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  1. I would think this pretty much puts to rest an Eichel trade for the foreseeable future. Any trade now would be for a very reduced return I would think.
  2. If the other team doesn't have cap room then they need money out or retaining salary. Seems sensible.
  3. Rivet is a company man. Peters at least is ,in my opinion, objective, and not condescending. We disagree on Peters.
  4. I can't stand Rivet. Good player but on the Instigators he's just nauseating. Peters and Marty are fine. Don't bother with those 3pm guys at all.
  5. You're not that old on this site, unless of course you've changed names. Maybe you are the terrible poster. Just sayin.
  6. Maybe even after the end of season interviews I had hopes of Eichel being here. Since then I have no hopes of his being here even next year.
  7. I'm disappointed he's gone but I don't think at this time I would have given him the contract Boston did.
  8. I think his injury history plus goalies in pipeline made them not wanting four years. JMO. Wish they didn't wait to the last minute same for Rhinehart.
  9. This is my hope. I thought they should keep Donato and feel this is confirmed by what we see. It's not about wins and losses it's developing our young team. A change of focus is needed for us fans to embrace that. It's just where we are.
  10. My reason for not liking the Pegula ownership isn't about this year or last. It's about the decade of their ownership. Not stellar.
  11. We needed a physical guy. He'll provide something for opposing players to worry about if, for instance, you choose to ram Dahlin into the boards.
  12. Maybe the worst run franchise in sports over this decade. I'm not sold on the current brass. It's simple to dismantle a team, I could do that. We're supposed to be an NHL franchise not a development team. Our team is an average to good AHL team. The best Pegula teams,coaches and GM he inherited!
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