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  1. And never placed worse than 3rd. True dominance.
  2. The more this conversation goes on, the more I'm convinced that you're the one being racist.
  3. Unless you dislike gratuitous violence (and that's a perfectly acceptable position), Logan is the best X-Men movie, IMO.
  4. I'd like to go sometime. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread when you all settle on a day and see if I can make it to WNY.
  5. I've had a VPN for a long time because public wi-fi hotspots are incredibly insecure. I used to only activate it when on public wi-fi, but I keep it on all the time since Senate Joint Resolution 34 passed a couple years ago, which rolled back privacy protections against ISPs. As for experience, it's no effort at all to turn on/off, but it drains my phone battery significantly more than it would otherwise, which is a notable downside.
  6. The only good thing about living in New England sports-wise is that I don't have to use a VPN with NHL.tv to get my Sabres fix (except for Boston games, of course). That said, I always have an active VPN subscription since I keep it going 24/7 on my phone.
  7. Why should an objectively despicable human being get any respect?
  8. Loki will be getting his own TV series on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.
  9. I took the day off to give myself a 3-day weekend and went to watch Endgame at 11 since the theater wouldn't be packed. It sounds like I enjoyed it more than most people in this thread? I thought it was a very satisfying movie over all. I was worried about the 3 hour length going in, but I never felt distracted or bored. I did have a couple issues. Why would Nebula stick around when she realized Thanos knew? Just time travel back and that entire battle plot is nonexistent. And along that same line, how can the evil Nebula not only magically interface with a computer/machine she has never even seen before, let alone make it do something it was never designed and therefore shouldn't even be capable of doing, in bringing the entire Thanos ship to the past without Pym particles? And as for Tony, the infinity stones literally give you the power to destroy and remake the universe at your whim. Literal omnipotence. It should be no effort at all to make yourself indestructible so you don't die from using them. Either way, it was a lot of fun to watch. I even liked Thor, for the most part.
  10. Might need to make a new thread for it. I plan on seeing it next weekend but some people don't/can't see it until streaming/Bluray release.
  11. I'm bored on a Sunday evening, so here's the last 5 years of 3rd round RBs: 2018 Royce Freeman - 15 carries for 71 yards in the Broncos' season opener 2017 Alvin Kamara - 7 rushes for 18 yards, 4 receptions for 20 yards in the Saints' season opener Kareem Hunt - 17 rushes for 148 yards and a TD, 5 receptions for 98 yards and 2 TDs in the Chiefs' season opener D'Onta Foreman - 1 rush for 4 yards in the Texans' season opener James Conner - 4 rushes for 11 yards in the Steelers' season opener 2016 Kenyan Drake - 0 carries, on the field for 1 snap in the Dolphins' season opener CJ Prosise - 1 rush for -2 yards, 1 reception for 13 yards in the Seahawks' season opener (coincidentally against the Dolphins) 2015 Tevin Coleman - 20 rushes for 80 yards in the Falcons' season opener Duke Johnson - 7 rushes for 22 yards in the Browns' season opener David Johnson - 0 rushes, 1 catch for 55 yards and a TD in the Cardinals' season opener Matt Jones - 6 rushes for 28 yards in the Redskins' season opener 2014 Charles Sims - Did not play until game 9 due to ankle injury. Tre Mason - Did not play until game 5 Terrance West - 16 rushes for 100 yards in the Browns' season opener Jerick McKinnon - 1 rush for 1 yard in the Vikings' season opener Dri Archer - 1 rush for 4 yards in the Steelers' season opener It would seem that it's not fairly common for 3rd round picks to start their rookie seasons inactive. Of the above 17 examples, only 2 were inactive, and one of those due to injury. That leaves 1 out of 17 third round running backs from the last 5 years that did not play in his team's season opener barring injury.
  12. Bills traded both 4th round picks to move back into the 3rd and take TE Dawson Knox
  13. Looks like Buffalo is taking Devin Singletary with their 3rd round pick.
  14. Buffalo trades up...I wonder who they want badly enough to move up 2 spots.
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