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  1. I've always questioned the wisdom of giving a person the captaincy simply because of their talent. A player can have outstanding talent bring wins to a team and can be an incredible asset without being a leader. Not a knock to the player, but there are simply better people who fit into the role as team leader. An incredible talent can develop into a captain, but I don't like it when they are thrust into that position at a young age.
  2. Too soon to tell with the competition we've faced. I do believe, however, that we were/are better than some of the NHL teams that had better records than us last year. We just never got to play them, and they didn't have the same level of competition as us
  3. Kiss: God of Thunder Or anything on the Jim Schonfeld album
  4. He's probably been called this his entire life
  5. I scoured the internet trying to figure this out today. Eventually I gave up and listened to it on WGR. I wasn't sure if it was because ESPN+ wasn't carrying it or that I'm in the Phoenix blackout zone. I live 6 hours from Phoenix and 6 hours from Denver. Both teams are blacked out. Just glad Sabres don't play either too often. Any idea if ESPN+ replays the games even if they don't carry it on Plus?
  6. Not sure how often this has been tried with offensive defensemen but I think at this level he needs to stick with what got him into the NHL. I think Bowman tried this with Housley, and not sure how bad it worked, but needless to say, he went back to defense. Housley played offense in High School, but has Dahlin ever played that position?
  7. Ted Nolan was good with the Sabres in the 90's. His second stint wasn't so great which could have been a result of a gutted roster, or him being out of the league for a few years. Too early to say with Granato though. We really haven't hit a home run with coaches, and I'm not sure if Bylsma was given enough of a chance to put his mark on the team. On a side note, does anyone know if Kevin Dineen has ever been looked at as a coaching candidate? Every time the Sabres do a coaching search I think of his time with Portland/Rochester and always thought highly of him.
  8. From what I understand, people who have had COVID and later the vaccine can have a greater immunity to the virus than simply having the vaccine. I've also read that you are taking a gamble by relying on virus antibodies alone. Here's from Nebraska Medicine: More than a third of COVID-19 infections result in zero protective antibodies Natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity Natural immunity alone is less than half as effective than natural immunity plus vaccination
  9. Alex Høgh Andersen plays Martin Biron. Always thought Marty looked like this guy from Vikings. And if Rodney Dangerfield were still alive he would get my vote for Jeanneret.
  10. I really don't understand why anyone expected Eichel to be the captain. It really puzzles me why this is an actual issue. If Adams never issued a statement about the captaincy and we begin the season with Eichel not being the captain would anyone blink an eye? He doesn't want to be here and It seems like a lot is being made out of a reporters question and Adams honest response. Why would you want the captain of your team be the main guy who want out of here?
  11. I haven't scrolled through all of the comments, so this may have been said already, but did anybody expect Eichel to be the captain? An injury that requires surgery/recovery as well as missing a big chunk of the season in addition to wanting to get traded. Why is this even news that can be viewed other than neutral?
  12. Not sure if I'm remembering this correctly as it was a few years back, but it seems like the Sabres were going to have an Elvis night, and give out Elvis masks. Apparently they couldn't get permission from Elvis' people, so instead they gave out Wayne Presley masks. My other great memories were seeing them play against the Soviet teams. Great battles against the Red Army, and Moscow Dynamo
  13. Jim Brown as best all around athlete for playing two sports at a hall of fame level? Maybe Bo Jackson for the same reason.
  14. Thanks for starting this thread-I just got rid of my DirecTV after the price jumped from $74.00 to 122.00. Apparently I had to buy an AT&T service to keep my previous price. I live in NM and the only way I know of to watch Sabre's games is Center Ice. I bought a Roku device for that reason. Does anyone have any experience streaming Center Ice? Do you get a choice in which team's feed you get to watch? Comcast was a crap shoot as to whether it would be the Buffalo broadcast or not. Directv always gave the option. Not sure how well this will work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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