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  1. Not a validation of tanking for a few elite players.
  2. Holtby letting in a couple of brutal goals is helping, a lot.
  3. I think that's about how it played out. And, if so, it's a total shemozzle. This is a logical thought process. I still don't think it can justify the decision that was made.
  4. Right, right. I just think the explanation that the refs offered made a bad call somehow worse.
  5. This doesn't wash, though, with regard to the ref on that side of the ice who had a clear view of the draw. If he thought he saw a cross check to the chops - why did his hand not go up?
  6. I don't know enough about this guy to join in the crying.
  7. To make matters worse, Knights coach Gerard Gallant said the refs explained to him on the ice that Eakin had checked Pavelski in the face, “and as we all saw, that didn’t happen.”
  8. I'm just catching up on that incident. Bizarre. I'm not sure how the refs can reasonably infer that Pavelski was injured by the crosscheck, as the crosschecking contact was modest (hence, no call in the moment) and he was clearly bleeding because some interior portion of his helmet cut his head (and, Lord, do those head wounds bleed).** It was as terrible a call in as big a moment as you could fear in the NHL SCP. That said, the Vegas PK just melted down there. I'd venture: What was worse - the call or the PK performance? I'd say the latter. ** I reckon an argument could be made that he cut his head like that because he fell from a crosscheck. But, again, the crosschecking contact was not a problem when it occurred for the official closest to the incident. (See below)
  9. Yeah - Stratford is not the GTA. It's a little closer to Buffalo than Syracuse is, by way of context. And, FWIW, many Buffalo high school kids have shlepped off to Stratford for the Shakespeare plays.
  10. Tuning in for the 2nd. Man, I can’t wait until the Sabres are playing at this level and in this sort of situation.
  11. Ah, so. @Taro T wasn’t joking.
  12. well-played. i'll add: even if dude was properly reminiscing back on a summer of '69 in which he was merely 9 years old, i'd call BS on him having nostalgic thoughts about such times. because he'd only having been fookin' nine years old. like, he was standing on some girl's momma's porch, exchanging pledges of fidelity, when he was nine years old? really? now, jack johnson is another story. yeah, not even born until 1975 - but plenty groovy and chilled out to have memories of the summer of '69.
  13. oh yeah - murphy. but if it's him or another guy, then that'd be four RBs. they won't carry/roster four RBs, will they?
  14. i understand that sentiment. another thing that was pointed out -- and i thought it was worth considering -- was that none of mccoy, gore, or yeldon will play special teams. that'd be quite unusual apparently -- to have 3 active RBs, none of whom play on ST's.
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