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  1. It would make sense that they won't brew on-site -- that they'll have a retail establishment without brewing, like the ones @inkman has seen brewers use in/around Roch. I do wonder what kind of licensure they'll be looking for. Some sort of extension of what I presume is their farm brewery license. Which in turn prompts me to ask: How are they gonna offer a full bar in that space? That could be a sticky wicket for them. I realize that they could offer their own spirits (as well as other NYS-made spirits, I think), but the masses are going to want to order what they're accustomed to o
  2. I'm glad to hear that you had good experiences there. I will add: The times when I was most disappointed at (716) was on a day/evening when there was no hockey game going on. I have little to no use for Pearl Street. I will go there in a pinch, but I know what to expect. Shoot - even the beer they brew there isn't anything to celebrate, and I'm not overly fussy about the house craft brew.
  3. Right. I hear you. I guess taprooms are typically (?) connected to nearby brewing activities, but not always. The facility was (is) pretty sweet. My experience with the food and service was fairly mixed.
  4. So - a taproom. That seems to imply that they'll brew on-site (?).
  5. That sounds right, although I would imagine that Labatt USA, as PSE's tenant, would have asked PSE for assurances that PSE would not enter into a sale, lease, etc. that would allow another brew pub to compete within a certain distance. But maybe not. Do I recall correctly that PSE moved its headquarters into that building where the Labatt brew house is?
  6. It occurs to me: The Labatt brew house is a PSE holding. It would surprise me if the Pegulas would allow Southern Tier to brew on site at the former 716.
  7. BIGGER nets, with rounded points of joinder between posts and crossbar. Sheesh. Didn't you listen to Larry Quinn??
  8. This theory is gathering steam on Sabres Twitter. Is it all just inferential? Or is there something sourced to indicate that RaKru has beef with Guy Smiley?
  9. I really enjoyed this post - especially that middle part.
  10. Lol - actually, maybe they are about equal! Taking ~10% as his average SH%. +/- 6.
  11. Good fortune tends to even out over time. ~16% SH% is/was an outlier for Eichel. Not as much as 4% is.
  12. I positively *gasped* when I read this as I am squarely in the midst of such an experience myself. #YesDear #WhateverYouWantIsGoodWithMeHon Yeah - the ROR thing seems almost like received wisdom. I'd never heard the Skinner one, though. Then again: The Kitchen Reno Theorem. Healthy scratches are a way of grooming a former 40-goal scorer for a LW1 spot?
  13. There's gonna be pain involved, for sure. I was bemoaning this contract with someone IRL. I blamed Botterill. The other person then said they'd heard that the Pegulas forced his hand on re-signing Skinner. I don't recall hearing that. Anyone?
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