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  1. The Utah Jazz got something like 50+ plus kits at the drop of a hat. But the general public can't seem to get any. That came from Paul Hamilton on the Schopp show about an hour ago.
  2. I just heard that 80% of people that contract the virus don't realize they have it and recover on their own. This doesn't seem to make sense to me. They could be infecting many many others that could seem to cause a balloon effect at some point.
  3. Wouldn't upset me at all to not have to watch Marchand or Chara hoist the cup this year.
  4. Was gonna use my vouchers for the Crunch game tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll get to use them at some point if/when the season resumes.
  5. Smoked. Ovi gets his 800th goal tonight.
  6. Didn't even watch last night. I did something much more satisfying and entertaining.....I slept. I'm done with the ***** show.
  7. Supposedly we have one, but he won't be ready for a few more years. Just have to put up with a few more losing seasons.
  8. But Pegula won't approve a meanie HC coming in. He doesn't wanna get yelled at or be questioned about anything. Only quiet church mouse types are allowed to be interviewed.
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