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  1. Please we're bad enough already.
  2. I do think the Leafs will be energized and doesn't favor us.
  3. I'm going to assume this is sarcasm. Please let it be. Babcock has been exposed.
  4. Not worth staying up for this . Night .
  5. Risto always good for a timely penalty. So there's some consistency.
  6. We have maybe three players teams have to worry about offensively.
  7. Our PP has definitely gone. Why? No idea but it went from great to terrible rather quickly. Quick start winning streak great to now terrible. Second year in a row. What is going on? This is about to become a tradition.
  8. To answer the posters question. Sign him. Why wouldn't you? Right now how many players of his talent do we have on this team? Maybe three?
  9. Realistically what do we really have to trade? Risto and a bunch of depth guys who have no to little value. Risto isn't going to nearly get you a top six forward. Only in a fans fantasy is he getting you a measurably better forward than we have already. So what additionally to Risto do we have to offer? Guys like our third and fourth liners and Risto? Still nit going to fetch you a quality top six guy in my opinion. Risto is not as coveted I suspect as we'd like to believe. Unfortunately we're stuck pretty much until next season. Hope our present guys can turn it around at this point.
  10. Really too tired to continue . Shutting down check in tomorrow morning to get the bad news.
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