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  1. My feeling is he will pick both first round selections. Any trades he makes will come after the draft. There is a 50/50 chance of Risto being traded before camp.
  2. Oh, these poor,poor players! Is there anything we can do to help. I feel for these poor owners also. Let's pool our money (taxes) and make sure they're properly clothed (stadiums/arenas). Oh, and why don't we spend a little to advertise for them (sports merchandise). Sorry you have to live in Buffalo will 6 million help ease your pain?
  3. Radar

    2019 NHL Draft

    Certainly sounds good.
  4. Amen to this. I'm not in any rush to trade Risto. It creates a hole to fill a hole. The deal better be good and coupled with a plan to fill the hole created.
  5. Why I like to stay clear of first tier free agents. Draft or trade but don't get into free agency frenzy.
  6. Brett Hull has to be one of the greatest goal scores while also one of the most obnoxious jerks of all time.
  7. I'm not sure McCabe with his injuries is that attractive to other teams but if you're taking on Truba without assurance he'll sign here his value is decreased considerably.
  8. The #31 vs #20 and then Risto vs Poink add to that to taking a significant chance on signing Truba long term.
  9. He is one year from free agency. Rangers must feel he will sign with them. Maybe Sabres weren't as confident.
  10. Not at all sure of that. Let's look at it come September.
  11. I'm not sure. I think it was going to take maybe #31 plus Risto to equal the deal made.
  12. Actually Friedman is someone who I trust. I think Lebrun and him are the most reliable along with Dreger. After those guys really???????
  13. I think he could be shipped out as part of a deal. Surprised if he has a future here.
  14. Totally agree on holding #7 if you can get help on the offense without trading it away while still not creating another hole in our defense by trading Risto. Just don't know if we have assets to do it aside from that pick without weakening the existing team.
  15. Probably in the minority but I don't want to trade Risto. I would rather trade the seventh pick for help on offense. You create a hole on defense by trading what I believe is a good defenseman. Maybe not as good as some would like but certainly a solid NHL defenseman. On the other hand the number seven pick is a gamble to be a better player than Risto whether he's a forward or defenseman. See what you could get in a known player(s) for the pick.
  16. I would be interested in trading up somehow or seeing what you could trade the pick for. At my age I'm less interested in what a guy may be in 2-5 years. I'm in the now mode.
  17. I give him two more seasons. No playoffs he doesn't get that last year.
  18. My hunch is this was the owners call in trading ROR. So I'm giving Botterill some benefit of doubt here. Either way it's done and over with.
  19. Oh, how I miss those days of "the owner is cheap" , "we can't afford the top guys", " we can't compete financially". Been around since the inception of both franchises and one consistent is a large faction of whiners. Enough so to heavily support our local station having a whiner line. I speculate some of those complaining about this deal would be some of t h e same screaming if we let him walk.
  20. I'm 76 not interested in grooming. If you're looking at a five year plan. Not interested.
  21. Sorry but have you observed free agency sprees? Ridiculous amounts given out in free agency. That's why I tend more and more at this date toward he testing market and possibly coming back to Sabres with any offer to match. I think he will get more than 8 but will the extra year we can sign him for before July first sway him to Buffalo? That's where the legal tampering period can be used by players.
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