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  1. WGR sucks. Audacy getting some stupid talk show. Sabres can't do anything right!!!!
  2. Nice to have an "elite" game changing center for sure but you can win with two to three very good ones.
  3. VO just hasn't sold me that he's a top six forward. But who else do we have??
  4. Hate to admit it but this is me. Fan from teams inception but interest has definitely been evaporating. Some of it could be age as I'll turn 79 in two months but a lot is just the franchises history of downward spiral in all facets. Bankruptcy literally once and figuratively in general. Yeah, I still pay attention but the passion has gone. This is true in sports in general I have to admit.
  5. Had my eye injection today. Watching this hurts more. Tired going to bed.
  6. Tried to listen on GR. Well the team sucks, the owners suck, and it's only reasonable the audacy app would suck. Sports talk,seven straight stupid commercials and no Sabres game......... Guess it's merciful by the sounds of it here. Pegulas just f everything up they get near I guees. Night guys.
  7. Speaking as a true ......hole .
  8. As would most quarterbacks be with what's in front of him and no running game and questionable coaching.
  9. Maybe having possibly the worst offensive line in football and we're looking at Josh? He's fine and a few of his receivers as well. The rest of the offense and coaching has sucked.
  10. Sorry, it's already been made political. Having said that I agree with your assessment but the fact is one side of the political spectrum far and away are less vaccinated than the other side of the political spectrum. Like it or not it's been made political since the start of covid. I have also stopped watching "news" as well.
  11. Depends your political bend. This is politics pure and simple not science or statistics. Right vs left.like everything else now. Listen to someone for five minutes and we can tell whether they're Fox News people or CNN or MSNBC. Sad the lack of depth of thinking and coming to individual conclusions.
  12. You have no way of knowing it doesn't reduce the spread.
  13. Saw this coming. Me first and team last. Said before season he'll miss key game and many fans will be pissed. Now we're seeing it. He's most likely another government hater and league as well. It's all about Me the rest can take a hike. Loved when they signed him but he's turned me off. This is politics period. Go back to Texas and run for something.
  14. I hate shootouts more. Go back to the way it was.
  15. Washington maybe a bit tired but our kids played tonight.
  16. Yes. But they don't need a microphone their franchise is embarrassing enough.
  17. These owners became invisible as soon as there was any media criticism. They started out much more visible it seems when fans were excited after purchasing the franchises. They are clueless owners whose only hope is catching lightning in a bottle.
  18. Typical for GR. They had Radio.com and that needed reboot with practically every commercial break. Now they're with Audacy and worked for awhile and now having same problem get some stupid sports talk show. Frankly I think WGR is minor league at best. Once again missing Empire Sports Network.
  19. I was saying this from the start of the season and some criticised my take on this team. They are not that good plain and simple. 1-4 against good teams. Loss to Jacksonville, blown out by the Colts and losing to Tennessee? Even if they were to make the playoffs they're a one and done most likely. One dimension offense. Possibly one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Josh and a few receivers that's it. Defensively good not great and can be run on.
  20. NE will win this with their ground game. Just my opinion. I think even without the weather this would be a tough one.
  21. I honestly think our talent level is maybe better than NE. Unfortunately that doesn't mean our play is. I think NE is better coached and playing more consistent right now. We are prone to stupid penalties at critical times and our O line is sub par. NE can run the ball. We can't. Josh will be in weather that isn't favorable to the passing game sounds like. New England wins this I think and becomes favored to win division.
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