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  1. gnat............ Matt Ellis of the insect world. Won't bite you. Won't sting you. Won't make you any honey either.
  2. Pete: I've always wondered, what's the devil look like? Everett: Well, of course there are all manner of lesser imps and demons, Pete, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.
  3. I'm jealous......... of not just this, but particularly this...... bears, mushrooms, waterfowl, walleyes..... dude, you got the world by the short ones and the world don't know it yet.
  4. I'd like to see 15 games. I'm not yet convinced that HCRK is a good coach. I am convinced that he is an effective communicator and listener, which will go a long way towards being a good coach. The best surprise to me has been Colin Miller. Being from Vegas, we hadn't seen much, but I've liked his play so far. Biggest fear? How long can Reinhart take that punishment in front of the net? Stay healthy Sam...........stay healthy.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing Brett Murray get some time in Rochester..... hopefully. Also looking forward to returning to Froth Brewing. We stopped for a couple Saturday afternoon before the Boston game.
  6. Made the appointment for my 14 year old foxhound.....Joplin.... for 4 PM Friday...... She's run more coyotes in a year than most people see in their lives. She was the first hound I ever trained to run fox/coyotes, and she is such a special pet. She's been in retirement for the past 4 years...... Hangin' out and acting cool around the house..... and of course, barkin' at $hit.
  7. Canned some sweet/hot pickles along with several pints of dills............The sweet/hots are my favorite though.
  8. A few months ago, my family spent a couple hours with the brewmaster at Genny, touring the small batch facility, and then drinking a flight downstairs. He had just done the collab with Other Half on the Dream Ale........... (Other Half is probably my favorite local beer......not cheap, but pretty darn good)..... anyway, we talked at length about hops and what they bring...... and he recommended taking a standard pilsner(with a twist off cap) and adding about a t-spoon of pelletized hops to the beer, recapping it an letting it sit for a few days in the fridge, in order to figure out which hops you really like. I tried it with a 6 pack of Bud, and Cascade and Centennial hops, and can say for certain, that I like Cascade better than Centennial, but both make the Bud better........ The pain in the neck is filtering out the hops just before drinking.
  9. We took a quick 2 person (my wife and I) limit of walleyes this morning out of Sturgeon Point. The fish are really stacked up on the Canadian line off the condos......... We set up way West of that and trolled into that water, not knowing what was there. We more or less picked away at them until between Pt. Abino and the condos, and then all hell broke loose.... great day. It's no secret..... lots of boats out of Buffalo SBH were there. These are the good 'ol days.
  10. Returned from Denver/RMNP yesterday..... Spent 3 days 2 nights backpacking in the Never Summer Mountains with my daughter and had a wonderful time......We camped at 10,700 and 10,600 feet, and there was still lots of snow at that elevation. From the Dutch Town camp we watched 15 sheep over one evening and one morning on the sheer cliffs above the camp. Watched a lamb nurse, really cute, good stuff. Saw many elk, although not a ton from our camps.... and a couple moose..... "highlight" was having a juvenile cougar come through our Dutch Town Camp, leaving tracks 15 feet from the tent........ I $hit you not......We did a couple of day hikes also..... one into Sky Pond, and the Loch is on the way in..... it was beautiful and windless, and the picture came out great. Pics from Sky Pond and Glass Lake were beautiful, but the wind had picked up and you didn't get the reflection like a little lower.....On the hike past the Lake of Glass to Sky Pond, there's a waterfall to climb, and with the snowpack from the winter, it was plenty wet...... Pics are at our Dutch Town Camp, Skeleton Creek Basin, and The Loch........... The Never Summer Mountains were a little tough. 30 - 32F at night, and thunderstorms with some hail 2 - 3 times a day. It was a week of great adventure with one of my best friends......... I will cherish it until the day I can't hike any more....... We also found some great craft beer! If you're ever in Denver, be sure to find Cerebral Brewing.......... Goooooooooood Stuff. The beer at Denver Beer Co. was also good, but the beer at Cerebral was a cut above the 6 or 7 places we visited.......https://cerebralbrewing.com/
  11. What Vesey "did" to Nashville was not cool ...... but it's also not unheard of. Even our beloved Jim Kelly wasn't crazy about Buffalo https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-15-athletes-that-refused-to-play-for-the-team-that-drafted-them/ I hope (and expect) for Vesey to play one year here and then become a UFA and disappear........ hopefully we can get something more than a 3rd round pick at the deadline. More importantly I hope he doesn't infect "the room". .
  12. I thought Brett Murray played a pretty good scrimmage. He had at least 5 quality chances but only cashed in on one(I think). He's a pretty big dude (6-4) and protected the puck well..... seemed to have good vision and make good decisions,........ with a little puck luck yesterday he'd be a guy we'd be talking about......... I hope to see him with the Amerks... Anybody else make any observations on Murray? One other observation from yesterday...... Krueger damn near walked into the womens restroom! Looked around sheepishly and laughed.........
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