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  1. I didn't insult you or your opinion. You are welcome to your opinion anytime. These are open public conversations with no need to "stick your nose into" as all are invite to comment. Especially seeing I was in this convo from the start pretty much. I also congratulated you on your experience will Keefe in all honesty. I also said I hoped that everything goes well with him. I really don't see what your issue is.
  2. As do yours. I don't think anyone here has posted anything they weren't able to back up with links to articles and Sheldon's own words. If you had a good personal encounter with him then good for you and him. I don't think that anyone believes that people "can't" change nor do they not believe in 2nd chances. Just that there are some extreme events and that happened and some timelines that are hard to just ignore. Like Lehner, I hope none of the past has scarred him or anyone else involved and only hope they can or have recovered from whatever skeletons are in the closet. Sometimes bringing things out can help in that recovery. But in some cases people maybe should know so they can not only form an opinion but also possibly help in the healing process.
  3. Agreed, just that it's hard to keep tabs on all the Euro's as to how they are developing. Hot fudge sundaes are the best.
  4. 20yrs is a stretch and I'd say more like 10yrs and he wasn't a teenager then. During the 2005-06 season, Keefe's then agent, David Frost, caused a wave of concern throughout the CJHL when he was found in an off limits area of an Ottawa arena. He was also filmed by CBC's The Fifth Estate which then ran a documentary showing Frost attending several Lumber Kings games, thus putting the league in a bad light considering the ongoing criminal investigation of a sexual nature against Frost at the time.[8][8][9] In another article posted on here, he says he hadn't seen him in about 5yrs, and that was in 2013 putting the time frame around 2008. He would've been about 28yrs old at that time. Yes, maybe he cleaned up his act and deserves a 2nd chance, I'm not saying he doesn't and only would have some concern at an interview to question some things to ease my concerns. Like his brother's contact with Frost in 2010 when running a hockey school in California. Did Sheldon have any contact with him then? That would throw off the "5yrs" timeframe.
  5. Same....but some of this makes you wonder for sure. I would have some question at an interview no doubt, if it even got that far.
  6. Signs to warrant optimism..... 1) Your post.....how could things get worse 🤗😎😍
  7. So, 2013 minus 5yrs would put it about 2008 since he had any contact with Frost. This could very well be true.....but his brother Adam did. https://lagunahockey.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/hockeysummercamps/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hockey/david-frost-working-for-hockey-school-under-alias-in-california/article1214099/ these articles are from 2010 where they worked running hockey school in California.
  8. That article you posted was from 2013 where he said that.
  9. Here's something to read also.....not sure if you have any siblings or how close to them you are, but you'll see what I mean when you read this. https://torontosun.com/2012/12/21/former-hockey-agent-david-frost-driven-out-of-kingston-book/wcm/de89c765-404d-4ace-b5bb-eed319cab0a9 Now I'm not saying Sheldon did anything wrong and isn't named in this article.....but I know who I wouldn't be associating with if someone had a very bad influence on my sibling.
  10. Not real sure this is correct but info is cloudy at best. You could be right, though you might want to look deeper.
  11. Two years....isn't that how long a Sabres coach lasts nowadays? Hmmm
  12. I hesitate, but agree. That is the likely path he will have to take. I just hope he ends up here because I have a strong feeling he will be successful in the NHL.
  13. To be honest....I wonder if Botts sees him as a threat to his own job. He has coached, scouted and seems to have control over the Swede team. He has the Masters in management and leadership.
  14. I agree with most everything you said. I too am an Olofsson fan. The optimist in me says that if he is with Jack's line.....expect more than 40pts. I've been an avid fan of Asplund also. I think he could be a difference maker in the bottom six for sure.
  15. I don't believe that GT would have made as big a difference with us. It was our bottom 9 and D-zone play moreso the problem. The Blues on the other hand had much more talent and depth that a GT could make that difference. Or same for a coaching change. Our GT may have been better if we had more upfront talent to support them and better D-zone play by both Dmen and support from forwards. I think the 10g streak shows that. Having confidence in your goalies works if you have the talent in front of them.
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