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  1. This site is showing him having played 35 games with 28 goals, 31 assists for 59 points this year, on pace for 114 points, well ahead of the 84 he posted there last year in 68 games. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/286938/dylan-cozens
  2. That really doesn't mean much. Players don't progress linearly as in they must play X number games at this level and Y number of games at this level before they can be in the NHL.
  3. Yeah and the problem is there are at least 3 or 4 teams they will need to leapfrog to get into a playoff position and those teams seemingly are winning almost every night and the Sabres go on good stretches and either stay the same number of points back or sometimes even lose ground. If they can get to 90 points this year I will deem that a fairly successful season. Right now they are on a pace for about 85 so they need to improve slightly to reach that. The roster clearly isn't where they want it to be yet. Hoping Cozens is ready next year and they continue to add pieces via trade for next season.
  4. Hopefully this can give us proper goal or no goal calls when situations arise like earlier in the year when the Sabres appeared to have scored a goal since the goalie's entire glove was in the net with the puck in it but they ruled no goal because they couldn't "see" the puck, even though there is no possible way it could not have been in the net.
  5. Do they admire all the number book takers?
  6. Just like the message said.. "And their eyes wil sing a song of great hate" I wonder if the places they stay and where they play look like one great big alleyway
  7. When will MLB take some responsibility for the players being able to do this for so long with virtually NO oversight and weak drug testing policies? THEY enabled it to happen, presumably because it brought offensive excitement to what was a dead ball era prior and they were loving it until the players got caught and then they pretended they had no knowledge of anything. Please...they KNEW what was going on and they turned a blind eye towards it. But now they want to make the players involved to be pariahs when they were the ones who enabled it? Complete hypocrisy on MLB's part.
  8. Clemens not getting in is a joke. Regardless of if he used at some point, he was dominant even BEFORE that so it didn't even matter. Same with Bonds.
  9. Who is trading for a guy playing like an AHLer with that contract?
  10. Holy secondary scoring all of a sudden...Sabres have been piling up goals and most have not been from Eichel and Reinhart...very interesting
  11. Who would have thought the Sabres might actually be better without Skinner and Olafsson??
  12. Gallant seems to have a way of wearing out his welcome in places...this is the second time he got canned that wasn't necessarily related to performance...something tells me he rubs his bosses the wrong way repeatedly and after a while they only are going to deal with so much of it.
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