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  1. NHL - 1 Carolina - 0 Really starting to make this unwatchable.
  2. It's really starting to look like the NHL wants a Thornton vs Bruins final. Those last two calls were total horseshit.
  3. Brutal.....just skate around and do what you will with the puck
  4. You mean like the effort in the last two home games? They haven't scored a goal at home in over 6 periods. Team is broken
  5. It's life, people have temper/emotions/snapping points. Violence/fighting is going to happen no matter what. Some people think they can change the world, but they can't. At least not in our lifetime. Accept it and move along. It's not that difficult. And Schoop is a major league moron. He's another one that thinks he can change the world. The last few weeks without him on WGR have been listenable. Bulldog isn't that bad on his own, and even better with Sal.
  6. For all these high horse advocates who think fighting/violence in hockey is stupid, then why do you watch? Serious ***** question. It's been a part of the game since it's inception. It isn't going anywhere soon. You choir boys should just stop watching anything sports related other than tennis, golf or bowling. Every team sport, basketball, hockey, baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse has fighting. Get over it and move on. It's a losing battle to say it's not part of the game. It is and always has been. Give it a break, we arent changing anything, and I am fine the way things are. Even without the old goon days of the NHL. Flame away purse swingers.
  7. Topic title.....In defense of Casey Nelson Answer.....There is no defense for Casey Nelson. Plain and simple
  8. It was great, and even the announcers said it was what fired up NJ. Jesus, go watch gymnastics or something. I love hockey, have played it most of my life. If all I wanted was to see fights I would watch MMA. I love everything about the game, fights included. Get a grip dude. It was far from a staged fight. And if it wasn't "real fighting" why did each guy have bruises and cuts? Delusional much?
  9. I'm hoping to see Rochester and Syracuse meet at some point in the playoffs. That would be a nasty series. They play 12 times during the regular season, a 7 game series would be 19 matchups. If that doesn't make a rivalry, I dont know what does. They already hate each other.
  10. Leirer has been a nice addition. Kid knows how to find the twine. Better than Bailey IMO.
  11. Most definitely This Oilers/Devils game is pretty good too. 2-2 after one. And one of the best heavyweight bouts of the year between Gabriel and Lucic. Never seen Milan try to end a fight because he didn't want anymore. Gabriel said no way and they battled on and on. Both guys gassed and each had some battle scars to boot.
  12. I hate both teams, but that was the wildest last few mins of a game I have ever seen. Leafs with 30 SOG in the third period alone.
  13. Was 5-1 Hawks in the third, now 5-4 with a min left. Meltdown on the way? Holy crap, this game is ***** crazy. 6 on 5 and Delia playing without a goalie stick for a good 30 seconds.
  14. The best coaches are the guys with a little piss and vinegar in their veins. It's always been that way. Even Bowman had some attitude.
  15. Not me brother, I have never criticized either. Risto is a nightmare in his own end, but he does bring what this team lacks. Bogo is one of my favorite players on the team. A local boy with a real nasty streak.
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