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  1. Because you still have a chance if you go for it early and miss. How is this hard to comprehend? Small chance >> no chance!
  2. What is the downside to going for it when they did? You still haven't successfully argued this. A failed 2-pointer at the end is a guaranteed game over. A failed 2-pointer with 7 minutes left in the game means you at least know and can try to make 2 scoring drives.
  3. Hah, I love this comparison. So true. Hopefully he grows out of the bad plays.
  4. I wouldn't have been discouraged even if the Ravens blew us out. They're tailor-made to beat us. Strong rushing offense, blitz-heavy defense.
  5. If you miss the 2, you need an extra stop anyway, whether it comes now or later. That said, Justin Tucker is one of the best kickers in the league and I wouldn't be surprised if they'll need 3 drives regardless.
  6. It also goes back to what was mentioned upthread. Think about how hard it is as a Buffalo fan to buy in. All of those hot starts during the drought only to miss the playoffs. Add in the Sabres looking good to start each of the last two seasons. Now add in what had been literally the easiest strength of schedule in the entire NFL (not sure where we'll stand after this week) so we don't know how much is the team or the schedule. It can be hard. You don't want to be burned yet again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me ten times.... Anyway, I was planning on spending lunch researching projectors for Black Friday but I ended up just basking in the aftermath of our win. Go Bills!!!
  7. Yep. Games like this will make me believe. He showed up on the national stage, which our QBs haven't done in a long, long time.
  8. And Gary Marangi quarterbacked that team with an impressive stat line of 4/21 for 29 yards and a pick. Before my time, but that game is pretty famous.
  9. The only caveat I will add regarding the Playstation and Xbox is that new systems are coming next year, and both should be backward compatible with all current games.
  10. Well, Romo is the best QB that Dallas has had since Aikman.
  11. Allen showing off more of his 3rd and long prowess.
  12. 4th quarter is probably their best, but this isn't the Buffalo Razorcakes for no reason.
  13. Okay Hauschka...get it together, man.
  14. Several of us had Lamar above Allen. Maybe not as the top QB of the draft, but still.
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