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  1. I disagree that he is only going to minimally improve. He just completed his rookie season. Outside of a sophomore slump, it really wouldn’t make much sense for a rookie not to improve in subsequent years. And maybe his “improvement” is maintaining his production outside of being on Jack’s line.
  2. And we’ll be paying Hall $8M for 45-60 games? If they plan on shortening the season and wasting contracts, I’d rather they waited 1-2 more months for the vaccine to start.
  3. I didn’t say it was a lie, but that there was zero substance to it because anyone is free to call GM Adams and ask for them for a trade. That’s not what I would consider as news as it probably happens a few times per day. Considering there’s no tollbooth to such an action, then why would anyone care? Do people run stories about when a GM ties their shoes? These are not substantial occurrences. Given that, this story was then twisted into the Sabres entertaining trade offers and that Eichel may have requested a trade and was possibly unhappy. That was the story, not that the Rangers called once about Eichel. That was cleared up by Adams, not the dude that tweeted the story.
  4. I read these comments and you could just see that one of these “exec” (or someone like him) leaked the Eichel trade rumor. I get that the NYRs did make a phone call (as any GM is free to do), but there was zero substance in that non-story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they caught wind of the Sabres’ Hall interest and decided to use a tool in their toolbox.
  5. We still need a top shelf 3rd liner. Would anyone driver a corvette without insurance? No, that would be dumb. If any one of our top 6 goes down for any significant amount of time, we are toast. Hall and his 8M flushed down the toilet.
  6. After sleeping on this, I guess things aren’t so bad. They are signing filler parts. Luckily these are all 1-2 year deals. I know we are wasting Eichel in his prime, but in 1-2 years Cozen should be entrenched at 2C and Quinn should be ready at 2RW. Lines 1-2 should be solid. I would hope we could bring in a decent 2RW now instead of relying on Cozens. And we still need a top 4 LHD. I’m ambivalent about Hutton. Maybe his eye problems are resolved. As for Larsson, he was a 4th liner on one of the worse teams in the NHL. Even if he played 2L minutes, he obviously didn’t do an adequate job. We still sucked. Either he had attitude issues or really wanted to leave. I’ve moved on.
  7. I’m not talking about our line up. I just remember GMTM pulling these guys off the street to cobble together something to put on the ice. Players like Matt D’Agostini. I don’t really see a big difference between those slumming days and these players we are signing now. I’m at the point where I’d be happier if we just didn’t sign anyone and rolled with last year’s roster plus Staal.
  8. This reminds me of the tank years.
  9. I always find it interesting that an unwritten rule exists between organizations not to offer sheet players. In effect, this action controls player contract amounts. In any other industry, this would be called collusion and would be illegal. Given that this mechanism was formally agreed upon in the constructs of the CBA, how can it be that the NHLPA turns a blind eye to this practice? I would even suspect that decoys are orchestrated by organizations every once in a while to keep this from being illegal. The Aho offer sheet last year was a joke and easily matched.
  10. How long does waivers take? When will we know? If he’s not claimed, it would be fantastic if a team then turned around with an offer sheet for Cirelli or Serg.
  11. I would’ve signed him for that stache alone.
  12. Yes, and see this award being over $4.1M too. Or, at least the risk of this level of award is higher than not.
  13. But arbitration is a non-binding event. The team can still walk away from the ruling at which they become a UFA. The Sens just cut away all the wasted effort.
  14. Maybe Adams knows what this team is going to need in about 2 years. Said another way, maybe he has a plan of stacking our need positions with 2-year stopgaps who are older but still fairly serviceable. Staal would be exhibit #1.
  15. He’s an older draft pick, at a positional need, especially at the same position as a RFA of ours who will want to get paid. You connect the dots... I agree. This has a TP stink to it.
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