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  1. Not sure when the last time the Sabres have had 4 players finish with more than 80 points but that would be pretty amazing if that happened... Thompson on a 104 point pace Dahlin on a 93 point pace(would also shatter Housley's franchise record for points by a defenseman when he had 81) Tuch and Skinner on an 82 point pace. Now if we could get some damn goaltending... EDIT: Apparently the only time this has happened in franchise history was in 1991-92 when Hawerchuk had 98 points, LaFontaine had 93(in 57 games!!), Andreychuk had 91 and Mogilny had 84.
  2. Screw that. Trade to get an NHL caliber goalie.
  3. Dude lets in way too many clearly seen shots from places where people should not score from no matter who was shooting. No excuses getting beat from there in OT, Stamkos or not.
  4. Comrie was supposed to be a sneaky good signing but he has played meh at best other than opening night. Anderson has outplayed him. UPL is a joke and they have nobody else that should even be considered for the NHL.
  5. It was a travesty. TB could do no wrong and everytime the Sabres breathed on a guy they were in the box.
  6. UPL does not need to start another game for us...this dude is f**king trash. They dominated this game and got screwed by the refs and crap ass goaltending.
  7. So I am to believe the Sabres committed 4 times the penalties tonight Tampa Bay did? I don't buy it...BS offciating tonight.
  8. So tired of these douchebags being given every damn penalty call there is while we get nothing.
  9. It looked like they could have called one of the TB players for holding in the Sabres end too as he went for the puck
  10. This is incredibly impressive. Lightning are basically resigned right now to get the puck and just dump it out of their zone back to the Sabres. It's like they are stuck in mud. Sabres are flying out there.
  11. Damn...haven't been able to watch but it seems the Sabres carried play outshooting them 14-4 despite going down 2-0 before tying it up.
  12. Just looking at the top 10 goalscorers from last year this seems flawed. 2 players had their best season at age 30 or 31, 2 at age 27, 3 or 4 at age 25 and the only one at age 20 or 21 was Ovechkin.
  13. I can't really buy into this... basically it says a player peaks at scoring at age 20, declines til age 35 but then somehow starts going back up at age 36 until age 40?
  14. I suspect if you showed the G/60 scored it would peak maybe 2 years further to the right as players learn to "do more with less" as they gain experience from playing. Just my guess, would be interesting to see if I am right or not. Goals are what count, not xG. I don't care if a player has 10 xG and only scores 1 actual goal versus a player that has 7 xG but scores 3 actual goals. I'm taking the actual goal scorer 10 times out of 10, which is why without an overlay showing actual goals this is pretty meaningless.
  15. There is an argument that players develop better in the NHL than the AHL.
  16. The big difference? Krebs is a very young player with massive upside. Sheahan is a replacement level vet. No team in their right mind would play Sheahan over Krebs if they have decided to go with youth. Damn...Sheahan might not be much of a hockey player but he is winning when it comes to waking up in the morning next to someone.
  17. So what are the Sabres supposed to do? Keep him on the active roster even tho he isn't good enough to be up here so as not to get a "bad rep"? I doubt he is making an NHL roster, there is a reason why he was available in the first place.
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