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  1. I get it. Still think Botterill could have done better than the Krueger though.
  2. Maybe I exaggerated Nolan's coaching acumen in comparison to Krueger's, as we watched Lucic carve up the Sabres defense....
  3. So Vesey steals the puck at the point, can't beat the turned-around defenseman down the ice, and ends up holding the guy for a penalty. 50 years of Sabres hockey and this is what we've ended up with.
  4. Fundamentally, the Sabres are a horror show. They had better zone coverage under Nolan, and that's not saying much. Being gritty and constantly out of position doesn't fix their problems, albeit the games would be more entertaining (like under Nolan).
  5. If Vesey could finish, the Rangers wouldn't have traded him for a bag of pucks.
  6. It's almost like hiring a coach with no hockey coaching experience the last 5 years was a bad idea.🤔
  7. I'm beginning to hate that f###ing lottery.
  8. This team won't crack 75 points this season.
  9. He realized that as bad as he is at his job, he's still smarter than his boss. That's the sweet spot right there.
  10. Let's not be hasty here. The big question is 'how is this handled in the English Premier League?'
  11. I don't know. This seems like a situation where you're wrong until you're right. If you pick five bad GMs in a row, but the sixth one wins the cup, who cares about the five losers. There are only 31 (soon 32) of these jobs. If a candidate is afraid to take the job because he might get fired if he makes a mistake, who wants him? At some point, the odds dictate that an owner will pick a good GM. I'd rather the owner play those odds that sit around concerned about his reputation as another season goes down the drain.
  12. He'd also kick all the Swedes off the team.
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