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  1. ^ That's more in-line with what I saw.
  2. Yeah - I'm not seeing it from PFF. For me, the analytics needs to square with what you're watching. A couple seasons ago, when the Sabres had that bonkers win streak early in the season -- their basic advanced stats were not good and any observant fan knew that they were whistling past the graveyard for most of those wins, but, whatever, it was fun. I watched that game against the Dolphins. Allen was good. He wasn't perfect, to be sure. But he was really, really good. PFF says he had the 13th best game from a QB in Week 2? GTFO.
  3. ^ The PFF stuff is confusing to me, for sure. What are they factoring in? Elements like good luck/bad luck? Throws that should have been picked off and weren't, etc.?
  4. He's been their best player so far this season, for sure. The Texans are taking a lot of heat for moving on from Hopkins - the Vikings arguably deserve the same heat.
  5. It's a small sample size, but Allen is looking like a legitimate difference-maker (as in the good kind) at the game's most important position. The D struggled without their two studs in the middle -- that, and FitzMagic was just having one of those games he has sometimes. Oh, and I think the Bills' defensive coaches got out-coached by their counterparts from Miami. The Bills did well to win against a team that seemed sort of destined to pull off an upset.
  6. It’s a little like marking the migratory path of birds. Now and then, a group of board regulars sincerely question @PASabreFan’s fandom, sanity, etc. There’s no bigger fan of the franchise on this board. You may not care for how he goes about it, but that’s just a matter of personal taste. I haven’t seen the Staal videos or heard any interviews. I’ll have a look/listen and then chime in on whether he appears like a laid back professional or a guy thinking of retiring rather than going to Buffalo.
  7. Is Weber one of those guys on whom Terry Pegula man-crushed? Or was that just Gaustad?
  8. Until society is back to some semblance of normality (e.g., fans in the arena/stadium), I don't think I'll have much in the way of real needs or expectations for the teams I support.
  9. Agree with all of this. It's interesting to hear my gamer kid talk about how really, really high-level players of games that he plays are just amazing to watch play - the precision, the speed, the strategizing. As best I can tell, he thinks of those gamers in much the same way he thinks of other professional athletes whom he admires.
  10. McDermott called them both (all? (sounded like there were more than just Milano and Edmunds who were injured)) day to day yesterday. I have not heard or seen anything more today.
  11. ^ Good post. Kicking in the NFL may be the most between the ears gig in pro sports.
  12. That game seemed like a microcosm of what it's like to root for a Josh Allen led Bills team. The QB gives us a lot of cheer for, a lot to agonize over - we just hope it's more of the former than the latter. That one catch that Diggs made where he slid into the sideline was astonishing. Lofton saw it for what it was, and gave the love. I can't get over how freakin' athletic and technically proficient it was. That is not a good field goal kicking situation, until further notice. JFC. Kid had the yips. Milano and Edmunds being hurt is very bad. Hopefully one or both will mend quickly.
  13. It is a fun, cool town - with vibes that in some way resemble those of Buffalo, etc. But it's also like most (all) places. It may not take all types, but they got all types.
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