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  1. That ship has sailed long ago my friend...the fact his best season in the NHL by almost any metric was his first one says a lot about him, and none of it is good.
  2. I agree...Josh is just such a good person, it's not surprising to see why even the vets had no issues following him when he got here.
  3. I don't care about how good of a coach Laviolette is, I could never stomach him here...I just want to punch him in the face every time I see that smug face on TV
  4. Damn...even when this dude is relatively healthy he isn't healthy...
  5. see the edit I made for an example...we are talking about simply investing in mutual funds/IRAs that are well managaed and have produced these returns on average year over year. The key to long term wealth in terms of investing is investing money each month and leaving it sit there to let the magic of compound interest take effect. On average the amount of money will double every 7 years due to compound interest. You dont freak out about the ups and downs of the market...when the market is down its actually better because you can buy more shares for the same money.
  6. If you took that $450 a month and put it into investments you'd have a lot more than that after 14 years... Fungibility of money states that earning x amount of dollars more is the same as paying x amount of dollars less. You should do whatever is more in your favor. In almost all circumstances investing money to make more $ is in your favor over reducing a payment. If you invested $450 a month into investments at even a below average 8% return you'd have $141K after 14 years due to compounding interest. If you received an average 12% return you'd have $195K. Pretty sure you aren't saving anywhere close to that in interest by paying it off early.
  7. Owned my house for the last 13 years in the Buffalo area and ironically when we purchased it in 2005 our real estate agent said we probbaly slightly "overpaid" for it but that if we stayed a few more years it would likely catch up. We didnt care because it was in a great area and on a quiet street to raise a family and the other houses we looked at were actually more expensive in other areas and we didn't like them as much. As it turned out it was a great move as real estate prices in the WNY have skyrocketed since(well skyrocketed for this area lol) and its now worth approximately 55K more than what we paid for it based on Zillow estimates. Over the years we have had to do some repair work, but we qualified for a weatherization grant that we ended up waiting on a list for 3 years but when they came in they replaced the furnace and hot water heater since they were both 15-20 years old and did a bunch of other minor things. Got a metal roof put on by a buddy in the roofing business and love it other than when it snows we get an avalanche off the one side of the roof by the door. But that roof will be around longer than we will. So thats the only roof replacement we will need to do. Just put in a new sump pump with a backup...that cost about $350. Replaced a lighting fixture and replaced 2 sections of fence in the backyard and need to replace 3 more sections this year as those 4 or 5 wind storms over a month period we had really did a number on it. Getting ready to spend some money for landscaping in the front yard this year. Overall I'm pretty happy with everything, especially that we refinanced when the mortgage rates were down to a 3.875% interest rate at 20 years, cutting 5 years and 2.5% off our old rate. Also some of the WORST advice people give is to pay off the mortgage early...DO NOT DO THIS!! Its a fools errand...on average the market returns 8% a year. If you take this extra money you could be investing and use it to pay down the mortgage you are giving up the difference between 8% and your mortgage rate AND the compound interest you would be earning on top of it. Your goal with money should be to maximize your long term worth and you will NEVER do this by paying off low interest things early at the expense of investing that money into higher earning interest things.
  8. Wow...first time in NHL history the top seeds from each conference both lost in the first round...and they did it emphatically with one getting swept and the other losing 4 games to 1. Even worse except for small pockets of time in the games the 8th seeded teams simply looked much better.
  9. From what i understand hockey players are the most giving in general with their time for these things out of all athletes...
  10. The 10 game winning streak and us leading the NHL in points at the end of November... Then a long stretch of some of the worst hockey I've ever seen(including the tank years). Realizing that Housley was clueless in the process.
  11. Lightning get broomed and were blown out twice in 4 games. Utter embarrassment...they got their ***** handed to them after the first period of game 1. Tortorella may not be the most liked coach but damn if he isn't a phenomenal strategist. I know people say this stuff happens every year but let's be real. It doesn't. No team in the history of the NHL won the President's Trophy and then got swept in the first round.
  12. I'd argue there are far more good golfers now than when Jack played, which is why so few of them have multiple majors...a corollary to that is you have to be a much better golfer now to win that many majors than you did back in Jack's time.
  13. I swear if I see that SloMo commercial and hear that guy say "You cant get a worse..." One more time I am going to through something through the TV...so annoying.
  14. Cannot believeTampa Bay choked away a 3-0 lead to lose 4-3 to a team they had outscored 17-3 in their meetings this year...
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