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  1. That is pretty crazy...wonder if that is something that could bother Eichel long term or be reoccurring?
  2. I've worked out for many years and lifted far heavier weights than Eichel has I am pretty sure. My trainer used to train some NFL players and I was in such good shape that he gave me their workouts to do which were insane x 10. I never had a herniated disc, so whatever he was doing must have been with weights that were too heavy or form that was terrible or both.
  3. Jack Eichel releasing 15 NFT's https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jack-eichel-buffalo-sabres-nhl-131800259.html
  4. How does anyone even have a conversation about this? Eichel is an elite NHL talent. Drury for all the great things he was, never even in the same area code from that standpoint as Eichel.
  5. Put up horrible numbers in Rochester, he isn't ready in any way shape or form yet.
  6. I don't know who these guys are but they are making Pittsburgh look pretty silly today.
  7. THIS Sabres' team is fun and entertaining to watch...a shame they had to suffer through RK's idiotic system to get to this point but I wouldn't be against Granato becoming the full time coach. These guys clearly play for him.
  8. Well all those years of only 6 teams probably makes that stat seem more impressive than it really is but it still is impressive nonetheless.
  9. What's new. Dude is out for weeks at a time several times a year. How can he be counted as a number one goalie? As they say in the NFL, the best ability is availability.
  10. The amount of injuries this team has suffered is just staggering. I would guess they lead the NHL by a wide margin in man games lost to injury.
  11. Darcy was able to fleece teams on trades in almost unbelievable ways
  12. Hopefully they also prioritize a good backup because Ullmark will be out 25 games with injuries. Dude is always getting hurt.
  13. Why are they even bothering making trades for such garbage returns? I'd just not make the trades to keep other teams from getting better.
  14. Abysmal trades so far by Adams.
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