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  1. Draft grade 'C' with the whole mayonnaise yada yada. But this is what they predict for my season. "Clown Shoes was unlucky to land the last pick in the opening round. While some thrive in that scenario, this team responded to the adversity by tanking the draft and finishing with the worst projected team in SabreSpace Royal. Clown Shoes are projected to finish with a mark of 0-15 (1,946 points)." I've already surpassed my win total prediction with a week one win. Lol
  2. He didn't need time to throw. He was getting rid of the ball quicker than he ever had. Under 2.5 seconds almost every snap. He learns more and more each year, and I think Ken Dorsey is designing these plays for Josh to chuck the ball quick. Something Daboll never did. Josh is just a big sponge and only wants to get better day by day. And he is proving to the world that anything is possible if you are willing to keep learning. And that's why he is a perfect fit for Buffalo. Willing to get greasy. Could you imagine if Baker Mayfield was the Bills QB?
  3. Josh Allen isn't a unicorn. He is a young kid who has a brain like a sponge and was willing to take advice and learn. Guys like Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen had such big egos, that they didn't think they needed to be coached. They figured they knew it all coming into the NFL. Some players are willing to be coached, most are not. So maybe because Josh Allen was willing to take all the coaching he could get, he is a unicorn. Otherwise, he is just an amazing athlete with an open mind. Everyone said you can't coach accuracy. Well, Josh has a done a 180 when it comes that. He is willing to do what it takes to become better each year. Most top picks aren't like that.
  4. I didn't mind the Rock til last night, lol. Although I'm sure he just did it for the hell of it. He played college ball for Miami. He's most likely not even a Rams fan. I still like the guy though.
  5. Meh.....they only beat the defending SB champs 21-0 in the second half. And unfortunately, the new punter may need surgery on his kicking leg due to atrophy.
  6. I was there when it looked like a big warehouse with no windows. Gotta admit as much as I can't stand everything Boston, the place looks amazing. Complete 180 from the original look.
  7. Can someone remind me again who's trash?? JR is a f'n clown.
  8. Just to cover my bye week. He could become #1 if the Bills are just gonna score TDs every game.
  9. I was gonna take McManus as my 2nd kicker and you stole him!!! 😡
  10. She's just a huge Bills fan and a workout freak. Not sure how she got the blue checkmark. She is just another Bills fan.
  11. I never knew Mustillo was from Buffalo. I always remember him from playing Jerry's neighbor Phil on Seinfeld. Jerry wouldn't let him in the building because he didn't recognize him, even though he lived across the hall. Then Kramer accidentally killed Phil's bird Fredo, 😆
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