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  1. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    Not according to average temperatures. Not even joking. It's close, but Buffalo is colder (at least according to actual temps, wind chill is a different matter).
  2. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    None of those cities is colder than Buffalo.
  3. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    I wouldn't be upset if they went with Metcalf but I do like your idea better.
  4. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    Update: looks like the Fox acquisition will finalize on March 20.
  5. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    3 years younger and arguably a better pass blocker. Looks like a solid signing to me.
  6. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    The only DCEU movie I've seen is Wonder Woman. Maybe I'll check out Justice League. Are the others worth watching?
  7. This is kind of a useless topic, but I just noticed The Aud Club has a million posts and I thought it was neat.
  8. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    It's hard not to read your words and "project" anything. What's wrong with having a powerful female character and wanting gender diversity? Like, literally how does that make anything worse for anyone? None of the MCU characters match up to their comic book counterparts in power level (well, maybe Hawkeye...poor Hawkeye), so why does it matter now when it's a female character?
  9. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    Considering the Fox acquisition still hasn't gone through, this is exceedingly unlikely.
  10. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    I don't know how the Bills are willing to pay him, but Pro Football Focus likes Matt Paradis a lot. He's their top offensive lineman free agent, and their 15th overall free agent for the offseason. "Paradis was a top-three graded center in the NFL before going down with a broken ankle midway through the 2018 season. He’s likely limited to a zone scheme, but he’s been one of the best centers in the NFL when playing in such a system. He’s never graded lower than 74.0 for a single season in his career."
  11. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    Yeah, I'm honestly not convinced Flacco is any better than Keenum at this point.
  12. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night. Looks like I side with the audience (88%) over the critics (61%, 47% by "top" critics) on Rotten Tomatoes, since I quite enjoyed it.
  13. JujuFish

    Super Bowl: Pats** vs Rams

    I feel pretty happy about having skipped two Super Bowls in a row.
  14. JujuFish

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    Are the Fast and Furious movies actually any good? I've never really cared about cars so I never watched them.
  15. JujuFish

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Speaking of receivers for the Bills, here's PFF's top 10 WR free agents: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-top-10-free-agent-wide-receivers-in-2019 TLDR: Golden Tate, Tyrell Williams, Cole Beasley, John Brown, Adam Humphries, Randall Cobb, Donte Moncrief, Devin Funchess, Chris Hogan, Dontrelle Inman. A bit underwhelming.