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  1. Let's research threads you've started🤔😂
  2. I think they may be going in the right direction and possibly decent management for the first time in decades but still only cautiously optimistic.
  3. You say that so definitely. I stand by and wait on that.
  4. Man this thread has taken on a life of it's own. Hope the season gets here quick.
  5. I am sorry that you're suffering the worst grief any parent can experience. My prayers go out to you and your family. God Bless you and comfort you.
  6. If it were one of us we'd be in jail. Quarterback? Okay. Predator? Top shelf.
  7. The NFL is a money machine. Integrity is not their priority. So many players would beat in jail if it wasn't for football. Pathetic. Unfortunately we tend to overlook a lot in our country as well when it comes to such things.
  8. Feel your pain. Agree pretty much with most of what you say here. I do think even without sniffing the playoffs last season I saw signs we may finally be heading in the right direction. The Pegulas may have stumbled onto a good management team. I'm at least hopeful.
  9. Which is the primary role of the Amerks mission with its affiliation with the Sabres.
  10. I want to see the playoffs but not at the cost of your life. Hang in there😁
  11. Tend to agree. I'm not disappointed at all with the off season. We're a young and promising team I believe and rebuilt our prospect pool. I am so far happy with our GM and management team. It's been ages since I've had any optimism in our management but I do now.
  12. Didn't want 5-6 years. Guess I'm still having ? with VO.
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