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  1. So, Micah Hyde. ADR or fusion? Discuss…
  2. And someone will have to give Levi some competition, as it probably won’t be Portillo.
  3. I think first impressions are important. Anyone who is new, even if they went 1OA, is going to want to shine for their new boss. We all do it. And I’m sure they do too.
  4. I think Power gets the benefit of the doubt of being better than Will Butcher. I also think Comrie, who has NHL experience, is better than Toker. How much better, I don’t know.
  5. Hol’ up Part 2: what does Suchanek have to do with the Sabres?
  6. Aren’t we still paying him? Is he going to retire that paycheck?
  7. I assume you are a teacher who cares and who puts thought into his curriculum. Thank you for this thankless job. I can see the flak you get, but if my kids come home with the bad grade, I put their feet to the fire, not the grader. I’ve sure you’ve grown a thick skin over the year. Whether you are a teacher or a doctor, you work in the service industry. And being in the service industry, you get all sorts of bitching and moaning.
  8. I wouldn’t. He a player we don’t have an obvious need for.
  9. Last season, Dahlin arguably played better on the right-side. So besides which side of the body he shoots on, why would you move him back to the left-side?
  10. Beautiful goal. It was even too quick for me in slow mo.
  11. Link? So, basically he went from playing in the Olympics for Canada against men to not being asked back to play against boys in an annual tournament. Besides playing for the love of the sport, I don’t think playing in the WJC again would’ve been high on his bucket list.
  12. Sounds qualified. Great hire. I thought this could be Jeff Skinner‘s sister, so I Googled it. Here’s my contribution to the thread: https://www.thesportster.com/hockey/15-nhl-players-who-have-attractive-sisters/
  13. I have my money in a number of different accounts. I have some in a taxable brokerage account, 529 plans, and my 401k. My taxable account was supposed to be my fun/play money and I invest in individual companies - mostly dividend payers. Oddly enough, this account is going to eclipse my 401k soon in amount. This is mostly a function of my past 401k mostly offering target funds and other poor investments. Same for my 529s. Target funds are scams. In fact, the vast majority of mutual funds will not be their indices. Luckily I have rolled over my entire 401k into a Fidelity brokerage account since I changed jobs recently. I’m going to be more conservative here and mostly go with a small handful of ETFs, with 70% being in QQQ. Of course, what you invest in depends on your risk tolerance, your investment timeline, and what you plan on using the money for.
  14. Adding a player you expect to place on LTIR does not give you any extra cap relief. It will only allow a team to go over the cap by the amount of the LTIR contract. If a player is already on your team and you need to relieve the team of his cap hit, then and only then does LTIR give you cap relief. Now, bringing in a LTIR player poses some cap problems. They must be on the roster at the start of the season and this count towards the cap at that time.
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