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  1. For the record Thorny. I think the ROR trade was terrible. I'm referring to it's not easy to find a replacement fir him.
  2. How many of these guys will be on the Sabres opening night?
  3. Yes. I've never liked him. If your not watching and only listening to the game on radio you have no idea what's going.on.
  4. I will defend you on this. I believe he worked to keep the team in Buffalo.
  5. And we tear our hair out over ROR trade? Quinn was the hatchet man.
  6. PA really has a crusade against the Pegulas. So old. Why not talk about hockey if the owners haven't given reason to bring them into it. Look at the poll,PA, you lost.
  7. Definitely don't believe he will be elite. I'm concerned he won't be average let alone elite.
  8. I have been a fan since the team's inception and there has almost always been a fan whipping boy. Mostly undeserved. I have no idea if Risto will be traded but if he's not I think it's because he's an asset. Is he a great defenseman? Probably not. Is he as bad as some here think? Absolutely not.
  9. Let's not repeat the ROR thing. Players get frustrated losing and say things that fans don't want to hear. Let's not live in a fantasy land about it.
  10. So true. There are many "top six players" in the league like Vesey.
  11. No. I would not trade Cozens for a #2 center. I also would love to pick up a #2 center but the longer it's been discussed here the more desperate we get. If I'm trading a guy like Risto I want the best forward we can get not just a "#2 center".
  12. If this is based on Hockeybuzz I doubt it's report. No saying it won't happen just don't put stock in hockeybuzz.
  13. Okay. You're correct it's my opinion. Actually I have no real feelings one way or the other on our coach,GM or team. By objective I should say not caught up in pre-season hype and over zealous fandom. About your 10 wins? Let's talk after the season. Hope you're right but doubt you will be.
  14. I've been thinking we will be at best 8-8. More likely less. I know this is a cold blanket on those more optimistic but objectively speaking that's what I see.
  15. Nor does it mean you are. Just saying.
  16. I think a lot of posters here who want Risto traded have an exaggerated view of what the return would be.
  17. Jeff Skinner nine seasons 244 goals seems like average of 27.111 is pretty good and commands the type contract he signed for. Now, if you just don't like the player fine but that's his average goal output.
  18. Skinner's contract like it or not is the going rate. Salaries are what they are. We used to complain we had cheap owners and couldn't compete with teams. Now we complain that we're spending too much.
  19. He's under contract. Don't think this should effect his value for other teams desiring to trade for him. It certainly would effect the Sabres position on whether to trade him or not. This only confirms what many felt his feelings were anyway. Frankly I don't believe his value is what many here think it is. So get ready to be disappointed but don't think Risto saying this means much.
  20. Personally I want the best forward return if Risto is traded not just a center.
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