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  1. Every adult faces this eventually. I’m personally in the process of doing it myself right now. It is crushing to have to change what you think (key word) defines you. But I also know that I need to do what’s best for my family and what’s best long-term. Doesn’t make it easier though.
  2. No doubt, once he retires, he’s done. This is true for almost all professions. It’s extremely emotional for most people. But, there’s an expiration date on all hockey players. A player has yet to play forever. And on the flip side, once you give up your health, it too may be gone forever. I’m not talking about broken bones, but the shots he’s been taking to his head over the years.
  3. Yeah, good point. Interestingly, in the NFL, which is just as violent, salaries are not guaranteed and we are increasingly seeing players walk away from the game earlier.
  4. Let’s not forget that Eichel has basically dictated the HC situation over the past few years. It was rumored he put the knife in both Byslma and Housely. As for Ralph, did he sign off on the hiring such a poor coach? It’s true Jack has Captained the most underachieving team in the NHL. But, if we want to pass that blame on to Ralph, we’re indirectly placing the blame on Jack too. As for Jack’s skill...he’s elite (when motivated). There’s no denying that. And I don’t think he’s more injury prone than any other NHL player.
  5. I just don’t understand why he keeps going. He’s old and has his money. Walk away while he still has his health. I get the “love of the game”, but still.
  6. I’m worried if we bring in another HC, he’s just going to clamp down and neuter our players again, just the same way Krueger and Byslma did. At least with Granato, for better or worse, we know he won’t. So, at this point, do we want good hockey or do we want a “name coach” coming in and forcing his round system into a square peg?
  7. Excellent. This is entirely fixable. Someone get on the horn with Kevyn and tell him we don’t want the “low probability” picks, but the “high probability” ones instead.
  8. I like the LA offer. I would even agree to swap 1st rounders this year to get it done.
  9. Yes, that’s nuts. I’d give them Hutton and next year’s 1st.
  10. kas23


    Update. My wife got the Pfizer today and I’m getting the Moderna on Monday.
  11. kas23


    My wife and I live in Maryland. We’re both physicians, myself I directly care for known Covid positive cases. Neither one of us has been vaccinated, nor have we been notified when this will happen. Radio silence. We have colleagues in DC and VA who have been vaccinated though.
  12. Well, you know exactly what it says on the boards, so obviously it worked very well. I would say that’s very effective advertising.
  13. kas23


    Be careful interpreting a positive IgG. My wife is a physician too. At work, her and her colleagues got theirs tested a couple months back (all asymptomatic). They were just doing it out of curiosity. My wife’s came back positive. I then got mine tested and it was negative. We sleep in the same bed. One of her colleagues was also positive, while her husband’s was also negative. Incidentally, fast forward a couple months, and this same colleague is now home with symptoms and is PCR positive. That said, we had an inpatient a few months ago that eventually needed to be intubated for a p
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