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  1. Swamp, you may be a great hockey fan, but not a very sensitive one.
  2. On this team he's okay. Still overrated in my opinion. On a good defense a number three. On our defense one or two.
  3. I hate with total disgust SOG stats. Mean next to nothing half the time.
  4. Radar

    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    While I expect scoring from him and it's frustrating that he's not scoring I agree that his play is hard and I do believe his influence is substantial with our young team.
  5. Radar

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    Frankly I don't think we need more toughness but more scoring beyond our top line. We're not getting pushed around. Of course I'm one of those who is happy to be rid of the Peters/Ray type enforcer roster slots in favor of better hockey players.
  6. I think the ten game streak was misleading to how far we still need to go to be a playoff/playoff contender. Let JBott continue with his plan going into the season. We have one forward scoring line and improved goaltending improvement from last season's last place team. Depth wise we have a ways to go.
  7. Fancy words but it certainly does. Game over.
  8. Risto mishandled puck and cost a goal
  9. Other than Jack and Skinner and the goaltending improvement this team is pretty much as last season. Still a ways to go even to be regular playoff team. I am not too disappointed as this was the type of improvement I expected. Yes, that ten game winning streak had us wondering if we were way ahead in our rebuild but we're seeing a team still in the middle of build. This team is watchable the past few years they weren't..
  10. Truthfully, I never expected playoffs. We're just seeing what I expected. The ten game streak was not a true read on who we are.
  11. And Risto takes that penalty and that's game.