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You know what the Sabres need? Chaotic Good


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21 minutes ago, The Ghost of Yuri said:

I like to think that when the Sabres are finally playing meaningful games at the end of the season, Granato will be that fiery.

Believe he’s flashed signs… he’s got it in him…

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What this team needs to do is learn to win games.  Get good goaltending and the rest will follow.  I do like that we are getting tougher.  Fitz and Samuelsson are adding toughness to the blue line. Thompson, Tuch, Ko, and Cozens add compete every shift.  

I’ll tell you what I love about Dahlin.  He never hangs his head.  He learns from his mistakes and keeps getting better.

This team feels like it’s close to breaking out.  

I know it won’t happen, but I’d love to see KA be a net buyer at the deadline.  Bring in a goalie with term and a veteran defensive D.  Make a charge in the last 30 games.  Build confidence to take into next season.

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6 hours ago, LGR4GM said:

I like the idea of chaotic good but imo that comes in the form of someone creating chaos in the offensive zone with their creativity while not really following a set structure, Jeff Skinner is like that imo.

The unique style that makes Skinner hard to play with makes him difficult to play against.  Now that he's starting to play well with his linemates, the goals are coming.

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1 hour ago, Pimlach said:


Start every game with a beautiful woman figure skater on the ice with a Sabre in her hand and skating to the Sabre Dance.   She can end her performance by sliding her Sabre into the opposing teams net.  


That would potentially offend people in 2022. You need Pat to skate around. 


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a VERY SPECIFIC REASON to revive this one.

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