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  1. Wouldn't add other than maybe 4-5 pick . Laine seems to have his own question marks although very talented.
  2. For who? Excluding ntc that would not come here.
  3. Option seems to be few that would be an improvement over what we already have.
  4. Why? Boyle on the cheap? Or do you have something else that's more than fantasy trade talk.
  5. Brian Boyle would be a nice addition for the right term.
  6. Sort of like most hockey players.
  7. Botterill probably still looking for another move. As is I still think overall he's improved the roster and hopefully further development of some of our young guys will be significant improvement. Goaltending is not being discussed but could be the make or break of how much improved we'll be record wise.
  8. I really don't want to trade Reinhart. Seems to go against what we're trying to build here. I don't want to trade Risto either but willing to for the right deal. At this point it would have to add measurably to our scoring.
  9. Yeah, but that's not what grumpy old / young men on here want to hear. They're arguing about graphs and other stuff.
  10. I'm not sure of that. In fact it seems to me who you're playing with/against can skew these charts and what they mean really. How many times do we hear complaints about our players going somewhere else and playing better. I'm not against analytics but some totally live by them.
  11. Because they may need to trade that better version to get offensive help?
  12. Vesey 17g, 18a. Donskoi 14g, 23a. Regular season two points difference. Plus/minus favors Donskoi. That stat can be effected by factors not necessarily players fault. Overall I say take your pick between the two.
  13. Okay. I'm in on that. They're free agents. I'm just not enthusiastic about trading Risto for a stop gap #2 center.
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