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  1. Cozens is NOT going to be here this year. JBots believes in letting guys develop in junior / the minors
  2. No...he sucks at center, this has been tried and failed multiple times. He is actually turning into a really good winger...leave him there.
  3. What makes you qualified to even know if they are?
  4. But I hear Doug Armstrong called up JBotts last night and threw in a free private Laura Branigan concert for the entire front office...thats gotta count for something doesnt it??
  5. Phish playing in Saint Louis last night when they won the Cup in their set break and then coming out and opening their 2nd set with Gloria... https://mobile.twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1139009012429676545
  6. The houses that cost 15 times as much in the most expensive housing market in the nation where 1 bedroom, 1200 square foot shacks go for $1.5 million dollars...
  7. He basically sums up what it means to live in Buffalo...its a special place and the longer people stay the more they realize it...its hard to know exactly what it is about here but its a real thing and its palpable...it was the thing i missed most when I was living in other places.
  8. Skinner is 3rd to only Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid since 2016-2017 in even strength goals... Matthews 79 McDavid 75 Skinner 72 Ovechkin 70
  9. Uh the dude is 40 years old...only 13 years difference but yeah lets just jump off the deep end
  10. No idea why...Skinner has always said he loved it here and wanted to stay. This is th3 closest place near home not named Toronto which has 0 prayer of offering him a contract and Skinner talked to Kreuger as if he was planning on being here discussing things in future terms with the team...its never been a thought that he was trying to leave.
  11. Bob MacKenzie reporting that Skinner and Sabres are closing in on an 8 year $9 million dollar AAV contract...WGR just interrupted with breaking news
  12. Botterill seemed pretty confident yesterday on the radio
  13. With Bills stuff he is incredibly well connected...not so sure in hockey
  14. Behind Newark and Anaheim...what a joke. Boston #1 https://sports.yahoo.com/boston-best-hockey-city-america-190500199.html
  15. Uggh...no excuse to lose to a team twice in a row that barely had a winning record during the season...Bandits were the leaders in both goals for and goals against during the year...basically they were the Tampa Bay Lightning of NLL..except they got to the final... Bandits were the best team in the NLL this year with a 14-4 record and led in both goals for, goals against and obviously net differential...
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