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  1. And he locked him on a line with the franchise's best player. Because of the way Skinner was used last season, we know what it looks like when Krueger doesn't believe a player fits his type of game. Reinhart does not belong in that category.
  2. Rumor is that Terry just figured out how to boot up his new lap top, but accidentally configured the default language to be Mandarin. So hold tight, things will heat up once they figure this out.
  3. Conner McDavid has barely made Edmonton a playoff team.
  4. So a "playoff" team is going to tank to get the #1 pick. Way to address tanking NHL
  5. Right, bring in the cost-cutting king to fix the precieved issue of cutting costs. Looking foward to the day they let Eichel and Dahlin walk for nothing on the same day.
  6. 120-65, but how many players graduated to the NHL during that time as regulars? Two? Olofsson and Ulmark? And did those guys really need a 'winning culture' to make it to the NHL? Player development was supposed to be Botterill's forte, but all the franchise got was a bloated, under-performing scouting staff and an AHL team dominated by players who have aged out of prospect status. Hard to blame Adams' decision to make massive organizational changes after the Botterill clown show of the past few years.
  7. He may well be, but this move seems to be an effort to get someone more in synch with Krueger's coaching style and philosophy. Taylor is probably gone on Krueger's recommendation more than anything else.
  8. He did get multiple 100+ point seasons out of the Leafs. He might not be the final answer as a Cup winning coach, but he did a lot to mature a team with several players on entry level contracts.
  9. Trades are the rough NHL equivalent to NFL fee agency. A good NHL GM has to be proficient in the draft and trade market to be successful. Botterill's draft picks might turn out to be good NHL players, but his inability to build the roster through good trades is one of the reasons he failed as the Sabres GM.
  10. Hiring a good GM is a mystery that every owner in every sport has to figure out. Who is the best GM-hiring owner in sports? Who has the GM-hiring model that always produces results? In the NHL, maybe its Jacobs? Maybe Lemieux? In the NFL, maybe the Rooney family? There are very few owners who have this figured out. The Pegulas are the rule, not the exception.
  11. And the defense is nowhere as good without Hyde and Poyer. Beane is just good at every phase of player acquisition. The only criticism I have is that he spent a lot of capital to draft Allen, but if Allen continues to prove he's the guy, who cares what they gave up.
  12. After 18 years of missing the playoffs that included all manner of insanity, the Bills hired a GM and coach who decided to blow up and rebuild the roster and despite that, made the playoffs two out of three seasons. If it turns out that the only thing Beane and McDermott accomplish is those two playoff seasons, sure it's a failure. But they are still building the roster, so they get the benefit of confidence that they know what they're doing.
  13. Thanks for catching my typo. Obviously I know Kim's position. And whether your illusion is valid or not remains to be seen. Many who followed the Bills at the time of Beane's hiring wanted a more experienced GM. Many wanted Beane to report to a more experienced football operations guy, like Bill Polian. Beane, despite his inexperience, has proven himself fully capable of performing the job, and the Pegulas look to be capable NFL owners. The hiring of a competent GM will do the same with the Sabres. It remains to be seen if Adams will be that guy for the Sabres.
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