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  1. Darcy was better than anything since. I think he did better even with the cost restraints he had to operate under. He was here so long it seemed people under appreciated him. Same for Lindy.
  2. I think your right. I haven't listened to that show much at all for a !ong time but I've always thought he really didn't care much about what tbe show is about. Frankly WGR as a whole in my opinion is pretty bad.
  3. That's what we do when we have no facts......speculate. In your case negatively.
  4. The guy hasn't even seen his office yet most likely. Can't you at least give it a day?
  5. It's time we need to have drug tests before we can post.
  6. Not sure because it's hockey. But in any case as many it takes to get job done.
  7. In this case yes because KA now has an experienced front office guy working with him. Rutherford I see more as an organizational advisory role.
  8. A different team since the coaching change. The compete level and not folding is impressive.
  9. Most Hockey trades of the type you mention are draft day or off season. You may see that happen yet. In fact I half expect it. Although I really don't want to see Reinhart traded. Risto I don't but it may be one or the other.
  10. Deadline seems to me has lost importance. In fact has become quite dull.
  11. I won't defend the owners it's been a decade of disarray and that's on ownership. I only can hope they see and learn from past errors. I wish they hired a more experienced GM. Having said that I have no real problems with KA to this point as many seem to have. I'll wait and see what the future brings but it's not fair to criticize him because I wish someone more experienced was hired until he gives me reason to.
  12. He did drag it longer than most wanted but in all honesty it didn't really matter season wise.
  13. I understand how you feel about him but what were your expectations. Maybe too high. We knew Hall was getting moved and with all the issues money,covid and cap strapped teams along with Halls NMC I have a feeling it was just keep him or Boston. Montour trade I would have liked to get a second but again about the going rate. Overall I just don't have the same assessment of Adams right now. A year from now maybe but as of now no.
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