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  1. Late to this. I should have stopped in before now. I'm included among one of the precise demographics to which Rush's music intensely appealed. I came in right around Moving Pictures, so maybe a wee bit on the younger side (midway point?) of the fandom. I listened to that album so many times that it is burned into my memory banks. I have a deep affection for the band, the members, the music, the lyrics, etc. And it's a fair and valid point: Like them or not (and you are free not to like them for many reasons), you cannot deny their virtuosity and influence. Those are objective facts. I also want to say that, in the wake of Peart's death, someone posted a video of an interview Geddy gave about his parents' surviving the Holocaust. Which, damn. I did not know. There was an article linked to that interview, in which the writer talked about how both Lee and ... Lifeson maybe? were sons of immigrants. And that that dynamic - of other-ness - was a huge influence on the band. It gave a whole different light to, say, the angst of Subdivisions. Which, standing alone, is a powerful ode to alienation in the modern western world. Finally, I forgot about and love these clips (which accompanied a concert tour I never saw):
  2. solid gum show work there. fwiw, i think they do change/move those ads with some frequency.
  3. I've come to the following conclusion on my view of Reinhart: I have vague, speculative biases that want to convince me that, in fact, he's a self-satisfied silver-spoon underachiever. Thinks a lot of himself. Thinks he's "doing the work," when, in fact, he doesn't know that he doesn't know he's not doing the work needed. But ball don't lie, as they say. The assist on the first goal was absolutely top-notch. The smarts. The vision. The hands. I think maybe he's just good. Good enough to be a good team's RW1, most likely.
  4. Great post. And this tidbit is right in-line with what I saw. Holy Moses was he out of control there to start the 2nd, and then, just like that, back under control. Very solid showing on his part.
  5. ^ @SDS if that clip is potentially problematic, just let me know. (Too funny and too apt not to post.)
  6. I was just saying @LGR4GM didn’t get Taro’d. However, it appears I did.
  7. Lotta chumming with the broskis. Nothing wrong with that. Unless, of course, it's matched with a sneaky level of self-satisfaction.
  8. I do believe they had a place (townhouse) together. But with Casey based in Roch, there must be some other arrangement. Perhaps Casey's "living" in a long-term hotel type facility.
  9. Well, wait. There's something a little more to this, potentially. Those 2 were absolutely joined at the hip as NHLers. They would constantly show up in each other's social media content. Maybe Casey being in the A has allowed/prompted Dahlin to refocus a bit?
  10. It is always nice to beat the effin' Stars. Let's go, Buffalo!
  11. Well, there's ticking off the mods, and then there's putting the site's proprietor in a bad operational spot.
  12. I mean - who are they? Are "they" the people who posted jiggly gifs even after @SDS said "please don't"? If so - gotcha.
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