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  1. I caught most of the game. Down their 1C and 2D, and they just kept trucking. This team is going to be enjoyable.
  2. I did not have “Okposo as a deep cut stealth favourite Sabre of all-time” on my hockey bingo card.
  3. ^ I’ll look at these later. The eye test has been eye popping with him this season.
  4. I did not expect Mittelstadt to come with THE HEAT like that. Damn. He was a little after my time, but, DAMN, no one had flow like Biggie. No one. That's jazz, gotdammit.
  5. Here's the play. Also, I just realized that I did NOT get the names 100% correct in the original thread title. It's Mittelstadt -- not Mittlestadt.
  6. I thought I read that the slashes to the hands/wrists were going to be a specific area of focus this season? Those hacks Casey was taking on that play were so bad that he practically turned around to the ref to be like "WTF?!" And his linemate Minestrone still got a breakaway out of it.
  7. Also, shoutout to me for getting those names right (?) in the thread topic title.
  8. For Mittlestadt, I was worried it was gonna be more like 2-3 months, as it appeared he took a hack to his gloves before leaving the game.
  9. I loved watching peak Eichel play for the Sabres. He is a rare talent, imo. I don't think his style (approach? role? temperament?) would fit all that well with what Granato's teaching and demanding. This is not an indictment on Eichel. His talent, vision, strength, skating ability, etc. are such that, most times, he has this sort of almost languid (even mellow (?)) quality about his game. I know that's ridiculous to say, on some level, because I sat 5 rows up once when Eichel was at his peak, and holy sp1t everyone on the ice, especially him, is so fast. But he has this manner in which he seems to be anticipating what is going to happen in 2 seconds, so he sort of slows the game down a bit, waits for his window, and then BAM. From what I've seen, I don't see him as someone who can properly commit to playing with high pace, high intensity, hair on fire. I don't think that's his game.
  10. It appears he got hurt in connection with that breakaway play where he and his line-mate (Minestrone?) almost had a 2-on-none — he was getting hooked pretty fierce. I’m hoping nothing is broken in the hand/wrist area.
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