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  1. Eric Staal could also be a short-term solution to bridge the gap until Cozens is ready. If Minnesota sinks any more in the standings, they might take a Skinner-lite type of deal (mid-level prospect and 3rd round pick-ish). He's older, but still producing, and could fill the 2c role for another season or so while giving veteren leadership to the locker room. He's cheap and would add production this season (38 points, 17 goals this season), and would allow Cozens to transition to the NHL on the 3rd line or on the wing. The playoffs are a longshot this season, but you get the feeling that the team needs a functional 2c in the lineup to get an idea about lineup decisions moving foward (for example, does Skinner need to be on a line with Eichel or can he thrive with a moderately talented center on the 2nd line).
  2. Every freakin game it goes back to O'Reilly. It's an open wound that never heals.
  3. Nobody wants Bogosian. It's time for Boterill to quit fooling himself and plant Bogo in the pressbox the rest of the season.
  4. If I'm Pegula, I'm telling Botterill that his next move is for a legitimate NHL 2nd line center. No more defensemen, no more bottom six forwards, we're full up on those. He can claim that Cozens is untouchable, and that's cool, but at this point he is not the answer. Other than that, make the deal using prospects, draft picks, bags-of-pucks, whatever gets the job done. And I'd get a life-sized poster of O'Reilly and hang it in his office until he makes the deal.
  5. Ralph is giving Eichel Risto minutes. We should enjoy watching Eichel while we can.
  6. It's mind-boggling when you consider how much they've invested in defensemen.
  7. Been that way for 10 years. Can't find a coach to instill any defensive zone responsibility.
  8. Yeah, Krueger should have paired them up for at least a few games this season. Goes back to roster and cap management. Pairing a 9 million dollar guy with a converted winger at center doesn't do much to maximize that investment.
  9. Without Eichel, you would have to be borderline blackout drunk to watch this team. Botterill picked him up for his penalty-killing skill....So check that box.
  10. For the love of god, get Jack some help...this is a recording.
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