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  1. You most likely misread my post.....the point was that they are sons of of former players and those are examples of players (the sons) that are not "mediocre" It really wasn't intended to be a "better than their father" comment and only an example of sons that aren't mediocre. Thank you for your civil response and attempt to verify the information conveyed in my post, it is appreciated more than you know.
  2. Where did you see the word "elite" in my post? Come on....get real. Where did you see me include "all humans on the planet"? The bolded is why I asked LGR where he draws HIS line and not YOU. There is no need for you to put words in someones post that aren't there, especially when answering a question YOU were never asked. With that said....I'm fine with where you stand on your opinion. Why I can't seem to have a different opinion than yourself is beyond comprehension and quite honestly I'm done.
  3. Sorry , I just saw your post. Some of the others have responded with some good posts as well. Just to add a few names.....Max Domi, Paul Stastny, Parise, Couturier, Nylamder, Barrie. While I get it that there is no guarantees, I do agree with others that it can have some advantages. I can also see your point that there are many who may have been "mediocre". But, I would also ask you .....what do you consider a "mediocre" hockey player? Just asking because I don't consider any hockey player that's played pro in any league (whether 1g or 1000) to be "mediocre". You may not feel that way and that is fine with me, just would like to know where you personally draw the line.
  4. Personally, I'd put some stock in his bloodlines. This would "hopefully" increase the odds of him being relevant.
  5. Everything I've seen tells me Laaks is under contract in Finland next year. He signed a 2yr extension in Dec of '18. If under contract at that time ('18-19 season) the extension would be for '19-'20 and '20-'21 seasons is my guess.
  6. This is from the Sabres article on the classic games aired on MSG.... The games will also be replayed multiple times each evening and the next day on MSG and they will air throughout the weekend as well. They will be available on the MSG Go app, too. And if you miss a game, we'll have it uploaded to our official YouTube channel at noon the following day. Subscribe today! Stay tuned to Sabres.com and our social channels for updates and additional content surrounding each classic game. Facebook Share
  7. If they are truly rolling over in their graves, it's due to being ashamed that they were not endowed with your greatness. 😎
  8. No, good news would be that we don't need them.
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