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  1. Cole Beasley is apparently looking to take some heat off of his QB
  2. Good post - thanks for it. The first point above is fair. Maybe "demolition" is more apt? If you're moving Eichel, Reinhart, and Risto, that's ... something big. Call it what we will. A re-set? To the second point, I suppose that anything is possible. Here's hoping.
  3. I guess if there's a player for player trade to be had ... maybe? I'm just assuming that the deals to be had are going to be in the nature of something like a good NHL player, 2 of their top-5 prospects, and a 1st round pick.
  4. I get this. It was late April 2013 when Darcy made the "some suffering" remark. OTOH, what sound choice does the franchise really have here other than a nearly total tear-down? I suggest that there is no other good choice here. Or, at least, that rebuilding is the least worst choice available. I tend to disagree. Winning solves everything. That arena was plenty vibrant in the springs of 1999 and 2006.
  5. Is there a better word than taint? I think that just taint so. It literally means like a sort of soiled stain on something ... and it is also slang for ... well, such an evocative anatomical reference.
  6. yeah - he's clearly done sticking his neck out for this team.
  7. I will have to listen to it in the archives -- did he say that to Hamilton?!
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