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GDT - Sabres @ New Jersey - February 17, 2019 - 6:00 PM (EST) - MSG+; MSG-B

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I’m excited for tonight.    Everyday a celebration, every meal a feast.  

Be happy with what you have, to be able to spend time on a hobby - like watching hockey - means your all doing ok. 

We are still in it and that makes it more fun.  

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36 minutes ago, hsif said:

I'm in this camp...... there's a part of me that keeps waiting for better performances, and there's another part that realizes we just don't have the horses. Yet.

No reason why we can't win this one though............. Go Sabres. 

I was gonna multi-quote but this will do for now.....

I agree that we don't have the "horses" yet, but lets look at the bright side.

When we were just starting to fall out of the top, there were some teams that passed us, some of which could be considered to have the horses. Both Colorado and Anaheim passed us when we were around 7-8 overall in the league. They now sit below us. 

Also, Toronto was sitting in 2nd for a long time and now are 7th.......be happy that some of their hopes might be getting pissed on too.



Wouldn't it be ironic if the Devils moved to Toronto...just a thought.

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15 minutes ago, North Buffalo said:

Going to the game

If you are arrested make sure that one call counts.  Again, as with others who attended away games, my advise is that call is to Eleven.  He helped out cousin Oliver that one time.

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1 hour ago, North Buffalo said:

Lol NJ tickets half of them still for sale taking a hispanic friend who will be rooting for EROD. He's never been to a game.

I believe Rordrigues is Portuguese.  But you don’t have to tell him. 

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Wears his heart on his shoulder. Loves getting guys under their skin.

If Ted Black was right that winning franchises do a million little things right, is it right that losing franchises do a million little things wrong?

Enjoy the game!

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