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  1. Huh? I’m not trying to be clever. I’m saying: 14 SOG in a period looks like solid work. No goals to show for it. Just seems like PDO fallin’ a bit.
  2. NFW that would ever happen. Ever. This is from 2012 (some Superbowl media, I believe).
  3. My sense is that a private label food manufacturer makes it, markets it, distributes it, etc., after having lightly consulted with Chef's as to what goes into their sauce and having secured a license to use the restaurant's name, etc.
  4. I can see Brady wanting to go somewhere else in order to stick it in Belichick's eye. It'd be consistent with his competitive nature - to show that he's the top dog. That said, I think it would probably be a mistake for him to do so.
  5. The sauce they serve in the restaurant is prepared on premises. The "Chef's" sauce that gets jarred elsewhere is sold at retail. In my experience, the two sauces have very little in common. The stuff you get on-site is, imo, excellent, but tastes vary. The stuff you buy in a grocery store is pretty bland.
  6. The sample size is still pretty limited, but his linemates are in the positive values when it comes to 5v5 Shot Attempt percentage differential, (MoJo is right around break even, while Skinner's more like ~3) and Sobotka's in that negative 6 range.
  7. I think you've posited the question incorrectly. I think the question is: Does a sound analytical model more accurately predict a team's future results than a sportscaster's best guess(es)? No one has a crystal ball, obviously. I'm also - all of a sudden - intrigued by how "small sample size" factors into NFL modeling.
  8. I'm gonna keep plunking Tierney's team shot rate charts in this thread. Sabres have crept into the good quadrant (after straddling the dull/good quadrant).
  9. A rare home and home against a west coast team. Let's go, Buffalo.
  10. Lots of #fancystats are complex concepts. PDO ain’t one of them. It’s SH% + SV% while you’re on the ice. Skinner’s line has something like .985 SV% and .15% SH% while on the ice. Really, really favourable numbers. They’re (probably?) not going to last. All of which isn’t to say that they’re not playing well. They’re playing well. But their output is partly a function of good fortune, so far. And fortune is fickle. (Yet it also favours the bold (?!).)
  11. The Skinner line is fine. Sobotka is fine. Until their PDO starts to fall back towards 100. It’s right around 110 right now, which is pretty ridonk.
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