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  1. jad1

    Hockey Gods

    With our luck the bat would lift the Sabres' curse, but it would fly off and start covid 21.
  2. Krueger can do some things to help free up Eichel a bit more to get him playing like he did last season. It looks like he's finished with putting Thompson on his line, so that's a start.
  3. I think it's more than just Skinner. Eichel, Hall, Staal, Dahlin, Reinhart, and Skinner are struggling right now. That's a lot of top six players bombing at the same time. At the same time the bottom six is playing well, and the defense has cleaned up play in their own end. So maybe the problem is that those skill players have seen their games erode, or they all have lousy attitudes, or they all want to be traded, or they got their paychecks and they don't care anymore. Or maybe Ralph does a better job covering up weaknesses than optimizing strengths, and has difficulty coachi
  4. The Pegulas have never had a hockey coach last three seasons under them. Combine that with the Bills, and McDermott is their only coach who made it to year 3 of his contract. And times are tight, but you gotta believe that they've got one more in 'em.
  5. Sabres have 12 shots this game. 8 of those shots were taken by defensemen.
  6. Getting rid of Vanek didn't improve the culture. Getting rid of Kane didn't improve the culture. Getting rid of O'Reilly didn't improve the culture. Best way of improving the culture is to start with the coach. And Sam Bennett has 16 points the last two seasons and is a career -60. He'd help the culture as much as Sobotka did.
  7. Skinner has 1 point this season and is a -1, and is a healthy scratch. Okposo has zero points and is a -4, and he has an A on his jersey and is a permanent fixture on the third line. I'm sure that there is a reason for this, but I don't know enough Euro football psycho babble to explain it.
  8. People say that but Quenneville took the head coaching job in Florida. And Trotz took the job in Long Island after the team lost Tavares. Neither of those teams had a reputation for great ownership or franchise stability.
  9. Whose an equivalent coach for Krueger in the NFL? Adam Gase? If Allen played for Adam Gase, he'd looked a lot like Eichel does now. Krueger has no F'n idea what to do with Eichel, other than keep him on the puck all freakin game long.
  10. jad1


    Doesn't matter how many systems they've rejected if the systems don't maximize the teams talent. Players know when what they're being asked to do doesn't work.
  11. jad1


    I don't think the players believe in or trust the system that Ralph has put in place. It doesn't jibe well with the player's skills or instincts. It's causing hesitancy, mistakes, and frustration. I don't think that the players on this team are fragile or are mentally unprepared, I think they are playing in a system that they know is bad.
  12. It's a pairing that could be good for the next 10 years.
  13. Because he wanted to develop his ability to dig pucks on the boards to feed the point so defensemen can take low percentage shots. He wasn't able to focus on that part of his game during his MVP season.
  14. Jack's sulking has very little to do with this team's fortunes. Hall, Staal, Skinner and Reinhart are not struggling because of Jack's attitude. Dahlin overthinking plays has nothing to do with Jack's attitude. Jack doesn't set the lines or determine the power play strategy. He's not the one making Hall and Reinhart dig pucks to set up doomed point shots by Irvin or Jokiharju all game long. It's not his job to figure out the best way to use Staal to maximize his skills. There are ways to snap Eichel out of his slump (teaming him up with Reinhart instead of Thompson, letting him p
  15. Team is no longer buying what Krueger is selling, so they abandon the scheme and play every-man-for-himself, and boom: 4 on 1.
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