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  1. I don't think he's garbage but I do think he is disappointingly poor. Milano has masked his weaknesses really well.
  2. The Bills have 8 drives so far today with 0 punts, yet only 15 points.
  3. I'm expecting a strong second half for the Bills, but that first half was atrocious.
  4. I saw drop a joke along the lines of...at least he's started catching things
  5. No one here, Swamp included, said that Josh Allen didn't have a bad game. Hence, the only way to deal with your logic is exactly as I did.
  6. Rodgers threw for 160 yards and 2 picks, with 45% completion in his last game. I guess he must be terrible, too.
  7. Woops, didn't see the Dolphins had a bye next week. I revise 3-4 game lead to 2.5-4 game lead.
  8. Can't change the past. Learn from the mistakes and move on. Right the ship against the Jets and full steam ahead with a home game against the Patriots. Both of these are must wins, IMO, and could result in a commanding lead in the division. The Pats have the 9ers and us; the Dolphins have the Rams and Cardinals. If we win both our games, we might have a 3-4 game lead in the division *before* accounting for the head-to-head wins.
  9. Mahomes has yet to be sacked on the blitz this year, FWIW
  10. He's always had that problem.
  11. The Broncos took care of business in New England, so we'll keep pace in the division in the worst case. That said, a win over the defending champs would be great for both playoff hopes in general as well as tie-breaking procedures come playoff time.
  12. How did what turn out? Going to bed? I'd say pretty good.
  13. Hate to see it, but that was a very nice return.
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