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  1. Sad but I don't even care much anymore.
  2. Unfortunately a lot of that looting is people taking advantage of the situation. It's equally unfortunate that sometimes it seems that peaceful walking protests don't have much effect anymore. Peaceful protest over mass shootings were totally ineffective it seems. Catch twenty two. I do agree that violence ect. Is not acceptable. Boy, do I wish we had the leadership of a MLK. Leadership in our country is lacking. Actually I think the lack of leadership adds greatly to the frustration. In some instances adding to the fire.
  3. Yeah, but don't you think it's been far to long that there has been this injustice in our system and no doubt blacks being abused by police. Don't shoot me for saying this. I'm not black and my son is a police officer.
  4. Radar

    Targeting a 2C

    Talent yes. Determination??????
  5. Is Botterill to blame. Yes but secondarily to the Pegulas . What's that saying about the buck stops here.
  6. Not at all surprised. I think this is a make or break season though.
  7. He's safe for another season I think . I've always believed he would be. I think this team would have to completely transform itself to save him beyond that. A year from now he'll be gone short of a miracle. Next year would have to be a solid playoff team and I don't see it.
  8. Although I was married and living in NY at the time I grew up on Cape Cod and Mr Orr was something to watch. One great talent.
  9. Amazing the teams they assembled with less funding. Now with the deep pockets most thought could take us up have had an opposite effect it seems. Money doesn't mean you don't need good management.
  10. Years ago I attended a church that was Calvinist teaching. I have the Institutes in my library. I then attended nondenominational full gospel (a term I never understood) churches for many years. I'm now back in the Catholic Church. Long story of how that came about. Calvin , in my opinion, went off the tracks particularly in his view of predestination. I can find a preponderance of Scripture to argue against it. Just my opinion of course.
  11. Truthfully my life hasn't changed all that much. Being retired and at home my wife and I do a lot of reading and our usual things. Do miss seeing the kids and grandkids and going to daily Mass though.
  12. As negative as this appears could there be the silver lining that their hiring practices have been bad and failed and they have seen the light? Let's hope so. What is surprising is the difference between the Bills and Sabres outwardly as far as results. My impression has been Terry was more into hockey than football. Frankly, I've lost a lot of interest in Buffalo sports. I find this forum more entertaining than the teams.🤔
  13. Best wishes and hope you get the position applied for.
  14. Haven't got it. When I do it's going to charity. One of the arguments about "stimulus money" is that it has little economic stimulus as most bank it or pay debts with it.
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