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  1. I am in season 6 of Vikings on Amazon Prime and I would highly recommend it for those who don't mind a lot of violence and gore...
  2. Death rate has more to do with the DNA of the population and underlying conditions than anything else...it has been shown that people who have high percentage of Neanderthal DNA have a much higher chance to develop sickness due to some differences in certain genes and people who overproduce certain autoantibodies are also at much greater risk of getting sick as well as those with overactive immune systems. This is in addition to numerous health factors and underlying conditions of the population and it's habits. They literally have identified specific genes and specific mutations on th
  3. So let me understand this... We have seen it spread at universities, at parties, at family gatherings but somehow when there are multiple hundreds of people or even thousands of people in the same place indoors for long periods of time, the virus just stops spreading because it is a school? As Randy Moss would say on his highlight segment: "C'mon Man...." that just goes pretty far beyond the realm of common sense and believability.
  4. Forget the 7th round....Sabres haven't drafted anyone who has done anything outside the top 2 picks in the first round in a while now and that is embarrassing...teams are drafting superstars in the mid teens and 20s and even the 2nd and 3rd rounds at times and we can't even get a guy who can make an NHL roster picking in the top 10...
  5. Yeah, I am always amazed at these teams that find stud, superstar level players in the high teens or twenties and we can't even draft a guy that can make the team in the top 10...
  6. Not surprised, the Bills have led the way with a lot of these things in the NFL since McDermott took over.
  7. Tough times to have something like this come up...I guess I would say his actions were deplorable but also I would say how many people would be ashamed and embarrassed about stuff they did as 8th graders if it came out now? I find it hard to punish someone for actions that happened many years ago as a kid IF he has since changed his ways and become a better person. If he is really the same douchebag that he was and just wrote an apology letter because he had to or his agent told him to, then he fully deserves this.
  8. Ullmark ranked 35th in the NHL at saving High Danger shots on the penalty kill at .782. Hutton was worse at .767 and ranked 40th. However, they both faced among the most High Danger shots per 60 minutes on the PK at 21.99(Hutton) and 20.13(Ullmark) which ranked 11th and 15th most...meaning the Sabres give up a lot of these chances on the PK. That being said, they are both well above the expected GAA/60 minutes allowed on the PK even with that taken into account. Ullmark has a PK GAA of 9.15 but is only expected to allow 7.17, nearly a 2 goal difference, and Hutton is even worse wit
  9. Same reason they do for all teams. Our goalies are just much worse at stopping them. So you are saying if we had Dominik Hasek in his prime in goal we still would have had the same record?
  10. NHL.com At some point you just need to call a spade a spade and we need to stop looking for excuses for him. He sucks at a major part of his job.
  11. No they wouldn't. Ullmark and Hutton's save percentage on high danger shots relative to the rest of the NHL was terrible.
  12. Ullmark is killing them when they are shorthanded. He was 65th in the NHL last year with a .838 save percentage when the team was shorthanded. That is abysmal. This team is losing a lot of games because he is well below average at making saves on the penalty kills. By comparison, Miller was .882 over his career at this and Lehner is at .894 over his career.
  13. It is...and Ullmark's role on it is to be the best penalty killer on the ice, and most times he is the worst. Ullmark ranked 65th in the NHL last year with a .838 save percentage when the Sabres were shorthanded. That is abysmal. He is at .849 for his career. Still abysmal. In comparison, Ryan Miller was .882 over his career and Robin Lehner is at .894 over his career. No other way to put it other than Ullmark is costing this team games by being so bad when they are shorthanded.
  14. More like giving themselves flexibility if he can't improve his awful PK save percentage...the biggest part of why the PK is so bad is Ullmark is really bad at stopping the puck on it.
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