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  1. Are there any Tkachuk's in this years draft that we can get?
  2. I don't necessarily agree that Skinner should be on the 2nd line.....it's not using his talent at it's best to succeed. Especially now when we need scoring and he's without Johansson. Reinhart is not gonna get $9M and will be a more reasonable contract whether he plays 1st or 2nd line. It's obvious to most that we need to upgrade the top 9(mostly the middle 6) and that will help make the 2nd line players better, hopefully. A good 2RW would make a big difference I believe.
  3. But getting 60pts on the 2nd line would be more than welcome and worth the money.
  4. Shout out to @SwampD for getting us started and to say that sometimes the simple way of doing things are appreciated just as much as the more complicated ways. This old fart doesn't always need allot of info to get him jump started.....this is in no way meant to trash the hard work that some do in GDT's. All are appreciated.
  5. What is the right way? Tell the players on the team not to perform so we can get a franchise player? There is no clear proven way to do a tank, ask Edmonton, they've probably tried them all.
  6. What is bad is that you used the word "yet" as if you expect it to happen. Hopefully we pull out of this turmoil before we get to that stage. The priceless look on Murray's face when he lost the lottery says that the tank did not in fact succeed and McDavid was the prize intended for. You could argue that Eichel was a guaranteed "consolation" prize and therefore was some what a success. Go Sabres!!!
  7. This is just for you because right now we are drafting in his range......I've seen him as high as #6 and mostly in the 10-15 range. Problem is that we don't likely draft a Dman. image: https://www.draftutopia.com/vancouvercanucks.gif Vancouver Canucks: Justin Barron, D, Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL) image: https://www.draftutopia.com/halifaxmooseheads.gif The Vancouver Canucks get a defender that can push for a third line spot. Olli Juolevi is in the AHL and Jett Woo got traded to a WHL team meaning he probably needs time with the Utica Comets in the AHL where Juolevi is playing. The 6-2 187 lb Halifax Mooseheads defenseman had 2 goals, 19 assists, 21 points, and a +18 +/- in 51 games in 2017-2018. Barron had 9 goals, 32 assists, 41 points, and a +42 +/- in 68 games in 2018-2019 when he was on the top line with Jared McIsaac. Barron had 2 goals, 11 assists, and 13 points during the 2019 QMJHL Playoffs. Justin Barron has the has the playmaking, passing, wrist shot power, wrist shot accuracy, offensive awareness, defensive awareness, hockey IQ, speed, skating, agility, and stick handling. He's a playmaker that can do everything you want a line 1 game changer to do on tape. He can do well on the power play or dominate as a penalty killer. He's a line 1 defender in this draft class and someone who could push for a line 3 spot on Vancouver's blue line right away. Read more at https://www.draftutopia.com/2020nhlmockdraft.html#jWtzvfxBeRW61XQx.99
  8. No prob.....it was just funny that no one commented on it as I waited and waited. We all make mistakes. How did you know my name?
  9. Nice.....maybe you could start a thread on how people came up with their usernames. there are some out there that might also be interesting to hear about how they came about.
  10. You need to take this to it's proper thread, please and thank you. Just kidding
  11. I'm appalled that with all the advanced stats mathematics around here that we are now 4 pages into this and people still haven't caught this yet. I noticed it first time I saw it and waited to see who would catch it. I guess there are more spelling whiz kids on here than anything else, LOL.
  12. So am I. My wife likes the usage of the word "thingie" almost as much as @New Scotland (NS) , with the word "doohickie" coming in a close 2nd. Neither word means anything yet they could easily mean everything. The only time I understand what she wants is when she asks me to put my doohickie in her thingie.....or at least I hope I'm getting it right.
  13. I think there's a flaw in that train of thought. Would said player put up 30-40pts playing on a line with the remaining players? We might need to get rid of more than just one.
  14. Are you saying that we might be able to get Hyman?
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