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  1. Lockout if they want. Seasons too long anyway. Fortunately I'm into football more until December but for those not football fans it's, I'm sure, more frustrating. Frankly these billionaire owners and multimillionaire players irk me mire than missing games to watch . Money and greed has taken a lot of passion for sports out of me. If they play I'll watch and if they don't so be it. I quit spending money on it long ago. Won't even advertise free for them by wearing their garb.
  2. Girgensons was forced to play on lines in the past he's just not suited for. He's a solid fourth line guy though.
  3. PA, you're ,it seems, uncomfortable with anything about the Sabres ownership or management.
  4. Pierre Lebrun was on the Instigators and spoke very highly of Krueger and seemed to believe he would make a good choice. Sounds like he's very highly respected. If indeed he's the guy I'm okay with it.
  5. This is an optimist thread but you just had to infiltrate it with your negative comments. You've several other threads go there.
  6. Thank you. Funny what perception vs fact can do to enlighten the mind.
  7. I do think for several reasons Tippett is a better fit in Edmonton and nothing to do with anything negative about Buffalo.
  8. There are members here that think the worst. Somewhat understandable to be frustrated as a fan but to be negative about the unknown? There will be plenty of time to be negative once someone's hired because it really doesn't matter who they hire. If Keefe is hired there will be criticism as well. Just the way it is.
  9. It's indicative of a sports forum. We kick tires. Frankly I'm not for or against any of the names mentioned other than a couple who have reportedly been out of the running. If Krueger is the guy I'm okay with it.
  10. True. Should say he took them further than expected.
  11. Frankly we don't know what contact they may or may not have had with him.
  12. Second place with an inferior team that over achieved by all accounts. From what I've read he gets the most with the talent he has had. Also apparently has turned down other offers in the past. Friedman said this morning he would take this job because he wants to not that he needs it.
  13. There are some similarities between Groenberg and Kreuger actually. Coaching experience wise. Krueger has the administration experience but his coaching experience isn't novice by any means. Plus he's not a "retread" as so many posters seem to not want.
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