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  1. Another 2 man limit of walleyes today out of the Catt. Rougher than a cob out there today..... That lake is brutal.
  2. Walleye fishing out of the Catt has been pretty good lately. We've taken limits(24 fish total) the last 2 trips, fishing 75 - 85 feet of water. Wonderful eating!
  3. Alex Nylander, a Blackhawk? Who knew?
  4. Damn .....…. I was hoping he'd bring that aspect. I want to see some grit...….
  5. hsif


    That's interesting...…. They also had a facility where the intentionally "blew-up" equipment, to study the effects of different explosion conditions. Any production requiring large volumes of solvent are obvious fire and explosion safety concerns. We would "donate" glass-lined reactors that were beyond useful life to those guys and they would have fun with them. Our G/L reactors used to mostly come from Pfaudler, another Rochester operation who will hopefully benefit from the Kodak "re-birth".
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    I worked at Kodak for 13 years up until 2005. My educational background is in Chemical Engineering. The beginning of my career there was spent maintaining/ upgrading equipment used for making pharmaceutical intermediates for Eli Lilly and Merck. I then did the same thing, only the equipment was used for manufacturing photo-chemicals used in film and paper products. The final part of my time was spent making emulsions and upgrading equipment used to make emulsions for color paper products. Indeed, Kodak has made pharmaceutical raw materials in Rochester, but it has been a very long time since d
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/07/17/why-this-adorable-mouse-is-to-blame-for-the-spread-of-lyme-disease/ It's not always Bambi...... sometimes it's Mickey.
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    I'm headed to Montana in September to chase elk...... Looks like fun, eh? Although, this pic was from early November, and back when I was a real man. Rain + freeze + snow = misery. Hoping that the Montana covid numbers come back into line so I won't have to quarantine upon return.
  9. hsif


    Montana was added to the new listing...... 2 deaths yesterday....... 110 new cases (7-day avg.) on 2900 tests (7-day avg)..... or 3.8% positive on tests...... I don't understand the NYS hurdles. https://covidtracking.com/data/charts/all-metrics-per-state
  10. My wife and I did pretty well on perch this spring/early summer out of Hanover, Cattaraugus Creek. Almost 300 over 6 trips...… We deep fried 2 bags on Friday for a little party, and the stuff is so effin good with a cold beer …….. tonight is grilled walleye and yellow squash, and smoked taters. I'd love to know what the recipe is for a smoked whitefish salad...…. it would be tempting to smoke some walleye and try an experiment.
  11. Having a hard time finding seed potatoes...... I never knew eye inhibitor was a thing on store-bought taters. Elderberries are by far, easier to spot when flowering. I've located a couple of small bushes that will produce 3 or 4 pies.... but will purchase some from a fruit stand again this year. I planted 8 bushes at my house. This is the 2nd summer for the plants, and I'll maybe get a pie off them...... the funny thing was, that the plants flowered, but must not have pollinated...... there are very few berries compared to the flowers that were present, and the plants in my yard flowered
  12. not a radish eater...... but I'll try some spinach and potatoes.....
  13. I harvested all the softneck garlic and am now drying/curing it....... and just started pulling the hardneck out of the ground to dry/cure. The question I have for experienced gardeners is...... I've now got a 15' by 20' piece of dirt where the garlic was. Is there a crop I could plant now that would do well into the fall? Zone 6 Rochester. Potatoes? Cabbage? This weekend, I did buy a couple of the "magnum" tomato plants and put them in the garlic garden, more or less as an experiment to see how much they will produce going into the ground this late in the growing season.
  14. The standing O might be in the living room for a while....... which sucks.
  15. It's our (me and my wife) go to crust recipe now. I got it out of a Southern Homes magazine in a recipe for a "peaches n' cream" dessert. It makes great fruit/berry pies, and pot pies too............ nothing like a home made chicken pot pie.
  16. just Crisco........Cut in the Crisco to the sifted flour/salt til coarse crumbs then sprinkle whisked egg/water over the crumbs and work that into a uniform mixture....... divide in 2 and roll out....... as with all crusts, work the flour as little as possible....... and it'll be flaky. I'd like to try lard some time. Everybody says lard is the best for pie crust. 2C Flour 3/4 cup shortening 1/4 tsp salt 1 egg 3T cold water...................
  17. Elderberry Pie! It's never too hot to bake an elderberry pie...…… at least not at 5AM.....
  18. Other Half...... pretty much anything, but the Imperial Oat Cream IPA's have a place in my heart right now. I'm getting spoiled by the current availability in cans, and the drive up service. Three Heads has a nice NEIPA series going now...... New Zealand Fog series. Nice if you like NEIPA's. Draft only, but the current Strong Arm is excellent and in cans. On the lighter side, Thin Man Pils Mafia is darn good stuff, and I've always liked their Bliss and Burning Money. Buffalo Brewery Favorites - Thin Man, with 12Gates a close second.
  19. Where's the grit? Who on this line-up likes to hit? Risto, Zemgus...... McCabe occasionally..... a little genuine feistiness would go a long way on this team. You can't turn a pussycat into a tiger. It's gotta be in there... like Prego.... and it ain't. As a fan, I want to see winning, scoring, and hitting in that order. But the latter would go a long way with the former.
  20. https://orleanshub.com/happy-100th-birthday-elba-muck/ couple years old.
  21. yep....the bigger cloves go back into the ground around Oct 15th...….
  22. Been growing hardneck and softneck garlic for a couple of years now. Maybe 50 plants of each. The German hardneck grows much better at my place but the softneck originally came from an older Italian gentleman who I'm sure has now passed. I'm partial to the softneck, as the fellow brought it from Italy with him. Garlic is super easy to grow, and you can enjoy it pretty much all year long. Also have a couple cherry tomatoes, green peppers, heirloom tomatoes, and scorpion peppers......and 2 years ago, planted 8 elderberry plants. This year I'll have berries! Maybe enough for a pie if I can
  23. Smiths is the wiener............. winner. From a little West of Buffalo, but worth the effort. https://www.smithhotdogs.com/product-info/wieners/
  24. hsif


    Very nice...…. I enjoyed it completely! Thanks for posting.
  25. peanut butter cookies......covid diet 1 1/2 C flour, 1/2t b. soda, 1/4t salt...….sifted together and set aside 1/2 C softened butter, 3/4 C b sugar, 1/4 C gran sugar, ……..creamed, then add 3/4C peanut butter (crunchy is better), 1 egg, 1t vanilla......mix well add the dry ingredients and mix until combined..... small cookie scoop...….9 minutes at 350 F......if you like them soft.....10 if you like them hard...….easy.....EASY!...... It's a small batch to minimize the guilt. Deep Fried Yellow Perch last night...……… with homemade coleslaw...… mmmmmm
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