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  1. It's called a 4-6 week "total" shutdown of the country being discussed by president-elects "scientist's".
  2. This is now over $100K...awesome. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/09/bills-fans-flood-buffalo-hospital-with-donations-in-honor-of-josh-allens-grandmother/
  3. 2doses/person = ~700,000,000 Unless of course you are counting all those entering the country after Jan 20th. If you're counting the world then it's about 16 billion.
  4. Well now, I always thought there were aliens living among us, now this proves it. Start up the starships Luke.
  5. Besides that, Skinner and Sam both had garbage C's when away from Jack.
  6. Not sure what you're referring to. Other than my last sentence ( which was a joke) I think we agree.
  7. But at the same time we've seen players like Crosby elevate player that don't do near as well away from him yet doesn't hurt him when the next guy comes along. Some are not elite either. However, I do agree with you on your post.
  8. I agree. It's not about one person Or the other. I would like to think Jack hitting that level is more likely than Sam without Jack.
  9. And if he does hit 70pts? Does that mean he can hit 70pts away from Jack, as someone suggested? Or does it mean he needs elite linemates to hit that plateau? I think Jack and Hall could get Sobotka/Frolik to 50pts or Melody Martin to 45pts.
  10. There's a separate thread for his signing his contract.
  11. Does anyone realize that VO was on pace for more points than Sam?
  12. I would say...trade Eichel. (Not happening) Sam increases production by 15pts, LW (Hall) increases by 20pts, yet Eichel only gets an extra 8pts? '18-'19 Skinner 63pts, Eichel 82pts, Sam 65 '19-'20 VO 64pts, Eichel 92pts, Sam 60pts. (pts/GM projections over 82gm season). VO's production equalled Skinner's yet Sam's went down slightly and Jack had an uptick. I can't see Jack's wingers adding 35pts and Jack only getting an 8pt bump. He's a bust, trade the bum.
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