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GDT: Ducks @ Sabres, 1/21/2023, 12:30pm, MSG 📺 WGR📻


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Stupid NHL Network. I'm hit. I can't stay with you (except with a bit of audio in the background). Go Sabres!

51 minutes ago, matter2003 said:

Crazy start time...

As it's against a West Coast opponent I've often wondered how different it must be watching sporting events as a fan there...

Pretty much all the East Coast weeknight games are going to be during the early afternoon and a lot of people would likely still be working at the 4pm start time.

Wonder if people listen to the game at work or if they don't get to really do anything until they get home.

Then with football you have games starting at 10am every week which is unusual for us here unless it's a London game.

Just seems like it would be so different as a sports fan there 

Central is the best. Football starts at noon. For kids, the night games end before bedtime (in non-OT/extra innings cases). The Midwest is like a good porridge: it's just right.

Here on the West coast though, you can watch sports all day and still do things or eat dinner in the evening. It's pretty convenient. Just have to get used to cracking open the first beer at 10 AM.

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