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  1. How did he pull this one off?!? Johannsson makes 1.5 million a year more!
  2. Cancer does suck...my Mom died from it as well... the unfortunate truth is, it's the ultimate form of population control...
  3. Nobody is promised tomorrow...therefore send not to know for whom the bell tolls...it tolls for thee..
  4. Sabres were in Montreal when the season got cancelled. If that game would have been played and the season cancelled the next day, it would have been to determine who made the playoffs... Kind of crazy when you think about it.
  5. matter2003

    So #8

    You should look at Hockey reference dot com and go to NHL Draft and you can sort each year by points and it shows where they were picked...it also shows all the prior stats all the way back to junior and foreign leagues for all years
  6. matter2003

    So #8

    Pastrnak didn't really have much production so I don't think in that case there was anything to ignore...
  7. matter2003

    So #8

    Maybe...but I mean how accurate are scouts in top 20 picks? Maybe top 3 or 4 they are very accurate...maybe more so than any other sport, but I mean you have Pastrnak taken 25th, Larkin taken 15th, Point taken 79th, Aho taken 35th, Barzal taken 15th, Connor taken 17th, Konecny taken 24th, Boeser taken 23rd, Debrincat taken 39th, Robert Thomas taken 20th... These are all good to very good players, some near stars that have way outperformed many of the players taken before them in the same draft...my question is why do the Sabres never seem to be able to find any of these players(other than the flyer they took on Olaffsson)?
  8. matter2003

    So #8

    I was just going by what I have heard a few times from guest analysts on WGR...other than Lafreniere I don't really know a whole lot about this year's crop of talent.
  9. matter2003

    So #8

    Apparently after the first few guys there isn't really much difference between someone at 5 or someone at 20 this year...might be worth trading down if possible...
  10. No. He was tried there for quite some time and failed miserably. Wing is where he belongs. He can't handle the extra responsibilities of a center.
  11. Unless you are a software engineer...and then you will probably be unemployed for about a week and get a raise and a better job to boot.
  12. The problem is unlike the flu this can leave life long damage to the body even in people who have fully recovered. Organ damage, blood pressure problems, blood clotting issues, as well as a whole host of other things they keep finding... It isn't just deaths they are concerned about, it's also the much higher rate of people who suffer permanent damage to their bodies from it.
  13. They now believe it is a blood vessel virus which is why so many people are having serious blood clotting issues and other blood vessel related issues... Many of the people who are on ventilators can't breathe because their lungs are filled with mini blood clots...
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