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  1. TBN did a feature on Dahlin's emergence as a player and as a person. I'm thinking the guy will wear the C after Okposo retires. Speaking of Dahlin's emergence as a person: That narrative dove tails with something that Adams said in his presser that I found unusual and interesting. He talked about how all of the players need that freedom and latitude to be themselves. I inferred that he wasn't talking about them as hockey players at all, really. Just that they need the freedom to be who they are. And that success will often follow that. Dahlin is testament to that, I think.
  2. Huh. I'd been given to understand that lede was an auld alternative spelling of lead (harkening to those Old English Shakespeare days when ordinary words were spelled in unfamiliar ways) that journos clung to for their own reasons. Turns out they sorta just invented it?
  3. Interesting. Maybe I’m just too trepid? I’m still lost.
  4. Found a link to the presser (below). The guy whose Tweet I posted had things twisted. I'll know to take his content with a grain of salt going forward. The questions come, in essence: (1) Does your extension reflect that your duties have temporarily expanded to include Kim's duties as President of the Sabres and relatedly (2) has Matthew Pegula been elevated to "any official role" especially given what we saw in the embed-videos at the draft? (Hat tip to the poster who pointed that out to me.) Adams responds first re Matthew substantially as follows: Matthew's a great kid. It's amazing to see him now given how young he was when the Pegulas bought the team. I've told Matt and all the Pegula kids: My door is always open. Come see me. You can be with me whenever you want - practice, games, road trips. Sabres FO transparency with the entire Pegula family is important - "they" own the team and hopefully they're excited to be involved with us and the team. ... So, "nothing's changed" with Matthew. He spends time with Brandon Beane as well.
  5. You wanted me to employ an incorrect usage? It's archaic, but the term in journalism is mos def lede not lead. https://grammarist.com/usage/lead-lede/
  6. This is helpful - appreciate that. He's not a kid anymore. He's probably in his mid-20s by now. I'm not sure what the family's succession plan is (and whether Kim's health has accelerated it), but it stands to reason that he'd be mentored to act in an ownership capacity.
  7. I mean - that Tweet buried the mufuggin' lede. He has a role? Did anyone listen to the press conference and get more context? Long may it last. Let's just hope he doesn't propose something on par with his *****-themed baseball hats.
  8. Try again, if you're inclined. I clicked the embedded post and, if you scroll down in the linked post, you will see a post from this Monday -- I quoted other posts from 2021 when posting on Monday because they're all of a piece (and the 2021 posts show that PSE was in on the East Side before May 14, 2022) -- and those quote posts may have misled you. Also, I'm glad to learn that the "WTF" response was the product of an internetting issue. Also also, here's the media that I posted on Monday and cross posted here -- my only comment was "My hat tips to PSE continue. This is really something."
  9. I'm not sure if it's what's said at the production meetings, or if it's a process of osmosis from being in the business, or something else entirely -- but it's clear that announcers draw on a standardized collection of information/data/talking points that have been aggregated over time -- and some of that stuff is still relevant and some of it is irrelevant. What a weird thing to be saying during the 2nd quarter last night.
  10. volume up. that "RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW." was funking electric.
  11. Seriously. When that was happening, there was a guy standing at our section's entryway who looked new to the Bills game stadium experience. As the roar swelled, this guy covered his ears and bent down at his knees, while at the same time laughing like "WTF?!" The guy he was with clapped him on the back as he cheered, as if to say "SEE?! I TOLD YOU!"
  12. My speculation on Dane: He may have temporarily experienced some very scary symptoms in the immediate aftermath of the Edmunds friendly-fire hit (the second big one of the season), but perhaps those resolved and there is no indication of any structural damage. Even so - I would suspect there will be some soft tissue soreness that could be enough to keep him out of the lineup in Week 3. My speculation would be similar for Hyde, I guess.
  13. I was at the game. I lost my effing mind when Marv emerged onto the screen.
  14. I’m not sure I follow a WTF reaction gif to something as pure as what the Bills did on social media yesterday. And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to either.
  15. My hat tips to Pegula Sports and Entertainment continue. This is really something.
  16. I'm going with my son. Busy days right now. This dang near effed me up.
  17. It’s commensurate with the money at stake.
  18. Jessica at Wimbeldon and Terry at training camp seemed to give a clear indication that Kim was stable. And there were statements made around that time that she was progressing in her rehab. Kelly's post seems to acknowledge that her mom's still got a fight on her hands.
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