriment" or "disappointment." Filatov (sp?) as chosen by CBJ in the top-10 was a bust, for example.
  9. Calling a 3rd round pick a bust? Brayton Wilson needs to calm down.
  10. ^^ That's a mostly unhelpful way of reporting what Prescott has been offered and what he is demanding. It's all about guaranteed money in the NFL. "AAV," or whatever, doesn't mean a blessed thing in NFL contract talk. What did Carson Wentz get when he signed? IIRC, his guaranteed money was, as a practical matter, more than $100M.
  11. "redneck JaMarcus Russell." So good.
  12. He has a history of them, right? Also, I saw a Tweet that the pass-pro was awful without him in there.
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