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  1. I think it's more likely that Kreuger does what he has always done his whole life no matter what he has tried...succeed
  2. Do they really tho? As a software engineer i literally cant wait to go to work everyday because it feels like im having fun doing what i love. People may think they are doing "their best" at jobs they hate but really they are just convincing themselves of that more than they are actually doing it.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/08/11/sabres-ristolainen-hints-at-wanting-out-of-buffalo/amp/ Lets get a top 6 forward for him and keep it moving
  4. Don't have a link but I heard him address it a few times in his interviews on WGR and stated that he doesn't like them and that they would probably not be doing them.
  5. JBot has gone on record saying he doesnt like buyouts.
  6. Phil Esposito shooting on Glen Hanlon...I'm feeling pretty good that I'm living to see tomorrow...
  7. I'd be really interested in seeing what all those picks we had accumulated turned into. I know many of them were traded but just a list of who those players weer would be interesting to see just how many good players we ended up missing out on with them. Granted we got some good players in return but they didn't really pan out the way we had hoped.
  8. How does he keep acquiring players for spare parts??
  9. Good explanation: “Using an overhead projector back at the Interior Ministry, Mr. Wuoma attempts to explain the math. He takes out a piece of paper covered with long equations, which seem more appropriate for a college class in nuclear physics. The equations start with a motorist’s net monthly income. The figure comes into play whenever a driver is caught going at least 12 miles an hour over the posted limit (below that, the fine is a fixed amount, ranging from $63 to $110). To begin, the driver’s monthly net income is reduced by 255 Euros ($235) and that total is divided by 60. This figure is supposed to represent a person’s daily disposable income. … [That] figure, called a day fine, is then multiplied by a number ranging between one and 120, representing the severity of the violation as determined by the traffic officer. For example, a person driving 20 miles an hour over the limit on a highway in good weather might be assessed 12 day fines.” Using this information, you can get the rough formula of: Money owed = Daily disposable income * severity of violation Breaking it down further you get: Money owed = ((Motorist’s net monthly income – 255) / 60) * severity of violation If we assume that we are dealing with “Speeding 25 km/h, speed limit over 60 km/h” as described in the story (12 day fines) we get: Money owed = ((Motorist’s net monthly income – 255) / 60) * 12 or y = 12((x – 255)/60) where y represents the money owed and x represents the motorist’s net monthly income. https://opencurriculum.org/9383/how-did-someone-get-a-103000-speeding-ticket-in-finland/
  10. Terry doesnt care about money remember? If he needs money he will go dig another well.
  11. Vesey is not a bad player...he can probably get 20 goals here...we need scoring depth in the worst way so this definitely hekps with that.
  12. Cozens is NOT going to be here this year. JBots believes in letting guys develop in junior / the minors
  13. No...he sucks at center, this has been tried and failed multiple times. He is actually turning into a really good winger...leave him there.
  14. What makes you qualified to even know if they are?
  15. But I hear Doug Armstrong called up JBotts last night and threw in a free private Laura Branigan concert for the entire front office...thats gotta count for something doesnt it??
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