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  1. Too many goals against scored on plays from behind the Sabres net.
  2. It'll be interesting to see the changes Krueger makes for Wednesday. Hopefully we won't see the Sobotka/Vessey penalty kill line ever again.
  3. I bought a 50th an anniversary jersey to wear watching the games, but I think I might have been better off buying a Tshirt with Krueger's face on it.
  4. Penguins up 5-1 on Columbus. Pretty good team when they're given a chance to breathe.
  5. Great game and it was also great seeing all the highlights and photos of former players. This could be a fun season.
  6. For five years Sabres coaches have talked about playing a transition game with speed. Tonight is the first time we can see what that actually looks like.
  7. The Eichel-Skinner-Reinhart is not only the best line the Sabres can ice, it has the potential to be a top five line in the NHL. This line and strong goaltending drove a badly-coached and talent-poor team to a 10 game winning streak last season. Eichel's playmaking optimizes Skinner's scoring. Reinhart's play-making optimizes Eichel's scoring. Reinhart ensures that the team gets value from their two highest-paid players. If the GM builds a reliable, NHL-quality 2nd line to support these guys, they could lead the team to the playoffs. As a first line, they are that good.
  8. Well then the thought a second line of Vesey-Sobotka-Sheary must make you want to commit hari-kari. And you give that defensive lineup to a guy like Trotz or in-his-prime Ruff, and you would get a much differnet and better result. And whatever you think about draft position, the fact remains that Eichel, Dahlin, Reinhart, Skinner, Mittelstadt, Ristolainen, and Bogosian were top ten picks. That's one third of the lineup who are top 10 picks with Cozens on deck. If that lineup doesn't produce more that 85 points, what do you do? Trade them for career third pairing guys and third liners? Or do you bring in a front office who can manage and optimize that talent.
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