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  1. That isn't the least bit contradictory. You can respect someone for what they do and still sports-hate their guts.
  2. I'm with WC on this. I think he was trying to be as neutral as possible to not upset anyone. I could be wrong, but that's how I read it.
  3. Yeah, it's literally impossible with any of the vaccines out there.
  4. Yeah, I'm in NH and became eligible on the 31st and got my shot the next day, with my second dose currently scheduled for 3 weeks later.
  5. Pfizer buddies! *6 ft fist bump* 😛
  6. That wasn't exactly a great third period aside from Dahlin and the scoring, but I'll take it.
  7. See? Doesn't life feel just a wee bit better now?
  8. Yeah, sore around the injection site. A bit worse than when I got the flu vaccine last year, but not that much.
  9. I've been jabbed. Huzzah. Pfizer dose 1.
  10. Just kidding. Nabbed an opening tomorrow.
  11. Got my vaccine scheduled for Tuesday.
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