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  1. Don't think a trade is in the works this year. Really what do we have to trade that other teams want? Frankly who is available that realistically we could get? One, we only have handful of players with value enough to get what we need and we're not going to trade one of them to just create another hole in our lineup. And again who's available worth trading for? Two, cap space. Don't have it without moving contracts no one wants. I'm not inclined to trade high picks to bolster this team at this time. The team is not a contender by just a couple moves. Keep the picks maybe look at free agency after shedding some money this off season although I'm not a big fan of free agency. So, talking trades unless you're talking dumping someone at the deadline is , in my mind, just talk.
  2. I kinda like that KC quarterback
  3. Looks like repeat of last season going forward. We've changed players, GM's and coaches. Who says we're not consistent.
  4. Sounds good. Now who do we have to trade that fetches what we need? We're pretty thin on expendable talent.
  5. Who ,Tom, do you really think we have to trade that we can afford to trade worth any real improvement coming back. Botterill's fault of not.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks just getting a 2c is not the magical answer for this team? We have a few top end talented players and almost a roster full of third to fourth line players. One reason why trades to improve the team are so difficult. You don't get something for nothing. Frankly who do we really have of value to another team we can afford to trade?
  7. Okay. Let's have a thread for TRADES. This thread is fantasy, dreams and basically bs.
  8. They are not as good as their record. Plain and simple.
  9. We'll agree to disagree on the problem with this team
  10. The problem isn't coaching. We've used that excuse too many times.
  11. Now that's three unanswered. Refs aside unacceptable.
  12. Happy New Year!!! Because I won't be available at midnight.
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