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GDT: 1/22/21 7pm ET Buffalo at Washington, MSG & WGR

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BRUTAL miss from Dahlin. I'm here to tell you - Krueger is a part of it but it's not just that. Kid needs to get his head out of his ass. 

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1 minute ago, Thorny said:

Cozens has scored. Sheahan has scored. Staal has scored. 

How about like Eichel Skinner or Hall?

Atleast hall scores the first game but know what your saying.  Skinner looks snake bit.

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Just now, Kr632 said:

I really think this would help him. He’s regressing up here. Take some pressure off him and hope he can get his head right.

He’s still super young.  It takes defenseman longer time to blossom generally.  

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We have 3 goals, all from great individual effort.  VO on Staal’s goal, Cozen stealing and scoring and Sheahan.  3 goals, 1 assist.  Nice to see but not a recipe for long-term success. 

Chara is done.  Terrible.

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3 minutes ago, klos1963 said:

How is Krueger part of the problem?

If he was playing really well would you be giving Krueger some credit?

I've been crediting Ralph for helping Risto, goes both ways. 

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