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  1. Hmmm. That *is* interesting. *Super* hypothetical of course. But interesting. Would you?
  2. Don’t parse my words, holmes. I guess I meant obviously to modify deadly? I dunno. It’s just my take: That he’s in the top 5%~ when it comes to the mental drive to improve. YMMV, as the saying goes, when it comes to the desire, drive, know-how to improve. An NHL player has already accomplished so much. I don’t blame them for stalling out a bit.
  3. I just got through it, in several sittings. It started off incredibly strong - like, holy sh1t balls - and then, maybe inevitably, started to trail off as it moved toward its ... inevitable (?) conclusion. It is remarkable for presenting a cast of principal characters who are all repugnant and riveting in their own peculiar ways. Full marks to the director, and his creative team. (Among other matters, I found the sound and music editing to be so effective - there were so many transitions that helped develop the story in really effective ways.) Of the secondary characters, I found Saff (sp?) and the long-time manager (the double amputee - Reinke?) to be the most sympathetic. Saff is pretty clearly the most redeeming human in the show. Reinke the manager is more of a mixed bag, but I felt I could sense the goodness there (albeit in a very, very broken vessel). Those bologna sandwiches he was living off at the end were heart-breaking to me.
  4. The first piece is where I'm at with the question. The second piece seems, to me, to be less likely now than it did at the very start of his NHL career. But that's bound to change too. One thing that portends well for him is how obviously, deadly serious he is about becoming a better player.
  5. Oh, hells yes. Problem being: This is a case of a bird in the hand, etc. We know the team has an elite young defenseman ... prospect (?!). Wait. Do we know that? What were we talking about? Working from home makes my brain weird.
  6. I'm only through episode 4. What an amazing ride so far.
  7. What a gift. Enjoying these, with some sense of guilty pleasure.
  8. 'course he is! Ol' Sugar Packets himself.
  9. Correct. There will be additional waves. And additional shutdowns, I presume.
  10. Yeah - there's no way for the U.S. to replicate what China's (apparently) done. (I say "apparently," as it appears they're fudging some of their numbers. But in all events it appears they've had incredible success with containment.) We can't do what they did because we are a free society founded on individualism; they are an un-free society founded on commitment to the collective. On the other hand, we can't even do what Germany's been doing thus far, which is testing ~200,000 people a day. Germany is having fantastic success against the virus. It's all about testing, but the U.S. has been so slow to get that in gear.
  11. What seems lost in the debate here is that the most immediate (arguably the only real) concern is avoiding situations in which the health care system is overwhelmed. Avoiding situations where people are simply left to die on gurneys in the hallway, whether that’s a hospital hallway or a hallway at the Javitz Center, etc. Everything that governments do in the near-term - whether containment or mitigation - must be done with the avoidance of spikes as the goal. Everything else is going to have to be secondary, the economy included. And there’s no discounting how serious the harms are to the economy — from the very wealthy on down to the career waitress at your local fine dining institution (say, Oliver’s). But we just can’t, can’t navigate into scenarios in which people are literally dying in the streets from this thing. If we are guided by Fauci and people like him, we should mostly be able to avoid such outcomes. ... If.
  12. Proverbial gun to the head, I'd wager on 8-8.
  13. The talk of the Bills being AFC East favourites is more than a little thrilling, but maybe also premature. Outside of their divisional opponents, their home games are against the Chiefs, Seahawks, Chargers, Rams, and Steelers. I know that much can and will change, but that right there looks like tough sledding to me. They also get the Titans and 49ers on the road. (And the Cardinals, who maybe will be (really?) good?) I love the optimism, but I am braced for a slight regression based on quality of opponents. Do the expanded playoff rules kick in next season?
  14. Ha. I’d still have rather seen PSE float those folks with some sort of stipends. Fo sho.
  15. That’s not quite how it works. I think @Eleven is implying that termination - while it seems harsh - may place the workers in a better position with NYS DOL’s unemployment division. And in that regard, NYS DOL invoices employers for the UI benefits paid out.
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