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  1. Good post. This especially had me nodding in agreement.
  2. Distinguishing between entitled and qualified is fair. My point is really along the lines of “whaddayagonnado?” Almost like, in life, you don’t have to be qualified if you’re entitled. And hey - we’re back to my assessing life as it is (a posteriori) and your assessing life as it should be (a priori). The return of PAngloss! Also, your Southwest airlines analogy is too granular. More apt would be Terry sharpening skates or some such. Come to think of it .....
  3. I guess I understand the posters who wanted a swing for the fences pick. But lol at folks panning the pick of a player who’s 4 or so years from the NHL.
  4. We've been around this carousel a few times, @PASabreFan. Do you find the conversation to be an interesting one? I mostly don't. Would either of Terry or Kim Pegula been hired into the positions they occupy had they not bought and owned the team? Most assuredly not. But they did buy the team. That is the ultimate and final "qualification" for any position within an organization that's been thusly purchased. I think I find it more interesting to talk about whether RaKru was properly qualified to serve as an NHL HC.
  5. Didn’t the Sabres use Jump Around as a win song for a while?
  6. This isn’t even half a loaf. I want the kooky, hijacked, derailed, personal agenda fueled thread reopened.
  7. I can get behind this, I guess. Thing is: The team stunk last season. So I'm knee jerkedly skeptical of rolling the same 4th line. But maybe they were not the (a) problem. Maybe it is lines 2 and 3 that need the revamp.
  8. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. I demand a revival of the 2019 offseason thread.
  9. Sabre Dance is arguably the coolest association between a song and a pro sports team, ever. I think the goal song needs to be more "of the moment," though.
  10. Hmm. Middle 6, not bottom 6. So, are we good with a 4th line of E-Rod, Zemgus, and Larsson?
  11. To each their own. I enjoy threads that are open-ended and free-flowing -- especially when the thread's topic is general in nature. Those threads find their level again, in time. They always do. Unless they're locked first.
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