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  1. I gotta stop watching. First turned it on and it was 2-0 Buffalo but LA was controlling play in the offensive zone. Went back to the Yankees game for a bit. Came back to the Sabres and it was 3-0, but the Kings have been in control the whole time. Guess I'll just check online for awhile.
  2. I honestly think Zemgus would struggle trying to score on a garbage can. He tries and tries, bit just can't find the back of the net.
  3. Ugh, this season just keeps getting better. Now Mahomes is out with a dislocated knee because his fat ass idiot of a head coach decides to run a sneak with his already injured QB on a 4th down. What an asshat.
  4. You wanna slow the Sabres down and beat them.......just toss them around. They have no counter punch to the physical style.
  5. This is the type of game where the Sabres need a Ryan Reaves or Milan Lucic.
  6. Nothing like the Housley led team that would go into a shell anytime they got a lead. I didn't see the Florida game, but every other game this year they have played complete 60-60+ minute games. So nice to see. I'm starting to feel more comfortable when they get a lead, unlike prior years when you knew that tying goal was soon to come.
  7. Me too. How can I go from 160+ pts one week to less than half that the next week? Frustrating!
  8. Well ya know.......that whole "because Buffalo" thing. The Sabres almost A team isn't very eye popping.
  9. I've not been posting mostly because I don't have much positive to say about this team or what J-Bot has/hasn't done. If they start showing decent improvement and not look like the all around ***** show they've been for the past 6-7 years, maybe then I could find something nice to say.
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