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  1. Bills placed Miller on 4-game IR. We can't even trust the players to break their own injury news! Miller said a couple days ago that he'd be back for the Jets game. GO BILLS!
  2. Hear, hear. Me no likey. GO BILLS!
  3. I read through the thread. This is a fun stat to contemplate. The thing that I remember about Power from that game: How he panicked a bit at the very end of the game and needlessly turned a risky clearance into a 2-minute minor (from the replay, you could see that he had more time and space than he realized). The Sabres survived that power play, thankfully.
  4. Matches what I recall of the eye test in watching him. Yes, the team in front of him was depleted at times. But he rarely looked the part of a 1A or 1B.
  5. The OP cited to GSAA. That stat doesn’t account for shot quality. What about GSAE (expected)? Posts like the one above seem to raise a fair point.
  6. Someone’s going to find and resurrect that WGR caller from 2006 who sang “I Roll Four Lines” to the tune of “I Walk the Line.”
  7. Man … I’d take Beasley back in a heartbeat *if* he could do ~85% of what he used to do. I just don’t think he can do it anymore.
  8. DE’s dropping like flies and they sign a WR to the P Squad. Is there an injury at WR that I missed? Also occurs to me: Probably not a DE out there worth signing.
  9. The Miller news so far is a mixed bag of encouraging and confusing. Apparently they know he’ll need surgery after the season? What’s the recovery horizon there? The Bills need Rousseau (sp) back - and also need him to step up. I feel as though the Bills haven’t had a ton of injuries - but, those they’ve had, have been to really important players. Not important on the levels of 17 or 14 … but 40 going down approaches that level for sure. The Bills are not a SB contender without him, imo. (That is, unless Rousseau were to suddenly take a quantum leap.)
  10. And of course, Power has the benefit of Dahlin being on the team.
  11. It’s a holiday season. The Sabres are fun. Let’s go.
  12. @Eleven with the GDT and an apparent typo (or an inside joke I am missing) in the topic title. Goat head night. Can’t lose. Can(‘t) lose?
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