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  1. Coming out of sabrespace retirement. Also going to the game. Anyone grabbing beers somewhere close?
  2. I hear incredible things about that, why is that a complaint?
  3. Really? I would give it up dude. At this point you need to be the better person and stop asking.
  4. doesnt it have a trackpad? just use two fingers down. Thats the thing i like most about mac is the smart trackpad
  5. Bias for action! You should teach him about it
  6. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/30/darnell-barton-new-york-bus-driver_n_4178023.html Idk if this was already on here but wow, def made me tear up. IDK why but it was moving
  7. Finding a job. Anyone need an intelligence analyst with 6 years of experience and a Bachelors degree? Starting an MBA in IT management in November and working on a CISSP...... Let me know lol
  8. The military does almost nothing to help people transitioning to civilian life. Not to metion all of these people with Support our Troops stickers who think that fulfills the obligation stated on the sticker. Also it sucks being active duty enlisted.
  9. working 12 hour shifts for the foreseeable future because the power outages in virginia have made our systems run so slow that it takes twice as long to do work than it should.
  10. i just like to hang out and see how many people look at the angle of my dangle if you know what i mean
  11. working 79-7a for five straight days.... but we might get off at 3am tonight.... this is what i have to look forward to FML
  12. There is a lot you can do with it especially with some of the geniuses online and incredible code writers but in the Air Force they dont allow us to do ANYTHING fun or imaginative. ITs technically a shared drive, document libraries, picture libraries, and If they are feeling frisky a calender or a chart. Maybe a KPI thrown in but most of the people i work with dont understand the thought of storing documents online so its pretty hard to introduce these things to the technological illiterate
  13. Right now I am in a SharePoint refresher training.... I dont really need refreshing so I am bored out of my mind
  14. The first time me and my friends went out after I got back from Iraq I promised them that I would pay the amount of weight the girl that they took home was if she was over 190... none of them would do it though :(
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