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  1. Ok, I'll buy you a sixer of Genny screamers then, 😆 You'll really hate me then.
  2. I'll buy you a few beers of your choice if he gets hurt next season. 👍
  3. Jack at 100% next season will be great. He's had so many lingering injuries that he's played through, it will be nice to see him at full strength. It's gonna be a, dare I say it, "New Jack".
  4. Lol, Taylor Hall wanted to be traded to a cup contender. Not gonna happen in Boston buddy. Keep looking *****.
  5. I will never spend a dollar on this team as long as TP owns it. Never!!! What a joke!!!
  6. I've actually lost my love for hockey. Even watching a ***** team. I can't do it anymore. Thanks Terry. Ashhole.
  7. Just look ahead to next season when Adams is still the GM, Granato is still the HC, Hutton is the #1 goalie and the #1 draft pick is a complete bust.
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