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  1. He turns 20 next month (Feb. 10th).
  2. Sit on our hands just like JBot. (as he waits and waits and waits some more). Shhhhh...don't slam the door or you might wake him.
  3. Norris is with Ottawa Senators organization after he was traded by San Jose.
  4. I don't think his post was about the comparing of the players.....and think it had more to do with losing an asset (whether you think Bogo is or not) for absolutely nothing. Now that might be dumb even if it would free up cap.
  5. I thought just maybe we could change the theme of the recent GDT's...... Yes they are "sticky buns". 😎 Go Sabres!!!
  6. Shhhhhh.,..if you keep talking like that Jason might trade him. Just enjoy.
  7. Creighton was not a giraffe...he was the Condor (due to his wing span).
  8. Even better question....can we get Josie to oil paint a nice rack in wild berry flavor?
  9. If they take fighting out of the game there will be no more Gordie Howe hat tricks to talk about.
  10. ROR is 2nd on St. Louis with 8g/ 40pts while Sam has 15g/36pts.....yet they are 18pts ahead of us in the standings. This is by far the least of our problems.
  11. Speaking of St. Louis, I looked at their roster and the standings. Interestingly enough, ROR has 8g/40pts and is 2nd in scoring on the team. Reinhart is also 2nd on our team and has 15g/36pts, not much of a difference and yes I know ROR brings more tangibles to the game. I went a little bit farther and saw that our top 7 scorers have 217pts among them while St. Louis' top 7 has 246pts, a difference of 29pts or and average of only 4pts/ player. Yet they are 18pts ahead of us in the standings. So where and how much improvement do we need. It would seem that depth and goaltending are places to look with maybe a look at the D (do we have the right combo of stay @ home/offensive). It just seems very little to ask of our players to add 3-4pts each and become a better team, especially from our lower ranks.
  12. E-Rod, Bogo, and Lazar.....3 stars of the game, respectively. This should drive the analytics people crazy, eh?
  13. Because some people come here for the most important reasons.....1) they're a fan of the team and 2) to see if they win...with #2 being the most relevant stat of all. Just saying.
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