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  1. Not me. I like mine rock hard. Seriously though, this is a move by either 1) a GM that does not have a plan or 2) a GM that wants to put the best players on the ice and isn’t going to be bullied into a undesirable trade.
  2. Yep. I don’t like urgency and Botterill in the same sentence. With the impending bonus, there was also an urgency to trade ROR too.
  3. While I also can agree with his perception (it’s his after all), I just don’t think it’s appropriate to put it into words and have it published. And dragging ROR into it too. That’s just really poor form.
  4. This is disgusting. Should we continue discussing dudes going through puberty?
  5. I didn’t know about the NMC. So, he should go back to Jack’s wing. I think the experiment of getting cute by spreading potential scoring between lines should come to an end. They are spread thin and both lines have suffered as a result.
  6. Yes, I see that now. Misread it before my coffee.
  7. What I’m saying is that maybe this team needs better players. I already see some of them as holes in the roster. We need better players. Maybe we package one of our players and a prospect/pick for someone who can get the job done. Or, package 2 roster players for better quality. We have quantity, we are lacking quality. For example, and maybe this is an exception, but do you think the Blues created a hole when they traded multiple roster players for O’Reilly?
  8. Ok, if we are satisfied with “potential”, then there really shouldn’t be any complaining on here. We can wait it out for the next few years, as we have for the last decade.
  9. We have plenty of people we could trade, almost a roster full of them. Someone has to find value in a roster that started 8-2. I think we have maybe 3 people on the roster, or in the entire organization, who are untouchable. Beyond that, maybe it’s time to shake things up. We don’t have much to lose. I understand trading someone on the roster makes a “hole”. But, the way I see it, it just makes an already established hole a little deeper. Our top line doesn’t produce the offense it should. Put Skinner back with Jack or trade him. Drop Reino down to the 2nd line, or trade him.
  10. He couldn’t complete a single pull up at the combine. So, no.
  11. It’s a curse. We know there’s an old graveyard under Rich stadium. What about the arena? Was it lifted by moving out of the Aud or was that actually a decent parcel of land? http://www.buffalospree.com/Buffalo-Spree/June-2012/The-Bills-Curse/
  12. Let’s hope VO didn’t buy a house. He’s good, but given his age, I wonder how high his ceiling truly is.
  13. I see no reason to trade away any of our D. It’s evident that we need quality depth. I had to say it, but McCabe could go down any game (as history has shown). Pilut can go to Rochester. Bogo can stay in IR.
  14. Maybe Krueger thought this was a 10 game tournament.
  15. It’s hard to tell at what ankle his thigh is pointing, but looks horrible nonetheless. The interesting thing is that in the pick up thread, he doesn’t seem to be making any grimace.
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