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  1. I wouldn't mind keeping Risto around if played every game like he does against Ovi, love watching those battles.
  2. Too bad we got rid of Nylander. Maybe we could've put a package deal together like Risto, KO, Sobotka, Nylander, and a 1st for ROR.
  3. You would probably know better than I, but if Vesey is so bad defensively, wouldn't he be better on the top line so maybe his offensive production off-sets the D liabilty that he poses? I would think that's not possible on a lower line that can't score as often. Thoughts?? I really want Olofsson in that top spot and feel that Vesey's acquisition may have thrown a wrench into things.
  4. Sounds like you need a vacation, I hear the Amalfi Coast is wonderful this time of year.
  5. Thanks for the info, was hoping for better. Maybe they played him on PK hoping to improve his D awareness without any real success. Doesn't look good.
  6. I.m not an Advanced Stats guy , so take it easy on me......this is just a serious question, and here goes... When we signed Vesey, I thought I read somewhere that he was spending time last season on the PK. If true, how well did he survive in that role (I.m assuming not well?). Do your stats reflect anything other than even strength? How would PK time effect results(if he actually had PK role). If he did play on PK, could that be the reason for the part I Bolded about "signs of growth"? Just curious.
  7. That can be alleviated....some of our LHD can play the right side, such as McCabe. And wasn't it said at one point that Dahlin might prefer the right side(just asking, not sure)? Of course, this would possibly weaken the left side, but it is an option in any scenario.
  8. <he said in his best Scooby-Doo voice>
  9. I posted the whole thing in case some wanted to read it.....but, thanks.👍
  10. This is an article on NHL.com on the "Team Re-set". Scroll to the end and see the terrible line-up they have us putting on the ice. https://www.nhl.com/news/team-reset-buffalo-sabres/c-308201314?tid=281151520
  11. Nobody said this. Aho , I believe, was offered $7.5M/yr and MON offered $8.5M. But, what was Aho really worth? I don't know of anyone that wasn't expecting him to sign closer to $10M/yr.
  12. I never said it happens, what i said was "i wouldn't be surprised" if it did. Seems like the agents are working both sides so why shouldn't the GM's work together to keep salaries down. Not any written agreement or anything, but just similar to the "offer sheets are tabu" type thing.
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