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  1. A large part of that is because they played the Sabres a bunch of times.
  2. Risto is pretty awesome at screening goalies...not sure why they don't let him do that more.
  3. Yes but they would still be playing the same defense first mindset RK is trying to instill.
  4. Also lead the league in shooting it directly into the goalie from point blank range.
  5. Why does Tampa Bay seem to still flourish with this same mix of players?
  6. The PP is a huge bright spot. Might be the best I have ever seen. Makes the PK look silly and runs them ragged all over the ice for the entire PP at times with sublime puck movement. First unit, second unit, no Eichel, no Skinner...doesn't matter they just are an unstoppable machine.
  7. What have they won playing the style of play that lets them open up and free wheel? Nothing. This team will have to learn to play defense first and then once they do RK will trust them to open it up more and not lose the defensive mindset. See the Islanders and Capitals for how to do it properly. Do you not find it strange that some of their best hockey has come with a bunch of regulars out of the lineup? To me it says the players getting a shot to play are listening and doing what RK wants and seeing the results while the more established players are not or maybe haven't been b
  8. First unit...second unit....no Eichel...no Skinner...doesn't matter. Control the puck...sick puck movement...make the D scramble around for most of the penalty and score about 40% of the time. Sometimes it looks like a shooting gallery with shots coming from all over the place... I don't know if this pace is sustainable but holy crap they are really good at it.
  9. This might be the best PP unit I have ever seen. There are times they never lose the puck in the zone for the entire PP and look like they have the puck on a string...even the 2nd PP unit is lethal.
  10. When players on a PK get the puck, have nobody around them and still can't get it out of the zone. How freaking hard is it to just lift the puck high into the air down the middle of the ice?
  11. If only we could play the Devils every game...we would be a shoe in for the playoffs.
  12. This team is pathetic at getting out of their zone and makes every easy exit an adventure
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