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  1. We've controlled this game except for the score. Second straight game of hard work.
  2. Loved the win but I was just happy to see a team coached to play a full game. I was entertained even if the score had been different. Congrats for the players but also for the coach.
  3. Thorny, good points but what goalies were available at a price and term acceptable. That's what we really don't know. Of the few we heard of maybe that was the issue.
  4. This is all we're hoping for really. Just play hard and entertaining hockey, that's all I ask.
  5. Duffer and Marty need to stop talking over each other. They get into too many tangents in my opinion.
  6. I say no. Results may be the same as tanking but, to me, tanking means trying to lose. I don't think they're intent is losing. It's to rebuild and develop.
  7. Probably best period of hockey I've seen so far. Admittedly haven't watch whole lot.
  8. Actually I would not say VO moves the needle for me. Other than that your list pretty much is it.
  9. This may be true but you still need the material to work with. It will be interesting to see how NE develops their new guy. Bottom line coaches need something to work with.
  10. Totally would agree except a decade of wrong hires? This is why I doubt their abilities as owners. The Bills comparison? Not sure that wasn't catching lightning in a bottle. In any case I can't just pass this off to bad advice by the league or supposed people of experience. Why if you know what you're doing do you need to depend on them to begin with. Frankly I have only to hope they just stumble on to another management team like it appears they have with the Bills. Also a franchise quarterback is much more important in football than any one position in hockey in my opinion. Also more important than any GM. Look at New England for proof.
  11. Sale tothe Pegulas was conditioned that they wouldn't move the team. I'm doubtful that they would be required to have that condition on a future sale by them. Not sure only doubtful.
  12. I said they may be the most inept. Football and hockey in my perspective are different animals but even so I'm not sure in the Bills case it wasn't pure luck.
  13. The Sabres have pretty much gutted the team. When they rid Eichel from the asset column they will have. Could this be positioning for the sale of the team? One would hope so, at least I would. Doubt that's the case but here's hoping. I think we may have the most inept owners in hockey. They probably mean well but that's not the sole criteria needed unfortunately. Just random thoughts.
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