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  1. What would you call it watching the way they have been playing the past 2 months??
  2. First team in NHL history to be on top of the NHL standings after Halloween and finish dead last in the NHL?
  3. This team can go kill themselves
  4. Sabres cant beat Florida to save their lives...they have been historically bad against them
  5. I'm sorry but Housley needs to be fired. This team looks embarrassingly bad with him at the helm and he has no answers...its getting worse not better.
  6. Another garbage goal at crunch time
  7. Honest to God this team has no backbone
  8. If I'm not mistaken it was way more than decent, it was #1 in the NHL
  9. Sabres look like they are out for a Sunday skate or that they would rather be at the beach...WTF is wrong with this team??
  10. Hey ive got a great idea...how bout we just keep shooting right into the middle of the goalies chest... Why does it seem the Sabres do that mkre than any other team in the NHL?
  11. matter2003

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    People can be smart in some ways but not in others....just because a person is able to understand and see opportunities and take advantag of them oesn't necessarily mean they are smart in other areas.
  12. matter2003

    Does this team miss Berglund more than we realize?

    I dont know...from Berglunds interview it made it seem like he was burnt out and/or facing some metal issues like depression... To walk away from over $12 million I think it would have to be a little more serious than "I was promised playing time"
  13. If the Sabres didn't go on their miraculous 10 game win streak where they kept erasing 3rd period deficits, had some great puck luck and won OT and shootouts at an unsustainable rate and simply went 5-5, this team would, once again, be at or near the bottom of the NHL standings again... When is it going to change? There is NO WAY a team with Eichel, Dahlin and Skinner with 36 goals should be in this spot...something has to give. Also at one point we were ahead of Tampa Bay in the Standings and they now hold a 30+ point lead on us...that's ridiculous.
  14. Since he has left the team has kind of gone in the crapper tank... Honest question...if the team didn't go on a 10 game winning streak would they be towards the bottom of the NHL again??