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  1. Wasn’t this the ROR trade in a nutshell?
  2. Simple. Bonds. A long-term bond ETF will pay you 3%. This yield is depressed right now because bonds have gone on a run because people think the world is about to end, so if you are patient, one can get 4% or more. Plus, you reinvest the dividends until you need them and compounding interest will make some very wealthy if they have $5M to spare. The risk is very low considering shareholders get wiped out in a bankruptcy, but the company still have to pay their debt.
  3. I fail to see the reason why Faulk would change his NTC. If he was ambivalent about going there, he wouldn’t have included them on his no trade list. He doesn’t want to go there. Where’s the leverage to convince him otherwise?
  4. If JB is going to dump Risto for a bunch of spare parts, right now would be a great time. I don’t think many in Buffalo would notice.
  5. I could see this as the most likely scenario. Otherwise, Anaheim wouldn’t be trying to dump a player they’re could otherwise LTIR themselves.
  6. Yep. I would rather them match it then them getting 4 1st rounders. Those 3 guys are great, but they don’t make a team and TOR would be handcuffed for a while.
  7. This is good news, but I’m not excited about Toronto getting 4 1st round picks.
  8. Well, you can tell him what’s going to happen once the season starts. This is probably the fairest thing for both sides, so Sabotka can start making plans now. Then why wait around and just make the jump now?
  9. This thread is a showcase of human condition. A topic that has already been beaten to death and people are still jumping on the grave.
  10. I agree with Montour. But whether we get the Miller of last year vs 2-3 years ago remains to be seen.
  11. What moves? Are you referring to trading for a defensemen who was demoted to a 5/6 pairing or a defensemen who spent the later half of last season in the AHL? If we were looking to replace a 5/6 guy, I would agree. But we’re trying to replace a defensemen who ate up the most minutes (for better or worse) last year. Plus, we have 2 defensemen who will be starting on IR at the start of the season.
  12. I want quality over quantity. Roslovic wasn’t any better than Mitts last year and I’m not familiar with Perrault. Actually, I now am. If we’re going to acquire a LW, make sure he’s an excellent one. Ehlers is and Perrault is not.
  13. “Hey Jason, someone unplugged the fax machine”
  14. I don’t judge a player based on how much his former coach liked him. If he loved him so much, he would’ve traded for him. I’m sure Florida has a Nylander equivalent. I also think great players catch on no matter their coach. That is, if a player is good, they are good. Maybe this is a bad comparison, but the younger Rhino stayed on no matter how many coaches he had. He continued to improve. Its not not that I think he’s a poor prospect or will never be a top-4 defender. It’s just that I won’t be surprised if he starts the season on the Amerks to give him more playing time. I also don’t think he’s a reason we can go out and trade Risto now, nor do I think Miller is (another player who was demoted to the 5/6 pairing by a very good coach).
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