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  1. I laughed when he said that. It was his first game as a pro, how has he been red hot? He also said he played the game of his life. So apparently it's all downhill for that poor guy for the rest of his career according to RK.
  2. He coached 5 v 5, he's still undecided when to start coaching the PP.
  3. He's not even the regular backup. It was sposed to be Lundqvist. I don't know where they found this guy. Either way, he looks better than both of the Sabres GTs
  4. That's why Skinner needs to be on the top line, at least he shoots.
  5. Tom Wilson has a better shot than most of the Sabres That's a nasty little gash Hall received. Watching him rub it was kinda uncomfortable
  6. Just like last night, a quick goal to start the 3rd. Now let's not give it right back again.
  7. You could put a soccer goal out there and this team couldn't score. Guess that's what you get when one of your PP units is led by Cozens and Thompson.
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