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  1. I don't have a problem with Cozens returning to Jrs...... .....what I would have a problem with is all the talk about "competition" and "earning a spot on the roster" just being LIP service. What if Cozens truly is one of the top 6-9 players on the ice every day? What does that do to his confidence and development? Do you lose faith in the organization that even if you are better than another player that you won't get the spot because you're only 18 and they want you to develop? Can keeping players in a development process longer than needed actually hurt them? I hope not and probably no real evidence that it does but sometimes you have to wonder. I had high hopes for players in the past (Baptiste was one) that I thought maybe didn't get a real good chance (and the development system probably wasn't that great) and I think it hurt him (likely to see him play tonight on the other team).
  2. Given up on Mitts? LOL I'd like him to go back too, but he's much better than players we are expecting on the roster come Oct. and I think his style and speed would bode well for what we are trying to build here. Against some of our better judgements, I hope he can force managements decision.
  3. I think he's ahead of the curve when it comes Mitts. Love his style and compete. Battles hard and usually wins the battles. Brings a complete 200-ft game and at 18yrs old. Exciting to watch and think how far this kid can go.
  4. It's hard to say if Okposo is slower or....the rest of the team is faster, or....a little of both. TT looks faster and guys like Cozens, Asplund, CJ Smith and Ruotsalainen. Then look at the speed and skating ability of the D-men Joker, Gilmour, and Bryson. It all makes a guy like KO stand out as the snail.
  5. Not really a problem for me. I look at it this way....if you want to pay for that subsciption that's up to you and the info you get from it can be used however you feel fit to do so. Personally, if I don't subscribe and miss out on something....my bad and it's on me. I just feel that most of these sites are very little fact and more opinion. I'm not into paying for someone's opinion even if it gets me a slight edge on what's happening. Most of these stories will come out eventually somewhere if their any good, especially when it comes down to hindsight.
  6. Will Sobotka do? You could say you were trying to help the Sabres "cut" him.
  7. I think this was put out there for a reason....so Montreal can offer sheet him at 7yrs and AAV of $8.6M.
  8. I think it might go the other way.....TT looking like the best player on the ice with those linemates, because they are so bad.
  9. These are the guys that I don't think will make that much of a difference to make it worthwhile. A poster brought up some players that all scored less than 50pts last year. If Casey has developed enough and has decent wingers, he has the ability to step up to about 40pts. there isn't that much difference. And if Casey can't we still have others that might be able to bring some additional help scoring until Mitts does take over that role. I guess what I'm saying is that if we're gonna make a trade for a 2C....make it a good one or don't bother. I would rather trade for a really good one and be done with Mitts or let Mitts continue to prove himself worthy.
  10. Yes....still can't read it because I don't subscribe, lol.
  11. I pretty much agree. When trying to get that 2C pried away from another team or in FA, other things come into play. How much is it gonna cost you? Would said player produce as much on our team as they are on current team? How much would Stamkos or Malkin cost? What would that do to Pitt especially? How much worse off would Oilers be without RNH? Canucks without Horvat? How long do you need them? If JT Miller has 4yrs on his contract but you only need him for a year or two so Mitts and Cozens develop will you be able to get a good return if you trade him? The elite 2C's will cost too much. The really good ones you won't likely pry away. And the decent ones won't likely upgrade your team enough to make that difference you hope to get. All that and...the timing has to be just right. Catch a team when they're as desperate as you are while having the right pieces each other needs.
  12. There's nothing unfounded in .....hopefully. There's no real claim being made.
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