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  1. This is from the first Buffalo/Ottawa playoff game that Connolly tied with like 8 seconds left and then Drury won a few seconds into OT...not sure if this is actually my first post as I joined 2 months prior, but that is the furthest back it goes... OMG!!!!! What an unbelievable game!!!! The look on the Ottawa players faces was priceless!!! What a choke job by #24 on the Senators and what a shot by Drury!!! Sabres Win 7-6 15 secnds into OT!!!!!!!!! This might have been the best game I've ever seen.....
  2. Maybe 3 years ago...he was shot this year
  3. matter2003


    Honestly I would be terrified if I worked in the health sector with so many places lacking proper PPE and telling staff not to wear masks while walking around. I am shocked they haven't staged a mass walk out around the country to force them to get them the proper PPE, like sveral month supply based on how much is being used currently on a daily basis plus a huge surplus...it's literally their lives at risk, and I wouldn't be risking mine for ANY job where I was put into harms way in that manner....
  4. Yeah I realized that after I typed it that he was involved in the huge Lindros trade that sent him to Philly and Forsberg to Quebec at the time...hence why I deleted the post.
  5. I think I would have to have a very young 1st or 2nd year player who is already lighting it up in the NHL and is a "sure thing" versus a high draft pick.
  6. matter2003


    Seems like a pretty permanent solution to a very temporary problem...
  7. matter2003


    Or maybe it shows the lack of spread to those places because relatively few people are traveling to and from there?
  8. matter2003


    Unfortunately this is one of those times when the 95% of the population needs to be taken care of to the detriment of the 5% of the population. I've read quite a few posts from parents of these kids being really upset with it all. I get their point and know its not easy for them to have to see their kid suffer, but at the same time with everything that is going on, they are out of line. I'm sorry they have special needs but in these situations the resources have to be put towards the greater good and unfortunately that doesn't include them at this point. It sucks but it is what it is. I am pretty sure that if they didn't have special needs kids they would probably see it the same way.
  9. matter2003


    Ouch...our across the street neighbors were told they are presumed positive as they both have had fevers of 100-103 for over a week now and all the other symptoms, but they were told they ran out of test kits and because they don't have severe respiratory issues they won't be tested. Needless to say I have been staying away from them 🙂
  10. matter2003


    I'm not sure it will...if warmer weather is the answer how is it spreading still in places like India, Pakistan and Africa where temps are well into the 90's right now in those places...How is still spreading in those Asian countries where the temps are always in the upper 80s like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc?
  11. matter2003


    Something I came across that might be helpful in terms of preventing serious issues if you end up getting it. From what researchers are finding out, people who end up in the ICU/dead usually have an abnormal immune response by the body that releases massive amounts of inflammatory cytokines, especially IL-6 and the body essentially kills itself due to its own immune reaction to it. Astaxanthin has been shown in their research/studies with people to help prevent this over-reaction...definitely not a cure but might be something worth looking into. For $15 and with an exceedingly good safety profile its a hell of a lot cheaper than a few week stay in the ICU and/or cost of a funeral... https://www.biospace.com/article/releases/cardax-releases-white-paper-on-the-potential-role-of-astaxanthin-in-the-treatment-of-coronavirus-disease/
  12. Working on some side programming projects I had on the back burner for a while...
  13. You wouldn't be letting them down. In most cases they let themselves down. Does nobody take responsibility for their lives anymore or does everyone just make one giant excuse after another as to why they are in the situation they are in? I mean I get the noble effort thing but honestly maybe what they need is to get a kick in the ass to make them re-assess things.
  14. It doesn't have anything to do with whether I agree with them or not. People always have options no matter what the situation is.
  15. Depends on what the degree is in. Hint hint...computer science would probably be a good field to get into...just saying.
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