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  1. Calling Matt Ellis to the nearest house phone.
  2. Him and Nylander need work ethics and not necessarily grit.
  3. Calling Casey Mittelstadt to the nearest phone....Casey Mittelstadt, please.
  4. Why not negotiate a bigger list to cover the Sabres? Other players have larger lists. Just because a player doesn't "think" a team will trade for him doesn't mean he wouldn't want to go there. Did anyone think (including BOGO) that he would get signed by Tampa? I'm sure he was happy they did.
  5. His choice was to not put Buffalo on his no trade list, thereby agreeing to come here.
  6. I disagree. I don't think the results would be good if he pissed off Ovi in a playoff series. This doesn't mean I wouldn't mind seeing it.
  7. But what does that have to do with Lundell piece you quoted? Just asking for my wife.
  8. I think this line of thought is why some want Risto traded (or feel it's the best option). Most would agree that his game in the D-zone leaves something of a question yet, here you are putting him on the PK. I've always thought that if someone could get him to stop chasing opponents behind the net and get him to use his D partner more, he could be a better and more reliable Dman (more complete). Myers used to do the same thing frustrating me to no end.
  9. Shouldn't this thread title be edited? Aren't the years wrong?
  10. I think they were already employed by PSE.
  11. Thought this might interest some posters ( or not). https://www.teamworkonline.com/multiple-properties/buffalosports/buffalo-sabres-29560/manager-of-fan-development-1975957
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