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  1. @nfreeman was being nice.
  2. I'm pretty sure if you did run it by some posters, you would still find that to be true.
  3. You'll never know who my choice is because I don't like my thoughts censored. Especially by someone who says "if you don't have something nice to say" and follows that immediately with something that was not nice.
  4. When deciding who will be a "place-holder" until Cozens is ready, shouldn't we also be considering that player as a possible "mentor"? Someone who can set an example for him and plays the style you hope Cozens will be for us. This should be in the talks of any 2C that we bring in, IMO.
  5. Those teams couldn't have been any worse than ours.
  6. Maybe it is.....what do you think of E. Karlsson or Brent Burns? Karksson's first 2 yrs (ages 19/20) he scored 18g in 135gms Brent Burns' first 2 yrs (ages 20/21) he scored 11g in 149gms Dahlin's first 2 yrs (ages 18/19) he scored 13g in 139gms If Dahlin becomes anything like either one, I'm sure most will be happy. There is a chance that he will be even better and that makes me ecstatic.
  7. I agree. They never should've drawn before the play-in round was over. The only thing I don't like is that the Rangers know they can win the Cup and still get the #1 pick because they have 'Canes pick.
  8. I don't understand this train of thought. Eight of those teams would have been in the lottery anyhoo if the season was completed. We just don't know which of them that would've been. They still could've won the lottery.
  9. Not necessary, I was just pointing it out, as did someone else about Joe Juneau. And nobody really said what the rules were even when asked.
  10. Come on, no d-men taken isn't good for us. Or, are you just presenting your list of forwards only?
  11. Just curious and asking for a friend.... Were you in S. Korea around Sept of '68? Lol
  12. One of the reasons I think he would fit is BECAUSE he doesn't stay anywhere too long. A 1-2yr stint would help Adams turn this around. Plus the fact that the Pegs don't seem to keep anyone very long ( but pay longer than they keep them). He passes his knowledge on to Kevyn and scouting staff over a short time and retires.
  13. My guess wasn't off by much at all... MakeSabresGrr8Again replied to GASabresIUFAN's topic in The Aud Club My guess would be closer to October, even on Columbus Day (is that a thing still?).
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