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  1. I do think if they give Hall a long term deal that it may mean VO or Reinhart get moved. Don't need to be hasty with decisions like that. Let's see how this year goes. For the record I hope Reinhart is here.
  2. The plus for me was our defensive play in second half. Also in spite of his fumble I honestly thought Josh had a good, not spectacular, game. We need to cut down on those penalties costing us positive plays/field position. Also we need to find the end zone more down in red zone.
  3. I don't understand a statement like "dump Montour". He's a good defenseman. Why dump value?
  4. With these one year deals it puts them in position to extend selectively who they feel is a true core piece going forward. Guys like Hall for instance. I believe you keep those core guys and fill in the rest who are easily replaced. Personally I think Ulmark has shown flashes but still has to prove he's a #1 guy.
  5. Agree. Would not go above that. Fear arbitration will go over three but under walk away amount.
  6. Milano and Tre were missed for sure but I've not been as bullish about our defense for past seasons many fans have. Last year we had a soft schedule. This year much tougher.
  7. The Chiefs have looked okay so far. I think they will eat our defense up. Could be repeat of last week.
  8. If no fans in arena I could see where the league may negotiate some agreement for a pay for view. They I would think need to get revenue for not having ticket and concession revenue.
  9. I give it 50\50 chance they will play. Really wonder how this effects contracts ect. No fans revenue tickets, concessions ect. It's a financial puzzle to say the least. From what I understand the players get season pay if they play at all. Seems owners would not want that.
  10. It was reported. How many times do you hear that? Someone's reporting Jesus will return every year.
  11. Where do they get the money from? Trades of contacts is about the only avenue left for change I think. At least for impact type moves.
  12. How do we know about these other offers? We don't really. We're accepting reports by third or fourth parties who are getting their information by " credible " sources. Only thing I'm sure of is I didn't like the trade they made.
  13. Interesting that I read an article that asked the question of how important Gaudreau is to Monahan's success.
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