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  1. My lord did they dominate that period...they were all over the Sharks that period.
  2. Even when they get hemmed in sometimes they still end up looking dangerous when they end up breaking out.
  3. Recall how Larsson and Girgensons were basically trash last year and now are one of the better lines in the league especially for puck possession in the offensive zone. Can you say coaching?
  4. End to end action...good game...both teams taking turns
  5. Yeah...except teams will still average 10 shots a game too many, let in wacky goals way too much, etc...they add tons of "cool new features" but don't bother fixing things that have been broken for years, just like Madden where im sure teams are still able to return muffed punts for TDs and teams always have all 3 Timeouts at the 2 minute warning each half and all of the teams use their timeouts in the exact same way...
  6. I like the fact this is no longer a one line team anymore. They have gotten contributions from all the different lines so far and different lines have played key roles in their wins. Last year if the Eichel line didn't score they pretty much lost because nobody else did anything. I'm not overly concerned. Keep getting 2 goal leads and they will get plenty of experience on what works and what doesn't. They aren't the only team that has trouble with them...i remember back before the lockout if teams got a 2 goal lead the game was pretty much over because they would just neutral zone trap the rest of the game and clutch and grab and the other team couldn't generate anything...hell the Devils won cups on the basis of that...now that doesn't work as well because they will call penalties and teams are too fast up and down the roster for it to have the same effect...
  7. Trade Risto somehow and have one of RHD move to the other side? Not sure if thats actually done much or not.
  8. Defensive zone coverage has been brutal today
  9. Well damn, did you get up in the middle of the night to post this? I'm impressed with your dedication 😃
  10. matter2003

    Night Mode

    Im using it...i like it.
  11. Whooped some ass...just as i suspected, this team had more talent than people thought they just needed a coach who knew how to use it and bring it out in them.
  12. a little strange to get an afternoon game when it's not a holiday for about 70% of the workforce.
  13. Oh wow...i thought Botts said he was putting Bogo on LTIR when he was interviewed on WGR before the season... The best ability is always availability
  14. Bogosian simply isn't returning. They don't have the cap space for him and likely he will just stay on long term IR to finish out his days as a Sabre.
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