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  1. Increasingly, the poster's content does not pass the smell test. The bit about English not being their first language pumped the brakes on this for me for a minute, but the reply to how they became a fan was just a genuinely weird word salad. I am somewhat intrigued, though, as to what's going on here.
  2. This statement is vague enough that it could apply to anything — local points of interest, grocery stores, hot dog joints, and so on.
  3. I never gave it much thought, so I was learning for the first time that it was in the shape of an animal. I did find myself shaking my head at the OP who was *nerding* out on how utterly amazing the logo is (like, the best in all of sports?). I guess, from a design professional's standpoint, there's a lot to admire. As a fan/consumer, I think it's an unappealing mess. Also, it looks more like a bear than a wolf to me. But I think the designer intentionally made it ambiguous.
  4. I think this was the first mention of him. He's on my totally arbitrary not very well informed list as well. But perhaps the vote is cast for his time as a non-Sabre. In addition to Wendel Clark and taking Gretzky as a given, I guess I'd go: 2. Dave Tiger Williams (unmatched goal celebration) 3. Ovechkin (the most fun player to watch live, in my experience) 4. Lafleur (reminded me of Perreault, yes, but perhaps more graceful whereas Perreault was more powerful) 5. Lanny McDonald (for the 'stache and his team's epic Cup win (in his final season?))
  5. I’m not trying to guess your real-life identity. I was trying to link one anonymous account with another. How did you become a fan of the Sabres, @Theana74?
  6. Yeah - that's not cool at all - characterizing DiBiase's opinion content as a sourced report.
  7. Ah yes. Yeah - that content's all gone. What's not gone are some of the quotes from @NY2buffalo that other posters put in their posts. Definitely sounds like the same person(s). At one point, in connection with occupational hazards of playing pro hockey, that person seemed to suggest that they were a player? (Or maybe married to/partnered with one?) And there was a special concern with the plight of players in the AHL.
  8. 3rd? I've got @Theana74 and @Theana745 ...
  9. I didn’t mean to suggest you were from the organization. I was starting to conclude that you were performing as a character, of sorts. But the English as a second language puts a different spin on things. Possibly.
  10. Yeah. It’s gotten so weird that I’ve concluded it’s a troll job. A clever one.
  11. What I read from Wawrow was more definite than that.
  12. @john wawrow Tweeted in that same thread that Dudley had interest in coming to the Sabres.
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