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GDT: Ducks @ Sabres, 1/21/2023, 12:30pm, MSG 📺 WGR📻


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So I watched sections of the Anaheim coverage.  A big negative:  When a team is on the power play they use that puck tracer in real time (most coverage just use that on a replay).  The good:  They had a lot of great things to say about Krebs and Cozens, saying that the standard coverage these days are to talk about Tage and Dahlin but that there are a lot of good players on the Sabres besides those two.

They questioned several times whether the Sabres had a "shutdown mode" and it occurs to me that swapping Krebs for Thompson on their respective lines might be Donny Meatballs' attempt to produce a couple of "shutdown mode" lines as he did for most of the third.  Krebs is still offensively talented and that line still skated hard; Krebs even scored a goal as "1C".  Tage for his part tended to use his size on the forecheck and behind the net rather than dipsy-doodling to try to produce a goal.  This could be a great development if the Sabres can develop a true "shutdown mode."

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