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Annual expectations thread 2022/23: #24 Dylan Cozens


What do you expect from Dylan Cozens?  

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  1. 1. Which of these best describes what you think the Sabres will get from Cozens this year?

    • Troubling signs that he’s a high-effort player without the requisite strength or skill to be a real top 6 centre
    • Improved consistency and defensive growth along with 40+ points
    • More points, more big plays, and a season clearly demonstrating the tools and the savvy to be a top 6 centre
    • He’ll move to the wing and his play will improve enough that he stays there

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10 hours ago, Doohickie said:

I think there will be at least 4, perhaps 5, 30-goal scorers on the team this year.  Everyone is worried about goaltending, but the goalies won't have to shoulder the burden of getting the team to the playoffs.  It will be a complete team effort.  Better goaltending, stronger defense, more scoring.

That's a lot of goals and everyone staying healthy. Florida had 4 last season and Bennett was on pace to make but missed 11 games. 

5 30-goal scorers would likely outscore the entire 2013-14 Sabres (157 GF).

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2 hours ago, Buffalonill said:

Meh hes alright nothing special i see Zubrus for his reaching point 

Interesting comparison choice. If Cozens ends up playing almost 1300 NHL games, I think that'll be quite alright.

I see Cozens as a better offensive player overall, although his opening seasons have included a cellar-dweller team and half a season of Kruegering, whereas Zubrus' first two seasons he quite good offensively and was on a loaded Flyers team. Then, Zubrus' career hit a slide as he was traded to an rebuilding Habs squad and the dead puck era. He was a reliable top 6 with the Caps and quite solid with with brief Sabres stint. Then riding it out in his 30s as a mid-6 option. In contrast, Cozens' career appears to be coinciding with an offensive era (goalie pad restrictions, referees calling penalties in the regular season). I believe Cozens handily beats Zubrus' career best 23-34-57 and should outproduce Zubrus overall (if health allows a 1000+ game career).

The real difference I see is defensive. Zubrus finished with Selke voting once in his career (placing 31st, so he got... 1 vote?) and he was regarded as a fair two-way guy in the second half of his career. If Cozens has even a single more season of nullifying Auston Matthews, he's going to start gaining significant Selke attention. Cozens has the tools and battle to be an excellent 2nd-line (and occasional 1C time if injuries happen) and D-zone center, which will give him opportunities and accolades of which Zubrus could only dream.

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In Dylan’s year-ended he was asked what Donnie wanted him to work on.

His answer: disguising his intentions.

Dylan has the physical talent to skate and shoot and pass at a top line level, but he has spent his career to date being able to go full speed ahead and simply overpower his opponents. He needs to add a layer of guile and deception, and learn when to dial it back a touch in order to create space for himself.

He has offence he hasn’t shown, and it is going reveal itself. There is too much skill and will there for that not to happen.

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  Cozens named breakout player of the year for the Sabres in the Sirius XMs preview of the Sabres by both host Boomer Gordon and your favorite play by play announcer, guest Dan Dunleavy.  Not a bad listen.  It’s in the on demand section.   Cozens dedication and commitment should pay dividends this season. I’m thinking 15/25/40 and continued solid defensive play.  Hoping for more goals.  Motivated by Tage’s extension he will be the primary focus for next offseason.  It’s there for the taking.   Yes, Mule is due as well and I see him as core too, but games played and draft position makes him an easier bridge decision.    

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11 minutes ago, bob_sauve28 said:

If Ottawa starts their Tkchuk line, will Cozens be taking the starting face off? 


Cozens line doesn't look like. a checking line, but he was doing that last year 

The Okposo line will likely go out against Tkachuk.  If not, it'll be the Thompson line.

The only way Cozens line (as presently constituted) is out for any significant time against Tkachuk is after an icing.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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