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  1. Have you ever been to Kimball Farm? I stopped there for the first time yesterday after hiking Monadnock and made the foolish mistake of trying their Kimball Special. I have never been handed a larger sundae in my life. Next time an ice cream place tells me it comes with softball-sized scoops, I'm going to believe them.
  2. Cheers! I'm in Brookline, NH.
  3. Roommate and I hiked a local mountain (Mount Monadnock) today for the 4th. Beautiful weather, lovely views.
  4. I stuck with The Leftovers for the entire first season and kept waiting for it to get good. It didn't, IMO. I was surprised when it got renewed.
  5. JujuFish


    My test here in NH took about 36 hours to get the results.
  6. Tickets are only $10 over there? That's a matinee price near me.
  7. I will say, however, that the prologue in The Last of Us actually *was* amazing and it's a shame the game fell off a cliff afterward.
  8. Counter opinion: The Last of Us is easily one of the most overrated games of all time. How you can call the gameplay amazing is so beyond my comprehension it isn't even funny. The graphics and soundtrack were definitely good and the voice actors nailed what the story asked of them. But the story was bad and the gameplay even worse, which are generally the two things I care most about in a video game.
  9. I've read the first 3 books of The Expanse. Haven't gotten to the TV series yet.
  10. Literally? No. Mentally? Absolutely. And I say that as someone who would have been overjoyed to see an asterisk next to the Sabres. And I'll definitely be pulling for the teams that "shouldn't" be in the playoffs.
  11. It's not Thursday anymore, but I'm still going to complain about anyone calling COVID-19 a flu. Stop that.
  12. JujuFish


    I feel like CNN dropped all semblance of impartiality in 2015/2016 when Trump became a serious candidate. And I think it's only because it got them ratings. Because that's all these big news channels actually care about.
  13. I'm trying to lose my winter weight. A few months ago, I started what I will generously call weightlifting. I'm now discovering that weightlifting while also dieting isn't very fun.
  14. We definitely didn't have the worst receiving corps in the league. Hell, we didn't have the worst in our own division. But I agree that Allen has shown franchise potential. The Dallas game in particular sticks out to me. He showed up and played well against a decent team in a nationally televised game in which he was a considerable underdog.
  15. What has Josh done to prove he's a franchise QB? That said, after Tyrod and a long line of Captains Checkdown, he is a breath of fresh air.
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