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  1. Heading for an ugly divorce!! Jack wants a surgery that's never been performed on a hockey player. Sabres want the disc fusion which they have much more info about. Who's gonna win the tug of war?
  2. I'm with you 100% on this thought. I've been told to "stop freaking out" amongst other things. This franchise is a clown show that I have spent plenty of coin on. So if I wanna bitch about how much of a joke they are right now, that's my choice.
  3. I could totally see Terry, with his fat ego, doing this. On his yacht named 'Seafood'
  4. Hey, I live in Rochester and would much rather watch them over the Sabres right now. So the Amerks getting better is fine with me. They dis the same thing last year and it didn't work out too well. I'm just sick of the Sabres doing nothing to improve themselves. I have no clue what Adams is up to. I'm not furious, just majorly frustrated. This team is such a downer!!
  5. Yeah, but can Pegula or Adams make a radio out of a coconut??
  6. Because it doesn't help the Sabres one iota. I would love to see the Sabres get better but all I keep seeing is this. Yes, Barney is a dick, but he's not wrong.
  7. So Rochester is still gonna suck? And which of the last 10 $750,000 tweener guys that Adams has signed actually worked out? Rochester was pretty bad last year as well. It's getting really, really old.
  8. Which only means, KA is gonna get raped in the dirt chute to find anyone. The whole league knows the Sabres need a GT in a bad way, so he's got his work cut out for him, unless he can get a solid goalie thrown in with the Eichel trade. I'm not holding my breath. And what goalie wants to play with that defense in front of him? No more Risto, no more McCabe, no more Borgen, although small sample size. But hey, we Pysyk back!!
  9. ***** unbelievable!!! Another $750,000 turd to put on the bus. Their gonna run out of seats soon. Adams.....another loser GM in the growing list of non-experienced GMs to roll through Barfalo. Thanks Terry!!! I'm really, really sick of this clown show. The only GM that may be worse than Adams, is the dude in Philly. A 13th rd. Pick, plus for Risto?? That may be Kevyn Adams only shining moment as Buffalo GM. Excuse me while I go đŸ¤®
  10. This franchise is downright pitiful. Another bus full of $750,000 useless turds and they somehow, SOMEHOW managed to make the goaltender position worse. I didn't think that was humanly possible. Adams better have something huge up his sleeve. Maybe he'll trade Jack to LA for Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown. Seems about right. This team is shaping up to be fugly as it ever has the way it stands right now. I can only hope Meatballs is a ***** wizard with the young uns. Meanwhile, when we thought the Bruins were on the way down, they sign Ullmark and Foligno (and Hall). Not necessarily guys that will take them to the Cup, but they needed goaltending and a little more toughness according to the fans. And that's what they got.
  11. I'd take Ritchie from that list. Tough in front of the net and would by far be the toughest player on the Sabres.
  12. Perfect. Im sure he'll resurrect himself this season as a pure goal scorer. Wtf with this team.
  13. Pfft.....the first of the 10 guys KA will sign for $750,000 like he did last off season. Guess the Risto trade is gonna be the highlight of the off season.
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