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  1. Think about how much of this salary will be taxed by Bernie. The least we is pay for some Uber drives when their car runs out of gas and they need to get home across town to their kids.
  2. Wait, why if we decide to just bake cookies? Lots of them. Or help them with snow removal?
  3. I was just joking. This would never happen. Comet RIP.
  4. Agreed. Fairly bad location. You would think in the middle of NF and Buffalo would be good, but it’s apparently not. They would be better off within NF. But even that probably wouldn’t cut it. Remember Niagara Splash? I just wish they would leave the Comet up. Imagine having that in your mixed use complex?
  5. There’s hundreds of thousands of seasonal businesses in the US. They must be doing ok considering such sectors of the economy still exist. If they don’t like the lumpiness of their earnings, you grow your business to combat this, like offering indoor entertainment during the winter months. Instead, they slashed expenses to the bare minimum. FI became a shell of what it used to be in the 80s. But, compounding this problem has been a falling population.
  6. I’m really going to miss this place. When I bring my family back to Buffalo each summer, we would bring the kids there. My son even cried about this. They should’ve given us at least a season’s warning. I think this is pretty much the same thing that happened to Toys R Us. When private equity gets involved, the business is done.
  7. This is apparently not insight. It happened to us!
  8. I think people need to realize that a POHO will demand to take away as much power from the Pegulas as from JBott. For this reason alone, there will be no POHO. Pegs likes his little hobby.
  9. This will be an incredible pay cut, for Bogo and his agent, just so he can ride the bench on another team. Comparably, he’ll be working for free until the season is over.
  10. I thought Mitts was slightly above average at Minnesota. He should’ve stayed an extra year. I’m not sure if it was because he wanted a paycheck or the Sabres convinced him of something unrealistic.
  11. So, what do you do with them then? Let them sit in the press box? It seems to be they should be allowed to sit on their couch at home and collect their paycheck, unless they care about the game enough to look for an alternate employer who wants to play them.
  12. So, “waiving” needs to occur before terminating a contract? What if we don’t care about the last 1/3 of said contract (ie we’ll pay it, as long as he goes away)?
  13. I don’t get this process of waiving and I hope someone can explain it to me. In the NHL, it seems it’s a precursor to sending a vet down to their AHL team. What if we don’t want to do this? Can’t we cut/release players like they do in the NFL, washing our hands completely (minus the cap implications), and allow them to sign wherever the heck they want?
  14. I’ve been there to meet China. I understand the govt can be overbearing and go out of their way to be so. I also have Chinese physician acquaintances, who are overworked and overburdened. It’s not a shock that they were unprepared for this. Instead of building islands and skyscrapers, perhaps they should look inwards and improve what they already have. Interestingly, the medical profession is a few notches below the engineering profession. I hope that changes. Until then, they’ll continue to be a 3rd-world country. All that said, today was a good day, Bogo was waived.
  15. I take back the word “reporting”. You are right that they are not reporting this, but they did release/leak such numbers, not once, but 3 times. Not only that, they also posted numbers for the day before for comparison. These numbers were a tad bit less than the ones being released. So, this wasn’t likely a computer glitch. So, back to your original assertion, I was not pulling these number out of “thin air” as you suggested. As for the mortality, I never suggested this would be mirrored outside the US. Wuhan has 11M people within its city limits and likely many million more in the metropolitan area. This is beyond the experience of many of us in the US. Here, we don’t have the experience dealing with a city this large. The hospitals are probably nuts even without the virus. But, when it happened, this system was thrown into panic and chaos. Do you really think the government would’ve quarantined such a large city, called in the military, and built 2 1200 bed “hospitals” in days for a virus that had caused less than 400 deaths at the time? Let’s run some numbers and we’ll be on the conservative side. 11M people in city limits. 2.1% mortality rate. That’s around 230,000 deaths of everyone is infected, which is likely the final outcome. The Germans have shown this virus can remain alive outside the body for 8 days. A woman in HK contracted the virus through the ductwork from the quarantined lady who lived above her, who she never had direct contact with. I’m not trying to be a fear monger, but 20,000 deaths in the first month doesn’t exactly seem that outlandish.
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