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  1. No idea how the cap keeps increasing while many teams are hemorrhaging money
  2. Kozak with an unbelievable shot to score...that was a sniper's goal. Fucale you!
  3. The Bills can still beat the brakes off teams even with injuries because we have Allen who is basically a human cheat code at QB.
  4. I think Comrie is the clear number 1 as long as he continues his play from last year without too much drop off. Ideally maybe 50-60 games. Anderson as little as possible and hopefully UPL the majority of the games Comrie doesn't play.
  5. This team's pipeline is stocked full of talent and its not only the 1st round picks now...even late round picks like Rousek and Kozak are looking like they are going to be solid NHL players within a few years...something that was sorely lacking over the last decade. Basically if they weren't a first round pick, they weren't playing for us. Hard to build a solid team that way.
  6. I think we are a season away from the playoffs also...but I think we are in the upper 80s point wise this year...not in, but a major push forward.
  7. I don't understand how you watch them play at 103 point pace once Tuch, Krebs and the injured guys came back over the last two months of the year, we should have upgraded goaltending, now have Powers all year instead of the last 8 games, and are adding Quinn and possibly JPP to the lineup and see them barely better than last year...
  8. I think it's going to be significantly higher than that. With the new additions after the Eichel trade from March 1st on, they were averaging well over 3 goals a game, at 3.14 goals per game. Prior to that they were dreadful, averaging 2.61 goals per game, more than a half goal per game difference. That really didn't include Power as he only played 8 games and looked great for them as well. I think they are going to be somewhere in the 280-290 range. This team can score goals now and as they build chemistry and add more to the skill level with Quinn and likely JPP, I think they will become more of an offensive threat. This is the year the Sabres take a big step towards playoff contention IMO. I think they barely miss it but will be in the running up until maybe the last few weeks of the season.
  9. Way over. Somewhere in the upper 80 to low 90 range.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-30/insurer-abacus-said-to-near-deal-with-buffalo-bills-owner-s-spac
  11. IMHO Women's hockey is just brutal to watch...I watched a lot of the US team playing Canada a few times in the world championship and the olympics, etc and I was kinda shocked at how basic things like passing and puck control were so bad compared to what I watched in the NHL. And that was the best of the best playing...couldn't imagine watching lesser teams.
  12. OMG! That is terrible! I cannot imagine what you are going through...I have two younger daughters myself...one 15 and one 11 and could not even picture that happening to either one of them. My condolences and I am so sorry for your loss!
  13. Shouldn't be a surprise...they are both very deep and very talented.
  14. I wouldn't call him a bust. He was an immensely talented player who put up a lot of points and goals. Just never led to many wins. A bust is someone like Alexander Daigle who was drafted #1 overall and never had more than 51 points in a season and flamed out quickly after his first 4-5 years in the league.
  15. The gas is ridiculously cheaper down there as well...was like $3.87 when the other rez prices were still in the $4.30s or $4.40s
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