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  1. Safe to assume none of this happens without an agreed upon contract extension for Robertson?
  2. Given the state of the roster the Bills need to get to the bye week at 3-3 and come out the other side reasonably healthy. IMO, if they can do that they'll still be in a good place for the #1 seed in the AFC.
  3. Agree. Probably a little better than average but Miami's front, like seemingly every team the Bengals play, will give Burrow problems. He'll be a human punching bag by the time the Bills see him in December.
  4. I just wonder/worry that the after-effects of the game yesterday will alter this week's preparations. Practices adjusted and more players being 'limited' for some extra rest and recuperation. I've been in those circumstances. These guys are going to wake up tomorrow morning and still not feel good.
  5. What inadequacies did Kozak have to fall to the 7th round? And how were they overcome to become a certain AHL/possible NHL player. Was it him or did the scouts simply overlook him?
  6. Glad to hear you're well @Sabres Fan in NS. Those things are a b**ch.
  7. After watching that game am I the only one who wonders why, in the NFL's infinite wide, the September meeting between these two teams is in Miami and the December game is in OP? Someone upthread said the conditions today were dangerous and I don't think that's hyperbole.
  8. No knowledge of the Swedish leagues. Is that in the SHL (where we can now watch on ESPN+)?
  9. Fearless prediction: The Bills' magic number number tomorrow is 4. If they take the ball back from the Fins 4 or more times combined via punt or turnover, they will win the game. Bonus prediction: By tomorrow night Josh will be making everyone else in the league chase him for the MVP award.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with the comment about line numbering, or labeling. Especially given the present roster. Now, if we still had Derek Grant centering a line then it would deserve to be labeled as a 4th line. 😏 For conversation sake, a line of OK, Girgs and Asplund would likely spend a good bit of time matched up against opponents' top lines, no?. That would necessitate more than 10 - 12 minutes per night (and add a little bit of scoring?). Sucks that ESPN+ doesn't carry the MSG pre- and post-game shows. Not sure why. Center Ice used to.
  11. Another fan's view ... So you think Adams believes he can can't make the playoffs this year? I hope not, because if he does, he's not very bright and shouldn't have gotten that extension.
  12. I gotta believe they'll be split. And if Power can handle the minutes it allows DG the 'luxury' (necessity?) of limiting the third pair to 12 - 14 minutes per night.
  13. That's why I believe Miami will need to put up 35 points or more on Sunday to have any shot at winning. And I don't see that happening regardless of how banged up the Bills are presently. To coin the old Valvano/NCState phrase, the Bills are in 'survive and advance' mode through a tough upcoming stretch of games and all the injuries. Just find a way to win each week until everyone is (relatively) healthy again. Then I can see them being on a major heater over the final two months heading into the playoffs.
  14. Agree with all of this. I take a simplistic view of things. Look at the Sabres organization (roster, coaching staff, scouting and development) each year under TM, JB and KA. Would you trade any of them for where the Sabres are today? For me the answer is no. That is a better evaluation method than purely points, IMPO.
  15. Yes. And a GM with one year left and feeling his job may be in jeopardy would likely make decisions to increase his chances for that one season at the expense of sub-optimizing plans for years 2 and beyond. (Ex., trade high end prospects for immediate improvement).
  16. A couple random thoughts during Fish Fry week. Lost in all the over-the-top ball-washing of the Miami Dolphins is the fact that in the seven quarters prior to the Ravens defense going inexplicably brain dead during the 4th quarter on Sunday the Fins offense had scored four total touchdowns. Before the season started there was much trepidation about Dorsey being a first-time play caller. The ability to make adjustments in-game, particularly at halftime, is a critical aspect of the job. 10 points in the first half against the Rams, 21 points after. 17 points against the Titans in the first half, 24 after. Granted one of the TD's Monday was from the defense, but the points came in one quarter prior to the starters being pulled. The Bills offense has scored 38 post-halftime points in 3 quarters of football. Dorsey's done a really nice job so far.
  17. As it is that is a pretty tepid endorsement. But can you imagine if he said anything viewed as being contradictory to that statement? The Leafs fans and the Toronto media would eat him alive for the rest of his time there. Or he would simply claim to be misunderstood.
  18. Agree completely. Will relate a story that is obviously a VERY small sample size. I went to see the Amerks play in Springfield when Nylander was playing for Roch. Sat two rows behind the Amerks' bench. I have never in my life seen a more aloof and disinterested athlete in any sport - while in the midst of a game. It was stark. He had a serious 'why am I even here' vibe going. It appears the FO is now certainly looking beyond skill in it's assessment of prospects.
  19. Buffalo is far more likely to be the sweeper than the swept. Josh owns the Dolphins. And in spite of what occurred yesterday, Tua is overhyped. His ball placement is JA circa 2018. I have no idea what the Ravens secondary was doing in the second half of that game. And I think the only way the Bills split with the Pats is if week 17 is completely meaningless to the Bills seeding. The Jets would have to catch the Bills during one of those to or three game lulls that all teams seem to go through during a season. The Bills have unquestionably the best QB and roster in the division and should be favored to sweep the other three teams - barring something weird as @Taro Tpointed out or there is an unthinkable injury (I refuse to even type it)..
  20. Yes. Especially if, as presumed, TEN doubles Diggs there can be some gaping holes in the secondary for a TE and RB to roam free.
  21. As an interim goal its good enough. But as encouraging as the prospects/young vets look, reaching the ultimate goal will likely include one or two players that are not presently in the Sabres' system. (Apologies if I misunderstood your question).
  22. Two reserves who may have an impact in tonight's game: Tyrell Dotson as the Bills play a good bit of 4-3, and James Cook in the passing game (if Davis is limited or out).
  23. The JAG days will soon be a distant memory.
  24. Awesome that they were there. But JFC does seeing that pic make me feel old. Really old. Thanks for adding the id's @PromoTheRobot. I recognized Muel but thought maybe he brought his neighbor's kids along. JJ looks like he's a 12 year old.
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