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  1. Wow...cannot believe the Panthers got broomed out
  2. Yup, plenty of times teams get their heads bashed in one game only to go on and win the next and win the series.
  3. End Racism. Stop Hate. Choose Love. https://shoponebuffalo.com/collections/choose-love
  4. Super close game again...this time the late tying goal for the Rock didn't hit the post, it went in a split second after the clock hit zero. Bandits hopefully will cruise to a victory in the Finals, although they lost to the Mammoth last time similarly favored. As wild as the first game...didn't think it was possible to have a better game but this might have done it. But they still allow tons of goals.
  5. Seriously? How can you possibly post a link to this goal that doesn't include one of the All Time great calls in NHL history?? https://youtu.be/FIENwvyozpM
  6. No interest in a late 30s goaltender.
  7. Krebs is not playing in the AHL after having played here all year since he got here. Peterka and Quinn both should be here also, they have nothing left to prove at that level. Dominating inferior competition is fine for a year but after that what are they learning? Not a lot. It's time. LFG.
  8. Eichel's reputation as a coach killer precedes him. Vegas is in trouble with all those bloated contracts to players who aren't performing
  9. I've only stayed in Air BNB places for a few days at a time so never payed much attention to the fees to be honest... VRBO was super expensive...rented a house in Ocean City Maryland for like 5 days and it was almost $1400. Never again.
  10. I can't bring myself to even tho I know it's grammatically correct... I have already started growing the nose hairs and ear hairs of an old person, cannot bring myself to start talking like one now 😂
  11. I watched the game last night on TV...it was amazing! Prefer to go in person but wasn't able to...was out for the first half so listened to most of it on the radio, got home and watched the rest on TV.
  12. R2 and Paterka have turned into monsters... Paterka with 48 points in last 47 games, and now 6 points in 4 playoff games including 4 goals and a hattrick last game
  13. Hahahahahahaha...Leafs lose AGAIN in game 7
  14. Toronto about to choke in another game 7
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