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  1. And I thought I was engaging somebody with a worthwhile opinion more than 'go Google it.' Oh well. I HAVE learned that Krueger has a career of middling results that somehow has resulted in a myth that he's a hidden genius in both the tactics and economics of two different sports. I just don't buy it. The team under him is a mess. And yet some people want to not only give him a pass, but promote him to a front office position. It's a kind of Stockholm syndrome from watching a bad team for 10 years.
  2. Despite what these articles might claim, he hasn't been very impressive with this edition of the Sabres. His career results in hockey and the EPL have been 'meh.' Seriously, outside of Eichel, what's the character of this team? Where has the Kruger influence shown itself (aside from the team's uncanny grasp on Keynesian economics)?
  3. When has Krueger ever proven that he is one of the most brilliant minds in sports, or an economics genius?
  4. $3.9 million on Colin Miller. The whole cap space argument is irrelevant. Aside from displaying the overall incompetence of the Sabres recent GMs, who haven't the Sabres signed because of cap space? Who are the targets that Botterill missed because the team couldn't afford them? Give Botterill an extra $10 million in cap space the last three seasons; who does he sign? Tavares? Duchene? Probably not. Even with the extra money, the guy still would sign dregs like Miller, Frolik, and Simmons. He'd still stuff the roster with borderline third liners. While it's frustrating to have one of the worst teams in the league over the last decade pressed up against the cap, giving a guy who has no idea how to evaluate talent or build a NHL roster more money will do nothing to improve the Sabres.
  5. I agree with you, but in addition to these signings, the GM needs to build the NHL roster too. If Botterill spent the last three years building a playoff roster, this signing would be under the radar or a gotten a comment of 'good job.' But it's also fair to point out that the Amerks under Botterill are well-stocked with AHL lifers, and under-stocked with legitimate NHL prospects.
  6. Sure. A GM has a lot of responsibilities at multiple levels, and a good GM is good at most of them. The problem with this move isn't that it doesn't move needle for the Amerks, it's that Botterill is unable to make the moves to move the needle for the Sabres. It's true that Botterill can't make moves right now to help the big club. However, he hasn't made nearly enough of those moves when he had the chance over the last couple of seasons. It seems that Botterill's strength as a GM is to bring in AHL lifers in to help the Amerks, which is fine, and expected of an good GM. Unfortunately those types of moves haven't helped the Sabres make the playoffs, which is the main frustration with Botterill.
  7. Allen may have not proven himself yet, but despite that, Beane and McDermott have built a team that's made the playoffs 2 out of their 3 years on the job. Yes, Allen's improvement will ultimately prove Beane and McDermott's success, but in the meantime, these two guys aren't messing around. Botterill's best player (Eichel) is a star, and he has a couple of solid supporting players (Olofsson, Reinhart, Dahlin, Skinner) but he cannot build a team around them to make the playoffs. Beane has built a solid team around a developing star, while Botterill has a star, but has done nothing to build a team around him.
  8. He's gotta be better than Vesey and Johansson.
  9. He's got to be better than Johansson. Ullmark was outstanding tonight.
  10. Krueger's soccer team wasn't that good (they finished 5 points above relegation last season). I don't see how making an executive of a mediocre EPL team the President of Hockey Operations helps the Sabres. Maybe if Ralph could, I don't know, FIX THE FREAKIN' POWER PLAY, maybe Terry would consider making him the czar of all hockey decisions.
  11. They need an old-school, dinosaur coach for a couple of seasons.
  12. Hutton is really just guessing on 70% of the shots.
  13. And how the entire NHL was happy to let him rot in the EPL until the rube from Buffalo knocked on his door.
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