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  1. Your right I have a problem with his obsession against the owner and it's getting old. You can take his advice for me use the ignore feature. Let's talk hockey not snarky cute remarks out of left field about owners.
  2. I'm so freakin sick of your stupid remarks. Go somewhere else with your crap crusade!
  3. Agree in principle but if Cozens goes back then there seems no justification for Mitts being up last season or this for that matter based on performance. I'm not bashing Mitts at all but Cozens seems more ready than him.
  4. I'm talking about hearing what I heard and it's not what you did. Not refusing to see anything.
  5. I think you're hearing what you want to. I didn't hear what you did at all.
  6. Another interesting comment by Friedman was that he doesn't know if Risto requested a trade but other GM'S are operating under the assumption he has. If that's true they may be offering less thinking pressure is on us to trade him.
  7. If true that hurts and you would think would put to rest any Risto trade.
  8. Unless it's Risto+ I tend to agree. I think many Buffalo fans regard him much higher than GM's around the league. He's good not great.
  9. Centers or forwards? Could it be we put all our emphasis on a #2 center and really just need more offense period?
  10. For the record Thorny. I think the ROR trade was terrible. I'm referring to it's not easy to find a replacement fir him.
  11. How many of these guys will be on the Sabres opening night?
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