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21 hours ago, Wyldnwoody44 said:

I HATE HATE, that the championship can be decided on penalty kicks. Add 15 minutes each go, and play until someone scores. That was a crap ending to an otherwise great game (and I don't really like soccer) 

Good for Messi, now go away. 

I think France would have won, but it's hard to say, that's why I'm so sad that it has to end like this. 

I watched a good chunk of the final, and of US vs Iran, but I don't like soccer either.

Deciding the WC on penalty kicks is insane.  For that matter, penalty kicks themselves are silly -- the scoring percentage is much too high, so that whenever a penalty kick is awarded, it's pretty much like awarding a goal.  Also, it's just a guessing game that frequently results in the goalie just leaping the wrong way and looking ridiculous.

The whole clock thing is pretty silly too -- the ball goes out of bounds, the players fake injuries and act like they've been shot, the refs kinda keep track of how much time all that takes and add on some indeterminate amount that for some reason doesn't show up on the scoreboard, so no one knows how much time is left -- WTF is that?

Not to mention the fact that a lot of the games are 1-0 snoozers.

Having said all of that, I've attended two big-league soccer games in Europe, and really enjoyed both of them.  The crowd was really into it and they were fun experiences.  But no thanks to watching it on TV.

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