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  1. Good post. Schopp and Bulldog had on a guy from USA Today (?!) yesterday who I thought was just excellent. Ferrare, maybe? I can't recall hearing a talking sports person who more insight and who was able to relate it in such an understandable way. Anyway, his take on the Bills-Steelers game is in-line with what you initially say above -- they have elite personnel, and had an excellent game plan that they executed superbly. It was especially interesting to hear him talk about how defensive game plans against Allen evolved from man coverage, blitzing, to zone schemes, to post-snap trickery, and so on. And how evolved safety-play in the NFL has allowed good defensive teams to play nickel or even dime, and not get overly gouged by the run. Hopefully, the Bills O. can rebound against the Fish. I'm not sure what Daboll is going to do about the run-pass imbalance. I do think he is committed to throwing the ball as much as possible. Perusing one of the Twitter accounts that reviews plays (Yards Per Pass?), I was reminded how, at times, the Steelers essentially begged the Bills to run. I mean, like there were times when there were 5 (4.5?) players in the box on the Steelers D. You *have* to be able to pick up 5 or 6 against fronts like that. Just take it. The USA Today columnist recalled a Chiefs game last year when Clyde E-H (sp?) toted for ~25 carries and ~125 yards and a score because the opposing defense essentially dictated that sort of game flow from Mahomes. (Was that the Bills game?!) I'm old enough to get reflexively fired up for Miami Week. Squish the Phish!
  2. I dunno, man. I know he's on the wrong side of 30, etc., but, as I peruse the clips that get circulated on Twitter by the various bloggers/podcasters, it strikes me that the Steelers may have game planned as much, if not more, to contain Beasley's role as they did any other Bills WR. So much of what Beasley does -- and IMO does extremely well -- is essentially a substitute for a traditional run game.
  3. Those Beasley and Ferguson Quote Retweets are truly a special kind of stupid.
  4. But, like, how? It’s a huge development that bears directly on the subject of this thread.
  5. It’s unfortunate that the new COVID policy thread got migrated like this.
  6. Yep. We attended, and there was zero mask wearing in the stands. Zero. And I know damn well that ~1/3 of the crowd was unvax'd. There was some mask wearing in the concourses ... but that was at less than 10% (and was supposed to be 100%).
  7. Good. Overdue, imo. The mask compliance on the concourses was ~5%. In terms of faking or forging, there will spring forth a cottage industry of people capable of making a forged digital Excelsior vax card. So be it. This will, in all events, greatly reduce the number of unvaccinated people at games, concerts. We were required to show proof of vaccination to go to a couple Blue Jay games. The level of scrutiny from stadium staff was ... well, it wasn't confidence-inspiring. (I acknowledge that the Bills run a more robust organization than the Bisons.)
  8. Yo - this fairly blew my mind.
  9. I think the defense was good. Not very good - good. Generally, Big Ben was getting the ball out so fast that there was no opportunity to have a pass rush. That guy's arm is shot, but he has enough savvy to get the ball where it needs to be -- just no zip on it at all. Anyway, a good defense should be enough for this team, as built. I will give credit where it's due: The Pittsburgh D is frickin' nasty. I don't recall seeing a single blitz, but they got pressure over and over. And with specific regard to Sanders, he managed to get wide open for a sure fire touchdown, and Allen overthrew him.
  10. Can we please stop quoting the troll? I have them on "ignore," but that doesn't work when others quote them.
  11. I feel some concern over the fact that Allen made his case for being a franchise QB when there were no fans in the stands, and seemed to regress as fans came back into the stands (although he played really well in that first playoff game against the Colts, no?). I am concerned that, with fans there, with all that energy, Allen looked less than sharp. That ball he overthrew to Sanders in the 1st quarter (half?) was an *easy* 6, and (Sugar High) Josh just put too much on it. I think this is something that he can manage, but it is a matter of concern. Go Bills!
  12. I’ll be there, with my youngest. Go Bils!!
  13. I read the Friedman link, got super pumped, and then had a rubber band snap moment of perspective — it’s necessary to do this, but there’s still a level on which it *sucks*. I hadn’t thought about that in a while. Ah well - onward.
  14. I am intrigued by this Gibson talk. As for Ullmark, is his save % influenced by the low event hockey being played by the team in front of him? I’m wondering if there are some #fancystats that could shed light on the matter.
  15. I just love this creation. I'd recommend you orient yourself off Big Tree Road, which intersects Abbott. IIRC, Abbott northbound (?) will be closed at Big Tree, as Abbott heads up towards the stadium. That's a good starting point. Walk up Abbott, towards the stadium. You will pass, among others, Hammer's Lot. Plenty of activity in there. The crazy sh1t goes down in the larger private lots. The Bills, in their lots, have clamped down on some of the lunacy.
  16. How does this timeline compare with Milano's? Did Milano not have a 5th year option because he wasn't a 1st round pick? (I am just making things up.)
  17. This is a big year for him, for sure. I hope he plays well enough that he puts the Bills in a position where they have to figure out how to extend him beyond Year 5. I know that some here think very highly of Edmunds. Are we to make anything of the fact that he's not yet been signed to a multi-year deal? Is that a function of the year he was drafted and in what round? Or a sign of the FO having some unanswered questions?
  18. Presumably. Otherwise, there's NFW the County would allow people in there, especially in the 300s. The posturing about how the old stadium is falling apart is really just part of PSE's efforts to expedite approval for a new stadium.
  19. For sure. Of course, the Pegulas went from Terry's infamous quip in February 2011 about "I'll just drill another well" to the internal PSE memorandum that indicated that the Pegulas needed to maintain their lifestyle (i.e., mega-yachts are super expensive). I expect them to come up with 1/3 - 2/5 of the total budgeted cost.
  20. is that facility likely to create much of a hole? i feel like it's built mostly or entirely at-grade.
  21. Agreed with this and others who said something similar. It's a little concerning that he will have to face tougher on-ice competition. But, whatever - sink or swim, pal (or, if the water is frozen ... skate). If I had to wager, I'd bet on him out-performing this contract in a significant way.
  22. They are clearly not roofing or doming this new stadium. There's the talk of how it will create substantial coverage (from rain/snow?) for some/many of the seats. That's interesting, I guess.
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